The long awaited Santhmoot 1665 has begun!

Santhmoot 1665 in Landshut (Germany)

Special Announcement. The day has finally come! On June 23rd/24th 2005 Earthen time (23rd/24th Rising Sun 1665 after Santhros in Santharian time) the first official gathering of Santharian team members has begun. Taking place in Landshut (Germany) and hosted by out dear Compendium Writer and RPG Co-Admin Talia Sturmwind, Santhmoot 1665 will last approximately two and a half weeks. Aside from getting to know each other and discussing Santharian stuff, the attending members will also watch the "Landshuter Hochzeit", a historical pageant that is among the greatest in Europe. More than 2000 participants in medieval costume will bring a festival to life in all the splendour of the Late Middle Ages - the wedding between Hedwig, the Polish King’s daughter, and Georg, the son of the Landshut Duke. Santharians, prepare yourself for medieval music, tournaments and meals for a meeting in high spirits.

We are proud to be able to have all kinds of legendary team members from all over the world at this unique Santharian get-together with medieval touch. Please welcome by order of appearance the following participants: Talia Sturmwind, Arancaytar Ilyaran and Fluffy Ramblers (all Germany), Rayne Avalotus (California, USA), Artimidor Federkiel (Austria), Artemis (UK), Faugar (Poland), Gean Firefeet (Netherlands), Dalá'Valannía (Singapore), Bard Judith and her sister Alysse the Likely (both Canada) and finally Thuja (at home in Switzerland). To all of you: Welcome in advance to Santhmoot 1665. - For all those who cannot attend: We'll make sure to put pictures of the meeting on the site as soon as possible, so stay tuned for coming site updates!

    Site Update of June 19th 2005 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this update

Update Statement. In the last update before the first official Santharian real-life meeting, Santhmoot 2005, we can announce the return of Drogo, Lord of the North, who has just finished "Chapter 8 - The City" of his "Darkness Descends" novel, and we're also happy to see Anaea the Marked again on the boards - let's hope to hear from her more regularly as well! What else have we got? In the Library we can offer the first chapter of another novel: check out Coren's "The Seagull's Cry". The Bestiary features a new kind of dragon, the first dwarven steelmarks were composed and Ralrok presents us another musical theme! Not to forget Judy's latest picture of a Santharian nobleman and Viresse's drawing of a shadow elf which now adorns the elven race entry. Furthermore we have now set up a Santharian poll here on the Web History page as you can see. I hope you enjoy this new feature and will happily vote regularly - a poll archive where older polls can be viewed will follow soon. In other news we'd like to report that we've gathered 692.804 Chile Pesos (=1.200 US Dollars, 980 Euros) so far for the Juju Fund - a big thanks goes to all contributers! We will also see to send some toys over to Juju during Santhmoot as a sign that the Santharians haven't forgotten about Lucirina's little one.

Speaking about Santhmoot: When the site will be updated next is unsure at the moment as the Santharian meeting in Landshut (Germany) will last around two and a half weeks starting on Thursday 23rd June with the first arrivals at Talia's home. Nevertheless we will see to upload some photos for you so that you get some impressions and keep you up to date on the Development Board. So for all the members participating at Santhmoot 2005 the only thing left to say is: Bon voyage, see you in a week or two!

