2004 - The Year of Seyella, Goddess of Destiny

Examples of this year's pictures

As Santharians we look back at the year 2004 with mixed feelings. On the one hand there were events to celebrate like births - Bard Judith, Eratin and Drogo all became happy parents this year and Talia even grandmother. But this all was eventually overshadowed by the tragic and violent death of our dear long-term member Lucirina in October, which not only left us deeply shocked and saddened, but also showed us how important it is in times like these to stick together as a community. A few days ago a Santharian project was finally set up - a fund for Lucirina's little remaining daughter Juju to help in this difficult situation (more details are to follow next update).

What else did 2004 bring in terms of development? To a great degree the past year was dedicated to re-works of existing entries or filling out obvious gaps, so that our entry output was a bit reduced, but what was fragmentary so far got clearer outlines and in many cases new illustrations could be added thanks to the dedicated work of our artists. In this context we focussed especially on Santharian tribes and races, so that we now have various representative pictures and much more detailed entries - a path we will persue as well in the future. More Flash movies were integrated on the Forum and on parts of the site, important key entries were finished like the definition of Ranks and Titles, Santharian Colour Schemes, the entry on the Erpheronian Men or on the City of Marcogg, one of the oldest historical trading towns of the Sarvonian continent. Additionally a Santharian Measurements Converter was introduced, a brand new ad-free and much more efficient Search Engine substituted our old one, lots of unique wallpapers were made for your disposal, and so forth... - Well, just take a look at the entries yourself in this special year edition, I'm sure you'll find some interesting things to enjoy:)

    Best of Member Contributions 2004
 Bestiary Added entry on the Resonance Dragon, a mythical musical dragon (Rayne Avalotus)
Added entry on the Shupsh, an extraordinary funny looking bird living at isles near the Iceland coast of Northern Sarvonia (Drogo, pic Erelen)
Added entry on the Tirpan Horse, the true wild horse of Northern Sarvonia (Alysse the Likely, pic by her sister Bard Judith)
Updated entry on the Elemental, adding the fourth and final picture to complete the series, the Water Elemental illustration. Picture was added as well to the entry on the Level 8 Xeuá Spell, Create Elemental
(pic Quellion)
 Downloads Added several new wallpapers to our desktop wallpapers collection (pics Quellion, Isilhir, Faugar)
 Herbarium Added entry on the Azure Flower, a plant which spits highly corrosive acid (Quegon)
Added entry on the Khmeen Plant ("Maiden's Breath"), a common spice plant (Vlcatko)
Added entry on the Lady Fingers, an elegantly shaped flower helping to control insects (Lochnivar)
entry on the Jeshanna Lily, a spectacular lily with medicinal qualities (Bard Judith, pics Jeshannon & Bard Judith)
Added entry on the Squilla Fungus, a large stiff fungus growing on lower trunks (Alysse, pics Faugar & Isilhir)
 Languages Added entry on the Kuglimz Seitre Basic Vocabulary, summarizing the most important words for easy accessing like number, months, directions, colours etc. (Drogo)
 Library Added poem "As the Winter Grows Old" to our "Poems for Children" collection (Soil Fang)
Added poem "Blizzards and Snowstorm" to our Miscellaneous Poems collection (Lucirina)
Added "Dance with Dalireen" to our Religious Poems collection (Lucirina)
Added "Prologue" of the "Darkness Descends" story, a tale of Drogo, our Master of the North, taking place during the fall of the ancient Mynian Kingdom. Further chapters are e.g. "Chapter 1 - The Ceremony" or "Chapter 2 - The Stranger" (Drogo, pic Quellion)
Added "Chapter 7 - The Queen of Shadows" of the "Katya Dragonseeker". This installment is pretty huge, comprising 31 pages. It recounts Katya's travel to Northern Sarvonia, preparing to meet the legendary Bone Queen... The chapter is also downloadable at the Stories and Novels download page - check it out! (Dalá'Valannía)
Added "Chapter 18 - The Silence" of the "Darkling Abroad" novel, concluding the story of the dark elf Viresse on her mission to collect information for the Compendium (Viresse)
Added "Eghana's Lay" to our Ballads of Caelereth collection (Roguehammer, pic Faugar)
Added poems "O Urtengor" and "O Nehtor" to our Prayers collection (Rayne Avalotus)
Added fable "The Other Side" to our "Frethoni Book of Fables", the 5th fable of our collection (Artimidor, pic Eratinalinfalah)
Added "The Tale of F'ash: Chapter 1 - The Raid", a new story by Alysse the Likely, recounting the story of a Kuglim bard, who was captured by some Losh-Oc orcs and managed to escape safely (Alysse the Likely, pic Quellion)
Added story "The Raven Prince", a brand new Avennorian story telling us of common people, who have to master their lives during the times of war (Dalá'Valannía)
Added  "The Shendar Myths", a collection of Shendar tales (Talia Sturmwind)
 Games Updated Dialogue Excerpt of Mimi, adding dirty Mimi illustration (pic Talia Sturmwind)
 Magic Added Level 3 Earth Spell - Break to our magic spells collection (Silfer, pic Quellion)
Updated Level 4 Ecuá Spell - Despirit adding illustration (pic Faugar)
Updated Level 5 Wind Spell - Static Bolt, adding illustration and revising the entry (Silfer, pic Quellion)
 Misc. Added entry on the Blood Thirst, a short but devastating melee weapon (Sanjiyan Unkara, pic Eshoh)
Added entry on the Blowpipe, a common Brownie and mullog weapon (Irid alMenie, pic Quellion)
Added entry on Blunt Weapons, an overview on clubs, hammers and maces (Bran Stahlfang, pic Quellion)
entry on the Burning Stones, stones with magical fiery properties (Talia Sturmwind)
Added entry on the Flash MovieColours and Hues of Santharia, a detailed list/animated movie of all colours known throughout Santharia (text and pic Bard Judith, movie Artimidor)
Updated entry on the Dragonstorm, adding illustration of the attack (pic Quellion)
Added entry on the Element of Fire, describing the elemental force of this key element (Maglor Grubb and Artimidor, pics Enayla, Isilhir and Quellion)
Added entry on the Heart of Daoinis, an artifact giving solice and peace to those who have lost someone (Darmont Lonearcher, pic Eshoh)
Added entry on the Legend of Kormor Toltrumerim, telling us of the Great Mine of the Deep Dwarves (Victhorin)

