The Judgement Quill is one of the stealthiest weapons to have and use in Santharia. Consisting of a single metal rod (approx. 2-5 nailbreadth thick) with points on each tip, it is useful for piercing flesh and openings in armor to damage vital organs and causing quick impairments and deaths.

Appearance. The Judgement Quill consists of a single metal rod with points on each tip, approximately 1/3 of the way in from one ends of the Judgement Quill there is a ring large enough for 2 fingers attached to the rod through a small swivel attachment.

The Judgement Quill comes in a variety of lengths, but the thickness of the rod is always between 2-5 nailsbreadth. The proper length of the Judgement Quill is from the wrist to the elbow of the person using it. Thieves and bards often have this weapon close at hand, and skilled Assassins find it useful for completing some assignments.

Additionally, the Judgement Quill posesses a very unique endorsement: It is the foremost of the exceedingly small number of weapons that the Kasumarii have seen fit to copy and use. They prefer calling it a Nightwhirl, and have sharpened the sides a touch more, but in essence it remains the same weapon.
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The Judgement Quill is useful for piercing flesh and openings in armor to damage vital organs and causing quick impairments and deaths.

The weapon is rarely used for combat fighting, and is almost always used for surprised or sneak attacks. Because of its size and weight, it can be hidden under one's clothes in many places without notice and can be drawn quickly. With training it can be used to defend against small and slashing especially shortswords and daggers, but its primarily use is to deliver quick damaging attacks to the vital organs. Normally carried in pairs, this weapon is drawn, used to strike the head, heart, neck, back, eye, various joints, and between the chinks in armor, and then quickly hidden. While it takes a lot of strength to use it against hard armor, those without hard armor can be easily damaged by this deceptively dangerous weapon. Return to the top

Fighting Style. The Judgement Quill is grasped by its middle with 1 or 2 fingers slipped through the ring. Attacks are implement by pushing the
weapon in a straight forward manner into a target and then easily pulling it out and hiding the weapon. Those trained in its use can also lay the pen across their forearm and block small slashing weapons.

In order to use the Judgement Quill effectively hand speed and agility is more important than strength. The primary training regimen for the use of the Judgement Quill is to build speed by training to grasp, pierce and hide the
weapon. Knowledge of anatomy helps one to quickly identify various vital points that can be attacked.

weapon is bormally carried in pairs, and hidden in the sleeves or under one's clothing. It can be used with one in each hand. Those with specific training can use this weapon in combat against small and medium weapons, especially swords. However this training is hard to come by and learn.

History/Origin. The Judgement Quill ranks as one of the most deadly and silent weapons in history. The Judgement Quill was reported to have been created by one of the Templars of the Black Pearl Guildmasters. It was first reported to have been used to execute an assassin for failing to complete an assignment successfully. It is told that the Guildmaster actually wanted to use a Brownie spear to execute the assassin, however as he was holding the spear, he reached up his sleeve, and noticed that the spear slipped up his sleeve easily. The Guildmaster attached a swivel to the spear and began to twirl the spear in his hand - thus the Judgement Quill came into being.

After the execution, the other assassins, realizing that failure was not an option, began to explore the Judgement Quill and found that not only was it easy to conceal, but that it was extra useful in completing their assignments. Word about the Judgement Quill spread from the Templars of the Black Pearl to several thieves guilds and then around Santharia.
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