Far and away the largest of the swords, Two-Handers can be nearly as tall as a grown human male. This type of sword often came into war-time usage to defeat lines of spearmen and for shock troopers, capable of cleaving entire limbs off, if unarmoured. From the Korweynite Claymore to the Whirlwind, Two-Handers are often spoken of with a hushed respect, as their sheer size makes using them require special training. Properly trained, however, a warrior wielding such a weapon can strike faster and harder than the blade's size would suggest. Two-Handed swords in the world come in various styles, and with various names. The term "great sword" or Styrash "estár'scál" can also be used to refer to Two-Handed Swords.

Two-Handed Swords are often seen as simply massive swords that are too slow to be effectively wielded. On the contrary, they’re some of the most efficient swords, their size and weight making them capable of cleaving plate and instilling fear in others. The Two-Handed swords came into popular wartime usage when plate armour was developed and cavalry was being stopped by pikemen. The men wielding greatswords would charge into a unit of pikemen and lop the heads off the pikes, then proceed to shatter the line so the cavalry could charge in. Off the battlefield, the Two-Handed Swords became popular due to their reach and the ability to half-hand the weapon, shifting it from a slashing to a thrusting weapon and back. - Currently we know the following kinds of Two-Handed Swords in Caelereth (listed alphabetically):

The Iurías and its two-handed version the Kŭrass are both swords used primarily by Kaŭrrhem guards in eastern Nybelmar, and as such quite common. The Kaŭrrhem (or Kaŭr) are said to have used these lightweight, curved blades already since the time before the War of the Chosen, and a lot lore is related to its origins and its legendary role in the battle against the mythical wizard Menemronn. Return to the top

A true horror upon the battlefield, these 2 ped+ weapons are longer than even flamberges, and much faster and sharper. They are simply two Moonblades connected at the end of the handles into one weapon. Used a lot like a quarterstaff, except that the grip area is extremely small. These weapons are often commented on being more dangerous to the user than to the opponent, as only the most skilled master can fight without injuring himself from the blade on the other end. Slower than a Moonblade, but faster than many two-handed weapons, these are a terror upon the battlefield, even if they are rarely seen. Many doubt their existence, but those who know of these frightening weapons know them to be the most dangerous weapon available, even more so than the already feared Moonblade. While not stealthy or easily concealed like many other Kar-ii weapons, these are their most dangerous, in more ways than one. This weapon is used only by the most skilled members of the Echiilianni order - the leader of the sect himself, and those who wish to try and replace him.
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A longsword with twohand-hilt and a curved blade. About every adult Kassite has this weapon either inherited from his ancestors or made for him for adulthood. Return to the top

The Whirlwind is one of the most expensive of all known swords available as its production needs a lot of skill, not only in forging the weapon, but also because it is enchanted permanently with powerful Wind magic in order to keep it light: All Whirlwinds are hand made, its speciality being the two hooks on the end of the blade, requiring a special training to wield it perfectly. Whirlwinds are known to be mainly available in the Eilenachian capitol of Linhir on the far off continent of Yamalquain, where there exist mages with arcane powers. Return to the top

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