2003 - A Year of Changes is now Santharian History...

The past year 2003 had been a year with various events of importance for Santharia in the one way or the other. There was the complete re-design of the Role Playing Board, the introduction of the Santharian Tour, then the decision to discontinue our cooperation with Sorren and the start of realizing a game with Legendary Tales instead, the 5th Santharian Anniversary was celebrated in November, and finally there were miraculous re-appearances of already thought lost members like Lamertu, Curgan, Drogo and lately Capher. But there were also non-Santharian related issues, which influenced Santharian development like the pregnancy of our legendary Bard Judith, which of course resulted in a re-defining of her personal prioirities. Nevertheless the Santharians had been busy all throughout the year, working on lots of new entries, drawing pictures, writing poetry and stories or even composing songs. Therefore we've again accumulated a good deal of the most remarkable entries of the past year in this special update edtion. What more is there to say, except: Check the entries out, we hope you enjoy! - Artimidor Federkiel, Santharian Webmaster

    Best of Member Contributions 2003
Added Dreamy Anniversary Introduction, anniversary words from your webmaster (Artimidor, pic Eratin)
Added The Santharian Timeline, a detailed timeline from the foundation of the site till today. The timeline includes screenshot pages of the site from past years and the present so you can follow the progress we have achieved together in the course of time by using this timeline only for easy comparison (Artimidor)
Added A Day in the Santhalian Library, representing Chapter 1 of Viresse's Santharian novel, giving insights in the "in-character" development of Santharia
Added Did you know that..., a page about some background information you always wanted to know, ranging from the first mentioning of "Santharia" till current website statistics (Artimidor)
 Awards Added the Vie's Inn of Wonders Content Site of the Year Award to our awards collection (Team)
 Bestiary Updated entry on the Dragonfly, completely revising the entry (Amuwen, T'olar Jharn, pic Enayla)
Updated entry on the Elemental, adding Air and Earth Elemental illustrations
(pics Quellion)
Added entry on the Fire Ferret ("Scorcher"), a special ferret living in deep volcanic caves (Quegon)
Added entry on the
Golem, a being created by means of magic (Silfer)
Added entry on the
Mako ("Whiptongue"), one of the smalles commonly known lizard species (The Akorn)
Updated entry on the
Mephguóur, completely revising the entry (T'olar)
Added entry on the Snobyrr (Snowbird), a large, purely white bird of Northern Sarvonia (Lady Tiaa)
Updated entry on the Spirit Dragon, adding illustration (pic Isilhir)
Added entry on the Wilderon Cat, a cat with thick fur and stocky body living in the colder regions of Northern Sarvonia (Rayne Avalotus & Bard Judith, pic Fiorellina)
Updated entry on the Zyloth, completely revising the entry (Erutan Argon, pic Aragorn)
 Downloads Added the first Santharian Screensaver, the converted Santharain Teaser movie (Artimidor)
Added 5 wallpapers to our desktop wallpapers collection: Cyhallrhim Elf, Armeros, the Fishing Village of Nepris, the Bolder Forest and the City of Marcogg (pics Isilhir, Quellion)
 Herbarium Updated entry on the Fragrans Tree, adding illustration of the tree (pic Quellion)
Added entry on the Hobbitweed  (Pipeweed), an almost exclusive halfling tobacco plant
Added entry on the Knifegrass, a sharp-edged kind of grass (Rayne Avalotus)
Added entry on the Mahood Euwen, one of the most remarkable trees of Caelereth (Arancaytar Ilyaran)
 Languages Added entry on the Mermish Tongue, explaining the main principles of the language (Bard Judith)
 Library Added "Chapter 1 - The Swamp" to the brand new story called "Once in a Red Moon", a ghoststory of the Silvermarshes Swamps (Lucirina)
Added "Chapter 3 - The Dark Side" (22 pages) to the novel of the "Avaesthoría, Book I: The Shadows of Móh'rónn". You can also find the chapter at  the Novels Downloads page (Artimidor, translation Arancaytar)

