The Margh Grumph is a one handed troll fist weapon. Aptly named, the weaponís name translates from TrulTrul as "Death Bite". The Margh Grumph is weapon of simple design and construct, made by the trolls. Due to its creatorsí simple minds though, this weapon does not have a specific appearance. As such, it is easier to simply describe the method of construction of this weapon.

Description. The Death Bite, represents a rough ragged glove, consisting of lots of sharp and pointy vine plants wrapped around the trollís mitts, from knuckles through hairy expanses of the back of the troll's hand, often trailing off a little after the thick wrist. Sometimes, depending on the trollís age and strength of skin, a wrap of thin leather is wrapped around the trollís hand first to stop the thorns and razors from inflicting damage on themselves. Combinations such as wild pease and rose cane are entwined and used by the trolls, though they will often just resort to local vegetation. Similar to the trollís attention span, the usage of these weapons is usually very short. Once they have mauled down their prey, the troll will simply discard this wrapped contraption. A troll will only ever make use of Death Bites when going for a purpose, like hunting or fighting, but it will ever be seen simply roaming around with them on. Only on very few occasions have there been records of maintained Margh Grumphs, often belonging to important figures amongst the troll race. These samples are often in very tattered states, but given the trollís primitive nature these objects are still considered exquisite samples to researchers. These usually yield not only thorns and vines, but often also bone fragments of important kills. Return to the top

Usage. Simple and primitive in design, the Margh Grumph is a weapon only used by the trolls: Which trolls use it greatly depends on the trollís individual ingenuity. The realisation that a Margh Grumph might aid the trollís fight or hunt may spark, or it may notÖ Given the nature of constructing the weapon though, variations in composition exist through the tribes, taking into consideration the different vegetation that grows in the different territories. This is why the ďNiknikutĒ, the forest trolls, roaming the Forest of Souls have been known to come up with more variable components in their Death Bite. Though this weapon clearly gives the fierce trolls more edge while hunting or fighting for survival, the trolls have not yet fully embraced the idea of a weapon, and as such the Death Bite is not part of the trollís standard inventory. Return to the top

Origin/History. Upon unknowingly fighting alongside the Kh'om'chr'om orcs in the Troll War (488) laying siege on Acht and Holm, the trolls saw skilfully crafted weaponry made by the orcs. Though the idea of manufacturing anything was beyond their understanding, they were able to perceive the spikes, thorns, etc. on their weapons. Though it did not immediately dawn upon them, they saw with their own feral eyes the damage these inflicted. It is unknown when the first designs were made, but eventually troll sightings started reporting of crude wrapped gloves on these fierce monsters. Closer inspection showed that the trolls had collected a mixture of fresh fine tree bark, winey plants with spikes and thorns, and wrapped these around their fists. This crude armour/weapon thus inflicted additional damage upon the trolls mauling their prey. The thorns tore open fierce wounds around the initial stab of the trollís claws, causing lethal blood loss.

Later obtained Margh Grumphs were found to have been enhanced with natural poisons. Though these mild poison could all be obtained from naturally occurring plants and are relatively easily created, a lot of researchers are still not convinced that trolls could have thought this far. Instead they believe that the Kh'om'chr'om or goblins must have had a hand in the matter. This is supported by the fact that poison inflicted samples are very rare.
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