Site Update of March 19th 2006 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this update

Update Statement. This week we're especially proud to present another artistic masterpiece on which Quellion has been working for quite a while: the Volkek-Oshra orc. One of the spin-offs of this enormously detailed picture is for example an illustration of a Ximaxian rat, and we'll have further use for other parts of the picture as well in the future. Another new illustration in this update was done by Faugar and shows a Korenjaan Assassin - probably not the person one would like to encounter alone at night in an empty lane... Apropos nighly encounters: A must read this week is of course Dalá's seventh letter of her legendary "Magic and Murder" series, dripping with humour that it hurts! Only read it if you can bear that much amusement! We also are happy to present Vylias' very first entry for the site, the Shendar Bane Whip weapon, as well as Decipher's first contribution, the Lukrinam Snake for the Bestiary. Also we welcome our housedragon #2, Capher, back on the development side, as he has just finished the Wynd Racer messenger bird. And if you always wanted to know where this Firefeet guy got his strange name from, then read all the details in the completely revised Gean Firefeet entry! Or try your hand on some necromancy with Twen's Ghastly Guardian spell.

Have we got more? Sure we do - next update that is. More magic spells should be coming soon, further updates at the Avennorian entry, more tales are being worked on, an entry on Talia Sturmwind has finally been started and quite weird beasts await! Oh, and Quellion has started on another tribe picture in the meantime following a description by Dalá - beware the shadow elf lurking there in the darkness! When he'll actually show up is another question, though, so some patience is required.

 Bestiary Added entry on the Lukrinam Snake, a poisonous snake of the Krean jungles (Decipher Ziron)
entry on the Wynd Racer, a domesticated messenger bird (Capher)
Updated entry on the Ximax Rat, adding illustration of this little critter (pic Quellion)
 Herbarium Added entry on the Sweetsip Vine, a plant known to be used in the finest sweets (Lady Cherri)
Updated entry on the
Wizardleaf, adding illustration of the plant (pic Quellion)
 Library Added sonnet "If Only a Nightmare" to our Miscellaneous poem collection. The poem was also added to the entry on the Chyrakisth Orcs (Dagon Fai'Ur)
sonnet "O Jeyriall" to our Santharian prayers collection (Rayne Avalotus)
poem "The Birch Maiden" to our Ballads of Caelereth collection (Rayne Avalotus)
 Magic Added Level 4 Fire Spell - Flash to our magic spells collection (Silfer)
Level 7 Fire Spell - Dark Stability to our magic spells collection (Twen Araerwen)
Level 7 Fire Spell - Ghastly Guardian to our magic spells collection (Twen Araerwen)
 Misc. Added entry on the Bane Whip, a weapon mainly used by the Shendar (Vylias)
Updated entry on the
Kasumarii Fighting Styles, adding Korenjaan illustration. The picture was also added to the main Kasumarii entry (pic Faugar)
 People Updated entry on Gean Firefeet, completely revising the old entry (Gean Firefeet)
 Places Updated the Map of Manthria, bringing the map up to date, e.g. adding details to Shneerin, the Grasslands of Hylach, Courtford and other locations (Artimidor)
 Tribes Added entry on the Kuglim Criminal Justice Code, providing you with all the necessary details on how criminal deeds are handled in Kuglim society (Alysse the Likely)
Updated entry on the
Volkek-Oshra Orcs, adding detailed illustration of a Ximaxian orcish mage in his study in the catacombs of the Town of Magic (pic Quellion)
 Treasures &
Added next part of "Magic and Murder: Letter #7", a revealing series of recently discovered letters of an Erpheronian noblewoman to her sister (Dalá'Valannía)

    Santharian News of March 12th 2006

Marvin Cerambit

Special Announcement. It's time again for another official welcome greeting to a new permanent member of the Santharian Dream! After Grunok the Exile we are happy to add another orc, the Gob-Oc Marvin Cerambit (and his warg as can be seen on his portrait), to the development team. Marvin, or Sam Goethals from Belgium, if you prefer it in Earthen terms, has been part of the Dream for over a year by now, and has earned merits in various respects. For one he helps with commenting on Character Descriptions on the RPG Board and has even put together a helpful guide for that matter, on the other hand he enjoys working mainly on spells for the Dev Board. In regard of the latter Marvin also helps with commenting on other people's spells and explaining the Ximaxian magic system whenever he can, which is very much appreciated. Just recently he has also finished his masterpiece - an entry on K'ahn'uk'tscha, the Orcish Beliefs, another valuable addition to orcish culture. Marvin intends to continue working on spells and further orcish stuff, and we're pleased that he can now do that as official team member. - Let's hope for many more entries to come!

