2007 - The Year of Santhworld

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New Year Statement. The greatest innovation Santharia managed to accomplish in 2007 was the introduction of Santhworld, an interactive environment realized in Flash that serves as the basis for all kinds of new interactive possibilities. Little adventures can now be played in Santharia, trivia quizzes can be made - and it is only the start. What makes Santhworld so unique is that its development is completely in our own hands, so we don't need to rely on other people concerning a technology that doesn't fit the Dream, it encourages team projects and creativity. Therefore Santhworld, even in its currently still minimalistic version, will have a major impact on Santharia's future. The groundwork was completed now and Santhworld is operative. - Also brand new in Santharia was the introduction of entries on medicinal stuff thanks to Kelancey, the Library menu was finally switched to an expandable format and our history table system received remarkable upgrades. We also started our first Santharian detective story, and have made great progress with proper nomenclature of tribes, and we also just introduced the Santharian Dev awards, honouring the work of members. - An offer however of a major game company made this year to license Santharian content was turned down as this contradicts our non-commerical policy.

2007 also was the year of Dutchmoot, the third official Santharian real-life meeting, where Santharians from the Netherlands and Belgium gathered in Breda. A bunch of dedicated entry writers joined the club as members, among them Miraran, Decipher, Drasil and Irid, and a lot of promising apprentices will receive membership for sure in 2008. We can especially be proud of major additions to the continent of Nybelmar, are proud of with various excellent tribe entries - and also got in depth contributions concerning the very important Erpheronian timeline done.

Unfortunately 2007 was also overshadowed partly by some unnecessary and at times even project endangering disputes, which we are hopefully not prone to repeat. Furthermore the lack of constructive comments here and there and the inactivity of established Santharian artists (for various, often understandable reasons) forced us to move from regular updates to "updates on demand", and the artistic contributions have declined considerably. Combined with the webmaster's moving of the Santharian real-life HQ this all meant that we had to - and still have to - navigate through a lot more troubled waters than we had to in the past. So while there were major breakthroughs in some areas there is still a lot of room for improvements, on which we should all work on together in this new year! - Artimidor, Santharian Webmaster

