The Lance is a widely used relative of the spear, made solely for cavalry use. Stout in structure, much longer and thicker than the spear, it is too heavy and cumbersome to be wielded on foot. Instead, the Lance is used in powerful charges. The momentum of a charging unit of mounted knights is enough to shatter even heavy infantry lines. Due to this, the Lance is a feared weapon on the battlefield, and easily one of the most common and powerful of them all.

Description. The Lance is often confused with the spear, but there are distinct distances. It is a longer than the standard spear at almost 3 peds, heavier (about 1 hafeb), and sturdier. The Lance is a weapon designed for use from horseback. Just above the grip is a vamplate, a steel circular plate that both protects the hand holding the weapon and also prevents it from sliding farther up the Lance upon impact. Its head is usually fixed onto the shaft with more reinforcing to prevent it from snapping off.

A Helvet'ine Lancer

View picture in full size Image description. A Helvet'ine Kuglim lancer patrolling his territory on his heavily armoured Kev'lor war horse. Picture drawn by Eratinalinfalah.

The usual material for this deadly polearm is separated into the haft and head. The haft is most commonly made of oak, due to its durable make up, but black birch is the most sought after wood. Black birch is strong enough to resist breakage, which makes any Lance of black birch a most valuable catch, one in which most lords will capture and ransom similar to one of their kin. The head usually comes made of steel, it being shorter than most sword blades and thus easier to forge. Iron is a very common substitute, and mithril has been known to be a rare, powerful instance, but the most valuable (relatively easy to get) Lances are those made of black birch and steel. Return to the top

Usage. In war, Lances are used in cavalry charges. Because of it being synonymous with knights, the Lance is used in every operation a knight performs: charges against infantry, archer units, or even other cavalry, especially when flanking. When used effectively, the Lance charge can instantly shatter an entire unit of soldiers, causing all survivors to rout.

Outside of war, the Lance is used for sport in jousts. "Tourney Lances", as they are called to distinguish them from war Lances, are designed for non-lethal combat. It is often made hollow with light wood to shatter upon impact, and the tip is often in a bowl-shape to spread the forces further apart. This is to reduce the chance of impaling the foe.
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The Coat of Arms of the Helvet'ine Kuglimz

View picture in full size Picture description. The Brave Helvet tribe's coat of arms shows an eagle holding a golden lance, signifying the importance of this weapon for the Kuglimz. Coat of arms designed by Koldar.

 Fighting Style. The Centoraurians are renown for their devastating Lance charges. A full regiment of Centoraurian knights wielding their Lances are capable of striking down even spearmen. The power of the impact from the Lance makes short work of even full platemail, impaling the poor soldier hit by the lunge. A knight will hold his Lance under his arm, often with the aid of a Lance rest, and charge their horse into the opponent. Due to the weight and length of the weapon, it is nearly impossible to wield after the initial charge. With this one-time-usage, the knight will most often drop the Lance and use a side-weapon instead. Return to the top

Origin/History. The Centoraurians were first noted using the Lance about halfway through the First Sarvonian War. The Centoraurian cavalry were so powerful that the usage of Lances quickly spread to surrounding lands. Since then, almost all the tribes in North and South Sarvonia has adopted the use of the Lance, and even the Santerran army in Nybelmar has, same with the Kassites. The humans are the ones who use it the most, but even some elves have been seen riding into a battle with a Lance in arm.

Especially the Kassites of Nybelmar were often compared to the Centoraurians, as both cultures became extremely proficient with mounted Lancers. However, the Centoraurians are more renown due to their participation in the Sarvonian War and other large-scale battles.

Many famous individual Lancers have also graced the history of Caelereth, even before the first Centoraurians were recorded using them. One such Lancer was the great Kuglim Teimor, who led his people to the Celeste Lowlands in 1627 b.S.

"…after leading his people to where they are now, [Teimor] found an enormous Cartashian bear. He battled it one on one, the ferocious bear swatted the horse right out from under him. Teimor's lance was shattered beneath his mount. Using his shield he deflected the bear again and again, its jaws tore a hole in the shield. In the end, Teimor grabbed a piece of his shattered lance and pierced the immense creature's heart. Honouring the creature, Teimor founded the first town here."

The Lance has always dotted the world of Caelereth, but after the Centoraurians' usage of it in the first Sarvonian War, it became a staple in polearm warfare. Return to the top

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