Accumulated here you can find poems dedicated to the idea of the Santharian Dream, paying homage to it. It is the idea of creating a fantasy world with a depth and richness never seen before, but it is also the idea of bringing many people from all over the world together, artists, writers, world developers, players, regardless of their race, their religious beliefs, age or political orientation. The Santharian Dream is a project for all people who enjoy fantasy. - Have fun!



The waters of the stream,
in the sunlight ever gleam.
All of them come to see,
how the stream came to be.

They came from near and far,
to see things as they truly are.
A stream that winds forever on,
through the lands we dream upon.

A pebble cast by one and all,
to each of us seems so small.
Yet the stream flows yet free,
it fills our hearts with much glee.

From our souls it rolls on,
the waters we dream upon.
Few see this wonderous stream,
for in truth it is the dream.


(A Folk Song for the Santharian Dream)

O come ye scholars, come ye bards
Come listen unto our lay.
We've roamed about our country broad
As well as any may.
We'll tell to you our rovin' tale
Of far lands we have been
Of folk and custom, beast and bird
The wonders we have seen.

We've traveled east, we've wandered west
Both north and south we've gone
From Strata's cape to Aesh's peak
Through many'a dusk and dawn
In Ximax we have broken bread -
In Oro, broken bones...
We've stood on Glendor's silvery shores
And touched cursed Karthmor's stone.

On silken moss or grassy banks
We've made our varied beds.
In town or country, fort or glen
We've laid our weary heads.
In hobbit hole or manor house,
In gnomish dwelling small,
In caverns deep we've taken sleep
And high in elven hall.

On spiderturtle's meat we've dined,
On etherflake we've fed.
Yet other nights no such delights -
A cob of loibl bread!
To quench our thirst we've sipped of cha'ah,
And quaffed of dwarven ale,
But many days 'neath Injr's rays
Cold water from a pail.

O come ye scholars, come ye bards
Come listen unto our lay.
We've roamed about our country broad
As well as any may.
We'll tell to you our rovin' tale
Of far lands we have been
Of folk and custom, beast and bird
The wonders we have seen.



I was dreaming

I saw a face so beautiful I had to hide my eyes
saw the rain of life falling out of the skies
gods walking barren lands leaving plenitude behind
a shadow emerging from the depths of her mind
- and then I awoke

I was dreaming

I heard the first cry of a child cursed to break all shields
heard the sound of endless fighting on the Aurora fields
the wind roaring through ruins and emptied places
but in the distance a song of new hope for the races
- and I didnt want to awake

I was dreaming

I felt my mouth exploding with the sensation only a dochnut can give
felt my feet touching lythien, the most beautiful carpet to live
my hands digging in my ajnuvics fur, his mouth caressing my face
my poor heart jumping from desire and grace
- and I didnt awake

And now...

I am dreaming

I am one of Thaelon's lightelves pondering Av's thoughts
one of the humans seeking for adventure and naughts
one of the Mitharim dwarves forging a sword
one of the Ashz orcs serving my hidden dark lord
I am dreaming

I am the loveliest Mermaid Baveras' waters have seen
the mightiest dragon of Caelereth, sky blue and emerald green
the best known Redbark healer, small of figure but wise
the Northlands demon, created from snow and ice
I am dreaming

I am an aguia ascending the endless skies over the Rahaz Dath
a milari roaming the Zirkumire Mountains following its path
a kevlor thundering down the hills of Celeste under my riders lead
a banded ricau diving the Burning Seas waters to feed

I am dreaming

I am Rahaz Dath, death bringing sands treacherous to cross
I am Nirmenith, water giving rescue to the wanderer lost
I am NorongSorno, black mountain spitting fire and killing all
I am Thaelon, green forest standing forever tall.

And now Im happily lost in the Santharian Dream,
whos out there to see my soul gleam?
Nobody, for those who see me breaking my chains and unbinding me
share all my fate, all of them bound to be free.



Spoken: Now night has fallen and all over the lands there are dreams that are being born;
as the night wind lifts them they all merge to create a single marvelous song.

The night has come forth,
and all the tears and laughter have gone to rest.
Now the time of creation will begin.
With hopes of a mother,
and wishes of a child.
With sorrow of a widow,
And the despair of a dying soldier.
I will weave tonight.
About a world that floats on moonlight.
The silent home of us all.

Thin threads of silver sand,
given so kindly by the Sea of Tears,
will fly to the clouds
and light the night
like a way of lanterns in the sky.
The weeping willow gives us songs
that it only sings in the dark.
Rivers and creeks mumble their story.
Nightbird will join the choir.
Along with the whispers of the dead.

The tears of a lover that hung himself in the Shaded forest,
will well up from the ground in song.
As the blood on the battlefield of F'v'darm,
will sigh in pain.
The cry of a newborn babe fills the dark,
along with the last gasp of a old man.
Silver stars sail the heavens,
as the waves wash the salt to the shore.
I lift my gaze to the dark skies and the shining moon.
Singing my praise to the night.


This Hymn is sung by one wandering bard, Lucirina Telor Vevan, an Injern elf,
as she remembers the cold and silent nights in her homeland, the Shaded Forest
and the shores of the Sea of Tear where she first wandered after leaving her home forever.


Dreams are for children
So they say
This is reality
Here we stay
Yet, we are all what we choose to be
But inside your heart, what do you see?

Inside our hearts is where dreams are to dwell
Those who forsake them, make their lives hell
But those few who dare to live by their dreams
Are truly the lords of reality's streams
They can alter the world as they want it to be
To better or worse? Well, just dream and see...

We are made of words.
Trapped in a space with no time.
Silent taps on a keybord
is all of us that really exists.

Trapped in a net,
that has joined us.
So far apart,
so close together.
We are all argonauts
on this strange, new sea.

Poems written by various team members