Receipt by Norkin

Pango Cactus Soup is a strange but sweet soup made from the delicious Pango cactus and milk. It has its origin in the Shendar culture, where aka‘pi‘s milk is used. This combination is still the most delicate one. But due to its appealing flavour, it spread to Aeruillin and is enjoyed now for nearly a century in parts of this southern continent as well, though of course any other available milk has to be used. The most favoured in Aeruillin is the one made with the milk of the Azhorhian Inja.


1 Pango cactus branch, medium sized
7 muts of aka'pi milk or alternative milk (f.e. Stratanian Cow milk)
1 average sized pot of water



1 wooden spoon
2 boiling pots
1 mixing bowl
1 average sized jug
1 peeling knife
1 wooden pike or sharp wooden stick ( to retrieve food from the boiling pot )


After carefully harvesting one branch of the cactus remove the needles. Then the cactus can be transported easily to the next dome or camp. Avoid to injure the flesh or pinch it, otherwise it might go off before you can use it.

Heat the aka'pi milk in a seperate pot and boil it until it bubbles vigourously. After the boiling add the cubed pulp to the warm milk and stir until all has blended together well and the milk will, hopefully, be absorbed into the pulp. As soon

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