 Bestiary Added entry on the Hydragon Worm, a rare, but dangerous water monster. The Lesser Drakes entry was also updated accordingly (Alysse the Likely, pic Quellion)
Updated entry on the Furno (Kanapan Bull), adjusting  various important details (Alysse the Likely)
 Library Added "Chapter 8 - The City" of the "Darkness Descends" novel (Drogo)
Added "Chapter 1" of the "Seagull's Cry" novel, a new novel started by Coren taking place in the Grand Empire of Krath (Nybelmar). Events leading to the collapse of an empire begin to surface amid the tides of time as a young Appraiser, by the name of Déárán, ventures deeper and deeper into the uncharted halls of human psyche, reshaping Zhun in his image as he goes... (Coren FrozenZephyr)
 Misc. Updated entry on the Santharian Ranks and Titles, adding a nobleman portrait (pic Bard Judith)
entry on the Téthias'quarón, updating this historical entry on the famous "Oath of the Young" with detailed revisions and by adding an illustration (Artimidor, pic Faugar)
 Music Added sound track "Theme of Parthanul" (track #10), representing an ambience music for this tranquil and merry fishing village, located at the estuary mouth of the Mashdai River into the Adanian Sea. The musical piece was also added to the Places entry of Parthanul (Ralrok)
 Races Updated entry on the Dwarven Mitharim Clan, adding the clan's official steelmark (pic Artimidor)
Updated entry on the Dwarven Thrumgolz Clan, adding the clan's official steelmark
(pic Artimidor)
Updated entry on the Dwarven Race, adding the clan steelmarks also to the races overview. Expect more such steelmarks to come soon, finishing all dwarven tribes (pics Artimidor)
Updated entry on the Maeverhim Elves, adding tapestry showing the tribe's emblem (pic Viresse)
Updated entry on the Elven Race, adding representative pictures for all different kinds of elves, ranging from wood elves over ice elves to dark elves. Added was also a brand new picture by Viresse depicting a representative of the shadow elves (Artimidor, new pic Viresse)
 Team Updated membership page of Artemis, finally adding a photo of our Aeruillin Queen (Artemis)
 Website A Santharian poll feature was added to the Web History page, allowing visitors to vote on various topics - it's not particularly difficult to miss! Right now the poll has been set up properly and voting and adding comments is already possible. Though further updates in this respect will be necessary, so that you'll be able to see previous polls and read posted comments or proposals on future polls. Until this is done, feel free to post proposals on poll subjects at one of the Forums. The poll subjects will change at least every two weeks, at the Sunday between the regular site updates. Voting on previous polls will still be possible. (Artimidor)

    Site Update of June 5th 2005 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this update

Update Statement. Many members of the Development or the RPG Board have already noticed this week that the Santharian Forums - like thousands other ezBoards - fell prey to malicious hacker attacks. Due to the failure of the ezBoard developers to prevent this catastrophe from happening it seems that a lot of data has been lost. Whether part of it can be restored or not is still unclear. Sorry also for the very unstable behaviour of the boards at the moment. We can only hope that the situation improves very soon. Unfortunately we have to rely on the support of ezBoard in this worst case scenario. - Nevertheless, as the site itself is unaffected from board troubles, we can offer a decent update: 4 Quellion pictures (Rise of the Phoenix, Ruins of Karthmor, Orcristh Orcs and Shadow Realm of Ehebion), a new musical theme ("Theme of Deepgorge Mine"), detailed entries like on Racial Crossbeeding in Caelereth, the Blue Drake or on the Falserock Lizard. Also the Map of Manthria was once more updated with further descriptions and Tzilon Ikara finished his first entry, the Miaelean Disease. So I hope you enjoy this update, and let's just hope the ezBoard guys can at least restore some important data soon!

Next plans? The official world-wide Santharian meeting "Santhmoot 2005" in Landshut/Germany is only 3 weeks away, please make final preparations if you will attend! As for new stuff for the next update: Bard Judith will delight you with an Avennorian Knight picture, Talia with several Falserock Lizards and Eratin with an epic Kuglim warrior picture in wallpaper format. An entry on the Téthias'quarón, the Oath of the Young, is in the making, oh, and Alysse is working on a three-headed drake, which is already illustrated by Quellion!