Added Santharian Measures Converter, allowing you to quickly convert Earthen line and heft measurements to Santharian measures. The Converter will be updated and further expanded in the course of time (Mortus Pryde)
entry on the Santharian Ranks and Titles, summarizing all governmental organization (Artimidor)
Added entry on the Salen Pins, a short to medium throwing weapon
Added entry on the Strangling Disease ("Heaves"), an illness causing people to have difficulty to breathe (Lucirina)
 Musics Added new music Theme of the Human Race, a brand new exclusive orchestral composition for the Santharian Dream soundtrack. The theme was also added to the entry on the Human Race (Ralrok)
 People Added entry on the Anactar Tephron, regent of Milkengrad and Centorauria (Curgan, pic Koldar Mondrakken)
Added entry on Armand Da'Ran, the "Sea-Wyrm" tamer of Anis-Anpagan (Smith in Exile, pic Isilhir)
entry on the Bard School Féarn'teloría, the famous House of Songs
(Lucirina, pic Quellion)
Added entry on the Lílýásh Áérálvr, the former Kreankra High Queen (Coren, 2 pics Fiorellina)
Added entry on the Santharian Thieves Underground, providing many general details about this very controversal group of people (Fluffy Ramblers, pic Faugar)
Updated entry on the Stormcloaks (Quios Shipping Guild), completely revising the entry (Drogo)
Updated entry on Druidic Orders, adding two forest illustrations (pics Ingeborg)
 Places Added entry on the Aj'Nuvic Grounds, a high plain in southwestern Santharia (Talia Sturmwind)
Updated entry on Alianian Hills, adding further illustration of the Hills in autumn (pic Ingeborg)
Added entry on the Cavthan, an important merchant town of Enthronia (Chronusian)
Added entry on the Evergrey Bridge, the"Bridge of Tears" over the Cylian River (Wren, pic Nalfaren)
Added entry on Kolbruk, a Manthrian trading center at the Adanian Sea coast
(Thuja, map Artimidor)
Added entry on Lu'Weilima, the capital city of the Kuglimz of Northern Sarvonia (Drogo)
entry on the Manthrian Capital of Marcogg, one of the oldest historical trading towns of the United Kingdom of Santharia and former capitol of the ancient kingdom of Avennoria
(Bard Judith, pic Quellion, maps Artimidor)
Added entry on the Torán's Creek/Falls ("Veil Falls"), introducing us in detail to the idyllic region around the fishing village of Nepris (Talia Sturmwind, pic Nalfaren)
Added entry on Tyr Faerath, a dwarven trade city in central Nybelmar (Victhorin)
Added entry on Tyr Thromgolin ("Town of Gem Tunnel"), the dwarven town in central Santharia (Viresse)
 & Tribes
Added entry on Ahrhim Elves, the elves of the Almatrar forest in western Santharia (Wren, pic Wren & Faugar, map Artimidor)
Added entry on the Baal Ogres, the ogres of the Rimmerins Ring region (Erutan Argon, poem Drogo)
Added entry on the Cholians, a people with improved and heightened senses with a centered life around the jakécha fish at the desert continent of Aeruillin (Artemis, pic Faugar)
entry on the Chyrakisth Orcs, the ultimate Nybelmarian nightmare...  (Koldar Mondrakken)
entry on the Daedhirian Undead, the people living in the foul infestation of the Venlaken Enclave in Nybelmar, the so-called "Cursed Lands" (Smith in Exile, pic Faugar)
Added entry on the Domovidge Manikins, the mythical so-called "House-Dwellers" (Fluffy Ramblers)
Updated entry on the Diorye'oleal Elves, the "Hidden Wind" elves of the Hovel Frond, completely revising the entry (Rayne Avalotus)
Updated entry on the Erpheronian Men, completely revising the entry adjusting it to the new scheme, including a brand new design of the coat of arms as well plus an illustration of the Armerenda feast (Artimidor, Rayne, pics Koldar and Eratin, additional history pics Faugar)
Updated entry on the Gotherlon Gnomes, adding illustration of a Golgnome agriculturist (pic Eshoh)
entry on the Helcrani Man, adding new tribe representative picture. The image was also added to the Human Race entry (pic Quellion)
entry on the Helmondsshire Halflings, adding illustration of typical Helmondsshire halfling (pic Eshoh)
