Site Update of March 18th 2007 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. This week we bring you another innovation in the form of the very first Santharian detective story - or at least the first part of it: Check out "Murder in Bardavos. Chapter I: A Merchant from Voldar", written by Irid! Also we're making progress with elaborating more Avennorian/Manthrian details, this week we have Tribal Language of the Avennorians for you (Bard Judith & Artimidor), and regarding Manthrian places Arceon finished the entry on the dubious Shady Grove ("Banditwoods"). Sheil also illustrates two more entries - the Festra Flying Snake and a new entry by Decipher, the Le'Tan Bird. After a hiatus Ishmaelion is back in business as well with the Lantern Flower and Trelstahl has his first contribution up on the site, the Acorn Grass - congratulations, let's hope for more to come!

Coming Up. Like in the last updates the conversion of History tables will be a priority in order to fill the History section even more - short tribe and places descriptions along with pictures at the intros should be added as well soon to improve the overall appearance even more. Also in the works are details on Avennorian nomenclature and historical background of the Sophronians.

 Bestiary Added entry on the Kruswik Hopper, a fierce predator lizard and fast runner found in central Santharia (Arceon)
Added entry on the Le'Tan Bird, a majestic bird of the Krean jungles in Nybelmar, known especially for singing lovely lullabies to residents (Decipher, pic Sheil)
Updated entry on the Festra Flying Snake, adding illustration of the serpent
(pic Sheil)
 Herbarium Added entry on the Acorn Grass, an important and very common plant for the Dogodan halflings of the Alianian Hills (Trelstahl)
Added entry on the Lantern Flower (Injèr'cál'merín), a desert plant, a relative of the Purple Lantern that has adapted to hot and dry climate (Ishmaelion)
 History Converted several further already existing history tables to the new format, so that they for one appear in the entries and on the other hand can also be accessed through the new History menu. Among the entries converted this time are the following tribes: Caltharians, Centoraurians, Helcrani, Kyranians and Stratanian Men, Mitharim and Susilgermin Dwarves, Rhom-Oc Orcs. Newly converted places are for example Ximax, Strata and the Santharian Kingdom was updated as well. (Artimidor)
 Library Added part one of the first Santharian detective story "Murder in Bardavos, Chapter I: A Merchant from Voldar", as the name already says a story about a mysterious death that needs to be investigated... (Irid alMenie)
 Places Added entry on Shady Grove ("Banditwoods"), a forested area in eastern Manthria, known to harbour various groups of bandits (Arceon)
 & Tribes
Updated entry on the Avennorian Men, adding new section about the Tribal Language spoken by these people, "Aventharian". This is the first part of a detailed Avennorian language elaboration, the second part will follow soon with Avennorian Nomenclature (Artimidor & Bard Judith)

    Site Update of February 18th 2007 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. This week we we have a little bit of everything again for you. We're especially proud that the very first digital drawing of Drucilla finally could be completed for the site, the mage Raeis Boldsnout - and as you can see the work indeed paid off! Further marvellous pictures were added to the Miraje Finger Blade entry (Judy) and the Jegra Lizard (Sheil), the entry - inspired by the picture -  was written by Decipher. Another important extremely detailed Places entry comes from Grunok, the Manthrian Port of Marduran. Nsiki introduces a new magical mineral into our world, the Silkstone, and Kalency the Green also finished his very first contribution for the site, the Nightshade, an important plant with a plethora of medicinal usages.

Coming Up. Two of our main developers will be busy travelling around the world for a while, namely Bard Judith and Grunok, so we'll have to compensate their productivity in the meantime... Anyway, Eratin's Windsinger picture now really gets shape, so expect no less than a masterpiece to be delivered within the next weeks. Another Sheil picture inspired Decipher to work on the Le'tan Bird. Various Manthrian Places entries are now in the works, be it Sunth, Shady Grove, Salndo or Jyth. - Let's see if we can finish one or two for the next updates!