Added short story "Debt of Bones", another story on the Bone Queen of Fá'áv'cál'âr, comprising 1
0 pages (Dalá'Valannía)
Added tale "Etherus and Belmira", a legend telling us about how the False Heart climbing plant came into being (Talia Sturmwind)
Added prayer "I Greet the Bonequeen" to our Prayers collection (Lucirina)
Added poem "I'm a Rover, I'm a Rambler" to our Travelling Songs collection (Bard Judith)
Added poem "Mumbles, Mumbles" to our Religious Poems collection (Lucirina)
Added story "Poitar and Shassyn", a myth/fairytale of Akdorian origin (Lamertu K'Thaen)
Added story "The Riddles of the Bards". This story is a cooperative story of several Santharian contributers (Silfer, Viresse, Sholtar and Xarl)
Added "The Mermaid's Trail", a sailor's story of Helcrani origin (Curgan, pic Quellion)
Added s4 stories to the "Sailors' Tales of Nepris", a collection of tales told at the coast of the Santharian Province of Manthria (Thuja, Artimidor, pics Quellion & Faugar)
Added prayer "She Who Dreams" to our Prayers collection (Rayne Avalotus)
Added "Winter's Heart" (14 pages) a brand new story in the Katya Dragonseeker context. You can also find the chapter at the Short Stories Downloads page (Dalá'Valannía)
 Games Added Dialogue Excerpt of Rat-King Thar, the ratty companion of Hieronimus Kupfdrubus (Artimidor, pic Ashknight Merridor)
Added Dialogue Excerpt Lisu Ibbon, the innkeeper of the Pines Hostel in Nepris (Smith in Exile)
 Magic Added entry Schools of Magic, describing categorization basics (text & pic Artimidor)
Added entry on the School of Water Magic, representing the Ximaxian spell-categorization (Fox)
Level 1 Water Spell - Animal Protection to our spells collection (Thuja, pic Eratinalinfalah)
Level 4 Water Spell - Liquidization to our spells collection (Fox)
Added Level 5 Earth Spell - Raise Skeleton to our spells collection (Silfer, pic Faugar)
Added Level 5 Water Spell - Freeze to our spells collection (Fox)
Added Level 6 Xeuá Spell - Advanced Golem Creation to our spells collection (Silfer)
 Misc. Updated entry on the Santharian Currency, adding more details (Xarl, pics Bard Judith & Erelen)
Updated entry on Santharian Proverbs and Sayings, adding new stuff (various team members)
 Musics Added musical theme to the People entry on Arkan Delath (Vladeptus)
Added musical theme to the entry on the
Unicorn. See also at the Music Overview (Vladeptus)
 People Updated entry on Aiá'merán, adding picture of the Aellenrhim Avá'ránn. The picture was also added to the entry of the Aellenrhim elves as a tribe representative (pic Eratinalinfalah)
Added entry on
Asthalon the Black, last Highking of the dynasty of delv at the Nybelmarian kingdom of Aca-Santerra (Koldar Mondrakken, pic Fiorellina)
Added entry on Cárimuá Eaás, the first Ránn of the Quaelhoirrhim elves (Wren, pic Eratinalinfalah)
Added entry on Damari Amisys, Neprisian seer and priestess of two Goddesses (Viresse, pic Enayla)
Added entry on Dalá'Valannía, a noted contemporary human historian (Dalá'Valannía, pic Faugar)
Added entry on Ibbon Alnasray, a famous merchant and village elder of Nepris (Brother Shine, pic Faugar)
entry on Jakata the Wise/Crazed, adding illustration (Artemis, pic Jeshannon)
Added entry on
Lucif Koller, the rogue also known as "Legendary Luke" (Ralhag, pic Quellion)
Added entry on Surian a'ptel Minar, the final king and glorified God of the Mynian Kingdom in Northern Sarvonia (Drogo, pic Faugar)
Added entry on the Voidwalkers, a sect of Queprur servants, half dead, half alive (Catchfire)
Updated entry on Xarl Bluestride, adding picture of our legendary archmage (pic Faugar)
 Places Added entry on the Fishing Town of Nys, a town in northeastern Aeruillin (Amuwen)
Added entry on the
Pest Pillar of Nyermersys, the reminder on the plague of Thevelin (Viresse)
Added entry on the Shaded Forest, one of the largest forests of Northern Sarvonia, home of the Injerín elves (Lucirina, Radaroc, map Artimidor)
Added entry on the Shrine of Baveras, a simple, but beautiful building in Nepris (Talia Sturmwind)
