The Seatooth is a blowpipe fired R'unorian short range dart, the outside lined with backward facing blades. Seateeth are usually approximately the length of a human forefinger and glazed with various sorts of poison. They were created specifically for attacking the vulnerable joints in armour and have excellent flesh piercing qualities. Seateeth are a favoured tool for assassins, both inside and outside of the R'unorian Isles.

Description. Seateeth are about eight nailsbreadths long and have a diameter of about three nailsbreadths at the back. They consist of two parts; the almost spherical body/shaft with tip, and the blades. The main difference between Seateeth and ordinary darts is the backwards facing blades or barbs. They are metal and are hooked, following the curve of the body of the dart, with the cutting edge facing outwards and a sharp tip. These blades can be coated with poison, but even without they are still deadly. The blades cut the flesh on their way in and flare outwards slightly, meaning they are very difficult to pull out. Like barbs, they stay in, but unlike barbs they cut at the inside of the body when the victim moves.

Carried in pouches on the belt, Seateeth are easy to hide and light to carry. Each pouch is made of tough leather, separated into four sections, each with a sideways Seatooth on it.

Each Seatooth is made out of light metal, but they are also effective when made of heavier iron. The blades and body are made separately, then glued together. Only some special (i.e. assassin friendly)
R'unorian weapon merchants carry Seateeth, and inside and outside of R'unor, Seateeth are hideously expensive.

blowpipe itself is made of bamboo and is about one fore, one handspan long, with a diameter of about four nailsbreadths. Return to the top

Usage. Seateeth are solely R'unorian weapons. Rarely used for anything other than assassination, Seateeth are not common weapons outside of criminal use. They are widely used among assassins as they are excellent for swift and silent killing. It is relatively easy to learn how to use Seateeth. They are not very useful at long range, as it is very difficult to retain power over such distances, and thus are used mostly within 20 peds of the target. Return to the top

Fighting Style. Short-medium ranged
weapons, Seateeth are mostly used in "hit and run" attacks as they are light and versatile. With a very fast firing rate, Seateeth are used with special blowpipes and aimed at weak spots of armour or directly at flesh, and are not usually used for head on assaults.

Their are many advantages to using Seateeth, including the fact that are small and therefore light and easy to conceal, and the ability to glaze them with poison. Also, they are very difficult to deflect or dodge, and to add to this cornucopia of advantages, they can have an astonishing rate of fire in the correct hands!

However, as with any weapon, there are disadvantages as well. Seateeth are extremely expensive to buy and very difficult to make, and are practically useless against armoured opponents. Return to the top

Origin/History. The origin of the Seatooth is unknown. Many believe the inventor Gregory Firelance of the Blaa'kr tribe invented it, reputedly while debating the advantages and disadvantages of darts and throwing knives with himself. It is said that he came up with the first Seatooth by sticking knives into a wooden dart, and later refining it, but these claims have no tangible proof. Others say that the original version of the Seatooth was carved out of a whale's tooth, hence the name, by a simple fisherman, thinking he could kill some big fish with it, who then had his idea stolen by some weapon merchants when he next went to market to show off his new idea.
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