Site Update on September 30, 2001
 Bestiary Added entry on the Chasm Demon (Tarquet Galbar, pic Faugar)
 Cosmology Updated entry on the Thergerim Calendar (Bard Judith & Thuja). Dwarven month names will be added soon.
 Places Updated entry on Nyermersys, also added Coat of Arms (text & pic Koldar)
Updated entry on Nermeran (Koldar)
 Religions Added entry on Eyasha, Goddess of Peace (Artimidor, pic Enayla)
Added entry on Vulrath, a R'unorian God (Xenos Ravenbeack)
 Role Playing Added a Tavern Forum at the Role Playing Board (Gean Firefeet)
 Tribes Added picture to entry on the Shendar (Bard Judith)
Site Update on September 23, 2001
 Cosmology Added first fragments on the Thergerim Calendar (Bard Judith)
 Herbarium Added entry on the Krakenweed (Theodorus Holzman)
Added entry on the Yahrle Herb (Thuja)
 Languages Added first fragments on Thergerim Runes (Bard Judith)
 Library Added Prologue and Chapter 3 to the "Wizard of the White Tower" story. Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 were also revised in order to integrate plants from the Santharian Herbarium and to correct minor things. You can also download all chapters at the Downloads section (Capher)
 Misc. Added picture to entry on the Ionmis Globe (Dramads)
Added picture to entry on Santharian Drinks (Dramads)
Updated entry on the Cárpa'dosía (Artimidor)
Updated entry on the War of the Chosen (Capher)
 Team Added membership info on Capher. Welcome again to the Santharian realms and many thanx for the contributions you already have delivered!
 General Completed design changes on all Compendium entries - they all have captions of the same style.
Site Update on September 16, 2001
 History Updated entry on Brownie History, starting from 1650 b.S.-730 b.S. (Curgan & Greybark)
 Languages Added entry on Thergerim Taal, the dwarven language (Bard Judith)
Updated entry on Keekoo's Browniin Dictionary (Greybark)
 Library Added myth about the Kuglimz Creation (Drogo)
Added story of "The Wizard of the White Tower", Chapters 1 & Chapter 2 (Capher). See also at the Downloads section.
 People Added entry on the Brownie Shaman (Greybark, pic Bard Judith)
Added entry on Noggi Penmark, a dwarven explorer (Ralhag)
 Religion Added entry on Kuglimz Beliefs (Drogo)
 Team Updated membership page of Dramads, adding bio & pic.
 Tribes Added entry on the Kuglimz (Drogo)
Added entry on the Milken Brownies (Curgan & Greybark)
Site Update on September 9, 2001
 Herbarium New section: The Bestiary section was split into a Bestiary and a Herbarium section, where all plants, herbs, trees etc. are covered.
Added lots of short descriptions to the Herbarium Overview (Bard Judith)
Added entry on the Candlebush (Bard Judith)
 Library Added 20-pages short story "A Hall of Broken Mirrors" (Dalá'Valannía, pic Enayla)
Added historical narration "The Fulfillment of Tacunija's Curse" (Curgan)
 Places Added picture to the Shivering Woods entry (Enayla)
 Team Welcome finally to Judy Alkema (Santharian name Bard Judith) from Canada, who delights the Santharian community already for quite a while with wonderful entries. Well, her membership info has finally reached the Santharian HQ, so it's time for the official welcome now;) - Have a nice stay in Santharia, Judy!
