Site Update of December 12th 2004 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this update

This week we have revised the Link Exchange section - the pages are now split up in 4 pages and you should find lots of links of interest for you once the new World Wide Web Gems pages are filled. We also added a Quickjump to the Compendium menu for easier access and offer you the Santharian Measures Converter - a tool you might find very useful whenever you need to know the exact Santharian measurements without getting a smoking head. Other highlights are Talia's fabulous Mimi illustration and her The Shendar Myths, Fluffy's Domovidge Manikins, a very interesting magical beast, the Void Sail by Smith and drawings like Judy's Tirpan Horse or Eratin's "Spring Fairy".

Next update we hope to have Drogo's Chapter 7 of his "Darkness Descends" novel ready for you, an Erpheronian Wallpaper, quite a bunch of additional links at our new World Wide Web Gems page, lots of new details on the dwarves, and, and, and... - Don't miss it!

 Bestiary Added entry on the Corbie Crow, a large black bird of ominous aspect (Bard Judith, pic Quellion)
entry on the Tirpan Horse, adding illustration of the horse (pic Bard Judith)
entry on the Void Sail, a mysterious apparition of the Ethereal Void (Smith in Exile)
 Games Updated Dialogue Excerpt of Mimi, adding dirty Mimi illustration (pic Talia Sturmwind)
 General The complete Link Exchanges section was revised and now split up into 4 different pages - World Wide Web Gems (featuring only absolute top-links), Link Exchanges (regular sites, now rated and sorted by the rating value), Web- and Siterings (containing webrings where Santharia is part of) and details on How to Link to the Dream. Expect these link pages to be expanded in the near future (Artimidor)
The main Compendium menu was updated, so that it now features Quickjump letters on top, allowing you to easily access entries further down the list (Artimidor)
 Herbarium Updated entry on the Lotann Flower, adding illustration of flower (pic Talia Sturmwind)
Adding entry on the Vanilla Orchid, the only edible fruit of the orchid family (Coren)
 Library Added poem "As the Winter Grows Old" to our "Poems for Children" collection (Soil Fang)
Added poem "Kuglimz Lullaby" to our "Lullabies" collection (Alysse the Likely)
Updated poem
"Spring has Come", adding elf on a romp illustration (pic Eratin)
Added poem "The Sleepy-Mice" to our "Lullabies" collection (Bard Judith)
Added  "The Shendar Myths", a collection of Shendar tales (Talia Sturmwind)
 Magic Added entry on the Magical Bags, bags endowed with various magical abilities (Kaa & Artimidor, pics Faugar & Eratin)
 Misc. Added entry on the Mithrilan Mineral, a mineral used to heighten the positive characteristics of most metals (Talia Sturmwind)
Added Santharian Measures Converter, allowing you to quickly convert Earthen line and heft measurements to Santharian measures. The Converter will be updated and further expanded in the course of time (Mortus Pryde)
 Races/Tribes Added entry on the Domovidge Manikins, the mythical so-called "House-Dwellers" (Fluffy Ramblers)

    Site Update of November 28th 2004 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this update

This week our Tribute to Lucirina section was expanded with adding an Flash MovieIn Memoriam of Ana Maria page (including a Flash slideshow of Luci's Memory Garden), Poems for Lucirina, the Songs page was started, and so on. More will follow in the course of time. In world development lots of new Bard Judith pictures were added, be it the Rubit Lizard, a Plaza in Marcogg or a Bear Necklace. Quellion also finished another wonderful picture, the Helcran Warrior, a picture you can also use as wallpaper if you like to. Also we have substituted our old long-serving Search Engine with a brand new ad-free Search Engine with various advantages compared to the old one.

In the next weeks Nybelmar will discover the flavour of vanilla, and the Mithrilan mineral will hopefully be officially discovered. Also still further Bard Judith pictures are waiting in the pipeline and the entry on the Corbie (Stormcrow) as well. - Stay tuned!