 Bestiary Added entry on the Brinn'si Wild Horse, a wild horse of Southern Sarvonia, mainly found in the Aj'Nuvic Grounds with the Shendar (Alysse the Likely & Talia Sturmwind)
Added entry on the Blue Drake (Urzash), a drake often found near lakes and rivers
Added entry on the Falserock Lizard, a remarkably colourful dragon-lizard (Talia Sturmwind)
Added entry on the Flying Fisherman, a large sea bird with an exceptional beak (Norkin)
Added entry on the Furno (Kanapan Bull), a large semi-feral species of cattle (Alysse the Likely)
Updated Lizard Overview, adding new beasts and first representative pictures (Artimidor)
Updated entry on the Phoenix, adding Rise of the Phoenix spell picture (pic Quellion)
 Languages Added entry on Principles of Nybelmar Styrásh, explaining the differences of the elven tongue spoken on the continent of Nybelmar compared to the Sarvonian mainland (Viresse)
 Library Updated "The Shendar Book of Myths", adding the tale "Jeyriall's Gift" (Talia Sturmwind)
 Magic Added Level 7 Fire Spell - Rise of the Phoenix to our magic spells collection (Artimidor, pic Quellion)
 Misc. Added entry of "Catch the Draard'le", a Shendar hide-and-seek game (Talia Sturmwind)
entry on Miaelean Disease, the extremely painful "Undead Disease" (Tzilon Ikara)
Added entry on Racial Crossbeeding in Caelereth, dealing with the possibilities and problems of crossing races and the results. Contained in this entry are also detailed tables, listing all possible crossing varieties between the most important races
(Alysse the Likely)

entry on Proverbs and Sayings, adding various additional new expressions (various team members)
 Music Added sound track "Theme of Deepgorge Mine" (track #9), representing an ambience music for this mysterious place, said to be the hideout of criminals, monsters and the mohsys race (Ralrok)
 Places Added entry on the Ruins of Karthmor, a Manthrian place emanating an aura of unease (Artimidor)
Updated entry on the Kanapan Peninsula, adjusting and adding various details (Alysse the Likely)
Updated Map of Manthria, adding more names and around 20 descriptions to places, especially in the region to the east, between Marcogg and Nepris, e.g. Deepgorge Mine, Shady Grove, Needle's Eye, Mount Evermourn, the Three Maids, the Village Barekmahr etc. More to come! (Artimidor, Bard Judith, Thuja)
Updated entry on the Shadow Realm of Ehebion, adding second picture to the entry showing the famous Bridge of Mists at the city of Dasans, the capital of Ehebion (pic Quellion)
 Races Updated entry on the Orcristh Orcs, adjusting various details adn expanding the existing entry further. Also a picture was added showing the Orcristh in battle. The same picture was also added to the entry on Orcish Warfare in different format (Alysse the Likely, pic Quellion)

    Site Update of May 16th 2005 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this update

This week we can offer you finally the long promised and extremely detailed Manthrian Map (2036 x 2112 pixels in size). It was - with breaks - about a year in the making and reflects a considerable improvement of Santharian map making techniques. A spin-off of this map also already made it in this week's update - the Silvermarshes Parchment map, composed by Bard Judith based on elements of the Manthrian map. Further interesting stuff you shouldn't miss this week are Eratin's Game of Untruths wallpaper and a famous gorba surrender speech plus analysis called "I Will Fight No More" by Coren. You might also find the Herbarium and Bestiary menu names adjustments useful - they should help you finding stuff easier.

What's coming up next you ask? Viresse works diligently on her detailed Maeverhim Inventions entry and adjustments on the Styrásh tongue for Nybelmar. Judy has a cha room picture in store and the Heath of Cijur entry is also nearing the finishing line. The possibilities of interracial fertility in a fantasy world are also currently being discussed and put into entry form by Alysse - oh, and the first version of the Santharian Language Editor was also released by now. Though at the moment this tool is designed for Santharian developers only. Later it might be offered for downloading, so that you can look things up and use the tool to assist you in translating. For now it still needs to be improved and optimized for purely developing reasons.

