The Crystal Dagger, or if you wish to call it be its original name the "Sliverphial", is an ingenious weapon used for administering poisons, sleeping potions, or other liquids that must be injected into the victims blood. Though it can be used by physicians for giving medicine to their patients, this practice is much less common, as there is less money to be had in that trade. It is usually about half of a handspan long, and is thus perfect for concealment.

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Description. The Sliverphial consists of a crystal blade with a small chamber inside, and a wooden handle of two pieces. The piece of wood that connects to the crystal has a hole all of the way through it, beginning in the exact center nearest the blade, and ending halfway between the center and the edge. The quartz blade itself also has a hole, but this starts just shy of the tip of the crystal, and ends in the center to connect with the hole in the middle piece of the dagger. The second piece of the handle has a hole that can connect with the hole in the first if it is rotated correctly, but in the closed position both open onto wood. The other side of this hole is on the side of the handle to allow air flow. There is a small shaft of wood connecting the pieces of handle, and the blade is glued and sealed onto it. Return to the top

Usage. This weapon used generally be thieves, assassins, and other people who need people taken out either temporarily or permanently. It has seen action all over Caelereth, but for the most part is restricted to those classes that are able to afford such devices.
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Fighting Style. The blade is dipped into a poison, and the handle is twisted to the opened position. The shaft will begin to fill up, and after a moment, the hilt is once again twisted, but to the closed position. The assassin may then carry it around at his leisure, until the victim is spotted. The handle will be slid open, and then jabbed into them. it can also be thrown. Sliverphials are generally only used once, and thus are expensive ways to kill someone, but also quite effective. The knives are made very balanced, in the event that a person wishes to throw them. The concept can be adapted to fit any number of devices, including longer knives, arrows, and other weapons, but in the dagger form it is completely useless as a melee weapon.
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Origin/History. The Sliverphial was first invented by an obscure jeweler in Santhala as a medical tool. Unfortunately, this artisan was corrupt, and saw its other uses. So, he made many more and sold them all to a local assassin that he knew. Ironically, the assassinís next job was to kill that jeweler, so justice was served, to an extent.
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