As usual all Santharians are cordially invited to join the Inauguration Party at the Santharian Development Board and welcome our new member. - Artimidor, Mentor & Webmaster

    Site Update of March 5th 2006 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this update

Update Statement. This week we're happy to be able to offer you new additions to our Santharian musical repertoire as Gean has produced two new songs: "The Vale of Brownies" and "The Siege of Bardavos". The latter was inspired by Bard Judith's ballad, so maybe we'll actually get this song recorded one day with Judy singing the piece! Anyway, there's more of course: For example details on Orcish Beliefs (Marvin), Avennorian Housing (Talia) or on Kuglimz Gender Roles and Wedding Practises (Alysse). also the famous menagerie owner Reve'lor finally got a face (Bard Judith). Furthermore Dagon Fai'Ur got his first approved entry up, the Chán'vaí Orb, and we have first illustratuons of Santharian farmers - check out the illustrations of Judy for the Roulk entry and Faugar's picture which was added to the village of Shneerin. And last but not least there are more photos from Santhmoot this time!

Next update should bring more magical spells as Twen and Orril are working on more in this respect, in the Bestiary serpents and flying Santharian messengers are in the works, a new Shendar weapon is also about to be finished soon. Perhaps we'll also already get a glimpse on the final Volkek-Oshra picture which is keeping Quellion already busy for quite a while. Oh, and Eratin has promised a preview on our very first light elf image as well soon, so make sure to stick around!

 Herbarium Added entry on the Bethelatron Vine, a plant used for several beverages (Selonius)
 Library Added ballad "The Siege of Bardavos" to our "Ballads of Caelereth" collection. The musical version of the ballad was co-produced by Gean Firefeet and is offered for download at this page as well (lyrics Bard Judith, music Gean Firefeet & Bard Judith)
 Magic Added Level 2 Wind Spell - Hide to our magic spells collection (Mina Aylwin)
Added Level 4 Fire Spell - Entice to our magic spells collection (Pikel Thunderstone)
 Misc. Added entry on the Chán'vaí Orb, the "Orb of Sight", an elven artifact (Dagon Fai'IUr)
entry on the Spears of Caelereth, correcting various details (Ruil Mallister)
 Music Added Tavern Songs page, starting a new overview, collecting all kinds of ballads to be presented by bards in taverns. Two songs were added for now (music Gean Firefeet)
Themes of Santharian Races page, adding musical piece "Song #5: The Vale of Brownies". The song was also added to the entry on the Vale Brownies (music Gean Firefeet)
 People Updated entry on Reve'lor, adding illustration of the famous Nauroothian menagerie owner. The picture was also added to the Common Ferret entry (pic Bard Judith)
 Places Updated entry on the Maps of Southern Sarvonia, adding Maps of the Ancient Kingdoms of Southern Sarvonia and the Santharian Provinces Map (Artimidor)
Updated entry on the Hamlet of Roulk, adding illustration of a Roulkian farmer (pic Bard Judith)
entry on the Village of Shneerin, adding illustration of a peasant of this small farming community (pic Faugar)
 Religions Added entry on the K'ahn'uk'tscha, a detailed description of all kinds of varieties of orcish beliefs at the Sarvonian continent (Marvin Cerambit)
 Team Adding membership page of Marvin Cerambit (Sam Goethals from Belgium), finally becoming official member of the Santharian Development Team after having finished his time as an apprentice. Welcome to the Dream, Marvin! (Marvin Cerambit)
Updated entry on
Gean Firefeet, updating biography and adding another picture of Gean performing with the accordion (Gean Firefeet
Updated entry on Vesk Lyricahl, substituting photo with a more recent one (Vesk Lyricahl)
 Tribes Added entry on the Avennorian Housing, providing details on the different housing styles of the Avennorian tribe, ranging from whalebone structures to hulk-roofs and shell ornamentations. The details layed out in this entry were also summarized and added to the main Avennorian tribe entry (Talia Sturmwind)
entry on Kuglimz Gender Roles and Wedding Practises, a dissertation on gender role, adulthood rituals and marriage within Kuglimz society (Alysse the Likely)
 Treasures &
Added Santhmoot Photos IX: Munich Awaits!, the next picture set currently available of the Santharian gathering held in July 2005, featuring 36 photos of our trip to Munich after the arrival of Gean. The Santhmoot Week II Overview page was also updated (composition and comments Artimidor, photos various team members)

