The Caéh-fish Rapier is a Sanhorrhim weapon constructed from the tailspike bone of the caéh-fish. While not practical for use as a weapon, the Caéh-fish Rapier is often a part of ceremonial garb or worn to signify station, and is usually decorated with rubites or silver.

Description. The Caéh-fish Rapier is made from the tailspike of the Caéh-fish, a long swordlike protrusion of tough bone that is the first piece of the fish to be removed. The blade is roughly a ped long, and blunt along the edges, leaving only the point for stabbing. The handle is carved from the base of the tailspike, forming a wide, cup-shaped guard above. This is often wrapped with leather or wire to improve the grip, though some opt to remove the bone handle entirely, replacing it with a sturdier substitute. These replacement handles, often of oak or some other reasonably hard wood, are known to be prone to breaking however. If the caéh-fish caught is especially young, the tail-spike may be shorter, in which case the base of the spike is tapered into a handle and a metal or wooden guard is installed above this.

The handles can become quite ornate, most often they are adorned with rubites. Traditionally, the Rónn of the
Sanhorrhim is presented with a Caéh-fish Rapier upon their gaining this title. Such swords are quite spectacular, if impractical, often involving filigree woven around the blade, or elaborate carvings, marked out in silver leaf. Return to the top

Usage. The Caéh-fish Rapier is one of the weapons made by the Sanhorrhim, often as a try-piece or journeyman craft by those craftsfolk who have almost achieved the skill required to leave their master's shop and begin to work on their own. The Caéh-fish Rapier is often carried or worn in a purely ceremonial capacity, by ship captains, well-to-do craftsmen and other dignitaries who wish to display their rank. Typically the more elaborate the decoration, the more deference should be displayed. Return to the top

Fighting Style. The blade is rarely used but often worn ceremonially, the point is sharp enough to stab with in a pinch. However, if used with another weapon, the toughness of the bone makes it a good blocking aid to be used with a short spear or cutlass. Return to the top

Origin/History. The Caéh-fish Rapier is believed to originally have been used as a harpoon by the Sanhorrhim before the War of the Blood. The Tan'nyemer Warriors, traditionally the military of the tribe and charged with defense of the Rónn, are said to have been resposible for the modifications to these weapons. The harpoon in question had a wooden haft and was used to spear larger fish floating close to the surface. During this period, the Tan'nyemer Warriors lacked steel for weapons, as their trading partners among the Thergerim had retreated below the ground. They fashioned short spears from some of these harpoons, slicing off some of the haft to make the weapons easier to carry. When the wooden hafts would break, some Tan'nyemer would modify the weapon. Rather than simply replace the short spear haft, they would add a short length of wood to fashion it into a sword.
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