 Tribes Added entry on the Ashz-Oc, an orcish tribe (text & pic Koldar)
Added entry on the Ylossians, a mythical dwarven clan (Ralhag)
Site Update on September 2, 2001
 Bestiary Added entry on the Alth'ho Grass (Drogo)
Added entry on the Cloewn Tree (Wren)
Added entry on the Blue Glitra (Thuja, pic Enayla)
Added entry on the Nightshimmer Vine (Thuja)
 Cosmology Added entry on Time Measurements (pic and text Bard Judith)
 Downloads Added a 20 pages story "A Hall of Broken Mirrors", featuring the Bone Queen of Fá'áv'cál'âr (Dalá'Valannía)
 History Updates of various history tables with North Sarvonian Details: The Age of Silence, the Age of Myths and the Age of Awakening (Drogo)
 Misc. Added entry on Salaen, Ylfferhim folk music - featuring the very first Santharian MP3 files attached to the entry (Wren)
Added entry on Ionmis Globe (Wren)
Added entry on the Great Sundering of Races (Drogo)
Added entry on the Book of Aheh, featuring original Brownie writing (Greybark)
 People Added picture to entry on the Bone Queen (Enayla)
 Religions Added entry on Aca-Santerran Beliefs (Koldar)
Added entry on Sur'tyan, the Kuglimz All-Father (Drogo)
 Caelereth RPG Updated entry on Armour Classes (Kanga)
 Team Added membership info of Thuja. Welcome again to the Santharian realms and many thanx for the contributions you have already delivered!
 Tribes Added entry on the Injerín elves, a North Sarvonian tribe (Drogo)
Site Update on August 26, 2001
 Bestiary Added entry on the Adlemir Tree (Wren)
 People Added entry on Avásh'Aelía, the Bone Queen (Dalá'Valannía)
 Places Added detailed version of the Map of Nyermersys (Koldar) consisting of an overall map and 7 destrict maps with lots of elaborated street names. The map is Internet Explorer optimized and will be further expanded in the course of time.
Added entry on the Shivering Woods (Obsidian)
 Religions Added entry on the barbarian All-Mother Lier'tyan (Drogo)
Site Update on August 19, 2001
 Bestiary Added entry on the White Spiral Butterfly (Thuja)
 Cosmology Added entry on Armageddon (Artimidor, pic Enayla)
 Languages Added entry on Old Ylffer (Wren)
 Library Added story "The Beginning of Destiny" (Wren)
Added story "Of the Battle of Winds" (Drogo)
 Misc. Added entry on Iapethor's Armour (Drogo)
 People Added entry on Eckra the Cruel (Drogo)
 Portals Added new section called "Portals of Worlds" (available from the Flash menu only currently!) introducing other quality sites to you. The Portal movie was designed by Tony Walsh from www.gloomveil.com and will feature new links you definitely shouldn't miss. At the moment you will reach the world of Gloomveil only. Enjoy!
 Religions Updated entry on Seyella, Goddess of Destiny (Artimidor)
 Tribes Updated entry on the elven Ylfferhim tribe (Wren)
 General Library section was re-structured a bit, now sorted alphabetically by title.
Various corrections (Winlok)
Site Update on August 12, 2001
 Flash Menu Added additional animations at the Team and the Library sub-menu (Artimidor)
 Misc. Added entry on Taug Rik'tyan, a barbarian feast (Drogo)
Added entry on Penda'u Naming (Lamertu K'Thaen)
 People Added entry on Marryn Eithar (Gean Firefeet)
 Places Added overall town map of Nyermersys (Koldar). More detailed maps of all city destricts will follow in the next weeks! Stay tuned...
Added entry on the Quallian Forest (Wren)
Added entry on the town of Strata (Gean Firefeet)
 RPG Board No more ads at the Santharian Role Playing Board - enjoy! Furthermore Drogo now supports Gnufruk as webmaster of the Role Playing Board. Various changes take place at the board currently (new design, new banners, new players), so be sure to check it out;)
 Team Welcome also to Wren from the United Kingdoms, our newest member. Wren already enjoys working on various elven tribes - thanx for your contributions and have a nice stay here!