 Bestiary Updated entry on the Lu'an Moth, replacing picture with a complete re-work (pic Bard Judith)
Updated entry on the Rubit Lizard, completely revising entry and adding an illustration (text & pic Bard Judith)
 Downloads Added a new wallpaper, the Helcran Warrior, to our desktop wallpapers collection (pic Quellion)
 General Replaced the Santharian Search Engine with a completely new, advertisement free CGI-bin version. The new engine has not only a different design, but allows more efficient searches due to the fact that words with accents like in Styrásh can also be found now without having to include the accents in the search words. Additionally the engine is faster and new indexes can now be generated directly at the day of the update - have fun! (Artimidor)
 Library Added poem "Song of the Homeland" to our "Songs of the Kuglimz" collection  (Alysse the Likely)
 Misc. Updated entry on the Pearl, adding picture of a female Avennorian pearl diver. The picture was also added to the Avennorian tribe entry (pic Bard Judith)
Updated entry on Proverbs and Sayings, adding various additional new expressions (various team members)
 Places Updated Santharian Maps Overview, adding official Santharian River Map (Artimidor)
entry on the City of Marcogg, adding illustration of Roubins Plaza (pic Bard Judith)
entry on the Quallian Forest, adding picture of the forest (pic Nalfaren)
 Races/Tribes Updated entry on Dwarven Employment, adding illustration of a Boltgrumm mining woman (pic Faugar)
entry on the Helcrani Man, adding new tribe representative picture. The image was also added to the Human Race entry (pic Quellion)
Updated entry on the Lyr'Teimor Kuglim, adding image of a Kuglim bear necklace (pic Bard Judith)
 Treasures Updated Dalá's story A New Path, adding a picture dedicated to Lucirina by her Chilean compatriot and Santharian Ingeborg (pic Ingeborg, composition Artimidor)
page Flash MovieIn Memoriam of Ana Maria, a general page about Lucirina, her efforts in life and here at the Dream and her tragic death, which also from now on features as dedication page in the Website menu. The page shows various pictures of Lucirina and a slideshow of the Garden of Memories her mother made for her (text & slideshow movie Artimidor, pics provided by Luci's mom)
Added page Songs of Lucirina, containing at the moment 3 pieces. One representing Wren's song with lyrics by Lucirina she recorded already a while ago, the other 2 pieces are different versions of the song "Oh Seyella", written and performed by Lucirina herself on a PC micro, but the material was re-mastered and expanded by Ralrok as good as possible (Ralrok, Wren)
page Poems for Lucirina, a collection of poems written by our members in honour of Lucirina (Rayne Avalotus, Bard Judith, Curgan, Fluffy Ramblers)
Added story The Garden in Heaven, a moving story Luci's mom told little Juju to explain the disappearance of her mother (Luci's mom)

    Site Update of November 14th 2004 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this update

This week we have a little Northern Sarvonian special with no less than 5 entries from our Lord of the North, Drogo. Included are for example entries on the Kuglimz deities, the Vir'togz, the Lyr'Teimor Kuglim tribe or a detailed revision of the Stormcloaks Shipping Guild entry. The Santharian mushroom season produced entries like the Glowcap Mushroom and the Koeken Fungus and further illustrations were added to the Ulvurcarthúr myths, to the Chapters V-VII and VIII-IX. - In regard of the tragic death of our Lucirina we've started this week a section titled "Tribute to Lucirina", which will be filled with further member contributions within the next weeks. The start makes Dalá's touching tale writen in Lucirina's honour, "A New Path".

In the next updates several Bard Judith pictures await integration into the Dream, be it a Manthrian pearl diver, a tirpan horse, a pinnip or even the town square of Marcogg. Eshoh is working on finishing a picture of the Sharadon Forest, where a Maeverhim elf will be added eventually. If we're lucky we might also see the Ice Tribes entry for Northern Sarvonia finally up on the site as well as a major update on the Ylffer Dialect of the elven tongue Styrásh.

 Bestiary Updated entry on the Khendochar Flying Fish, completely revising the entry (Chronusian & Artimidor)
 Herbarium Added entry on the Glowcap Mushroom, a bluish-green glowing kind of fungus (Bard Judith, pic Eshoh)
Added entry on the Koeken Fungus, an edible tree-growing shelf-fungus (Bard Judith, pic Eshoh)
Added entry on the Tuberfruit, a sweet, hardy tuber of the tuberroot family (Drogo)
 Library Updated story The Legend of Darbane the Fiddler, adding picture of Darbane (which is in double use now) to the first chapter of the story. The picture was meant to go with a later chapter of Lucirina's novel, which will now unfortunately remain unfinished. Therefore we add the image now to the first chapter to give Lucirina the promised illustration for this tale (pic Fiorellina)
Updated "Ulvurcarthúr, Chapter V-VII", adding new picture the City of Runes, Darnrunin (pic Isilhir)
Updated "Ulvurcarthúr, Chapter VIII-IX", adding picture of a group of ulvur scouts (pic Isilhir)
 People Updated entry on the Stormcloaks (Quios Shipping Guild), completely revising the entry (Drogo)
 Places Added entry on the Peninsula of Kr'uul, a large region haunted by evils of past times (Drogo, map Artimidor)
entry on the Náráh District, located in the Krean Capital of Síhítárá (Coren FrozenZephyr)
 Races/Tribes Added entry on the Lyr'Teimor Kuglim, a sweet, the Kuglim tribe of "Teimor Son" (Drogo)
 Religions Added entry on the Vir'togz, the lesser deities ("Great Ones") of the Kuglimz family. The images of Lier'tyan and Sur'tyan were also added to the Kuglimz Beliefs entry (Drogo, pics Quellion and Faugar)
 RPG Updated RPG Contacts, updating information on the current RPG administrators (Artimidor)
 Treasures Added story A New Path to our newly created section in the Treasures & Oddities menu, labeled "Tribute to Lucirina", honouring our lost member. This first addition represents only a start to the section, so expect further texts, poems, entries, songs or even a new Flash movie related to Lucirina to be added here in the next updates (Dalá'Valannía)

