elcome to the tour through the Santharian Dream site! This tour was set up to guide visitors (new ones but also site veterans), to help them to find out what this page is all about and where to retrieve information quickly. If you feel lost somewhere on the site, you can always return to this tour and look for further help, e.g. if you have a site navigation question.

To return to the tour, you only need to remember that a click on the Santharian Dream logo on the top left of the site always brings you back to the Web History and the Website menu, from where you started. And from there you can access the tour through a mouseclick. - To navigate through the tour itself, you can either use the "Next" and "Back" buttons at the bottom of this page or jump directly to a section of your interest by clicking on one of the captions at the top. - Have fun with this little introduction to Santharia, I hope you enjoy!

hat exactly is the Santharian Dream all about?

The Santharian Dream - simply put - is a comprehensive, completely non-profit site for people who like fantasy. It is directed at those who enjoy role playing of every kind (play-by-post, computer games etc.), but it is also a site for writers, artists and musicians who like working on fantasy related stuff. The most fun with the site all those will have who have always dreamed of building a fantasy world and would like to join an epic endeavour to create such a world in a cooperative online effort of many people from all over the world. If you don't feel that creative to participate yourself in development, just lean back and enjoy the works of the Santharian development team, be it artwork, stories, poems, site entries, songs or wallpapers you can download. Or check out the RPG board, make a character and jump into a Santharian adventure...

Do I have to pay something to become a player or "member"?
No, of course not. This site is meant to provide fun, not empty purses. The Santharian webmaster dislikes commercial fantasy sites probably like everybody else does:) Therefore everything you can do in Santharia is absolutely free, whether you'd like to join a role playing game or help out with developing. And everything will remain free for the next millenium. So there are no ads in Santharia, no permanently animating link exchange banners, no pop-up windows. Surf around, compare it with other sites - and see the difference.

All costs in Santharia are carried by the webmaster and there is no intention to ever introduce commercial ideas in the Santharian Dream. If you want to support Santharia in a way financially, though, then don't support the webmaster with money, but please consider commissioning artwork (e.g. a character portrait) from one of our Santharian artists (read more details here) . This way you support the artists and the Dream.

Since when does the Santharian Dream project exist?
The Santharian Dream was founded in November 1998 and has made rapid progress from then on, thanks to the help of dozens of people who contributed to the project. The Role Playing Message Board harbouring play-by-post games was launched in July 2000 as an addition to world development and works in many ways independently from the development project. In 2003 the team has started to work as well on a graphical single-player role-playing game adventure in the Santharian universe.

What exactly awaits me in Santharia? How far has world development progressed?
The Santharian Dream is a project, which constantly evolves. More detailed descriptions are added everywhere in the course of time, original pictures are in the works to go with the entries, Flash movies are designed, poems and stories are written, musics composed and songs are written and recorded at audio studios to provide you with top quality fantasy stuff never seen before on the net.

Currently the main Santharian Dream website contains approximately 500 MB of data (the Message Boards excluded of course) at 2500+ single pages. The amount of Compendium entries  is more than 900+, original artwork done for the Dream exceeds 280, downloadable musics currently range at 25. In the past years we had more than 2550 registered players at the play-by-post forum and more than 750 registered members at the world development forum.

How often is the site updated?
The site is updated regularly, usually every third Sunday central European time.