Below you can find just a small representative list of exceptional works done for the Santharian Dream within the last year and several interesting statistics, which might interest you. The list of entries is ranging from Bestiary contriubutions  to Language design and story writing, including Flash Movie creations or preparations for game developments in Santharia. Though there are still many challenges we'll have to face as a team in the future on our long path in order to create the perfect fantasy world, I guess we should also take a moment every now and then to look back and enjoy what we've accomplished so far... - Thanx again for all your magnificent works and have fun with this Web History Special Edition!

- Artimidor Federkiel, Santharian Webmaster -



 Bestiary Added picture to the entry on the Aj'Nuvic, a riding beast of the Shendar (text & pic Talia Sturmwind)
Added entry on the
Ancythrian Shark, a saltwater fish of the Ancythrian Sea (Belgarion, pic Erelen)
entry on the Chasm Demon, demons with bodies out of proportion (Tarquet Galbar)
Added overview on the
Domestic Cat, people's beloved companions (Rayne Avalotus)
Updated entry on Dragons, adding illustrating picture (Quellion)
Updated entry on the Drasil, tree "beasts", giant trolls, turned halfway into trees (Greybark, pic Faugar)
Updated entry on the Field Mouse, a small common rodent
(Belgarion, pic Erelen)
Added entry on the Giant Kraken, a very rare enormous sea-creature (Ashen Gryphon, pic Quellion)
Updated entry on the Giant Spider, completely revising and expanding the entry (Tyrian Jadewalker)
Updated entry on the Gryphon, a mythical beast (Ashen Gryphon)
Added entry on the
Horned Drake, the cousin of the horned dragons (Wilen Cloverheart, pic Faugar)
Added entry on the Ice Dragon, a large dragon species (Uragel)
Added entry on the Orm, a common small insect (The Akorn)
Added entry on the Psitta, a bird capable of mimicing sounds (Bard Judith, pic Fiorellina)
Updated entry on the Unicorn, a mythical horse-like beast (Artemis)
Added entry on the Wraith, a demon relative of the mystran (Fox)
Added entry on the Zeiphyrian Hunting Hound, a domestic dog of the Quaelhoirhim elves (Wren, pic Fiorellina)
Added entry on the Zombii, decomposing, undead monsters (Viresse, pics Faugar)
 & Myth
Updated starchart pics and more detailed descriptions of the work-in-progress Earth Constellations, Fire Constellations, Water Constellations, Wind Constellations (Artimidor, Greybark, Bard Judith, Rayne))
Added entry on the Mhorashty, a mythical demon species, servants of Queprur (Koldar Mondrakken, pic Mitra Rodi)
 Herbarium Added entry on the Alth'ho Grass, the "Animal Plant" of the Kuglimz) (Drogo, pic Quellion)
Added entry on the
Bombox Palm, a tropical coconut plant (Mutare Serphinroth)
Added entry on the Nightshimmer Vine, a broad-life climbing vine (Thuja)
 Languages Updated entry on the Styrásh Principles, adding example of written elvish (pic Koldar Mondrakken)
Kept the elven dictionaries
Styrásh-Tharian and Tharian-Styrásh up to date (team)
Kept the dwarven dictionaries
Thergerim-Tharian and Tharian-Thergerim up to date (team)
 Library Added "Chapter 1 - The Final Exam" of the "The Legend of Darbane the Fiddler" story (Lucirina)
Added "Chapter 1 - The Rose" of the "A Game of Destiny" story (Dalá Valannía, pic Faugar)
Added "Chapter 3 - Passage to Danger" to the "Blood of the Demon" novel (Winlok)
Added "Chapter 4 - Of Gods and Fate" of the "Dygan Heartswind" novel (Eskon)
Added "Chapter 6 - Of Maids and Queens and Heroes" to the "Katya Dragonseeker" novel (Dalá'Valannía, pic Enayla)
Added "Chapter 8 - Thy'ron the Elf" to the "Wizard of the White Tower" novel (Capher)
Added a Love Poems Collection (Artimidor, Bard Judith, Lucirina, Rayne, Tekradon, pic Fiorellina)
Added "Seniah - The Legend of the Blue Rose", a short story (Dalá Valannía, pic Enayla)
Added poem "The Minstrel-Mage of Santhala", to our Ballads of Caelereth collection (Bard Judith, pic Fiorellina)
Added fairy-tale "The Princess and the White Bear", a romantic tale of the Northlands (Bard Judith)
 Games Added Dialogue Excerpt of Gordoth Uthor, an Undertaker of Marcogg (Artimidor, pic Faugar)
Dialogue Excerpt of Hieronimus Kupfdrubus, a Hermit living near Marcogg (Artimidor, pic Quellion)
Added Santharia GDT V 1.1 Introduction, summarizing everything you should know about this development tool in order to construct own NPCs for the MUD game in progress. On this page you can as well find downloads like the complete Setup, the Upgrade from V 1.0.3, a full Documentation, the master Database containing all dialogues currently in development, and finally a picture pack with all pictures you need to play dialogues from the master database in your test environment. All files can also be downloaded from the Downloads page (code & docs Artimidor, pics Quellion & Faugar, dialogues Artimidor, Thuja, Silfer Darkflare and the Akorn)
 Magic Added general entry on Magic of Caelereth, representing the canon on this matter (Artimidor, pics Faugar & Quellion)
Added Level 5 Earth Spell - Animate Dead to the spell collection (Silfer)
Added Level 7 Wind Spell - Shadow to the spell collection (Silfer)
 Misc. Added entry on the Armoured Fan, one of the most elegant weapons (Rayne Avalotus, pics Enayla & Bard Judith)
Added entry on the Axes of Caelereth, a general overview introducing various axes types (The Akorn)
entry on Avennorian Ships, containing information on 3 ship types (Capher, pic Quellion)