 Bestiary Updated entry on the Jegra Lizard, a jungle dwelling bipedal lizard, known for their ferocious hunting techniques and methods of killing. In this context also the overview entry on Lizards was updated with further, in the meantime completed images (Decipher Ziron, pic Sheil)
Updated entry on the Vilerat, updating and revising the entry (Nsikigan Yourth)
 Herbarium Added entry on the Nightshade Bush, a plant of multiple medicianal uses (Kelancy the Green)
 History Converted several further already existing history tables to the new format, so that they for one appear in the entries and on the other hand can also be accessed through the new History menu. Focus this time lay on Manthrian Places entries and the Sophronian tribe (Artimidor)
 Magic Updated Level 8 Earth Spell - Waning, completely revising the spell (Drasil Razorfang)
 Misc. Updated entry on the Miraje Finger Blade, adding an illustration of this rare and exotic, but nevertheless quite deadly weapon. The Weapons Overview was also updated featuring the Miraje Finger Blade (pic Bard Judith)
Updated entry on Proverbs and Sayings, adding several additional new expressions (various Santharian members)
Added entry on the Silkstone, a rare mineral with remarkable magical capabilities
(Nsikigan Yourth)
 People Updated entry on Raeis Boldsnout, adding illustration of the infamous renegade mage, thief of the legendary "Tome of Time" (pic Drucilla Sablewolffe)
 Places Added entry on the Port City Marduran, another traditional Avennorian town at the Mithral Coast in the Santharian province of Manthria (Grunok)
Updated the entry on the Grand Empire of Krath, also adding in the images that we have already integrated in the last update at the Krean tribe entry (pics Sheil)

    Site Update of February 4th 2007 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. This week's update brings mainly a lot of new pictures, the first coming from two brand new artists, who support the Santharian Dream by giving permission to integrate their fabulous artwork: Please welcome Linda Tso from New Zealand (Santharian name still pending) and Edyta Felcyn (Sheil) from Poland - and now go and check out their first integrated pieces at the Krean and the Empire of Krath entries! Add to the new images three new pictures done by Bard Judith - a portrait of Alysse the Likely, the Oloy and of the Cha'ah Tea Herb. - Or would you to better like to hear some music? Then you should definitely check out Gean's latest composition, the soothing Theme of Lynlith. Also added were weapons and armour entries like the Swift Shield and the Blade Staff, both entries by new contributers, namely Colossuem and Kaldez'Yadra. Congratulations on getting your first entries approved and on the site!

Coming Up. To be expected in the next updates are further pictures to be integrated by our new artists, and Bard Judith has also much more up her sleeve regarding images, be it a hobbit, a Marmarran noble or a very, very tiny, but quite deadly weapon... The town of Marduran is being worked on by Grunok, Gean does already his next musical piece and there are more Bestiary entries in progress than I have fingers to count. Look forward to the next update, see you in two weeks!

 Bestiary Added entry on the Makaka Ape, the small Nybelmarian "elf whelp" ape (Alysse the Likely)
Updated entry on the Oloy, adding illustration of the aquatic mammal (pic Bard Judith)
 Herbarium Updated entry on the Cha'ah Tea Herb, adding in an illustration of the plant (pic Bard Judith)
 History Converted further existing history tables to the new format, so that they for one appear in the entries and on the other hand can also be accessed through the new History menu. All elven tribes of Southern Sarvonia have their history tables now converted. Also accessible in the Continents section of the History menu are Northern Sarvonian tables for the first time, as far as they are filled yet. Additional graphics were added as well (Artimidor)
 Library Added poem "Ode to the Desert", to our "Songs for Travelling" collection (Gean Firefeet)
 Misc. Added entry on the Blade Staff, a polearm weapon with balde(s) fastened to it (Kaldez'Yadra)
Added entry on the Swift Shield, a simple hexagonal Kanapan shield (Colossuem)
 Music Added new musical piece "Theme of Lynlith", a soothing theme of the towns of Lynlith and Vicrem, which are known for industry related to the sheeps of the region (music Gean Firefeet)
 People Updated entry on Alysse the Likely, adding portrait of our famous Fal'cone Kuglimz tribeswoman and Santharchivist drawn by her sister (pic Bard Judith)
 Places Added entry on Clendor Tower, a windowless colossus in the Santharian province of Manthria, towering over cliffs wet with the spray of the Adanian Sea (Grunok)
Updated entry on the Grand Empire of Krath, adding illustration of Evania Asáén at the tomb of her recently deceased father. This picture was also added to the entry on the Krean Men (pic with friendly permission by Linda Tso)
 Team Added basic membership page of Sheil (Edyta Felcyn), a brand new artist from Poland allowing us to use her artwork here in Santharia. Sheil likes to draw dragons and dinosaurs, so expect more to be added to the site in this respect. Welcome to the Dream, Sheil! (Sheil)
 Tribes Updated entry on the Krean Men, adding illustration of a Lillivear priestess immersed in the splendour of the Krean rainforests and an Aesteran lady on her way to a midnight soiree (pic Sheil)