    Site Update of October 31st 2004 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this update

After the shocking news of Lucirina's death have canceled last week's update, we continue now with "everyday business", though Lucirina is still in our mind. In her honour we've changed the dedication at the Flash MovieSantharian Teaser Movie, added her officially to the Flash MovieSantharian Hall of Fame, put up her very last entry, the Strangling Disease, and updated Lucirina's membership page. Further Lucirina related things will be realized, be assured. - So what did we accomplish in development in the last weeks? In our tribes/races project we finally have the Erpheronians illustrated, the Kyranians got their coat of arms, a new troll picture was added, and the Baal Ogres and the Injerín Elves are now described in detail. Wren managed to finally get the Evergrey Bridge completed, Talia has found an interesting monster up north, the Krrroa'haxpattl and Maglor Grubb got the Element of Water entry done, to name just a few new things.

For the coming updates we plan to add an illustrated People entry for Lucirina's character and poems dedicated to her at a tribute page. Drogo is currently working on the next Kuglim tribe, the Lyr'Teimor, and Quellion will continue on the Helcrani tribe picture.

 Bestiary Added entry on Krrroa'haxpattl, a rare kinfd of monster living in the northern seas (Talia Sturmwind)
entry on Ophochio, the Northern Sarvonian Swamp Serpent (Alysse the Likely, pic Eratin)
entry on Pinnip, a seal-like mammal, found in the northern oceans (Alysse the Likely)
Added entry on Tager, a crossing between bird and lizard known in Nybelmar (Victhorin)
 Herbarium Updated entry on the Dashefruit Creeper, adding Reproduction details (Luca the Thief)
 History The update of the main Compendium menu with more "speaking" entry names has been completed by now, following the example of the People menu. (Artimidor)
 Library Added "Chapter 6 - The Hunt" of the "Darkness Descends" story (Drogo)
 Misc. Added entry on the Element of Water, describing the second element in our Elements series in detail (Maglor Grubb and Artimidor, pics Nalfaren, Core FrozenZephyr and Quellion)
entry on Proverbs and Sayings, adding various additional sayings, curses etc. (various team members)
entry on the Strangling Disease ("Heaves"), an illness causing people to have difficulty to breathe. This marks the last entry Lucirina did for the Santharian Dream before her untimely and tragic death. Her entry contributions may stop here, but her spirit will live on in Santharia. (Lucirina)
 Movies Updated the Flash MovieSantharian Teaser Movie, substituting the dedication part, which is now devoted to our lost member Lucirina (Artimidor)
Updated the
Flash MovieSantharian Hall of Fame, adding Lucirina to the writers of Santharia. Note that the Hall of Fame is not entirely up to date, and for now only Lucirina was added. Further changes at the Hall of Fame should be done at a later time. (Artimidor)
 Places Added entry on Crystal Lake, once a prestine lake, now an eerie Northern Sarvonian swamp (Drogo)
entry on the Evergrey Bridge, the"Bridge of Tears" over the Cylian River (Wren, pic Nalfaren)
 Races/Tribes Added entry on the Baal Ogres, the ogres of the Rimmerins Ring region (Erutan Argon, poem Drogo)
entry on the Erpheronian Men, adding tribe representative image showing Karthach of Ishmarin, the Erpheronian Warlord and King during SW II. The picture was also added to the detailed Erpheronian Clothing entry, at the Warrior Clothing section (pic Quellion)
overview on the Human Tribes of Southern Sarvonia, adding Kyranian coat of arms. More updates to follow soon here (pic Koldar)
entry on the Injerín Elves, completely revising and expanding the entry (Drogo)
entry on the Kyranian Men, adding Kyranian coat of arms (pic Koldar)
entry on the Losh'Oc Orcs, adding further picture of Shakgrah the Searer (pic Faugar)
entry on the Orc Race, adding various representative illustrations, which have been in use at sub-entries only (all pics Faugar)
entry on the Troll Race, adding picture of a bunch of forest trolls (Isilhir)
 Team Updated membership profile of Artemis, updating large parts of biography and various other details (Artemis)
Updated membership profile of Lucirina and her daughter Juju Whirlwind, adding biographical details on the last tragic days of Lucirina's life plus a poem of Bard Judith in honour of Lucirina (Artimidor, poem Bard Judith)

