sensation, every hobbit loved it and it has since delighted hobbits, humans, and elves alike. This recipe was sent by letter to Dame Sausade, with a note saying “To delight adults and children everywhere.” Dame Sausade then, in exactly the letter's context, wrote this recipe. He also notes that he recommends using fresh homegrown berries, saying it tasted better.


3 scups bredden grain flour
1 scup butter
3 ladle’s water

2 dippers fesh faberige berries
2 scups redberries
1 scup honey



First the crust should be made. To do this melt your butter over a small cook fire, then mix the melted butter with the flour and water thoroughly. Then you should spread the dough out over a shallow pan and hang it over the still burning cook fire for a few minutes. While the crust is cooking take the berries and honey, and fold them gently in a bowl. Making sure to add more logs to the cook fire in the process. After this take the crust off the cook fire and hang a pan full of the berries and honey low over the fire. Stirring until a syrup has formed with the berries. Then pour the filling into the crust and wait for it to cool and firm up. After this slice the pie and serve to all.

Receipt by Mannix

After the ever-so-popular malsapple pie spread through the kingdom, it was not long before

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