Site Update of May 25th 2003 by Artimidor & Fox

After the unavoidable discontinuation of the cooperation with Sorren, the Santharian Dream has started a new more promising cooperation with another site in order to realize a completely non-commerical adventure/role playing game you can enjoy in the Santharian universe. Cooperation partner is the Legendary Tales site (represented by Konstantinos Evgenidis), which provides the Legendary Tale editor and constitutes the programming side of the project in general. Goal is a textbased singleplayer RPG adventure game module for the LT program in the region of Nepris. The integration of existing material has already begun, main concepts of the project are still being worked on and defined in detail. More information, screenshots etc. may follow officially in later updates.

If you want to become part of this project yourself, please make sure to read the exact terms of the cooperation we've set up lately. Developers are always welcomed, be it to provide descriptions for items or rooms, or to work on game or quest design issues ina a complex game environment. If you have a profound knowledge of Santharia already, feel creative to work on a game project like this and agree to the terms of cooperation, please let us know. Thanks in advance!

 Bestiary Updated the Domestic Cats Overview, adding illustration of the Wilderon Cat (pic Fiorellina)
Added entry on the Kraken (Coór'masýr), an eight-armed water creature (Rayne Avalotus)
Added entry on the Mako ("Whiptongue"), one of the smalles commonly known lizard species (The Akorn)
 Games Added Dialogue Excerpt of Pinn Derkhan, a kid of Nepris (Artimidor, pic Faugar)
Updated Santharia GDT, providing the new version 1.2, adding Picture Pack 2 and the Master Database. To play the dialogues with Santharia GDT, download all these additions and install them into your program folder. Downloads page was updated as well. (Artimidor)
 Herbarium Added entry on the Blackmoss, a moss used as cloth dye and cheap writing ink (Arancaytar Ilyaran)
 Languages Added entry on the Mermish Tongue, explaining the main principles of the language (Bard Judith)
Updated Vocabulary pages Mermish-Tharian (Bard Judith & Viresse)
Updated Vocabulary pages Tharian-Mermish (Bard Judith & Viresse)
 Library Added "The Mermaid's Trail", a sailor's story of Helcrani origin (Curgan, pic Quellion)
Added "The Seer's Friend" (12 pages), a story about the the seer Damari Amisys. You can also download the story at the Short Stories Downloads page. (Dalá'Valannía, pic Enayla)
Added story no.4 to the "Sailors' Tales of Nepris", a collection of tales told at the coast of the Santharian Province of Manthria. The story is titled "The Black Barsa", additionally two pictures of the fishermen narrators were added. (story Thuja, pics Quellion & Faugar)
 Magic Added Level 5 Earth Spell - Raise Skeleton to our spells collection (Silfer, pic Faugar)
 People Added entry on Damari Amisys, Neprisian seer and priestess of two Goddesses (Viresse, pic Enayla)
Added entry on Ibbon Alnasray, a famous merchant and village elder of Nepris (Brother Shine, pic Faugar)
 Places Added entry on the Shrine of Baveras, a simple, but beautiful building in Nepris (Talia Sturmwind)
 Team Updated membership info on Dalá'Valannía, substituting photo of Shu (Dalá'Valannía)
 Tribes Added entry on the Doimo Men, a nomadic tribe found in south-western Nybelmar (The Akorn)
Updated entry on the
Centoraurian Men, completely rivising the entry (Curgan)
Updated entry on the Quaelhoirhim Elves, adding tribe representative picture of Cárimuá Eaás (pic Jeff)
Updated entry on the Ylfferhim Elves, adding tribe representative picture of Wren (pic Faugar)

    Site Update of May 11th 2003 by Artimidor & Fox

Santharian webspace was upgraded to 500 MB, new resources FTP access for members directly at the Santharian server (new Santharian subdomain) was installed. Please let me know if you're a member of the development team and you need access to upload your Santharian stuff. (Artimidor)

 Bestiary Added entry on the Sand Lizard, a small, but venomenous lizard of Nybelmar (Sholtar)
 Downloads New Entry Template in order to prepare own Santharian entries was uploaded due to various changes in the web's folder structure. If you're still using the old template please replace it with the new one! (Artimidor)
 Herbarium Added entry on the Black Birch, a mysterious deep black tree (Rayne Avalotus)
Added entry on the
Rizjo Plant, a cultivated grassy plant usally grown if flooded fields (Rayne Avalotus)
 Library Added "Chapter 2 - Premonition" (11 pages) to Rayne's "Like the Wind"-story. You can also find the chapter at the Stories Downloads page (Rayne Avalotus)
Added story no.3 to the "Sailors' Tales of Nepris", a collection of tales told at the coast of the Santharian Province of Manthria. The story is titled "Vynnolf and the Wyrm" (Artimidor)
Added poem "A Wizard's Walk" to our Poems of nature collection (Lucirina, pic Jeff)
 Magic Added Level 3 Wind Spell - Telekinesis to our spells collection (Rayne Avalotus)
Added Level 3 Wind Spell - Cloak of Shadows to our spells collection (Silfer)
Added Level 6 Ecuá Spell - Summon Chasm Demon to our spells collection (Lurtz Argon)
Added Level 6 Raw Magic Spell - Bluestride's Stored Momentum to our spells collection (Xarl)
 People Added entry on Dalá'Valannía, a noted contemporary human historian (Dalá'Valannía, pic Faugar)
 Religions Added entry on Mari, Goddess of Dreams and Hopes, a Murmillion Goddess (Smith in Exile)
 Tribes Added entry on Murmillions, a human tribe of Eastern Nybelmar (Smith in Exile and Koldar Mondrakken)

