Site Update of March 20th 2005 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this update

This update we bring you again a bunch of Bard Judith pictures including the Red Fox (Arshir), the Meldarapple Berry, a Doimo Medicine Man or even Dame Sausade, the famous collector of Santharian receipts. A special thank goes as well to Slye Yunkia, whose character she commissioned by Quellion now adorns the Black Butterfly Rovers entry. Furthermore Smith introduces you to some more strange apparitions of the Venlaken Enclave, namely the Mad Dancing Faeries and the notorious Dream Tempters and we're also happy to have a new contribution by Aran, the Kitrauhre Tree. And finally we also have a story from Lucirina to offer, which was now looked through and updated by Artimidor to make it fit to Santharia - the Legend of the Four.

Coming soon will be an entry on Feyronn the Undead Assassin plus illustration by Bard Judith, also in the works by Judy is a Places entry on the Heath of Cijur, while Coren works the Aesteran town of Sah. A monster shark and some dragon/drakes are also in progress - oh, and within the next weeks the monster sized map of Manthria should also finally make it on the site.

 Bestiary Updated entry on the Bat, updating the illustration with an improved version (pic Bard Judith)
entry on the Dream Tempters, parasitic apparitions, known in the Enclave (Smith in Exile)
entry on the Fox (Shir), adding illustration of the Arshir variety, the Red Fox (pic Bard Judith)
Updated entry on the Mad Dancing Faeries, ghostly apparitions of the Enclave (Smith in Exile)
Updated Demon Lords Overview, High Demons Overview, Lesser Demons Overview, Undead Overview adjusting overviews to the new picture scheme and removing black/white images (Artimidor)
 Herbarium Added entry on the Kitrauhre Tree, a tree bearing an oval-shaped yellow fruit (Arancaytar)
entry on the Meldarapple Tree, adding illustration of the medlar berries (pic Bard Judith)
 Library Added story "The Legend of the Four", a story of a bard in desperate search for true love, written by Lucirina already quite a while ago. The story was now re-worked and updated with an additional ending reflecting in a way on Lucirina's fate and paying homage to her in this way. The alterations were basically made to make the story fit to Santharian needs, which actually was the request Lucirina asked meto do a long time ago. Sorry for the delay, Lucirina, but I'm happy to put something up from you, even if you're not anymore in our midst. This story was also added to the Tribute to Lucirina section in the Treasures menu. At this page you will also find an explanatory note on how this final version of the story was developed (Lucirina & Artimidor)
 Magic Added Level 2 Fire Spell - Extinguish to our magic spells collection (Marvin Cerambit)
 People Updated entry on the Black Butterfly Rovers, adding illustration of a female rover. Many thanks to Slye Yunkia, who provided her character picture to be used here on the site (pic Quellion)
 Races/Tribes Updated entry on the Doimo Men, adding illustration of a famous Doimo medicine man (pic Bard Judith)
 Religions Added entry on the Anpagan Atheism, promoted by the Anpagan Mage Guild (Smith in Exile)
 Team Added membership page of Morcaanan (John Willis from the US), who has already earned his title "Dragonmaster" in the past months by focusing mainly on new entries and elaborating further still needed details concerning various dragons and drakes in Santharia. Welcome on board, Morcaanan, glad to have you here in Santharia! (Morcaanan)
 Treasures Added 4 more drink receipts to Dame Sausade's Cookery Book, namely Kitraish, Spirit of Kitrauhre (Kirit), Stratanian Injeruillin and Stratanian Lymmon Lyqueur. Also an illustration of Dame Sausade was added on the index page of the Cookery Book (receipts by Talia Sturmwind, pic Bard Judith)

    Site Update of March 6th 2005 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this update

As promised we bring you this week more Bard Judith illustrations (Pinnip and a Caltharian Dyer), but we also have a little Flash animation again showing Talia's and Firewyre's Flash MovieFalserock Cactus. Like dragons? Check out Morcaana's latest additions - the Netherwyrm and the Red Drake. Smith is in the process of answering all open questions related to religion in Nybelmar, for more details take a look at the overview on Anpagan Beliefs. And if you think you can handle a ghost story or two, check out our new Ghost Tales collection. Also quickjump links were added to various alphabetically sorted menus, hope they help with finding what you seek;)

What's next? More entries on dragons/drakes are in the works, the Eyelian entry will hopefully eventually be completed by Lady Tiaa, who has just recently returned and an entry on King Thar the Great himself was started by Curgan. Oh, and another series of tribe representative pictures will delight you as well in the next weeks/months, this time including the Kuglimz and a bunch of wood elves!