    Site Update of February 19th 2006 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this update

Update Statement. Our series of tales continues this week as well with three more stories: "Heart's Desire"  (Talia), "Meen and the Dragon" (Pikel, illustrated by Arbaon) and "The Harlequin Lover" (Elendilwyn) make sure that you get your dose of Santharian entertainment if you need a story fo a good night's sleep. More spells have been created like the Wind Exile (first spell by So Orril Mies'Efer) and Fiery Minion, another one done by Twen, this time describing a necromantic practice (illustrated by Faugar). - And who would have believed it? Three years after his joining we finally get some teampage details from Coren plus a Kingdom and States Development Template and a "Glimpse on Nybelmarian Literature" for the latest edition of the New-Santhalan Journal. New pictures can also be found at entries like Jeyriall, the Santharian Goddess of Harvest, and at the historian Gean Firefeet (done by Bard Judith and Faugar). - Oh, and a non-Santharian issue shouldn't be forgotten to mention here: If you support Amnesty International and live in Europe, take a look at the Santharian Link Exchanges, maybe you have an opportunity to help these guys to achieve their ambitious goal!

What's coming next? Another artifact is in the works, spells, weapons, all that sort of stuff. More updates on the Avennorian entry, especially the Housing and the People section, are about to get up as well. The Ancythrian Sea entry is about to be finished, let's see if it will make it to the next update. Additionally the long overdue Library menu rework, complete with restructuring everything into books and easily accessible single stories, inlcuding download links, will be started very soon. A long and hazardous undertaking, but something we have to begin for the sake of organization. And finally more Santhmoot pictures are planned, providing the time allows it.

 Bestiary Added entry on the Ancythrian Bladeserpent, a legendary water monster living in the depths of the mysterious Ancythrian Sea (Chronusian)
 Library Added tale on "Heart's Desire", a story about a Maeverhim elf, his eternal love for a Shendar woman, and an irreversible choice he has to make (Talia Sturmwind)
fairy-tale "Meen and the Dragon", a dwarven fairy-tale about a greedy dwarf on his quest for gold (Pikel Thunderstone, pic Arbaon)
fairy-tale on "The Harlequin Lover", a story about a harlequin, a curse and the meaning of true love (Elendilwyn)
poem "Winter" to our "Poems of Nature" collection (Ishmaelion)
poem "Fall Free Fair Aelirel" to our "Love Poems" collection (Coren FrozenZephyr)
 Magic Added Level 3 Fire Spell - Fiery Minion to our magic spells collection (Twen Araerwen, pic Faugar)
Level 3 Wind Spell - Wind Exile to our magic spells collection (So Orril Mies'Efer)
 Misc. Added entry on the Kroyíl Polearm, a war spear for our weapons collection (Ruil Mallister)
Updated entry on Proverbs and Sayings, adding several additional new expressions (various team members)
 People Updated entry on Gean Firefeet, adding illustration of the historian. The entry itself still needs adjustment, which is about to follow sooner or later (pic Faugar)
 Places Added "Kingdom and States Development Rules", a page providing specifications for developers on how to write entries on politicial structures (Coren FrozenZephyr, pics various artists)
entry on Mount PocRotrum, a famous mountain near the southwestern tip of the Rimmerins Ring created by brown druids (Pikel Thunderstone, pic Arbaon)
 Religions Updated entry on Jeyriall, Santharian Goddess of Harvest, adding illustration of the Jeyriallene Purification Rite (pic Bard Judith)
 Team Added finally membership info page on Coren FrozenZephyr (Alp from Turkey), who after three years eventually got around to provide us with the needed details... (Coren FrozenZephyr)
 Treasures &
Added Issue III of the New Santhalian Journal, titled "A Glimpse on Nybelmarian Literature", giving insight into the fascinating world of literature from another continent, featuring an interpretation of a poem and an Essay on Nature, written by famous Zhunite R. S. Sénishíá (Coren FrozenZephyr)

