Probably the first thing to pop into the mind when thinking of a 'sword', One-Handed Swords are the most common type of sword in the world. A cutting and/or thrusting weapon, One-Handed Swords have a nearly infinite range of styles and variations. All swords have a blade and a hilt; most hilts feature a guard, a grip, and a pommel. From the falchion to the Helcrani shortsword to even the Erpheronian broadsword and everything in between, this weapon sees variants in almost every culture worldwide. One-Handed Swords are also known colloquially by many names, a few of which are the shortsword, arming sword, war sword, or even the elvish term "cár'scál". - Currently we know the following kinds of One-Handed Swords in Caelereth (listed alphabetically):

A curved scimitar with an elegantly carved hilt, usually made of ivory. This is the weapon of choice for the Azhorhian. One such sword had been carried by Zhajile. The sword was believed to have passed on to the next Erpheronian Sovereign, Katya Ileri, after Jenefra and when Katya's reign came to an end, the sword that had been carried by Queens was lost and its whereabouts are presently unknown.
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This rapier is made from the parts of the Cáeh-fish. The Cáeh-fish spike is the first thing removed from the catch, and is turned into an ornamental rapier for the man who was the most responsible for catching the fish. It is not entirely functional, but in a tight spot, it is usable. Its handle is carved from the base of the spike, throughout the pommel it is encrusted with red and blue rubites. It has no metal on it whatsoever.
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The Centoraurian Men are master equestrians, and such they have one of the best cavalries in Santharia. For close combat on horseback, the Centoraurian Cavalry Sabre proves a swift and, when in the hands of an expert, a very dangerous weapon. A long blade, even slightly longer than a longsword, one side of this sword is not sharpened and straight for more stability. The other side draws a bow inward and then outwards again and is sharpened. The tip of the blade is a bulky head with one sharp side which is used to slash the enemy. The rest of blade is used for dodging.
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A blade of about half a ped length. It is formed like a rectangle with one edge representing the sharpened tip, the other forming a connection to the handle similar to spears and lances. Good in close combat and against armoured knights because of the very sharp and thin form.
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The Cutlass is a broad, curved bladed sword, commonly used by those going to sea. Originating from the Sarvonian North, the Glandorians and later the Avennorians, the often unsheathed worn Cutlass is still considered today to be one of the best weapons for use aboard a ship due to its shorter length, its thick heavy blade and relatively easy handling. Due to these reasons the Cutlass has also become a very typical pirate weapon. Return to the top

The Double Kilij

The Double Kilij is a curved small blade that comes in pairs. It originates from the Shendar tribe and is mostly used by the men since the women prefer the bane whip. The blade was used in fights and battles since the Shendar tribes formed. In times of peace its usefulness circles around the beauty it contains when employed in the Shendar sword dance. It is both deadly and beautiful. Return to the top

The Erpheronian Broadsword ("Ephord")

The Erpheronian Broadsword or simply "Ephord" is one of the most common weapons in the North. Being quite sturdy and durable because of the broad blade it is used by infantry as well as by knights as a secondary weapon. Its blade is slightly longer than that of a normal shortsword, nearly half a ped. The hilt is shaped to fit very well in one's hand. The design can be very different, sometimes fine decorated, but often also kept very practical only. One characteristic of the Erpheronian Broadsword, however, is its blunted tip. This makes the blade even harder to break but also more difficult to pierce armour.
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The Helcrani Shortsword

The Helcrani Shortsword is a one hand sword, approximately 60 nailsbreadths long (hilt not included). It is used by Helcrani warriors since the first half of the 7th century b.S. It is designed especially for making short, powerful thrusts. Several different designs were and are still made, but there are three primary kinds of the Helcrani Shortsword known as the “Erpheronian”, the “Paramer”, and the “Sting”. The Helcrani Shortword is frequently depicted in coats of arms of noble families and military units. Return to the top