 Bestiary Added entry on the Chiluc Cat, a small white feline living in the Cyhalloian Tundra (Everia)
entry on the Netherwyrm, a dragon originating from the Netherworld (Morcaanan, pic Eratin)

Added entry on the Red Drake, representing the juvenile Black Drake (Morcaanan)
entry on the Pinnip, adding illustration of the seal-like mammal (pic Bard Judith)
Updated Dragons, Great Drakes and Lesser Drakes entries, re-defining the dragon and drakes categorization in order to reflect latest developments (Artimidor)
Updated Wild Cats Overview, adjusting overview to the new scheme (Artimidor)
 Downloads Added a new wallpaper, Candillia the Willful, to our desktop wallpapers collection (composition Dalá, pic Faugar)
 Herbarium Added entry on the Alrik'ran Bush, a small bush of various medicinal purposes (Firewyre)
Flash MovieFalserock Cactus, adding Flash movie showing growth stages (pic Talia Sturmwind, movie Artimidor)
 Library Added poem "The Peak" to our "Miscellaneous Poems" collection (Morcaanan)
Added prayer "The Chant of the Twelve" to our "Prayer" collection
(Amera Tristis)
Added various "Santhalian Market Chants" to our "Market Chants" collection
(Bard Judith)
tale "The Meguahari and the Sorcerer" to our brand new story collection called "Ghost Tales of Caelereth". Also added to this page was the story "Thomgeir and the Ghostship" by Artimidor (Bard Judith, pic Quellion)
Updated "The Shendar Book of Myths", adding two further myths: "Why the Shen-D'auras Founded Meh'meth" and "Arila the Faithful and the Demon" (Talia Sturmwind & Firewyre)
 Races/Tribes Updated entry on the Caltharian Men, adding illustration of a typical Carmaladian dyer. The picture was also added to the - still not yet scheme adjusted - entry on the Port of Carmalad (pic Bard Judith)
 Religions Added entry on  the Anpagan Beliefs, providing a detailed overview on all existing religious orientations prevalent in at the Nybelmarian Anpagan peninsula (Smith in Exile)
Added entry on the Askanis, the Dusklord, the only God worshipped at the Venlaken Enclave at the continent of Nybelmar by the Daedhirian Servants (Smith in Exile)
 Team Updated membership info of Ralrok, adding further details and a recent photo (Ralrok)
 Website Following the example of the Compendium menu various other alphabetically sorted menus were now endowed with quickjump links to allow faster access to entries (Artimidor)

    Site Update of February 20th 2005 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this update

This week we are happy to announce the finalizing of Santharian Calendar details including the first Santharian clock design, the Mowickle. This entry represents an important development step, which will be followed by further cosmology related entries, where we plan to solve other often posed questions in this regard. Furthermore we have several Nybelmar entries this week for you - Asdamon the Heretic, the military Krean outpost Kárákán and the entry on the Zhunite Men. Rayne is back again with the Anemonél Flower, also Bard Judith brings tea to Santharia while Alysse works on filling the Silvermarshes with all kinds of toads and frogs (Gnarco Toad, Hollup Frog) to ensure nice nightly concerts in this region - oh and we finally have a tribes map for the Ice Tribes for those who easily get lost up there!

What's next on our list? Talia's Falserock picture is already awaiting integration, Coren works on an Aesteran town entry and Smith on the Enclave while Judy will provide the picture for this Places entry - and with a bit of luck we'll have some more Judy pics for other entries as well. Stay tuned!

 Bestiary Added entry on the Gnarco Toad, a brightly coloured poisonous toad (Alysse the Likely)
Added entry on the Hollup Frog, the largest known frog species of Sarvonia (Alysse the Likely)
 Cosmology Updated entry on the Santharian Calendar, completely revising the entry and finally defining time measurements, month and weekday names, day-times and hours (pic Faugar, Eshóh & Artimidor)
 Herbarium Updated entry on the Ar'pun Grass, adding Myth/Lore section to the Shakegrass (Firewyre)
entry on the Anemonél Flower,the "White Wind Flower" of Northern Sarvonia (Rayne Avalotus)
entry on the Cha'ah Herb, one of the most common tea herbs in Santharia (Bard Judith)
 Library Added poem "The Mewlips" to our Ghost and Horror Poems collection (Bard Judith)
 Magic Added Level 1 Fire Spell - Quell Flame to our magic spells collection (Marvin Cerambit)
 People Updated entry on Armand Da'Ran, adding golem picture to the entry (pic Faugar)
entry on Asdamon the Heretic, another Daedhirian Lord of the Enclave, one of the main actors during the time of the Dark Plague (Smith in Exile, pic Eratin)
 Places Added entry on Kárákán, a Krean military outpost in Nybelmar (Coren FrozenZephyr)
 Races/Tribes Updated entry on the Ice Tribes, adding tribe map and updating the map accessible through the Main Map page with further names (Artimidor)
Added entry on the Zhunite Men, the "People of the Wet Sand" of Nybelmar (Smith in Exile & Coren)
 Treasures &
Added poem "Still Autumn Dreams" to our "Poems for Lucirina" page (Rayne Avalotus)

