Site Update of June 10th 2007 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. This week we have no less than three first-time contributers: Aurora Damall provides us with a tasty recipe for Madame Sausade's Cookery Book, the Erpheronian Boar Steak, Alassiel finished her bronze beast for Nybelmar, the Sauramedon, and Hylphán got no less than three additions up this week - the Halak-Sun Blood Bloom, Haloen's Tail and even an illustration of a Scattersand Shoals island! We also welcome Zacheius back after a little hiatus, check out his very creative Bavereye Beetle! Other important entries of this week are the Tethinrhim Riá rewrite (Drúadan), the Erpheronian King Erdolomin the Righteous (Trelstahl) and an overview entry on Medicine in Caelereth by Kelancey the Green, which will be expanded over time with further additions.

Coming Up. In the works are - among other things - entries on the Six Bodily Constituents, also details on Antivenins and Antidotes, both are entries that will be treated as disciplines of Caelerethian medicine. Bestiary additions currently in progress are the Icelands Wison, the Bookworm or the Giant Boar - to name just a few. In the Herbarium we plan to add soon the Nightgrape and the Liu'lian Tree for example. Caltharian Nomenclature also should be ready soon. In short: I'm looking forward to the next update!

 Bestiary Added entry on the Archerfish, a fish species of the Drifting Woods (Drúadan)
Added entry on the Bavereye Beetle, a beautiful, but queer beetle of the Scattersand Shoals, that can change its colour at will (Zacheius Aquadel)
Added entry on the Sauramedon, the bizarre "Bronze Beast" of Nybelmar (Alassiel)
 Herbarium Added entry on the Gunthreed, a rare and valuable plant used mainly to soother the mothers' pain during childbirth (Miraran Tehuriden)
Added entry on the
Halak-Sun Blood Bloom, a flowering, thick kind of bush (Hylphán)
Added entry on
Haloen's Tail ("Firebird Flower"), a fiery plant of the Scattersand Shoals area (Hylphán)
entry on the Bombox Palm, adding illustration (pic Hylphán)
 Library Added three Remusian warriors prayers to our Prayers page, dealing with "Honour", "Destiny" and "Fate" (Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin, Alysse & Alassiel)
 Miscellanous Added entry on the Remusian Awl Game, a simple game known on the Ice Coasts, using tools of materials of leather workers (Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin, pic Altario & Artimidor)
Added entry on Medicine of Caelereth, an overview entry, where we'll add the various medicinal disciplines as we go along (Kelancey the Green)
 People Added entry on Erdolomin the Righteous, another Erpheronian king of the War for Ancyros era (Trelstahl)
 Places Updated entry on Lorehaven, adding illustration of the Lorehold University (pic Arbaon)
Updated entry on
Riá, completely revising the entry according to the new scheme and adding in many more details (Drúadan)
Updated entry on the
Scattersand Shoals, adding illustration of the beaches of Aiden and the windswept bombox palms growing there (Hylphán)
 Treasures &
Added one more recipe to Madame Sausade's Cookery Book, the Erpheronian Boar Steak with Sweetsauce (Aurora Damall)

    Site Update of May 20th 2007 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. Let's see what we've got this time for you: Some cheesy stuff, this time illustrated (Bard Judith), a very strange... erm... "something" that is neither beast nor plant, but bears the name Mossmounds (Miraran), a famous new weapon of the Murmillion elite, the Draskovaer (Koldar), a recipe in case you're a sweettooth (Alysse), then our first medicine overview dealing with herbs that serve as Fever Reducers and Purifiers (Kelancey) - oh, and of course a load of photos taken during the Santharian Dutchmoot 1667 showing our Dutch and Belgian division in happy reunion! And finally we've got the very first contribution by Altario, the Kor'och fey Mologh, the Remusian Horse. - Congratulations on that! We're looking forward to many more entries to come...

Coming Up. Aside from the usual beasts and plants, there's more work on Places in progress. The first module for the interactive Flash experience Santhworld is also slowly but surely reaching a presentable status. It will allow you to walk around and talk to Santharian characters in the Lorehold university of Lorehaven - in good old text adventure style. This will surely last several more weeks to get on the site, but it will feature also a lot of pictures and content you know already from the site, but this time presented in a more entertaining form.