    Santharian News of October 18th 2004


On October the 13th our long-term member, poet, storywriter and avid role player Lucirina Telor Vevan (Ana Maria Salinas Norbakk) was stabbed in her own appartment. She died of her injuries. We're still speechless and shocked with these news and try to cope with the events, so please bear with us - I hope you understand that the planned update therefore will be postponed. Our condolences and prayers go to her remaining family. We bow to Lucirina, who shared the same dream with us and will remain unforgettable in our hearts.

    Site Update of October 3rd 2004 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this update

Last Update Notes. A little bit of everything brings this week's update! As a result of our current main focus, the work on tribe details, we bring you the new Eyelian coat of arms, a Kuglimz representative and an example of Erpheronian architecture. A recommended good read is Drogo's "Chapter 5 - The Storm" of his "Darkness Descends" story and a new monster awaits, namely the Swamp Stalker. Illustrations of the Doch Nut Bush and the southern variety of the Sunflower plus new places pictures of the Aurora Plains, the Hovel Frond and last but not least the Void complete our diverse update mix.

In the works are further important pictures to complete southern Sarvonian tribes like the Helcrani, and also an Erpheronian knight in shiny armour will show up soon to rescue damsels in distress. Furthermore the Injerín elves rework is about to be completed, the Stratanian coat of arms re-work is about to be finished, and the Manthrian superdetailed monster sized map has also progressed pretty far. So watch out for coming updates in order not to miss that one;)

 Bestiary Added entry on the Green Frog, an animal found near waterside habitats (Rayne Avalotus)
Added entry on the Swamp Stalker, a thin bipedal swamp monster (Alysse the Likely)
 Herbarium Added entry on the Dashefruit Creeper, an intriguing Aeruillin plant (Luca the Thief)
Updated entry on the Doch Nut Bush, adding illustration of the plant (pic Quellion)
Updated entry on the Sunflower, adding illustration of the Southern variety (pic Erelen)
 General Various menus, especially the main Compendium menu, have been updated, following the example of the People menu, which had been adjusted already quite a while ago. The menus now are providing more "speaking" entry names and should help to understand and find things easier. The menu adjustments are still in progress, further updates will follow. (Artimidor)
Several broken links throughout the - by now larger than 2400 pages large - site have been fixed as well. (Artimidor)
Updated the Santharian Search page, adding detailed search tips (Artimidor)
 Library Added "Chapter 5 - The Storm" of the "Darkness Descends" story (Drogo)
 Misc. Updated entry on the Avaesthoría Book, adding book illustration (pic Erelen)
 People Added entry on Dolo Groilin, a Kiingerim dwarf, also called "The Searcher" (Victhorin)
 Places Added entry on the Hovel Frond Forest, a dangerous forest of Northern Sarvonia (Drogo, pic Faugar)
entry on the Aurora Plains, adding illustration of the vast meadows (pic Quellion)
Updated entry on the Ethereal Void, adding two illustrations of the Void (pics Ingeborg)

Added entry on the Santerran Military, providing details on the historical and the current installations of the Santerran army (Koldar)
entry on the Erpheronian Men, adding illustration of the Astran Guardian (pic Koldar)
entry on the Eyelian Men, adding new coat of arms and providing further details in the Coat of Arms sections as well as the Territory part - further additions are still to follow (pic Koldar, text Lady Tiaa)
Updated entry on the Kuglimz Men, adding illustration of a Kuglimz fight scene (pic Eratin)
Updated entry on the Ulvur Shapeshifters, adding rough history details and further ulvur vocabulary mentioned in ulvur mythology, the Ulvurcarthúr (Isilhir)
Updated overview on the Human Tribes of Southern Sarvonia, adding/substituting Eyelian coat of arms. More updates to follow here (pics Koldar)

 Team Updated membership profile of Erutan Argon, substituting photo with a more recent one (Erutan Argon)

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