The Centoraurian Men are master equestrians, and such they have one of the best cavalries in Santharia. For close combat on horseback, the Centoraurian Cavalry Sabre proves a swift and, when in the hands of an expert, a very dangerous weapon. A long blade, even slightly longer than a longsword, one side of this sword is not sharpened and straight for more stability. The other side draws a bow inward and then outwards again and is sharpened. The tip of the blade is a bulky head with one sharp side which is used to slash the enemy. The rest of blade is used for dodging.

Description. Roughly a ped long, the Cavalry Sabre is the primary weapon of the Centoraurian Cavalry. This long blade, forged of steel, is curved slightly granting a mid-blade percussion range when swung at an opponent. This means that a swordsman's blow has maximum impact power when striking from the middle of the blade. The side of the blade facing away from the wielder is razor sharp, while the side facing the wielder is blunt and relatively thick. This thick backing, referred to as the 'backsword,' allows for increased strength and support, especially when forced against a shield or weapon. A large cross-guard protects the Centoraurian’s hand from any of his enemies’ weapons or, from his own hand from sliding onto the blade. The grip of the blade is made of iron and is wrapped in oiled leather to strengthen the cavalryman’s grip. The pommel, to help balance the weight of the heavy blade, is a thick orb, with the symbol of a horse’s head, representing the Centoraurian’s lifelong friends, engraved at the top of it. Return to the top

Usage. With the exception of the Centoraurian Cavalry, only a handful of master non-Centoraurian blacksmiths who are trusted enough by the Centoraurian people know the secrets too forge this weapon. Several nearby tribes have tried to replicate the sabre, but the curve along with the thickness only in the back, led too many failed results. The closest replica actually usable in combat was made by the Helvet’ine, which was a simple a straight blade with both sides sharpened. Return to the top

Fighting Style. The Centoraurian Cavalry Sabre is used primarily when riding upon a horse or other mount, and is especially effective when riding full speed as the momentum carries the blade, allowing its user to strike with extra force. The blade is excellent for slicing attacks, and is very useful for hacking through a foe’s limbs, leaving naught but a stump in its wake. Despite the curved blade the sabre can be a good choice for a thrusting attacks against a lightly armoured foe, as the curved blade, when stabbed into an enemy’s body and turned, will leave a mess of the organs and body parts behind. The wielder can block strikes either by parrying them with the side of the blade, or by catching them with the blunt side of the sabre. The Centoraurian cavalrymen find the sword extremely useful, and some of them will even make use of their fine sabre against the enemy when dismounted, although usually they shall see fit to draw their shortsword. Return to the top

Origin/History. The first Centoraurian Cavalry Sabre was crafted in the year 513 b.S by Anor Saberat, a weapon smith in the Anactar’s palace and was gifted to Thar, the leader of the Elite Cavalry at that time. Thar named it a “Sabera” in honour of its forger, Anor Saberat, unfortunately after the wear and tear of time, the Sabera emerged as the Sabre. By the year 511 b.S the entire Elite Cavalry possessed the weapon, it was used by the Elite Cavalry until end of the Second Sarvonian War. After the war, massive number of cavalry units adopted the “Curved Blade” as their favourite weapon.

The Centoraurian Cavalry Sabre is a formidable weapon in the hands of any member of the
Centoraurian cavalry. 
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