    Site Update of April 28th 2003 by Artimidor & Fox

Due to the discontinuation of the cooperation with Sorren the Santharian Dream team voted to change the world name from "Sorren" to "Caelereth". The name change was applied to all pages already, however, you might still encounter the old name here and there, as part of pictures for example or at stories you can download from the site. We'll take care of changing these references soon as well during the next days, so thanks for you patience. (Artimidor)
In the process of uploading the site anew several organizational things were corrected/improved concerning site design, e.g. folder structure, design adjustments at all entry pages which hadn't been adjusted to the new scheme so far. Please note that due to re-organization it is possible that you might experience some problems here and there. They will be corrected as soon as possible. Thanks for understanding. (Artimidor)

 Bestiary Added entry on the Elemental, a powerful magically created being (Silfer)
Added entry on the
Golem, a being created by means of magic (Silfer & Artimidor)
Added entry on the Grass Snake, harmless creatures of Sarvonia (Rayne Avalotus)
Added entry on the Seeán Beetle, the common "Luck Bug" (Rayne Avalotus)
 Games Added Dialogue Excerpt of Andulf Istherin, a fisherman of Nepris (Artimidor, pic Quellion)
Updated NPCs Overview on Nepris, adding pictures for characters in preparation and adjusting picture sizes. Characters Hieronimus and King Thar were moved from Marcogg to Nepris (Artimidor, pics Quellion and Faugar)
 Languages Updated Vocabulary pages Styrásh-Tharian (Team/Artimidor)
Updated Vocabulary pages Tharian-Styrásh (Team/Artimidor)
Updated Vocabulary pages Thergerim-Tharian (Team
Updated Vocabulary pages Tharian-Thergerim (Team
 Library Added "Chapter 2 - Weil" (13 pages) to Lucirina's "The Legend of Darbane the Fiddler"-story. You can also find the chapter at  the Stories Downloads page (Lucirina)
Added "Santharian Sailors' Tales", a collection of tales told at the coast of the Santharian Province of Manthria, currently featuring the stories "The Two Brothers" and "Thomgeir and the Ghostship" (Artimidor)
 Magic Added entry Schools of Magic, describing categorization basics (text & pic Artimidor)
Level 8 Xeuá Spell - Create Elemental to our spells collection (Silfer)
 Misc. Added entry on the Ghostship 'Varteran', a sailor's legend of the Manthrian coast (Artimidor)
Added entry on the Kasumarii Fighting Styles, providing detailed Karii combat information (Xarl)
 People Updated entry on Xarl Bluestride, adding picture of our legendary archmage (pic Faugar)
 Races Added entry on the Aeolrhan Elves, the "fairy elves" of eastern Aeruillin (Viresse)
Updated entry on the Gnomish Race, replacing image with colored version (pic Faugar)
 Religions Updated entry on Armeros, Santharian God of the War, adding mural pic (pic Faugar)
Updated entry on Baveras, Santharian Goddess of the Sea, adding Rituals and Feasts details (Talia Sturmwind)
entry on Aca-Santerran Beliefs, adjusting various details (Koldar)

    Site Update of April 14th 2003 by Artimidor & Fox

The cooperation between the Santharian Dream and Sorren which should have resulted in a multiplayer MUD has finally been terminated by decision of the Santharian team. Reason for the discontinuation of the project was the inactivity on the Sorren side, which forced us to finally take action. New possible game projects are already being discussed, where the material which already exists could be used, though no promises can be made at this point. Please note that the pages on this site related to Sorren as well as the name "Caelereth" will be removed from the Santharian Dream in the course of the next weeks as soon as we've decided upon a new name of the world. (Artimidor)

 Herbarium Added entry on the Artapherana, the legendary Elemental Trees of Milkengrad (Curgan)
Added overview on the Cacti, a plant native to dry desert lands and plains (Amuwen)
 Library Added historical narration "Of the Sarvonian Dawn", recounting events of the Third Sarvonian War (Artimidor, translation Arancaytar, 4 pics Dramads)
Added ballad "The Agenstorn" to our Ballads of Aér'áí'chán collection (Rayne Avalotus)
Added poem "The Dragonfly and I" to our Children Poems collection (Amuwen)
Added prayer "I Greet the Bonequeen" to our Prayers collection (Lucirina)
Added prayer "Song to Death" to our Prayers collection (Lucirina)
Added story "The Riddles of the Bards", part 1. More to follow... (Silfer and Xarl so far)
 Magic Added Level 3 Wind Spell - Spectral Sight to our spells collection (Silfer)
Level 4 Xeuá Spell - Create Golem to our spells collection (Silfer)
Added Level 4 Ecuá Spell - Despirit to our spells collection (Silfer)
 Misc. Added entry on the Battle at Crazy Woman Pass, the battle of the Neprisian hero Annils Norgerinth against the orcs during SW III (Artimidor, pic Quellion)
Updated entry on the
Santharian Compendium, completely reworking the entry (Bard Judith & Artimidor)
Updated entry on the Santharian Currency, adding more details (Xarl, pics Bard Judith & Erelen)
 Musics Added song "Theme of Annils Norgerinth" to the entry of Annils Norgerinth. See also at the People Musics Overview (Vladeptus)
 People Added entry on Lucif Koller, the rogue also known as "Legendary Luke" (Ralhag, pic Quellion)
 Religions Updated entry on Baveras, Goddess of the Sea, adding further Importance details (Talia Sturmwind)
 Team Updated team page of Amuwen, adjusting biography details (Amuwen)

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