Added entry on the
Bow, a common two-handed distance weapon (Legolas Acher, pic Faugar)
Added entry on the Orb of Bluestride, the only remaining token of the great Archmage Xarl
(Xarl, pic Erelen)

Added entry on the Wine Vine, the plant used for producing Santharian wine (Uragel, label design Bard Judith)
 Movies Added the Flash MovieSantharian Hall of Fame Movie, introducing all those Santharians who have earned great merits for contributing to the Santharian Dream regularly. The movie features photos and descriptions of 17 members: the webmaster, 6 artists, 2 RPG officials, 5 Compendium wrriters and 3 story writers. Most other important members are mentioned in the movie as well as are those who aren't part of Santharia anymore due to various reasons, but have once shared their imagination with us for the sake of the Dream.
 Musics Added Santharian Soundtrack Overview to the music menu, accumulating all downloadable MP3 songs of Ralrok (all songs written and performed by Ralrok, pics done by various artists)
Vocal Music Overview to the music menu, presenting all vocal songs (Wren)
 People Added entry on Arkan Delath, leader of the Crimson Blade Pirates (Fox)
Added entry on
Avennía "Wren" Asaiá, a famous Ylfferhim Leias (Artimidor & Wren, pic Faugar)
entry on Brok Strongarm, a discoverer of the Mitharim dwarves (Artimidor, pic Quellion)