    Site Update of February 5th 2006 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this update

Update Statement. This week's new update brings you a bunch of different stuff to check out: Like for example details on another Manthrian village, namely the Hamlet of Shneerin (written by Gean Firefeet), a fairy-tale by Elendilwyn - "The Dancing Wooden Shoes" and descriptions of two ancient artifacts, the Terquán Robe (Talia) and the Dragonward Shield (Valan, illustrated by Quellion). In the Herbarium we have a new weird kind of grass to offer, the blue Hrugchuck Grass (Pikel), and in the Bestiary the appropriate mouse, the Hrugcuck Mouse (Talia) plus a new illustration of the Cave Drells by Bard Judith. Pikel's PocRotrum mountain entry is also nearly finished, along with his fairy-tale on it, but for now a picture of PocRotrum by Arbaon already adorns the Druidic Orders entry before the main entry will show up next update!

So aside from more of PocRotrum, what can you expect in the next update? We've already started this week with the Avennorian tribe rewrite, so more sections are to be updated at this entry soon, while at the same time Talia has started on the Darian, ancestors of the Shendar, and Artemis on the Thairans, the people of Shan'Thai - both tribes are related to the Avennorians and help to define these relations. Chronusian makes an entry on the Ancythrian Bladeserpent, some hounds are in the works, and Judy has started on describing and illustration several... preeeciousss... gemstones. - I'm sure you'll find something interesting for you next update as well!

 Bestiary Added entry on the Hrugchuck Mouse, a blue mouse of the Iceland coast (Talia Sturmwind)
Updated entry on the Cave Drell, replacing illustration with a coloured one (pic Bard Judith)
Updated Drakes Overview, adding the Falserock Lizard picture (Artimidor)
 Herbarium Added entry on the Hrugchuck Grass, a remarkable blue grass (Pikel Thunderstone)
 Library Added fairy-tale "The Dancing Wooden Shoes" a tale as recorded in "Master Tribell's Miraculous Narrations" (Elendilwyn)
Added poem "Ode to Growth" to our "Odes of Joy" collection (Chronusian)
 Misc. Added entry on the Dragonward Shield, an artifact used in former times against the Orb of Ximax, dampening its powers (entry Valan Nonesuch and Artimidor, pic Quellion)
Added entry on the Terquán Robe, a legendary artifact, said to enable people to levitate and to allow them to transform into an animal
(entry Talia Sturmwind, pic Eratin)
 People Updated entry on the Druidic Orders, adding illustration of mount PocRotrum (pic Arbaon)
Updated entry on
Queen Curogana, adding a time table (Curgan)
 Places Added entry on the Hamlet of Shneerin, another small village in the Manthrian province, this time a very traditional one (Gean Firefeet)
Added page Maps of the Southern Sarvonia in the Maps section, dedicated to various maps available of Santharia and the surrounding isles. Currently the page features only the main Santharian map. More to be added. The Human Tribes of Southern Sarvonia Overview was also updated accordingly
 Races/Tribes Updated entry on the Avennorian Men, starting a complete revision of this tribe, this time the Overview and Appearance sections were covered (Artimidor)
 Team Updated membership page of Grunok the Exile, substituting photo (Grunok)
Changed membership page of Erian Melor to Vesk Lyricahl, who'd like to go by now with this new name to reflect his personality as Compendium writer better. Aside from the name adjustments throughout the site, the membership page was also updated (Vesk Lyricahl)