These weapons include large swords with thin, precise blades and short-handled daggers made entirely of ice. They are brittle, but their size (a fore for the daggers and much as a ped in length for the swords) makes them menacing. However, because of their construction, these Ice Blades are only functional in the cold stretches of Cyhalloi. Used by the Cyhallrhim Elves.
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A light elven longsword which bend blade flows smoothly into the hilt and proves to be a swift and elegant weapon fitting for an elf. Return to the top

Modeled after the legendary sword given to Kasumar by Korenjah, these are possibly the most feared blades to the Sarvonian population. Slightly curved, slim, and exceedingly sharp, these blades are a match for any ever produced by the forges of Dzulmir, and better than most. Return to the top

The Nightclaw is a strange-looking weapon to say the least. It consists of two pincerlike blades, one armlength long straight blade called the Reach, and the other a mere two curved handbreadths, called the Grasp. The sword's unusual construction, while making it rather unwieldy, also makes it excellent for disarming an opponent. If the wielder can manage to trap the enemy's blade between the Grasp and the Reach, a mere twist of the hand will disarm the foe. This maneuver is called the Sunstealer. Return to the top

A "sickle-like" blade that has a hilt of leather and cloth wrapped around one end. In some variants these blades can be thrown at their foes. In general they make up formidable slashing weapons in a terrain where only few races would dare to wear full armour. Return to the top

The Remusian Warsword

The Remusian Warsword is a powerful slashing weapon with the ability to thrust. Standing at an average of 97 nailsbreadths in length, the Warsword is perfect as an arming sword for any warrior. It is commonly used by the Remusians and nearby Ice Tribes against foes clad in mail. The Warsword came into use by the year 1100 a.S., and has seen use in combat in Northern Sarvonia ever since. A Remusian Warsword will always have a distinct taper, which runs subtly until the end of the fuller, at which point it begins to increase the taper rate to the point. The fuller and taper allow the sword to be both quick and powerful with its cuts. While various types of cross-guards have been encountered, but one simple type is seen far more commonly than any other. The usual guard is straight with an octagonal cross-section and a wasted appearance. Pommels are almost always a slight oval with beveled faces that are strongly hollowed out, keeping it clean and attractive.
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The Móh'rhím can weave a sword out from their own beings when in their shadow form. When in need, a blade literally grows out of the palm of a Móh'rhím which then lengthens into a sword. Depending on the user's ability, this shadow sword can be as hard as steel to cut through flesh with frightening ease or be as insubtantial as moonlight. However, even when in insubstantial form, the shadow sword can kill for it can pass through a living person's body like a deadly winter chill to freeze the heart, causing instant death. Return to the top

A blade of about half a ped in length. It is formed like a rectangle with one edge representing the sharpened tip, the other forming a connection to the handle similar to spears and lances. Good in close combat and against armoured knights because of the very sharp and thin form. Return to the top

The Tethinrhim Shortsword, or as it is better known among the elves the "Linén'scál" (lit. "small blade") has a length of about half a ped and is commonly used by the elven Tethinrhim tribe as a secondary weapon. It is of roughly rectangular shape, with a sharp taper to an almost blocky point at the end, but being of elven origin is also graceful and finely made. It's shape is similar to that of a full-length sword before the taper, and here opinion differs. Scholars believe it to have been the precursor to the modern blade, as the advancement of craftmanship and smithing techniques would mean that a sort of shortsword would have been the interim stage between daggers and full swords, but legends and tales say that the Shortsword was created by accident when a full-length blade snapped in battle.
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The Tiquaitan seem in fact so unprepared for any sort of conflict that they are only known to have ever used one weapon - the Tiqua Sabre, a weapon with a slightly curved hilt as long a man’s forearm and a blade curved to same extent (in the opposite direction) of equal length. Whilst original used as duelling weapons (in pairs) the blades were the only weapons that Tiquaitan soldiers were equipped with during the Tiquaitan Republican Wars. As was the case with all things Tiquaitan, the sabre itself was meant to be an elegant and artistic craft, meaning that those trained to use it ‘properly’ made easy targets for the hordes of the Tsohamin. Return to the top

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