time and skill. Now the pie must be baked. Over a cooking fire, slowly bake the pie until the top is golden-brown, the juice is just beginning to bubble through the slits, and you can no longer resist the aromas. To finish the dish sprinkle with foridite. Use any leftover Dainbel berries to garnish, or even last year's dried berries. Stratan Frothed Cream is an excellent addition to this pie. Allow to cool before eating.

Receipt by Morden Peshirgolz

This succulent dessert is prepared using the fruit of the cavernfire bush. A delicacy of the Susilgerim dwarves, stories of the dish have now managed to permeate the surrounding areas, tempting many with tales of its incredible sweetness and beauty. The pie is renowned for being a death-by-sweetness experience (metaphorical, of course), but is also well known for its picturesque

  appearance. Shaped like any pie, the Moonlight Pie's specialty lies in its glittering light. Since the leaves and fruit of the Cavernfire bush are luminescent, this pie is as well. It is a Susilgerim tradition to turn the lights down low for the presentation of this dish, making it a perfect time for young dwarf suitors to express their love and admiration to their maidens of choice. This dish is often served during the Time of Choosing at communal gatherings, and is also said to be a traditional wedding dish. The ability to perfect this pie is the largest qualification for becoming a foodmaker for a clan.


Margert Stalk (Blue Barley) flour
Sulcho Mushrooms
Various plant extracts
Cavernfire fruit
Guiro berries
Yrehna Filling

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