Site Update of September 23rd 2007 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. No reason indeed to complain this week about Santharian developers not having done their homework! We can offer you several illustrated entries this time, like the cute Fuzzle (Drucilla), the definitely not that cute Iceland Shortsnout (Vesk & Quellion), the Tethinrhim Academy of Archery (Drasil & Quellion) and finally Eckra the Cruel (Eratin). We also have got a wonderful new musical piece for you to listen to, the "Orcish Theme" by newcomer Macar! And two other newcomers, Vehrok and Thortar, have got their first contributions up on the site as well, the Saiph-Stone and a fungus grown by the Thergerim, the Nightgrape! Welcome to our first time contributers! Other highlights to check out are Decipher's Sanryu Concept, representing the basis for the coming entry on Blood Magic, another musical instrument, the Black Birch Baton by Petros, and Anci's A'charil Strategy Game. A revision on Dragons is also in progress - more adjustments in this respect are to follow!

Coming Up. In the works and to be expected more sooner than later are for example: Irid's Chapter II of her "Murder in Bardavos" mystery, more descriptions of musical instruments and perhaps even another piece of music as Macar tries to realize an elven theme. More Remusian stuff might show up soon as well, some spells, another Erpheronian king and a Places entry or two are to be expected as well, be it for Nybelmar, Southern Sarvonia, or even up north, in the Ice Tribes region. Please note however that the date of the next update is unclear, as your dear webmaster is moving and things might take a while until they get back to the regular rhythm. Thanks for understanding!

 Bestiary Added entry on the Dark Stryke Shark, a deadly mysterious fish of the Northern ocean (Altario)
Updated entry on the
Dragons, a first step in regards of revising dragon categorization on the site. While various other Overview entries still need to be adjusted, the menu structure has also already been changed to reflect the four new groups of dragons (Morcaanan & Artimidor)
Added entry on the
Fuzzle, a timid, fluffy mouse-like rodent (text & pic Drucilla Sablewolffe)
Added entry on the
Iceland Shortsnout, an impressive, majestic and fearsome mount of the ice tribes on the Peninsula of Iol (Vesk Lyricahl, pic Quellion)
 Herbarium Added entry on Dreamer's Breath, a small wild flower with healing qualities (Anci'helvíl'yón)
Added entry on the
Nightgrape, a fungus grown mainly by the Thergerim (Thortar)
 Magic Added entry on Level 2 Earth Spell - Demoralize to our spells collection (Thorgas Ironforge)
Updated entry on Level 7 Water Spell - Water Extraction, revising the entry (Fox)
 Misc. Added entry on the A'charil Game, a stragtegy game created to depict the many inner and outer struggles of the Grand Empire of Krath. The game diagram is still to be added later (Anci'helvíl'yón)
Added entry on the Black Birch Baton
, a single reed woodwind instrument (Petros Greenvale)
Added entry on Saiph-Stone ("Storm Pearl")
, a highly valued mineral found on the Icelands Coast of Northern Sarvonia (Paladin Killian)
Added entry on Sanryu Concept
, a life principle known especially in Nybelmar (Decipher Ziron)
 Music Added new music, the "Orcish Theme", another theme for one of our races, this time dealing with the war-loving orcs (music Macar)
 People Updated entry on Eckra the Cruel, illustrating the necromancer representing the Chosen of the Goddess of Death, Queprur. Though the picture was added, the entry format still is somewhat outdated and needs to be revised at some point (pic Eratin)
 Places Added entry on the Tethinrhim Academy of Archery, Drasil's masterwork to gain membership about the school of the Kaierean Warriors in the Auturian Woods (Drasil, pic Quellion)
 Team Added membership details on Drasil Razorfang (James Lofredo from New Jersey, US), our most recent member, now official Dreamer. Welcome! (Drasil)

    Special Announcement of Sept. 18th 2007 by Artimidor

Our new member!

Just a mere month after Decipher's official inauguration to the Dream Team we can also welcome his long-time partner in crime (as Bestiary Moderator that is) now as official member of Santharia: Congratulate Drasil Razorfang (James Lofredo from New Jersey, US) on becoming an acknowledged Dreamer! Actually Drasil has been around since March 2006 already and has delivered no less than 18 entries in this time. While he made some pauses every now and then he returned again with new ideas and fresh energy to tackle persisting problems and finally he also got his masterwork approved, the Archery Academy of the Tethinrhim near Sillena. During his time in Santharia Drasil made 8 Earth Magic spells, 4 weapons entries, one artifact, two beasts, a people entry, and just recently the Places entry for his masterwork. And he's still working on more!

