The probably oldest weapon of the races is the own body. Early in history, it were strong strikes with one's fist to overwhelm the opponent. A little later, it were simple things to extend the reach and damage of an attack, such as stones of all sizes and thick branches of trees, known as clubs. These were and still are natural enhancements of the fist and the arm. Even today, one that is not versed in using a weapon like a sword at all can grab a heavy object and strike it down on an opponent, only relying on strength and the force of the impact.

Description. The damage of Blunt Weapons relies only on the brute force of their wielder. A troll would laugh at you, would you try to stab a sword into his head. But hit him with a big club or a mace, and he'll wake up with a descent headache the next morning.

Weapon Types. In general there are 3 groups of Blunt Weapons: Clubs, Hammers and Maces. These
Blunt Weapons can be described in detail as follows:

The Peat Giants
View picture in full size Image description: A Peat giant sporting a spiked club. Picture from the game Mystical Empire, used with permission. Image drawn by Faugar.

Usage. Blunt Weapons are mostly used to do the hard work. Ever tried to tear down a wall with a sword? Right. It just won't work. Blunt Weapons are weapons which are commonly used in cases where the sharpness of a sword or axe is useless, to crush bones or to target helmets and armour.

Blunt Weapons like clubs are widely spread, as it is a very simple weapon, which needs little craftmanship to construct it. Practically everyone can grab a piece of wood, and - if necessary - adjust it to one's needs (e.g. add sharp spikes at the club head etc.) and swing it at an adversary. If a fighter loses his primary weapon for some reason, finding a substitute like a simple club can save lives.
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Fighting Style. To cause serious damage with Blunt Weapons, they have to be swung at the target with as much drive and force as possibly. Lashing out with a sword at a fully-armored horseman won't do diddely, but the brute force of, let's say a sledgehammer's impact, can knock the horseman off his mount and cause severe injuries. While a Blunt Weapon probably won't kill a foe instantly as sharp weapons can,  Return to the top

History/Origin. Ever since people had conflicts with each other, they used all sorts of weapons to see who was right and who was wrong. Be it with stones, rocks, wooden clubs or even limbs of dead enemies. Today, clubs, maces and hammers are still the prefered weapons of uncivilized and barbaric races and tribes, such as ogres, trolls, and also the barbaric tribe of the Northlands known as Ashmari.

"Your mind is as blunt as your club, troll...hey! Put me down!" - last words of Gotrek Gemhold, dwarven miner.
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