Added entry on Eyala Caestrade, founder of the Akdorian Heyin Cult (Lamertu K'Thaen, pic Enayla)
Added entry on Greybark, a Brownie general and celebrity (Greybark, pic Quellion)
Added entry on the Hounds of Paelelon, a secret sect of Eophyrhim drow (Viresse, pic Faugar)
Added entry on Jakata the Wise/Crazed, a pixie from a reality beyond the Etherial Void (Artemis)
Added entry on
Shakgrah the Searer, an orcish Shaman of the Losh-Oc (Viresse, pic Faugar)
entry on the True Vision Cult, a demonologists sect (Tarquet Galbar)
 Places Added entry on the Bolder Forest, the elven "Forest of Knowledge" in Vardýnn (Wren, pic Quellion, map Artimidor)
Added entry on Een Puvtyr, a dwarven city of the Lower Fores (Bard Judith, pic Quellion)
Added entry on
Elving, the "White City", the largest of the twin cities of the Zeiphyr (Wren, map Artimidor)
Added entry on the Mithral Mountains, a mountain range of eastern Santharia (Thuja & Bard Judith, pic Quellion, map Artimidor)
Added entry the Narfost Plain, a grassland in the Brendolan province (Talia Sturmwind)
Added entry on Nepris, a small fishing village of the province of Manthria (Thuja, pic Quellion, maps Artimidor)
Added entry on the Ráhaz-Dáth Desert, a comprehensive entry on the Sarvonian south (Talia Sturmwind, map Artimidor)
Updated entry on
Strata, the southernmost town of Santharia, first details - more to come soon (Talia Sturmwind)
Updated entry on the Tarannoar, completely revising the entry (Gararion, map Artimidor, pic Tanos)
Added entry on the Thaehelvil River, the longest river of Santharia (Wren)
Updated entry of the United Kingdom of Santharia, adding further details (Wren, CoA Koldar, maps Artimidor)
Added entry on the Zeiphyrian Forests, home of the Quaelhoirhim elves (Wren, map Artimidor)
 & Tribes
Added entry on the Aellenrhim Elves, the elven tribe living in the Bolder Forest (Wren, pic Quellion, map Artimidor)
Updated entry on the Birni Brownies, completely revising the entry (Greybark)
Updated entry on the Caltharian Men, adding Coat of Arms (Finnael & Koldar Mondrakken)
Updated entry on the Dwarves, adding lots of new information (Bard Judith, pics Quellion)
Added entry on the Eophyrhim Elves, the dark elves of the Paelelon (Viresse, pics Faugar, maps Artimidor)
Added entry on the Jhehellrhim Elves, the "Rebel Elves" of the Istarin Forest (Silfer Darkflare, pic Bard Judith, map Artimidor)
entry on the Kasumarii Men, a martial tribe of Cyhalloi (Xarl & Fox)
Updated entry on the Kuglim Fal'cone Men, adding coat of arms (Drogo, CoAFinnael & Koldar Mondrakken)
Updated entry on the Ogres, completely revising the entry (Koldar Mondrakken, pic Quellion)
Updated entry on the Osther-Oc Orcs, adding picture of the Osther-Oc army (Koldar Mondrakken)
Added entry on the Sanhorrhim Elves, the "Sea Elves" of the Vontron Forest (Viresse, map Artimidor)
Adding entry on the Tethinrhim Elves, the "Youth Elves" of the Auturian Woods (Uragel, CoA Koldar, pic Quellion)
Added entry on the Thrumgolz Clan, the dwarves of the Fores (Bard Judith, pic Quellion)
 Religions Added entry on Arvins, God of Hunt and Balance (Bard Judith, pic Enayla)
Updated entry on Queprur, Goddess of Death, completely revising the entry (Koldar, pics Enayla and Fiorellina, prayer Lucirina)
 Team Added page Joining the Santharian Dream featuring a membership application form new members can fill out and submit to the Santharian HQ to become official members of the Santharian development team. The form can also be used to update existing membership details. (Artimidor)
Added various poems to the Odes to the Team
collection (
Bard Judith, Xarl)
 & Oddities
Added various poems to the In Praise of a Dream page, where homages to the Santharian Dream are collected (Lucirina, Talia, Silfer)
Added Interview with Artheós Mirabíphilus Federkiel, a different approach on Santharian details (Talia Sturmwind)
Added a Santharian Primer, a child's ABC featuring 13 letter pages (designed and created by Bard Judith, pics provided by the Medieval Woodcuts Clip Art Collection)
 Workshop Added "Drawing with Photoshop: Quick Buildings", a Photoshop tutorial (Fiorellina)
Added "Drawing with Photoshop: How to do Clouds", a Photoshop tutorial (Fiorellina)
 General The Santharian Dream has moved to a new server! Approx. 80 MB of data at more than 1500 single pages were uploaded to the new location (large MP3 and ZIP files excluded, these remain on the Caelereth servers). The new hoster provides 200 MB of webspace, guarantees 99% online time, offers 150 domain POP3 e-Mail accounts for site members, unlimited forwarding e-mail accounts, support of Frontpage extensions, MySQL, PHP, a bunch of free promotion/marketing possibilities etc. - and last not least fast and easy site setup as well as a reliable support. I hope that all these promising features will prove their worth in the future for the sake of the Santharian Dream... (Artimidor)
Added a brand new Santharian Guestbook, completely free of advertisments. If you are new to Santharia, or enjoy role playing or developing for the Santharian cause and want to leave your mark in the guestbook, you're invited to do so... (Artimidor)


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