    Site Update of February 6th 2005 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this update

This week I'd especially like to point you to the Flash MovieSantharian Juju Fund we've set up recently. Various members have spontaneously agreed to contribute regularly to a fund in order to help to support the future studies of Lucirina's little daughter, who will have to grow up without her loving mother. At the Fund Page you can inform yourself on how to contribute and see the current amount of money we've collected so far. - Concerning development we have a focus on the Herbarium this time with various contributions mainly from our latest member Firewyre (Amanda from Scotland), be it the Falserock Cactus, the Foolsbed  Bush or Ar'pun Grass. Curgan has finally finished the long overdue Ice Tribes and we also revised  the Cournanian Calendar, which paves the way for the soon to be awaited update on the Santharian Calendar.

Next update we will see another Daedhirian Lord on the site, Lord Asdamon, and probably the entry on the Zhunites Men of Nybelmar as well. Karakan, a Krean military outpost in Zhun is awaiting integration and Morcaanan is working on further drakes. Also important discussions on various cosmological issues are currently under way - while it still may take a while until concrete entries make it to the site, we'd like to let you know that we're working on it!

 Bestiary Added entry on the Gale Drake, a strong dragon species found only in Quel'tra'loh (Morcaanan)
 Cosmology Updated entry on the Cournanian Calendar, completely revising the entry (Artimidor)
 Herbarium Added entry on the Ar'pun Grass, one of the hardiest desert grasses of Caelereth (Firewyre)
entry on the Brisulivan Bush, an attractive sweet-smelling shrub (Amera Tristis)
entry on the Falserock Cactus, a plant, which often is mistaken for a stone (Firewyre)
entry on the Foolsbed  Bush, an unusual, woddy desert shrub of the Lands of Pain (Firewyre)

Added entry on the Tareptail Weed, a common low-growing bi-ennial flowering weed (Firewyre, pic Bard Judith)
entry on the Terirais Tree, adding the so far missing Reproduction details (Lady Tiaa)
Updated entry on the Wine Vine, adding illustration of a Bardavos grape vine (pic Bard Judith)
 Misc. Added entry on the Untruths Game, a "lying game" invented by Shendar children (Firewyre)
 People Added entry on Lord Asbavaer, a famous Daedhirian, formerly known as Bartholomew DaLuna - a man with two different personalities - but just read for yourself... (Smith in Exile, pic Faugar)
 Races/Tribes Added entry on the Ice Tribes, a collection of eleven human tribes of Northern Sarvonia (Curgan, pic Faugar)
 Religions Updated entry on Urtengor the Forge Lord, updating the Symbols part by adding details on the Denishan Worm. Note that this entry still needs to be adjusted to the Religions scheme at a later date (Bard Judith)
 Team Added membership page of Firewyre (Amanda from Scotland) helping out with botanical stuff and various miscellaneous entries. As you can see Firewyre already demonstrated her creativity with no less than 5 quality entries in her first week, so big applause for her fantastic and speedy contributions! We're happy to have you on board, Firewyre - hope you enjoy your stay here in Santharia for a long time! (Firewyre)
 Treasures &
Added page Flash MovieHelping a Member in Need: The Juju Fund, a fund set up by Santharian members in support of Lucirina's remaining child. With this joint effort we try to compensate Juju a bit for her sad loss, so that she can finance her studies in the years to come. The amount of money we've collected so far will be regularly updated directly at the Juju Fund page. - Thanks in advance to anyone who helps a friend in need! (Artimidor, pics Luci's mom)
Updated page Poems for Lucirina, adding a photo showing a candle heart spelling "Any" made on New Years Eve 2004 by her relatives and friends (pic Luci's mom)

    Site Update of January 23rd 2005 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this update

After the "Best Of 2004" special of last week we get back to regular site updates maybe a bit earlier then expected. However, we have quite a bunch of new stuff to offer. Especially pictures were added to existing entries, be it an illustration of the Kuglim capital Lu'Weilima, of the Daedhirian necromancer Asdamon or another valuable contribution to our tribe illustration project: a Maeverhim elf. Maglor Grubb's third addition in our elements series, the Element of Earth, finally made it to the site and Garrek Driel with the Cult of Chadderelomach as well as Morcaanan (Demon Drake, Tooth Cabbage) can celebrate their first additions to the Dream - welcome officially to Santharian world development!

