Receipt by Bard Judith


1 goodly size Taenish, plucked and cleaned
Ĺ dipper of Milchbutter
Ĺ dipper of Milch (milk)
1 Weeproot, the size of a manís fist is best
2 Apples
1 scup of dried Wingecherries
1 scup of dried Bardavos Grapes
1 loaf of any bread and if it be dry or stale so much the better
Dried sage, thyme, and other herbs to taste


Wash the taenish both outer and inner, and pat it dry. Rub the inside cavity with a nut-worth of butter. Set it aside in any clay dish of


goodly size while you prepare the forcebread. Set the butter and milk together at the back of your stove or side of your hearth that it may melt but not heat to curdling.

Cut up the weeproot and apples together in small pieces. Add the wingecherries and dried grapes and set aside.

Crumble the bread to chunks and mix the chopped fruit/weeproot with it. Sprinkle over what herbs you have, mixing all together with your hands.

When the butter be melted into the milk, pour upon the rest and mix that it all be moistened. Take handfuls of the forcebread and stuff it into the cavity of the taenish, filling it well but not that it may be compressed. The excess you may form small spheres or balls of forcebread with and set around the taenish in the clay dish.

Set the dish into your oven, and keep the heat

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