 Bestiary Added entry on the Quagga Wild Horse, a wild fast desert beast related to the horse, found mainly in Aeruillin, Nybelmar, but also in the Sarvonian Ráhaz-Dáth (Alysse the Likely)
 Downloads Added a new wallpaper, The Game of Untruths illustration, to our desktop wallpapers collection (pic Eratin)
 Herbarium Added entry on the Ae'lons Vegetables, the Weeproots and here sister vegetables, be it Onyons, Garlick, Leeks, Shallots, Scallions, Ramps and Chives (Bard Judith)
 Places Added Map of Manthria to the Maps Overview page. Currently this gigantic map is more or less put up as is, pretty much hidden somewhere in the depths of the site, as the Maps Overview desperately needs a reworked design. However, parts of the map will soon be used to go with various entries of the site, find their way into Flash movies etc. Please note that at the current version you can click on all the spots on the map where there exists an entry yet and a description of the location and perhaps a picture or two will be displayed to the right of the map window. These descriptions will be updated in the course of time with further details (map Artimidor)
Updated entry on the Silvermarshes, adding detailed map of the marshes territory. The map was added in two version - at a parchment and in a standard version with further names. The latter version is also available through the Maps Overview (map Artimidor and Bard Judith)
entry on the Venlaken Enclave, adding an additional image at the coat of arms section, representing the insignia of the Daedhirian Lord Asbavaer. The picture was also added to the entry on Asbavaer himself (pic Faugar)
 Races Updated entry on the Maeverhim Elves, adjusting entry to make it fit for further additions coming up soon, e.g. various Maeverhim inventions (Viresse)
 Treasures &
Added speech "I Will Fight No More", a surrender speech of a Néz Pérce gorba leader, including a detailed analysis (Coren FrozenZephyr)
Added poem on "Last October" to our Poems for Lucirina page in the Tribute to Lucirina section, once more a poem by Rayne
(Rayne Avalotus)
 Website Both the Herbarium and Bestiary menus, be it in the category view or the alphabetical one, were updated now with more representative names as was already done a while ago in the People, Miscellaneous and Compendium menu. Further organizational adjustments, e.g. in the Races and Places menus are to come (Artimidor)

    Site Update of May 1st 2005 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this update

Last week it was Alysse's update - this week her sister strikes back with loads of finished pictures. Check out her Cloaked Elk, the Centoraurian Horses, a display box of Metals and Minerals of Caelereth to name just a few items. What else have we got? Viresse entertains us with the Sarvonian Draught Pony and also finished an Iferhém Elf portrait. Not to forget Rayne, who finally has another story chapter in store, namely Chapter 3 of her "Like the Wind" novel - hope you still remember the events of the first two chapters, as they were added more than two years ago! Another exquisite dragon comes from Morcaanan, the Sunset Dragon, and Norkin gets his first entry up - the Doimo Brawling. So have a look around and enjoy!

Soon available will be a Map on the Silvermarshes and of course the long promised Manthrian province monster map (which will be put up in various formats in the course of time). Furthermore a Language Editing tool is in the making, which will allow developers to update the vocabulary pages on the site much easier. - Also remember that the great Santharian gathering in Landshut (Germany), also known as "Santhmoot 2005", is only 2 months away from now! Please make sure to clarify final details if you plan to attend. The countdown has already started!