As is the case with all members we invite everyone cordially to Drasil's Inauguration Party at the Santharian Development Board, in order to welcome our new member, get to meet some Santharians in character and fetch a few exclusive snacks from the buffet! - Happy celebrating!

- Artimidor, Santharian Webmaster on behalf of the Santharian Development Team

    Site Update of September 2nd 2007 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. This September update brings mainly progress on our - so far a bit neglected - race of the gnomes with no less than three entries: one about Stujuck Bilge, a gnomish inventor, then we have Bilge Powder, the fertilizer he created that made him famous and finally we've got the famous Book of the Elemene Tabulata. All these entries were done by one of our new aspiring apprentices, Gaffin! Welcome on board! A welcome also goes to Anci'helvíl'yón, who got her first entry up, the Fujin Riding Cat, and to Helvil Ypherén, who contributed two new spells this time. One of them, the Wind Spell "Brain Death" also has an illustration by Quellion. Also Drucilla is back with a picture for the Rainbow Serpent and has more in store... Petros and Decipher explain a funny variety of Percussion Instruments to musically interested people - oh, and Trelstahl delivered another interesting Erpheronian king entry: Myracor the Mighty! - Check them out!

Coming Up. What is to be expected in the next updates? Well, a rather large beast found on the Peninsula of Iol might show up soon, illustrated by Quellion, while Drucilla has a funny critter in the works (including a picture as well), that scores mainly with tremendous cuteness. Up north there are also rumours of so-called Stormpearls, while in Santharia Petros goes for more details on the instruments of the king's orchestra. Finally, last but not least, long-time contributer Drasil is about to complete his masterwork, the Tethinrhim Academy of Archery and Advanced Military Tactics - so stay tuned for a party soon!

 Bestiary Added entry on the Fujin Riding Cat, a domesticated wild cat of Nybelmar, used by the Krath cavalry (Anci'helvíl'yón)
Added entry on the
Rainbow Serpent, a colourful, yet venomous snake, known to live mainly in the Auturian Woods in central Santharia (Ganinon, pic Drucilla)
Added entry on the
Riccio ("Pricklypig"), a small rodent with sharp, spiny quills (Alysse)
 Magic Added entry on Level 2 Water Spell - Cold Breath to our spells collection (Helvil Ypherén)
Updated entry on
Level 7 Water Spell - Spear of Frost, revising the entry (Fox)
Added entry on Level 7 Wind Spell - Brain Death to our spells collection (Helvil Ypherén, pic Quellion)
 Library Added song "Heard in the Woods of a Summer Night" to our "Poems for Children" collection (Bard Judith)
 Misc. Added entry on the Bilge Powder, a fertilizer made by the gnome Stujuck Bilge (Gaffin)
Added entry on the Elemene Tabulata, a gnomish constantly updated tome, dedicated to the recording of all things related to the practice of alchemy (Gaffin)
Added entry on
Percussion Instruments, an overview on all kinds of percussion instruments that can be found in Caelereth (Petros Greenvale & Decipher Ziron)
entry on the Sword of Twilight, completely revising the entry (Vesk Lyricahl)
 People Added entry on the gnome Stujuck Bilge, a famous Gnorian inventor (Gaffin)
Added entry on King Myracor the Mighty, another addition to our series of Erpheronian kings. The Erpheronian Royal Line History Table was also updated with the new information added (Trelstahl)
 Team Updated membership page of Decipher Ziron, adding photo (Decipher)

    Special Announcement of August 12th 2007 by Artimidor

Our new member!

It took quite a while until this day, but I am happy that the celebrations can finally begin: Decipher Ziron these days finally completed his long-in-the-works Santharian masterwork, the entry on the Nybelmarian Town of Mylthis! And thus hereby he is solemnly declared official member of the Santharian Development Dream Team with all its privileges! Indeed Decipher has worked diligently as Bestiary Moderator already in the past year and has completed no less than eight Bestiary entries, two Herbarium contributions, two poems/songs, two weapons and a mineral - and last but not least his masterwork. Aside from that Deci helped others by commenting on their work to approve these entries for integration on the site and has been a valuable help on the board we wouldn't want to miss!

As is the case with all members we invite everyone cordially to Decipher's Inauguration Party at the Santharian Development Board, in order to welcome our new member, get to meet some Santharians in character and fetch a few exclusive snacks from the buffet! - Happy celebrating!