Next update we plan to add an own page on the fund we've set up for our Santharian mascot, Juju, Lucirina's little daughter. Drogo's neat little Reeah animal should be done by next update, another recipe awaits and perhaps Bard Judith can finish one or two more of her illustrations to go with perhaps not so prominent entries. If we're lucky we'll also finally get the entry on the Ice Tribes completed and the first part of our calendar re-definitions. Cosmology definition talks have also started in earnest by now, so expect some more details in this area in the coming months!

 Bestiary Added entry on the Demon Drake, a reclusive, but also quite aggressive drake (Morcaanan)
entry on the Dragonfly, adding second illustration - the water dragonfly (pic Eshoh)

entry on the Jakécha Fish, a large remarkable fish of the Bright Sea (Artemis, pic Faugar)
Updated entry on the Prieta Deer, adding illustration of two bouncing prieta does (pic Eratin)
 Herbarium Added entry on the Tooth Cabbage, a medicinal herb common in Nybelmar (Morcaanan)
Updated entry on the Vinterberry Vine, adding illustration of vine and berries (Eshoh)
 Misc. Added entry on the Element of Earth, the third entry in our elements series (Maglor Grubb & Artimidor, pics by Quellion and Faugar)
entry on the Pearl, adding illustration of a noblewoman with pearl earring. The picture was also added at the Erpheronian Clothing entry to illustrate an Erpheronian noblewoman (pic Bard Judith)
 People Updated entry on the dwarf Bluetwine, adding illustration to this famous personality (pic Bard Judith)
Added entry on the Cult of Chadderelomach, a nowadays nearly forgotten cult which evolved a long time ago around a Shendar mage (Garrek Driel)
 Places Updated entry on Lu'Weilima ("Weilima's City"), adding illustration of this capital town of the Kuglimz (pic Bard Judith)
Updated entry on Sharadon Forest, adding illustration of these ancient woods (pic Eshoh)
 Races/Tribes Updated entry on the Daedhirian Undead, adding second illustration - the great Lord of the Daedhirian, Asdamon, who will eventually also get his own entry (pic Eratin)
entry on the Erpheronian Men, adding image showing a Stormcloak (pic Faugar)
entry on the Maeverhim Elves, adding tribe representative illustration (pic Eshoh)
Updated Giant Races Overview, updating descriptions and adding new pictures (Artimidor)
Updated Main Races Overview, updating descriptions and adding new pictures (Artimidor)
Updated Other Races Overview, updating descriptions and adding new pictures (Artimidor)
Updated Small Races Overview, updating descriptions and adding new pictures (Artimidor)

    Site Update of January 2nd 2005 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this update

Happy New Year to all Santharians and visitors here at the Dream! The first update of 2005 brings Drogo's Chapter 7 of his "Darkness Descends" novel, a bunch of poems from Alysse and her sister Judy, and also another addition to our "Frethoni Book of Fables". Furthermore the entry on Knupp the Sneaker is a first addition to the Ciosa area in the Santharian province of Manthria. More stuff will follow in this region, so watch out. Oh, and from now on the current Santharian date is displayed on top of this page for your convenience.

Next update we plan the obligatory "Best of 2004" special, but more is in progress. For example re-works of the Cournanian and the Santharian Calendar are currently done, Eshoh is just finishing the picture of the Sharadon Forest, which will have multiple uses, and much more is to come. Hope you still have a few days of vacations left to enjoy with your family - and see you next update!

 Bestiary Added entry on the Black Unicorn, an unearthy apparition of the Venlaken swamps (Smith in Exile)
 Downloads Added a new wallpaper, the Erpheronian Warrior, to our desktop wallpapers collection (pic Quellion)
 Library Added "Chapter 7 - The Search" of the "Darkness Descends" story (Drogo)
Added fable "The White Corbie" to our "Frethoni Book of Fables", the 6th fable of our collection (Bard Judith)
Added song "Song for the Beloved" to our Love Poems collection (Alysse the Likely)
Added poem "Vaninen Vision" to our Religious Poems collection (Drogo)
Added song "Vaninen Vision (Parody)" to our Drinking Songs collection (Bard Judith)
 Misc. Updated entry on Proverbs and Sayings, adding various additional new expressions (various team members)
entry on the Vaninen Concoction, creating hallucinatory effects (Drogo)
entry on Santharian Drinks, adding various new beverages (Bard Judith and others)
 People Added entry on Knupp the Sneaker, a notorious thief of the town of Ciosa (Artimidor, pic Faugar)
Updated entry on the Elven Avá'ránn Aiá'merán, completely revising the picture (pic Eratin)
Updated entry on the Stormcloaks (Quios Shipping Guild), adding illustration (pic Faugar)
 Team Added "To Shore She's Come", a welcome back song for Amuwen, to our Odes to the Team collection (Bard Judith)

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