 Bestiary Added entry on the Azhorhrian Horse, a small, steady animal of Aeruillin (Alysse the Likely)
Updated entry on the Cloaked Elk, adding illustration of the elk. The picture was also added to the Elk Overview
(pic Bard Judith)
Updated entry on the Centoraurian Horse, adding illustration of two horses
(pic Bard Judith)
entry on the Sarvonian Draught Pony, adding horse illustration. The picture was also added to the Halflings races entry (pic Viresse)
Updated Horses Overview, updating descriptions and adding overview pictures (Artimidor)
Added entry on the Sunset Dragon, a highly gifted music-.making kind of dragon (Morcaanan)
 Herbarium Updated entry on the Wine Vine, substituting the Bard's Own label picture and adding the brand new Artiwine label (pics Bard Judith)
 Library Added "Chapter 3 - Into Goltherlon" (7 pages) to Rayne's "Like the Wind"-story, telling us of the continued adventures of the young elf Rayne, who now makes acquaintance with the Golgnomes. You can also find the chapter at the Novels Downloads page (Rayne Avalotus)
 Magic Added Level 2 Fire Spell - Injèrán Touch to our magic spells collection (Marvin Cerambit)
 Misc. Added entry on Doimo Brawling, a martial art of the Doimo tribe in Nybelmar (Norkin)
Updated entry on the Drinks of Caelereth, adding R'unorian Brandy illustration
(pic Bard Judith)
Updated entry on the Metals and Minerals of Caelereth, adding display box illustration showing various metals and minerals common in the world of Caelereth
(pic Bard Judith)
 People Updated entry on the Sage Artimidor Federkiel, adding quotes from Sir Arthéos, Artimidor's famous uncle and details on the Artiwine named after Artimidor. Also added was the Artiwine label (Artimidor, pic Bard Judith)
 Races Updated entry on the Iferhém Elves, adding tribe representative portrait (pic Viresse)
 Team Updated member page of our mascot Katryna Joyeuse, adding brand new photo of Judy's little one posing as imp... - well, just look for yourself (photo Bard Judith)
 Treasures &
Added more receipts to Dame Sausade's Cookery Book, the Grilloch (Sarvonian Barbecue) including the following varities: Hunter's Grilloch, Lythebel Grilloch and Malisehoney and Garlic Grilloch (receipts by Bard Judith)

    Site Update of April 17th 2005 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this update

Most likely it's Alysse time this update, eh? No less than 7 entries from Alysse we can put up this week in various sections! Check out her Sarvonian Draught Pony, the Scurvy Disease, the People entry on Alysse the Likely herself - or the enormous entry on the Silvermarshes, which Alysse completed recently with the help of Bard Judith. Not any less comprehensive is the entry Smith finished: the long awaited Venlaken Enclave! Both, the Silvermarshes and the Venlaken entry feature various pictures, and Ralrok has even contributed an ambience music for the Wetholm part of the Silvermarshes. Still not enough eerie stuff? How about taking a glance at the Watchers or Feyronn the Drewynn, an innocent looking assassin of truly mythical murderous dimensions...

What awaits in the next updates?
While the final adjustments on the monstrously sized Manthrian map are still being made (probably to be expected in the next but one update), Judy has some more pictures up her sleeve and Viresse is working on an interesting Maeverhim invention. Coren and Norkin are concepting Krean martial arts and details on Alchemy are also in discussion. Eratin has also recently started on a drawing a Kuglim tribe representative to continue our tribes drawing project.

 Bestiary Added entry on the Sarvonian Draught Pony, an all-purpose hobbit workhorse (Alysse the Likely)
entry on the Sarvonian Heavy Horse, the typical draught horse (Alysse the Likely)
Added entry on the Watchers, nightly phantasms appearing at moors and cemeteries (Artimidor Federkiel)
 Herbarium Added entry on the Juk'lan Shrub, an bushy shrub with medicinal usages (Alysse the Likely)
 Misc. Added entry on the Scurvy Disease, an unpleasent illness, often affecting sailors (Alysse the Likely)
entry on the Daedhir, The Forbidden Book of Fears, adding another recently discovered text fragment (Smith in Exile)
 Music Added sound track "Through the Mists of Wetholm" (track #6), representing an ambience music for the Wetholm section of the Silvermarshes, which is also added in this update (Ralrok)
 People Added entry on F'ash the Archivist, a Kuglim bard and Compendium writer (Alysse the Likely)
entry on Feyronn the Drewynn, a innocent looking, but murderous servant of depravity and vice. The entry features two pictures showing Drewynn in as a youth and as an adult (text Bard Judith, pics Bard Judith and Viresse)
entry on Alysse the Likely, a famous contributer to the Compendium (Alysse the Likely)
 Places Added entry on the School of Ames, a Nybelmarian art school in Fullwanooth (Viresse)
entry on the Silvermarshes, a geographically diverse area in Nermeran, the northernmost province of Santharia. A cooperative entry of various team members, featuring 3 pictures plus a sound track (Alysse the Likely and Bard Judith, pics Faugar and Ingeborg, music by Ralrok)
entry on the Trading Town of Sáh, an Aesteran trade center in Nybelmar (Coren FrozenZephyr)
Added entry on the Venlaken Enclave, the eerie home of the Daedhirian Mages - former humans, that have become undead in their quest for immortality. Again an extremely detailed entry, featuring no less than 3 pictures (Smith in Exile, pics Faugar, Bard Judith and Ingeborg)