 Bestiary Added entry on Kor'och fey Mologh ("Remusian Horse"), a docile, but excellent riding horse bred by the Ice Tribes of Northern Sarvonia (Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin)
Added entry on the Mossmounds, one of the greatest natural mysteries of Nybelmar, being neither plant nor beast (Miraran Tehuriden)
Added entry on the Mosschildren, associated creatures to the just mentioned Mossmounds (Miraran Tehuriden)
 Herbarium Added entry on Fever Reducers and Purifiers, a first overview entry on medicines of Caelereth, listing healing plants for the purpose of reducing fevers. Several more similar entries covering Caelerethian medicine are about to follow. Note that these overview pages can also be found in a new Medicine section in the Miscellaneous menu (Kelancey the Green)
 Miscellanous Added entry on the Draskovaer ("Axeblade"), a highly reputed and idolized weapon of the Murmillion elite warriors, the Drakkar (Koldar Mondrakken)
Updated entry on the
Ducraer Boat, completely revising the entry (Drúadan, pic Quellion)
Updated entry on
Cheeses of Caelereth, adding illustration of an assortment of all kinds of cheeses throughout the world (pic Bird Judith)
 Magic Updated entry on Level 5 Earth Spell - Animate Dead, adding illustration (pic Quellion)
 Places Updated the Manthrian Map, adding several more small descriptions throughout the map (Grunok)
 Treasures &
Added photo page of Dutchmoot 1667, displaying 21 pictures of the first official Dutch-only Santharian gathering of developers in Breda, Netherlands. Attendants of the meeting were Gean Firefeet, Irid al'Menie, Miraran and Marvin - and more in form of easter eggs on the photos... (photos Gean Firefeet, Irid, text Gean & Artimidor)
Added one more recipe to Madame Sausade's Cookery Book, the Nyermersyan Meringues (Alysse the Likely)

    Site Update of May 1st 2007 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. For this week's update we had two more days to prepare entries, so we've got some things in that are not every day business additions. Among them another expansion of the History menu, first details on Styrásh Tenses (starting with the Past Tense), lots of new Styrásh vocabulary - and we answer all your questions about... cheese! No less than four Bestiary entries were added this week as well, ranging from the Driftspider over the Vól'áel Drake to the quite strange Styruine Round Worm. The Larkentir Tree finally got a complete entry, written by Drúadan, who got his first entries up this week - so congratulations! - We're also happy to include some "fan art" on the site this week, namely two illustrations for Judy's tale of "The Princess and the White Bear" done by Jeni Malament! Plus Miraran finally got his official team page up - check it out!

Coming Up. Works currently in progress include a brand new weapon, the Draskovaer (Bladeaxe), the Nightgrape Fungus, a rewrite on the Ducraer ship and some more Santharian recipes. More Manthrian descriptions to come include the Fields of Aurium and an update on the Tethinrhim Ria. A bunch of interesting Santharian celebrities might also show up soon, and a some tropical pictures have also been sighted to be added soon... - See you next update!

 Bestiary Added entry on the Driftspider, a water spider of the Drifting Woods area (Miraran)
Added entry on
the Mogo Fish, a large and tasty fish of the Nybelmarian coasts (Miraran)
Added entry on the Styruine Round Worm, something to add to an "exotic menu"... (Morcaanan)
Added entry on the Vól'aél Drake, one of the smallest drakes of Caelereth (Druadán)
entry on the Fish-Tick Beetle, adding Myth/Lore section (Miraran)
 Herbarium Added entry on the Larkentir Tree, a fascinating, yet unsettling kind of plant, which is actually closely related to the fungus family (Drúadan & Bard Judith)
 History Two new categories were added to the History menu scheme - for one Miscellaneous, which will contain time tables that don't fit anywhere else (started of with the History on Cheeses) and another category is called Royal Lines, meant to contain overviews on kings, queens and their descendants as well as short summaries of their deeds. These Royal Lines tables will basically serve for development purposes and therefore remain fragmentary by design. They were started with some very basic data for now (Artimidor)
 Languages Added entry on the Styrásh Tenses, starting this page off with details on the Styrásh Past Tense. More tenses will follow in the course of time (Anwulf & Artimidor)
Added 54 new words to our Stýrash-Tharian and Tharian-Styrásh vocabulary pages - we now have 653 Styrásh words on the site! (Quaelh'Orín & Anwulf)
 Library Updated fairy-tale "The Princess and the White Bear", adding the story to "Master Tribell's Miraculous Narrations" and adding two pictures inspired by the tale, drawn by Jeni Malament and used with friendly permission (pics Jeni)
 Miscellanous Added entry on Cheeses of Caelereth, a massive collection of all kinds of varieties of this product made out of goat, cow or horse milk (Bard Judith & Talia Sturmwind)
entry on the Nightclaw Blade, completely revising the weapon (Nsikigan Yourth)
Updated the Miscellaneous Development Rules, adding details on How to Do Products and Industries, How to Do Books, Scrolls and Parchments and finally on How to Do Food and Beverages (Trelstahl & Talia Sturmwind)
 Magic Added Level 3 Earth Spell - Colossal Weight, to our magic spells collection (Drasil Razorfang)
 People Added entry on King Myrwodin, the cruel and devious regent of Erpheronia who initiated the War for Ancyros with his Caltharian neighbours (Trelstahl)
 Team Added membership page on Miraran Tehuriden (Roel van Veen) from the Netherlands. Having had his inauguration party already back in December 2006 we finally also got his member details up - woohooo! Again welcome officially to the Dream, Mira! (Miraran)