 Tribes Added entry on the elven Ylfferhim tribe (Wren)
Site Update on August 5, 2001
 Bestiary This week there's a Bestiary special! Aside from layout changes (Internet Explorer optimized) you'll also notice several new entries:
Updated general entry on the Dragon (Stormcrow)
Added overview on Great Drakes (Stormcrow)
Added overview on Lesser Drakes (Stormcrow)
Added entry on the Pendrowe (Stormcrow)
Added entry on the Fire Dragons (Drogo)
Added entry on the Warg (Drogo)
Added entry on the Rik'tyan flower (Drogo)
Added entry on the Dune Mouse (Thuja)
 Flash Menu Additional animation at the Caelereth sub-menu (Artimidor)
 Races Updated entry on the Elves, adding details on Shadow Elves and Drow (AvFlare)
 Team Welcome to Jason Cooper (Santharian name Drogo) from North Hollywood, California (USA), who recently joined the Santharian Development Team. He's going to concentrate on parts of Northern Sarvonia and especially on the barbarian tribes living there.
Site Update on July 29, 2001
 Bestiary Overview on Dragons (Stormcrow)
 General Santharia now offers a Flash version you can select upon entering the site (Internet Explorer users only at the moment). The Flash menu currently is still fragmentary, but it will be updated soon with further animations. At the moment you can view animations only at the following menus: Bestiary, People, Races, Religions and Tribes.
 Misc. Added entry on R'unorian Legislation (Xenos)
Added entry on Aca-Santerran Politics (Koldar)
Added entry on Aca-Santerran Society (Koldar)
 Caelereth RPG Added new section about the Caelereth Game. This section should give you the opportunity to follow the progress we achieve with the 3D Role Playing Game resulting from the co-operation between the world of Caelereth and Santharia. Be aware that everything you'll find there is work in progress only...
Added a first chart to the new section: Armour Classes (Kanga)
 RPG Board The Santharian Role Playing Board was re-opened (accessible from the book icon on the top right of the main page). The board gives you the opportunity to play RPG games in Santharia through Message Board posting. RPG Webmaster Gnufruk is still on vacation for another week, but you can already join the action by setting up a character description or introducing yourself. You're welcome! - And now: happy gaming!
Site Update on July 22, 2001
 General Various site design improvements.
 Misc. Added entry on Santharian Drinks (Bard Judith)
 Places Added Map of North-East Sarvonia (Artimidor, naming Winlok)
Added Map of the Icelands Coast (Artimidor, naming Winlok)
Updated Map of Denilou (Artimidor)
 Races Updated entry on Brownie Ethnics (Greybark)
 Tribes Updated entry on the Astyrhim Elves (Artimidor)
Site Update on July 15, 2001
 Bestiary Added entry on the Imp (pic Mitra Rodi), text coming soon.
Added entry on the Larkentir Tree (Bard Judith)
 People Added entry on Tinholdt (Gean Firefeet)
 Places Added entry on Kingdom of Aca-Santerra (Koldar)
Added entry on Kingdom of Loreney (Koldar)
Added entry on the Santharian Province of Truban (Gean Firefeet)
Added entry on the Town of Uderza (Gean Firefeet)
Added Map of Caael'heroth (Artimidor)
 Tribes Updated entry on the Stratanians (Gean Firefeet)
Added entry on the Shendar (Gean Firefeet)
Site Update on July 8, 2001
 General Various corrections (Winlok)
 Misc. Added entry on the Battle of the Fores (Artimidor, pic Faugar)
 People Added pic to the entry of Drafas Tristin (Tanos)
 Places Updated entry on the Thaelon Forest (Artimidor, pic Mitra Rodi)
Site Update on July 1, 2001
 Bestiary Added entry on the Lurkers (Xenos Ravenbeack)
 Cosmology Added entry on Silffin, the mystical beast of Baveras (Koldar Mondrakken)
 People Added entry on the Fyra Flameseer (Xenos Ravenbeack)
 Places Added entry on Vista Castle (Artimidor, pic Tanos)
 Religions Added entry on M'rotha, the R'unorian Goddess of Motherhood (Xenos Ravenbeack)
 Team Added membership info on Mitra Rodi.
Added membership info on Stormcrow.
 Tribes Added entry on the Blaar'kr, a R'unorian Tribe (Xenos Ravenbeack)