    Site Update of April 3rd 2005 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this update

This week we can offer you more hilarious encounters with Dalá's incredibly funny noblewoman, Clissa, in "Magic and Murder: Letter #6", a major update on the Eyelian Men ("Tamers") and a new finally Santhariarized IRC Client to satisfy your chatting needs. Not enough? Well, we have a few things to celebrate as well: Viresse just returned with a brand new selfportrait, Eratin's newborn son inspired him to an illustration you'll find integrated in the Untruths Game entry - and your dear webmaster was even awarded a virtual medallion, which caused him to completely update his People entry. A heartly welcome as well to Koobi (Woolly Cob) and Tzilon ("The Rant of the Gods"), who got their first contributions up on the site today!

What's in store for the next updates? Hmmm...  I guess I don't tell you anything new if I mention that Judy has some more illustrations in the works. Well, Alysse is also practically finished with her own biographical entry. I've also heard more about haunts and other dark beings... Brrr... Minstrel Sevon is also working on his first entry about - Minstrel Sevon! And maybe Viresse can also finish her School of Ames entry, in order to educate the Nybelmarians a bit.

 Bestiary Updated entry on the Cows of Caelereth, adding illustration of the Rimmilch Cow  (pic Bard Judith)
entry on the Centoraurian Horse, known for beauty and speed (Alysse the Likely)
entry on the Lysh Pike, a large, voracious fresh-water fish (Alysse the Likely)
entry on the Woolly Cob, a fairly large snow-white kind of spider (Koobi Assadah)
 Games Switched to a new IRC Client to enable Santharian chats again after the old client, which was not hosted at the Santharian server, refused to work properly. The new client now offers more features, a background graphic in the chat window and easier usability (Gararion & Artimidor)
 Herbarium Updated entry on the Bone Tree, another eerie apparition of the Enclave (Smith in Exile)
entry on the Kitrauhre Tree, adding the missing Myth/Lore part (Arancaytar & Artemis)
 Library Added poem "The Rant of the Gods" to our Religious Poems collection (Tzilon Ikara)
third part of "Magic and Murder: Letter #6", a revealing series of recently discovered letters of an Erpheronian noblewoman to her sister (Dalá'Valannía)
 Misc. Updated entry on Proverbs and Sayings, adding various additional new expressions (various team members)
Updated entry on the Untruths Game, adding illustration to this creative lying game (pic Eratin)
 People Updated entry on the Compendium Writer Viresse, adding a self-portrait (pic Viresse)
Updated entry on the Sage Artimidor Federkiel, completely re-writing the entry, adjusting it to our new People scheme and adding an additional illustration of the medallion awarded to the sage (Artimidor, pic Bard Judith)
 Races/Tribes Updated entry on the Eyelian Men ("Tamers"), adding lots of details, which were currently lacking or only fragmentarily sketched. The history part still needs to be revised and will be adjusted in one of our next updates (Lady Tiaa)
 Treasures Added one more receipt to Dame Sausade's Cookery Book, the Grilled Mashdai Squillpike (receipt by Bard Judith)
 Website Updated Weapons Overview and Wolves Overview, adjusting both overviews to the new picture scheme and removing black/white images. The Weapons Overview texts were also partly adjusted and updated (Artimidor)
Also the Bestiary menu was expanded and features now a category titled "Apparitions", harbouring everything spooky and unexplainable... Smith just can't get enough over there at the Enclave! (Artimidor)

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