    Best of Member Contributions 2007
 Bestiary Added entry on the Bavereye Beetle, a beautiful, but queer beetle of the Scattersand Shoals, that can change its colour at will (Zacheius Aquadel)
Added entry on the Boardrak, a massive omnivorous boar of Northern Sarvonia (Aurora Damall)
Added entry on the Iceland Shortsnout, an impressive, majestic and fearsome mount of the ice tribes on the Peninsula of Iol (Vesk Lyricahl, pic Quellion)
Added entry on the Iceland Wison, a wild beast of the bovine family, suited for the Coast of the Icelands in Northern Sarvonia (Altario, pic Drucilla)
Updated entry on the Jegra Lizard, a jungle dwelling bipedal lizard, known for their ferocious hunting techniques and methods of killing (Decipher Ziron, pic Sheil)
Added entry on the Le'Tan Bird, a majestic bird of the Krean jungles in Nybelmar, known especially for singing lovely lullabies to residents
(Decipher, pic Sheil)
Added entry on the Mossmounds, one of the greatest natural mysteries of Nybelmar, being neither plant nor beast (Miraran Tehuriden)
Added entry on the Quaerash Lizard ("Tuskdigger"), an important massive draft beast, in use mainly by Erpheronian and Caltharian noblemen (Artimidor, pic Faugar)
Added entry on the Rainbow Serpent, a colourful, yet venomous snake, known to live mainly in the Auturian Woods in central Santharia (Ganinon, pic Drucilla)
Added entry on the Riccio ("Pricklypig"), a small rodent with sharp, spiny quills (Alysse)
Updated entry on the Warg, completely revising the entry (Garret Arroway)
 Herbarium Added entry on the Blanket of Shar, an invasive, fast-growing, flowering vine, that is native to the Jungles of Shar (Hylphán, poem Bard Judith)
entry on the Bombox Palm, adding illustration (pic Hylphán)
Added entry on the
Halak-Sun Blood Bloom, a flowering, thick kind of bush (Hylphán)
Added entry on the Kail ("Kaleflower"), a healthy, dark green above-ground vegetable that comes in many varieties (Bard Judith)
Added entry on the Lantern Flower (Injèr'cál'merín), a desert plant, a relative of the Purple Lantern that has adapted to hot and dry climate (Ishmaelion)
Added entry on the Larkentir Tree, a fascinating, yet unsettling kind of plant, which is actually closely related to the fungus family (Drúadan & Bard Judith)
Added entry on Nehtor's Tears, flowers with a sweet intoxicating aroma, said to be associated with the God of Healing Himself (Gervase Bertrand)
Added entry on the Nightgrape, a fungus grown mainly by the Thergerim (Thortar)
Added entry on the Nightshade Bush, a plant of multiple medicianal uses (Kelancy the Green)
 History Updated the Erpheronian Royal Line, adding several summaries of various kings and queens from the 1700 b.S. until King Thaelrin the Relentless around 900 b.S. Some pictures were added to the royal line as well (Trelstahl)
 Languages Updated entry on the Styrásh Tenses, adding details on the Styrásh future tense (Anwulf)
 Library Added part one of the first Santharian detective story "Murder in Bardavos, Chapter I: A Merchant from Voldar", as the name already says a story about a mysterious death that needs to be investigated... (Irid alMenie)
Updated the page on Miscellaneous Poems, adding two more poems, "The Carteloreen", lyrics about the Caelerethian whales, and "The Dragonstorm", dealing with a memorable historical event (Alassiel Telrúnya & Letitia de Lockhart)
Added poem "Ode to the Desert", to our "Songs for Travelling" collection (Gean Firefeet)
Added poem "The Feeling That a Man Cries For" to our "Songs for Travelling" collection (Degas Zummatra)
 Magic Added entry on Level 6 Water Spell - Treacherous Embrace to our spells collection (Fox)
Level 7 Wind Spell - Shielding Winds to our magic spells collection (Miny Aylwin, pic Quellion)
Level 8 Earth Spell - Waning, completely revising the spell (Drasil Razorfang)
Added entry on Sanryu Concept, a life principle known especially in Nybelmar (Decipher Ziron)
 Misc. Added entry on the A'charil Game, a stragtegy game created to depict the many inner and outer struggles of the Grand Empire of Krath. The game diagram is still to be added later (Anci'helvíl'yón)
Added entry on the Artificial Brownie Wings, a fantastic and popular invention among Brownies that allows people of this little folk to glide for a short distance (Rookie Brownbark)
Added entry on
Cheeses of Caelereth, a massive collection of all kinds of varieties of this product made out of goat, cow or horse milk (Bard Judith & Talia Sturmwind, pic Bard Judith)
Added entry on the
Draskovaer ("Axeblade"), a highly reputed and idolized weapon of the Murmillion elite warriors, the Drakkar (Koldar Mondrakken)
Added entry on the Elemene Tabulata, a gnomish constantly updated tome, dedicated to the recording of all things related to the practice of alchemy (Gaffin)
Added entry on the Festival of the Horse in Salsair, one of the greatest festivals in Santharia, attracting many people of different backgrounds and races (Altario)
Added entry on
Medicine of Caelereth, an overview entry, where we'll add the various medicinal disciplines as we go along (Kelancey the Green)
Added entry on the Nechya's Rope Amulet, representing a tradition of the Ice Tribes (Altario)
entry on Plate Mail Armour, the third entry in our armour series, this time dealing with the best protection available for the common knight (Nsikigan, pics Quellion)
Added entry on the Remusian Awl Game, a simple game known on the Ice Coasts, using tools of materials of leather workers (Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin, pic Altario & Artimidor)
Added entry on the Silkstone, a rare mineral with remarkable magical capabilities