- Artimidor, Santharian Webmaster on behalf of the Santharian Development Team

    Site Update of August 12th 2007 by Artimidor

Update Statement. Very diverse and interesting stuff awaits this time, like the entry on Manthria's contemporary Thane Herrgan Swanhild (by Arceon), the intriguing custom of the Ice Tribes, Nechya's Rope Amulet (Altario) or the Tripoint Polearm, which is Ganinon's very first contribution to Santharia! Also the very first contribution comes from Petros Greenvale, who brings us the Canopine Tree. If that's not enough to read through then go and check out Decipher's masterwork, the Town of Mylthis, and let Gean's latest song "A Day at Keep Mistrash" play in the background...

Coming Up. There's still hope to get one the largest Manthrian cesspools up on the site soon, more precisely: the entry on Sunth. In the making are as well entries on some Santharian music instruments, the Salsair Horse Festival, a new disease and beasts like the pricklypig or the venomenous rainbow serpent to name just a few things. - See you next update!

 Bestiary Added entry on the Dhururian Snail, a rather unassuming creature of the Eight Winds Bay (Altario)
 Herbarium Added entry on Arléá's Tear, an abundant wildflower common in Nybelmar (Twen Araerwen)
Added entry on the Canopine Tree, an tree named after its canopy of large needles (Petros Greenvale)
 Misc. Added entry on the Nechya's Rope Amulet, representing a tradition of the Ice Tribes (Altario)
Added entry on the Tripoint Polearm, a three-pointed weapon used by the Ice Tribes (Ganinon)
 History Converted several further history tables into the new format, especially history on the Ice Tribes, the halflings race, the Brownie race, the Akdorian, Memnoor and Milken Brownies as well as the League (Artimidor)
 Library Added song "Herool's Prowl" to our "Poems for Children" collection (Decipher Ziron)
Added song
"Ma'asherom's Call" to our "Battle Songs" collection (Letitia De Lockhart)
Added shepherds' ditty
"The Cancu Sheep are Gone" to our "Songs of the Kuglimz" collection (Altario)
Added song "Gerluic's Marching Song" to our "Travelling Songs" collection (Arceon)
 Music Added musical piece "A Day at Keep Mistrash" to our Places music collection. This musical theme was also added to the Keep Mistrash entry (music Gean Firefeet)
 People Added entry on the Thane Herrgan Swanhild, Duke of Marcogg and Thane of the Santharian province of Manthria (Arceon Barrurbeleth)
 Places Added entry on the Town of Mylthis, a town in south-western Nybelmar, also called the "Spine of Sihitara". This entry was submitted as Decipher's masterwork towards official Santharian membership (Decipher Ziron)
 Team Added membership page on Decipher Ziron, our most recent Santharian member, who just finished his masterwork, thus officially joining the Dream team. Welcome on board! (Decipher)

    Site Update of July 22nd 2007 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. It's summer and the holidays are taking their toll on Santharian entries... Nevertheless we can invite you to smell a bit at the Halak-Sun Blood Bloom (pic Hylphán), take a look at Erpheronia's proudest hero, Jaecor "Ironhand" Armerson (entry Artimidor, pic Bard Judith) or get to know the Iceland Wison (Altario) from up north. Additionally we have three more Herbarium entries to offer, a lot of Western Nybelmarian history finally made it to the site, we've got another illustration for "The Princess and the White Bear Story" (Jeni) and three new poems, one of them by Degas Zummatra, who introduces himself to Santharia with his first excellent lyrical work! Welcome officially to the Dream, Degas!

Coming Up. More poems, more plants, more beasts, maybe some more history details - that pretty much sums it up what you might expect in the next weeks There are no special entries currently in the works that are out of the ordinary and thus I can't promise much else. Expect a bit lesser content next update in general though due to the summer months.