    Site Update of January 21st 2006 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. The first regular update this year brings one more important Places entry for our Santharian province of Manthria - Keep Mistrash, written by Grunok and illustrated by Quellion. Furthermore we have no less than three "inland" varieties of the merfolk race to offer: the Rivermaids, the Maryóns (or Watersprogs) and finally the not so nice Swamphags, all done by Talia! And if you're feeling unsafe, get some Plate Armour to protect yourself from any adversaries (entry by Nsikigan, illustrated by Quellion). Also congratulations go to Cirra for her very first contribution that made it on the site, a small drake called the Eingana Whelp! Finally, quite a bit of History was added to our new menu, much more is still to come. The tables converted into the new scheme also show up now in improved format on the specific entries!

Coming Up. To be expected soon on the site are more Places entries in the Manthrian region: Grun, Valan Nonesuch and Almare are working on the Clendor Tower, the notorious "pirate town" of Sunth and Saldno, another fishing town on the Yanthian Gulf! More drawings are to be seen from Judy - she's working on an  olloy illustration, two mages, capou-capou monkies, a portrait of Alysse to name just a few things... Drucilla deals with a Raeis Boldsnout pic, and Eratin has started a the first rough version of the Windsingers. Gean has some new music in store as well, a bunch of weapons are on their way - oh, and another Santharian development tool is in the works: the official Santharian Name Generator (SNG) to help you define tribe specifc names. Stay tuned!

 Bestiary Added entry on the Eingana Whelp, peaceful, shy drakes of the Drifting Woods (Cirra)
Added entry on the Spiderturtle (Spittle), an eighlegged, small crustacean. The original entry was completely revised and expanded (Nsikigan)
 History Converted more than a dozen existing history tables to the new format, so that they for one appear in the entries and on the other hand can also be accessed through the new History menu (Artimidor)
 Misc. Added entry on Plate Mail Armour, the third entry in our armour series, this time dealing with the best protection available for the common knight (Nsikigan, pics Quellion)
 Places Added entry on Keep Mistrash, a Manthrian fortified castle, seat of the Markgravens of the Mithral Marshes since the time of the 8th century b.S. (Grunok, pic Quellion)
 Treasures &
Added two more recipes to Madame Sausade's Cookery Book, the Elsrethian Spiddlebake and Demon's Spittle, a hot creamed spiderturtle dip. These recipes can also be accessed through the Spiderturtle entry (Bard Judith)
 Tribes Added entry on the Rivermaids, merfolk-like creatures living in rivers throughout Sarvonia. Though sentient, they appear to be not as intelligent as the merfolk (Talia Sturmwind)
Added entry on the Maryóns (Watersprogs), another merfolk-variety, this time smaller and more fragile, at home mainly near waterfalls (Talia Sturmwind)
Added entry on the Swamphags (Moorcrocks), the third kind of water-dwelling sentient beings, living in bottomless swamps, a very ugly and downright evil species one should try to avoid meeting (Talia Sturmwind)

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