Added entry on Tak'dínal, the former Keep of the Chosen, now a place in ruins
(Drogo, map Artimidor)
Added entry on Ximax, the famous City of Magic and capital of the province of Xaramon (Xarl)
 & Tribes
Added entry on the Ash'mari Men ("Rabid Wolf Tribe"), the legendary barbarians from the north (Drogo)
Updated entry on the Birni Brownies, completely revising the entry (Greybark)
Added entry on the Coór'hém, a dark elven tribe of Nybelmar (Viresse, pic Koldar)
Added entry on the Cyrathrhim Elves ("Gentle Tribe"), the now extinct elves of the Calmarios Forest (Wren, map Artimidor, musical theme Vladeptus)
Updated entry on the
Halflings (Hobbits), completely revising the entry (Rayne Avalotus)
Added entry on the
Helcrani, "the Firedamned", an ethnic group of Milkengrad (Curgan)
Updated entry on the Kassite Men, adding tribe representative picture (pic Koldar)
Added entry on the Mitharim Dwarves, a clan of the Mithral region (Bard Judith)
Added entry on Murmillions, a human tribe of Eastern Nybelmar (Smith in Exile and Koldar Mondrakken)
Updated entry on the Sanhorrhim Elves, adding illustration to the sailing tribe (pic Isilhir)
Added entry on the Tiraelhon Elves, the "Sand Elves" of Aeruillin (Lady Tiaa)
 Religions Added entry on the Aeoliran Religion, a detailed overview on the principles of the most common belief at the continent of Aeruillin, including Gods list (Artemis)
entry on Armeros, Santharian God of the War, adding mural pic (pic Faugar)
Added entry on Bardess Dalireen, a hobbit Deity of merriment and innocence
(Rayne Avalotus)
Added entry on
Baveras, the Santharian Goddess of the Sea (Talia Sturmwind & Viresse)
Updated entry on the Demon Lord Tsalokath, adding illustration (pic Isilhir)
Added entry on
Mari, Goddess of Dreams and Hopes, a Murmillion Goddess (Smith in Exile, pic Enayla)
Added entry on Nakashi, the High Goddess of Light of Aeruillin myth (Artemis, poem Coren FrozenZephyr)
 Team Added membership details on Cristian Pralea (Santharian name: Smith in Exile), from Romania. Together with Koldar he is mainly responsible for Nybelmarian developments and lately Smith has also joined the NPC creation side of the Mysteries of Nepris RPG - so welcome now finally officially on board!
Added membership details on
Jeff Lee Johnsen (Santharian name: Eratinalinfalah, according to his muse). Many thanx for joining, Jeff - hope you enjoy being part of a Dream we share;)
Added membership details of Per Sjögren (Santharian name: Isilhir) from Sweden, our newest Santharian team artist, proficient mainly with drawing techniques water colors, acrylics, gouasche etc. Welcome on board!

Welcome to Shireen Clothier (Santharian name: Artemis) from the United Kingdom, our fae and Aeruillin expert, who we now welcome officially to the Dream. Nice to have you with us, Artemis!
 & Oddities
Added page Santharian Receipts and Cookery, a must-read for all the wanna-be Santharian chefs (Bard Judith, Talia Sturmwind, Lucirina, Artimidor)
Added page on the Santharian Addiction Syndrome (SAS), providing information on an extraordinary state of conciousness where Santharian issues start to dominate real life (Shaint & various RPG players, pic Faugar)
 Website Added the Santharian Tour. The Santharian Tour is meant as a guide for new Santharian visitors providing further easily accessible information concerning site navigation, world development, role playing etc. (Artimidor, Talia Sturmwind)
Changed the layout of the Web History page, adding Santharian logo
The Bestiary menu was completely reworked and can now be viewed as a 3-level-category-treeview or sorted alphabetically. The category-treeview can also be expanded in full to see subcategories and entries in one menu. Further menus will be adjusted to the new scheme in the course of time. (Artimidor)
 Workshop Added tutorial "Digital Painting: Grass Drawing" to our tutorials collection (John Emanuel)
Added tutorial "Digital Painting: Portrait Drawing" to our tutorials collection (Faugar)

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