The Nightclaw, or "Kraah’Reve" is a long blade, which is shaped roughly like a crab’s claw without its jagged edges. It shares the jointed, uneven proportion of such a claw, though, and is very smooth and sharp. It has an intricate fighting style associated with it, as well as a rich history. The fighting style is a wondrous style, not unlike that of the scimitar, though with amazing flourishes and specialized attacks.

Description. The Nightclaw is a strange-looking weapon to say the least. It consists of two pincerlike blades, one armlength long straight blade called the "Reach", and the other part, the "Grasp", is half as long. It is generally a steel blade, often painted dark blue, light green, black, or other colours reflecting its crustacean origin or it is especially coloured for stealth. The Nightclaw is a fairly light weapon, generally only about four ods. Despite this, it is quite durable. Return to the top

Usage. The Kasumarii are the primary users of the Nightclaw, and indeed, it is second only to the Moonblade. It is commonly used by long patrols, or assassins who may not be able to return to the forge for repairs for quite a while. It is not unusual to see a lone Kasumarii fighting with two foreign blades in each hand, Nightclaw at side, the former stolen with aid from the Kraah’Reve. Contrary to popular myths, there is no “special device” that allows the user to manipulate the Grasp and Reach. There is only one handle, and quite a bit of skill involved. Return to the top

Fighting Style. The general fighting style, despite the fancy moves and varied techniques available is not at all unlike one fighting with a traditional scimitar. The Kraah’reve can be used one or two handed. The sword's unusual construction makes it excellent not only as a slashing and cutting weapon, but as a disarming weapon as well. If the wielder can manage to trap the enemy's blade between the Grasp and the Reach, a mere twist of the hand will disarm the foe. This maneuver is called the "Sunstealer". Other tricks with this weapon include the rather cruel finishing move called the "Twinrend", wherein the weapon is thrust between the rib plates, twisted 180 degrees, and withdrawn along with a circular section of the victim's ribcage. Another is the "Kraahlash", which involves leading with the Grasp, forcing the enemy to block it, then snapping the wrist and stepping to the side to deliver a blow with the Reach.

This unusual style makes the Nightclaw an incredibly difficult weapon to master. Its usage is taught at only a few selected assassin schools, but the students become experts with all the techniques, and generally end up developing some of their own. One notable student Jalis Tenslice developed over 40 variations of the Kraahlash, each using a different angle of attack or adjustment of force. Some variations included detailed, minute changes in footwork. At any rate, Jalis is considered one of the primary developers of the modern Nightblade fighting style. He taught for many years, until his death by a rival assassin, jealous of his fame and glory.
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Origin/History. This weapon was invented by one of the early Kasumarii, a Stormson by the name of Kalten Stormblade. While meditating on the beach, he saw two crabs fighting. One, the smaller, grasped the other's claw with its own, and twisted it, snapping the limb clean off. The resulting display inspired Kalten, a part-time sword smith, to attempt to replicate this display in a sword. The resulting blade was an extreme success. Since then, the Nightclaw has become one of the most well-feared blades in Caelereth. Return to the top

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