    Site Update of January 22nd 2006 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this update

Update Statement. Seems the new year and the cold winter brings us primarily more lovely tales to read at the fireplace - this week we can offer you stories like "The Magic Robe of Leena Tékaan" (illustrated by Eratin) or the "True Love or The White Aj'nuvic", both by Talia, and if you've been waiting for further installments of Coren's "The Seagull's Cry" novel, here come Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 in a double-pack! Furthermore we have another key entry on an important regent to offer this week, namely on the Tharian Queen Curogana (entry by Curgan, picture by Koldar), another orc picture for our tribes project, the Ashz-Oc (Faugar) and a detailed entry on the Grasslands of Hylach (Grunok, picture Ingeborg). Also we can congratulate Melathor and Twen Araerwen on their first entries for the site: the Grassland Boar and the Blood Breaker Fire spell. And if you're looking for some Santharian love poetry, have a look at the four poems of Judy's "Trystan Cycle"!

Planned for the next updates is a breathtaking picture of a Volkek Oshra mage by Quellion, a new coloured illustration of the Cave Drells and another picture to go with the entry on the Goddess Jeyriall (both by Bard Judith).  An entry  on the Dragonward Shield is to be finished soon (Valan/Artimidor), which will also be illustrated by Quellion. Then the entry on the Magic Robe we have today in two stories will get on the site, and we expect progress on the entry on the Ancythrian Sea by Chronusian, on the Brownie clans Irid is working on, plus another fable is also in the making. Wanna see it all? - Then be there next update time!

 Bestiary Added entry on the Caracal Wild Cat, a feline with large fangs residing in the north-easternmost region of Sarvonia, predominately in the Iceland Coast (Pikel Thunderstone)
Updated entry on the Cave Drell, completely revising the entry about these rock lizards, which are especially well known among the dwarves. A coloured new picture is still in the works and will follow in one of the next updates (Vesk Lyricahl)
Added entry on the Grassland Boar, a gentle, omnivorous pig variety, living mainly in the area of the Enthronian province in Santharia (Melathor)
 Herbarium Updated entry on the Pondpad, adding illustration of the plant (pic Eratin, composition Artimidor)
entry on the Sand Lily, a special desert flower, which only grows at night (Gean Firefeet)
 Library Added "Chapter 2 - A Distant Sea: Darkness Within" and "Chapter 3 - Someone Needs a Lesson in Manner" of the "Seagull's Cry" novel, taking place in the Grand Empire of Krath in Nybelmar, recounting a young Appraiser's experiences in a cumbling empire (Coren FrozenZephyr)
Added tale
"The Magic Robe of Leena Tékaan" to our Myths and Legends collection, a story about a woman caught between love and chagrin, freedom and the chains of love, joy and temptation (Talia Sturmwind, pic Eratin)
Added tale
"True Love or The White Aj'nuvic" to our Myths and Legends collection at the Santharian Library (Talia Sturmwind)
Added poems to "The Trystan Cycle" at our "Love Poems" collection, featuring four poems incuding comments of the critic Narkathi O'rumi (Bard Judith)
Added poem "To the Queen of Day's Wane" to our "Poems of Nature" collection
(Coren FrozenZephyr)
 Magic Added Level 4 Fire Spell - Blood Breaker to our magic spells collection (Twen Araerwen)
 People Added entry on Queen Curogana, the Centoraurian Anactara and later first Tharian Queen, spouse of King Thar the Great (Curgan, pic Koldar)
 Places Added entry on the Grasslands of Hylach, a hundred-strals wide expanse of lush, rolling grass in Manthria, used mainly as pasture by the villagers of Courtford (Grunok the Exile, pic Ingeborg)
 Races/Tribes Updated entry on Ashz-Oc Orcs, adding illustration of a typical tribe representative. Also the Orcs Overview on Northern Sarvonia was updated, featuring this new image (pic Faugar)
 Treasures Added poem "The Dream Stream" to our "In Praise of a Dream" collection (Twen Araerwen)

    Site Update of January 8th 2006 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this update