(Nsikigan Yourth)
Added entry on the Six Bodily Constituents, a theory of major importance especially for healers of the six elemental spirits that hold the body together (Kelancey the Green)
 Musics Added new music, the "Orcish Theme", another theme for one of our races, this time dealing with the war-loving orcs (music Macar)
new musical piece "A Day at Keep Mistrash" to the entry on the Mistrash Keep (music Gean Firefeet)
 People Added entry on Artero the Weak, the King of Caltharia, who was unable to suppress a rebellion against his reign at the time of the War for Ancyros (Trelstahl)
Updated entry on Eckra the Cruel, illustrating the necromancer representing the Chosen of the Goddess of Death, Queprur. Though the picture was added, the entry format still is somewhat outdated and needs to be revised at some point (pic Eratin)
Added entry on the knight Jaecor "Ironhand" Armerson, one of Erpheronia's legendary heroes, the sole triple victor of the Armarenda tournament. Events and picture were also added to Erpheronian History (Artimidor, pic Bard Judith)
Added entry on King Myrwodin, the cruel and devious regent of Erpheronia who initiated the War for Ancyros with his Caltharian neighbours (Trelstahl)
Updated entry on Raeis Boldsnout, adding illustration of the infamous renegade mage, thief of the legendary "Tome of Time" (pic Drucilla Sablewolffe)
Added entry on the Santharian Princess Shiana, once destined to be heiress to the thronw, but nowadays priestess of Seyella and Voice for the entire clerical hierarchy (Artheós, pic by Sir Kayrûun Khim)
Added entry on the Thane Herrgan Swanhild, Duke of Marcogg and Thane of the Santharian province of Manthria (Arceon Barrurbeleth)
 Places Added entry on the Drifting Woods, one of the most fascinating woods of the continent of Nybelmar (Miraran Tehuriden)
Added entry on the
Fortress and Enclave of Alvang, a cursed place, once home of the notorious dark elven Lord, the Móh'rónn Saban Blackcloak (Garret Arroway)
Added entry on the
Frozen Tombs of Gourdynn, a famous heroes burial ground of the Eanians, one of the Ice Tribes of Northern Sarvonia (Altario)
Added entry on the
Ghun'gob Mines, a mysterious tunnel system of the goblins, located underneath the Tandala Highlands of central Sarvonia (Helvil Ypherén)
Added entry on the Katkara Mining Station, a small Nybelmarian mining village, famous for its massive exports of gold, iron ore and various other minerals (Arceon)Added entry on Keep Mistrash, a Manthrian fortified castle, seat of the Markgravens of the Mithral Marshes since the time of the 8th century b.S. (Grunok, pic Quellion, music Gean)
Added entry on the Port City Marduran, another traditional Avennorian town at the Mithral Coast in the Santharian province of Manthria
Added entry on the Region of Dragon's Back, an area named after a prominent mountain stock in northern Zhun, located in southwesterrn Nybelmar (Coren FrozenZephyr)
Updated entry on Riá, completely revising the entry according to the new scheme and adding in many more details (Drúadan)
Added entry on the Tethinrhim Academy of Archery, Drasil's masterwork to gain membership about the school of the Kaierean Warriors in the Auturian Woods (Drasil, pic Quellion)
Added entry on the Town of Mylthis, a town in south-western Nybelmar, also called the "Spine of Sihitara". This entry was submitted as Decipher's masterwork towards official Santharian membership (Decipher Ziron)
 & Tribes
Updated entry on the Avennorian Men, adding new section about the Tribal Language spoken by these people, "Aventharian" (Artimidor & Bard Judith)
Updated entry on the Krean Men, adding illustration of a Lillivear priestess immersed in the splendour of the Krean rainforests and an Aesteran lady on her way to a midnight soiree (pic Sheil)
Added entry on the Maryóns (Watersprogs), another merfolk-variety, this time smaller and more fragile, at home mainly near waterfalls (Talia Sturmwind)
Added entry on the Ter'ei'vikh Men ("Vikh, "Bug-People"), a reculsive tribe of humans, living in the Drifting Woods area of northwestern Nybelmar (Miraran Tehuriden)
 Team Added membership page on Decipher Ziron, our most recent Santharian member, who just finished his masterwork, thus officially joining the Dream team. Welcome on board! (Decipher)
Added membership details on
Drasil Razorfang (James Lofredo from New Jersey, US), now official Dreamer. Welcome! (Drasil)
Added membership page on Miraran Tehuriden (Roel van Veen) from the Netherlands. Having had his inauguration party already back in December 2006 we finally also got his member details up - woohooo! Again welcome officially to the Dream, Mira! (Miraran)

basic membership page of Sheil (Edyta Felcyn), a brand new artist from Poland allowing us to use her artwork here in Santharia. Sheil likes to draw dragons and dinosaurs, so expect more to be added to the site in this respect. Welcome to the Dream, Sheil! (Sheil)
We congratulate Irid al'Menie (Judit Coppens from Belgium) for receiving official Santharian membership status (Irid)
 Treasures &
Added photo page of Dutchmoot 1667, displaying 21 pictures of the first official Dutch-only Santharian gathering of developers in Breda, Netherlands. Attendants of the meeting were Gean Firefeet, Irid al'Menie, Miraran and Marvin - and more in form of easter eggs on the photos... (photos Gean Firefeet, Irid, text Gean & Artimidor)
Added one more receipt to Madame Sausade's Cookery Book: "Lobrire's Delight" (Aurora Damall)
 Website Added "Santhworld", an interactive textbased environment realized in Flash (Artimidor)

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