entry on the Helvet'ine Kuglim, adding coat of arms. Also the Northern Sarvonian Tribes Overview was updated accordingly (pic Koldar Mondrakken)
entry on the Krean Men, a human tribe located in the tropical forests of southern Nybelmar (Coren FrozenZephyr)
entry on Ulvur Shapeshifters, adding various illustrations (pic Isilhir)
Updated entry on the Vale Brownies, adding 2 further male and female illustrations (pics Quellion)
 Religions Updated entry on Coór, the Shadow, adding illustration to the elven High God and counterpart of Avá the Beautiful. The entry still isn't up to date, so an update will follow. Additionally the Deities Overview was also once more updated (pic Isilhir)
Added entry on Jenevére, Goddess of Spirit, an Aeoliran Goddess (Artemis, pic Jeshannon)
Updated entry on the Mullogs, adding image showing a male and female swampdweller (pic Faugar)
Updated entry on Sheára, the Aeoliran Goddess of Death, adding illustration (Eratinalinfalah)
 Team Added membership info of Eshóh K'ryvvlen (Kat "Kitteh" Hallberg from Pennsylvania, US), an already well known artist here in Santharian lands! Eshóh made already several pictures for the Dream, be it an amulette, a weapon, a beast or various plant entries, and last not least a brand new hobbit! I'm very happy to welcome you officially on board, Eshóh! (Eshóh K'ryvvlen)
Added membership info of Ingeborg (Cecilia Flaten from Chile), an accomplished oil painter focussing at her work mainly in ancient Nordic mythology. Cecilia gave us friendly permission to use her paintings in Santharia, and we're happy to do. Watch out for integration of Cecilia's works in the next updates! (Ingeborg)
Added membership info of Khiera (Maylissa T. from Malaysia), our most recent addition to the RPG administration. Being a long term player already in Santharia, Khiera took over the managing of the Character Forum before she finally joined the administration. Welcome finally officially to the Santharian team, Khiera! (text and photo Khiera)
Added membership details on Victhorin (Viktor Norberg, Sweden), the third Swedish addition to the Santharian team within the last months. Aside from being part of the Swedish conspiracy to take over the world, Victhorin focusses on the development of dwarves, especially on the continent of Nybelmar. Welcome to the Dream, Victhorin!
 & Oddities
Added first part of the Letters of a Shadowcaster: The Dasans Letters, a series of letters of a young Murmillion recounting a tale of religious and political intrigues in Santerran lands (Smith in Exile)
Added first part of "Magic and Murder: Letters #1 to #3", a series of recently discovered letters of an Erpheronian noblewoman to her sister revealing not only details on the life of nobility in Voldar, but also leading to a deadly plot... (Dalá'Valannía, pic Faugar)
 Website Added page Flash MovieIn Memoriam of Ana Maria, a general page about Lucirina, her efforts in life and here at the Dream and her tragic death, which also from now on features as dedication page in the Website menu. The page shows various pictures of Lucirina and a slideshow of the Garden of Memories her mother made for her (text & slideshow movie Artimidor, pics provided by Luci's mom)
another Interview with the Webmaster to our interviews page, following the awarding of the Santharian Dream to the Content Site of the Year 2003 by Vie's Inn of Wonders (Artimidor)
Updated the Flash MovieRole Playing Board and the Flash MovieDevelopment Board by adding a banner Flash animation (movie Artimidor)
Replaced the Santharian Search Engine with a completely new, advertisement free CGI-bin version (Artimidor)
 Workshop Added new tutorial Digital Painting: Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts, complementing our Photoshop tutorials collection (tutorial and pics Nalfaren)

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Workshop (+1)
People (+12)
Places (+19)
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Religions (+8)
Treasures & Odd. (+9)
Games (+5)
Movies (+1)
Original Artwork (+130)
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