Update Statement. In the first update of the new year we bring you basically a load of stories and finally Flash versions of maps, which you can zoom in and out.  For the latter see the entries on Broken Dream Gap, Courtford and Port Ciosa, if you enjoy reading stories, take a look at the ghost-story "The Forest of Death" (Irid alMenie), the fable "The Greyler and the Dragon" (Artimidor), the fairy-tale "The Lady of the Lilies" (Gean FIrefeet) or the legend "The Stormbringer" (Vesk) - I'm sure you'll find something of interest for you as well! Other important things developed are details on the role of females in orcish society (see the various tribe entries), which were elaborated by Alysse, the re-work of the Druidic Orders (Pikel), but also interesting devices like the Farseer are now existing in Santharia, and you can get some interesting insights into dwarven culture by looking at the latest picture Judy has made for the Dwarven Marriage entry, the trothspoons. Finally Ruil Mallister got his first weapon entry on the site, the Lance, beginning a weapons re-organization.

What's next? - More Flash maps for example will be added in the course of time to other entries of the Manthrian region. We've also made important progress with the Santharian Languages Editor (SLE), which now makes updating new vocabulary very easy as the pages can now be generated automatically. So expect updates on vocabularies of languages spoken in Caelereth soon, plus perhaps even a brand new tongue developed by our languages expert Anwulf. Also in the works are more weapons and artifacts, an entry on Curogana, King Thar's wife, further tribe illustrations, especially of orcs, a taste of Brownie music - and much, much more! Be there at the next update in order not to miss a thing!

 Bestiary Added entry on the Thunderfoot, one of the largest quadrapedic mammels living in the harsh, northernmost regions of Northern Sarvonia (Pikel Thunderstone)
 Languages Updated Tharian-Styrásh Vocabulary, adding new words (Artimidor)
Updated Styrásh-Tharian Vocabulary, adding new words (Artimidor)
Tharian-Kh'omchr'om Vocabulary, starting the first orc languages pages (Alysse the Likely)
Kh'omchr'om-Tharian Vocabulary, starting the first orc languages pages (Alysse the Likely)
 Library Added ghost-story "The Forest of Death" to our Ghost Tales Collection. It's a story about a a cursed wood and the fate of a trespasser venturing too far into it... (Irid alMenie, pic Quellion)
Added fable
"The Greyler and the Dragon" to our Frethoni Book of Fables about a greyler saving the day for the inhabitants of an oppressed village (Artimidor, pic Faugar)
Added fairy-tale
"The Lady of the Lilies", a common story about Lady Moon and Lord Sun, which is often told to Shendar children the evening before the full moon (Gean Firefeet)
Added legend "The Stormbringer", a story about a maid an her undying love to the Master of the Winds, the Stromlord and God of the Weather, Grothar (Vesk Lyricahl)
 Magic Added Level 7 Fire Spell - Fiery Curtain to our magic spells collection (Mina Aylwin)
 Misc. Added entry on the Farseer Device, a cleverly-designed optical instrument of hobbit manufacture (Bard Judith, pics Quellion)
Added entry on the Lance, a powerful polearm weapon (Ruil Mallister, pics Eratin & Koldar)
 People Updated entry on the Druidic Orders, completely revising the entry, splitting it in sections and adding lots of new material and more precise definitions (Pikel Thunderstone)
 Places Updated entry on Flash MovieBroken Dream Gap, adding zoomable Flash map version (movie Artimidor)
Updated entry on
Flash MovieCourtford, adding zoomable Flash map version (movie Artimidor)
Updated entry on
Flash MoviePort Ciosa, adding zoomable Flash map version (movie Artimidor)
 Races Updated entry on Dwarven Marriage, adding illustration of trothspoons (pic Bard Judith)
Updated entry on the Orc Race, adding details on the role of females in orcish society to the Family, Society and Culture section. Specific additions were also made at various tribe entries, at the Orcristh Orcs, the Osther-Oc, the Rhom-Oc, the Ashz-Oc, the Losh-Oc and finally the Goblins (Gob-Oc) (Alysse the Likely)

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