    Site Update of April 9th 2007 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. This Easter update brings mainly beasts, history details and a bunch of smaller, but nice changes in site design. Head right into the Bestiary if you're looking for our most recent addition in terms of dragonkind to check out the Ivorine Drake (written by our Dragonmaster Morcaanan, with two pics by Sheil). Another massive animal, the Quaerash (by Artimidor), makes an appearance in the Santharian North. If you're interested in Caltharian history, we've got entries on King Artero the Weak and on the rebellion leader Duke Mertrogrand (entries by Trelstahl). Avennorian Nomenclature also could be finished for this week's update, the timeline tables in the History section now feature the first introductory paragraphs including illustrations, Santhmoot photos got their golden frames, a Flash map was added to Marduran, some menu changes were realized, along with a massive load of history table conversions and Viresse's 18 chapter long novel "Darkling Abroad" was also put into the new Library format.

Coming Up. Name lists for already elaborated tribes are about to be put on the site soon, so that it will be much easier for anyone trying to generate proper Santharian names to stay true to a tribe. An enchanted well has been sighted in the Goltherlon and a famous Tethinrhim archery school is in the works. Another real life meeting of Santharians has taken place recently as well in the Netherlands, called "Dutchmoot", and we hope to get up official pictures on the site as well from this event! Have fun with this week's Easter update!

 Bestiary Added entry on the Ivorine Drake, a rare, kind and good-natured type of drake with magical abilities, at home in parts of Northern Sarvonia and Cyhalloi. The Lesser Drakes Overview was also updated, adding this drake (Morcaanan)
Added entry on the Quaerash Lizard ("Tuskdigger"), an important massive draft beast, in use mainly by Erpheronian and Caltharian noblemen (Artimidor, pic Faugar)
 History A good deal of further history tables were converted once again to the new format, not only appearing in the History section, but also at the corresponding entries. Among them: the Caltharians, the Doimo Men, the Kassites, the Korweynites, the Krean, the Santerrans, the Zhunites, the Murmillion, the Orcristh orcs - and others. Please note that Nybelmarian tables at the moment still use the Sarvonian Era categorization. (Artimidor)
Also added was a new section titled "Events" in the menus that will contain event related history tables like the War for Ancyros (Artimidor)
The dynamic history table generation was further improved, now also allowing introductory sections at all history entries, including picture display. First results of updated tables you can view at tribe tables like the Avennorians, the Erpheronians, King Thar or the Era of Cataclysm and more. Introductory headers will be added soon at other history tables as well (Artimidor)
 Languages Added approximately 50 new words to our Stýrash-Tharian and Tharian-Styrásh vocabulary pages - we now have 599 Styrásh words on the site! (Artimidor, Anwulf and others)
 Library Converted the 18 chapters of "Darkling Aborad", a Santharian novel written by Viresse, to the new Library scheme (Artimidor)
 Magic Added Level 7 Wind Spell - Shielding Winds to our magic spells collection (Miny Aylwin, pic Quellion)
 People Added entry on Artero the Weak, the King of Caltharia, who was unable to suppress a rebellion against his reign at the time of the War for Ancyros (Trelstahl)
Added entry on Duke Mertogran, the rebellious Caltharian Duke of Cantollio during the War for Ancyros (Trelstahl)
 Places Updated entry on the Flash MoviePort City of Marduran, adding zoomable Flash map version (movie Artimidor)
 & Tribes
Updated entry on the Avennorian Men, adding new section about Avennorian Nomenclature, thus concluding language additions for this tribe (Artimidor)
 & Oddities
Updated all Santhmoot picture pages (see example here) adding golden frames at all small versions of the photos, improving the overall design of these pages (Artimidor)
 Website Some slight menu changes were realized in regards of Nybelmar - in the Places menu Eastern and Western Nybelmar now stand on the same level as Northern and Southern Sarvonia and in the Tribes menu the split between East and West Nybelmar now also reflects in the menu structures of the elves and men branch (Artimidor)

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