 Bestiary Added entry on the Iceland Wison, a wild beast of the bovine family, suited for the Coast of the Icelands in Northern Sarvonia (Altario)
 Herbarium Added entry on the Dragonbells Bush, a highly decorative climbing bush common in the Dragon's Back region of Nybelmar (Miraran)
Added entry on the
Liu'lian Tree, a tree known especially for its thorn-covered fruit, the "Reekthorns" (Alassiel)
Added entry on the
Zhun Geranium Flower, a magnificent Nybelmarian flower that comes in many colour varieties (Decipher Ziron)
Updated entry on the
Halak-Sun Blood Bloom Bush, adding illustration of this colourful, large flowering plant (pic Hylphán)
 History Added several new history details regarding Western Nybelmar, featuring own continent specific era names. Several new tables can be found in the Western Nybelmar History menu and mainly at the human tribes section of the History menu (Coren FrozenZephyr)
 Library Updated the page on Ballads of Caelereth, adding the poem "The Curse of Tacunija" (Degas Zummatra)
Updated the page on
Miscellaneous Poems, adding two more poems, "The Carteloreen", lyrics about the Caelerethian whales, and "The Dragonstorm", dealing with a memorable historical event (Alassiel Telrúnya & Letitia de Lockhart)
Updated fairy-tale
"The Princess and the White Bear", adding one more picture inspired by the tale, drawn by Jeni Malament and used with friendly permission (pics Jeni)
 People Added entry on the knight Jaecor "Ironhand" Armerson, one of Erpheronia's legendary heroes, the sole triple victor of the Armarenda tournament. Events and picture were also added to Erpheronian History (Artimidor, pic Bard Judith)
 Places Updated entry on the Region of Dragon's Back, adding map. The map was also added to the Karakan entry (Coren FrozenZephyr)
 Team Updated membership page of Vesk Lyricahl, substituting biography and photo (Vesk)

    Site Update of July 1st 2007 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. No less than three more entries we've got this time regarding Medicine and Vitality in Caelereth - for one an entry on Antivenins and Antidotes (Kelancey), then we treat your Cuts and Slashes (Aurora, illustrated by Quellion and Arbaon) and finally a thorougly thought through medicinal theory awaits with the Six Bodily Constituents (again Doc Kelancey). If you have time for a length Places entry, check out the Region of Dragon's Back in Nybelmar (Coren), otherwise have a look at the Boardrak (Aurora) or the Verain Lizard (Decipher, picture by Sheil) in the Bestiary. You might as well welcome a new halfling, who smokes some Pipe Weed in the Herbarium (again, illustration by Arbaon). And should you look for some shivers, we can offer you two additions to the Ghost and Horror Poems - one of them, "The Wretched Elf" being the first contrubition by development newbie Letitia! Welcome on the dev side of things!

Coming Up. In the works are more poems, and the usual suspicious candidates, which means mostly beasts and plants. Also the next Erpheronian king awaits, Myracor the Mighty. Hopefully now that the holidays have begun, we can get some things finished as well that have been in the works for quite a while, as a lot of entries or pictures are finished to a high degree and long to receive the final touches.

 Bestiary Added entry on the Boardrak, a massive omnivorous boar of Northern Sarvonia (Aurora Damall)
Added entry on the Verain Lizard, an egg stealing lizard of the Rainforests of Shar in southwestern Nybelmar (Decipher Ziron, pic Sheil)
 Herbarium Updated entry on the Hobbitweed, adding illustration of a pipe smoking halfling. This picture was also added to the Usages section of the Pipe Moss entry (pic Arbaon)
Updated entry on the Icemilk, completely revising the existing entry (Altario & Bard Judith)
Added entry on the
Kail ("Kaleflower"), a healthy, dark green above-ground vegetable that comes in many varieties (Bard Judith)
 History Added history table of the Centoraurian Royal Line, an official and essential, yet fragementary development table to be used for future reference. To be updated whenever new information becomes available (Curgan)
 Languages Updated entry on the Styrásh Tenses, adding details on the Styrásh future tense (Anwulf)
 Library Updated the page on Ghost and Horror Poems, adding two more contributions: "The Wretched Elf" (Letitia de Lockhart) and "The Venlaken Nightmare" (Decipher Ziron)
 Miscellanous Added entry on the Antivenins, Antidotes and Allergy Remedies, another medicine chapter providing an overview on all plants of relevance in this context (Kelancey the Green)
Added entry on Cuts and Slashes and their Treatment, giving insights in healing practices regarding minor and serious wounds in Caelereth (Aurora Damall, pics Quellion & Arbaon)
Added entry on the
Six Bodily Constituents, a theory of major importance especially for healers of the six elemental spirits that hold the body together (Kelancey the Green)
 Places Added entry on the Region of Dragon's Back, an area named after a prominent mountain stock in northern Zhun, located in southwesterrn Nybelmar (Coren FrozenZephyr)
 Treasures &
Added two more receipts to Madame Sausade's Cookery Book: Stuffed Cabbagewort Rolls and King's Kaleflower (Bard Judith)

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