Receipt by Talia Sturmwind

The Milch Semm is an enriched variation of the regularl Semm.


3 ods golden rain flour
 very finely ground, sieved
1 mut yeast
1 pinch salt
2 mugs warm milch
3 ladles honey
1 egg from the taenish


Preparation as with the basic receipt (found here) of the Semm - the egg can be added right at the beginning, just the form varies.


This time it is nearly cut in half before it is baked, so that it looks finally as if two oval shaped pieces are lying side by side closely. Therefore they are in some regions called „twins“, in other „lovers“.

This variety of the Semm is already slightly sweet and only eaten with butter, maybe with some honey or jam on top. It is the optimal bread to eat with the fruit paste made out of the waterstar berry.

Receipt by Talia Sturmwind

If it should ever happen, that one or two pairs of Milch Semms are not eaten shortly after they came out of the oven, but that they were left to get dry, a delicious dessert can be created out of them, which the Santhalian people call the King‘s Favorite, due to a story of a queen who gained back the heart of her husband by

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