Site Update of December 31st 2007 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. In the middle of the Christmas holidays and right in time before the new year starts we bring you another update with some important stuff: The Library menu was finally switched to a section system, and a complete Caelerethian History table is now available to help development. We also bring you two more Places entries, the Mines of Ghun'gob (Helvil) below the Tandalas and the Nybelmarian Farming Settlement of Miarzan (Decipher), a story by Garret Arroway about the "Lessons of Leon the Long" and fascinating beasts like the Quwish Bird (Ganinon) or the Pfool (Rookie). Also check out the "Santharian Seasonal Tidings" poem by a certain Miraclaus and his elfy helper - maybe just a fire mage in disguise, but who knows?

Coming Up. To be expected in the New Year are detailed key entries on tribes like the Serphelorians (Grunok) and the Caltharians (Bard Judith), both with language details included. Judy is also working on a revision of the Town of Carmalad. Ganinon tries his hand on an entry on the quill, and Decipher looks into Blood Magic. So until the next update we wish you a belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2008. - Cheers!

 Bestiary Added entry on the Pfool ("Gobhorse"), a small, partly aquatic mammal, living solely on the treacherous terrain of the Drifting Woods (Rookie Brownbark)
Added entry on the Quwish Bird, a peculiar looking bird of the Drifting Woods that has cat and bird features combined (Ganinon)
entry on the Rats of Caelereth, completey revising the entry (Jairo Koshi)
 Herbarium Added entry on the Blanket of Shar, an invasive, fast-growing, flowering vine, that is native to the Jungles of Shar (Hylphán, poem Bard Judith)
Added entry on the
Evening Princess, a night time blooming flower of Southern Sarvonia (Yurie Yuleen)
 History Expanded the Santharian History menu by adding a new section, called "Complete History". The section currently features the most important table in this respect, Caelerethian History, containing all events and existing table allocations to serve mainly for development purposes. (Artimidor)
Integrated 6 further History tables into existing entries (Artimidor)
 Library Added poem "The Feeling That a Man Cries For" to our "Songs for Travelling" collection (Degas Zummatra)
Created a new short stories book "Santharian Life: The Big and the Small Tales", featuring the first story titled "The Lessons of Leon the Long" about the master thief of Cavthan (Garret Arroway)
Converted another narration to the new Library book system, namely Alysse's "The Tale of F'ash" with all its 3 chapters (Artimidor)
 Misc. Updated entry on the Lance Polearm, adjusting various details (Ruil Malister)
Added entry on the
Pedalos Harp, the glorious queen of the Santharian orchestra (Petros Greenvale)
 Places Added entry on the Ghun'gob Mines, a mysterious tunnel system of the goblins, located underneath the Tandala Highlands of central Sarvonia (Helvil Ypherén)
Added entry on the Miarzan Farming Settlement, a large area of grazing land, home of the "Tough Hide" cattle of the Zhunites in Nybelmar (Decipher Ziron)
 Team Added poem "Santharian Seasonal Tidings" as a special addition to our "Odes to the Team" page, starring the mysterious Miraclaus and his elfy helper (Decipher Ziron and Miraran, pic Quellion)
 Website Converted the complete Library menu to an expandable section-based system plus an alphabetical index. Combined with the already to a great degree realized concept of collecting texts in seperate books with proper overviews, finding texts should now be much easier than ever before in Santharia. - Please note that at the moment there still exists a section at the bottom of the menu called "Other Texts" that contains all remnants of texts that haven't been converted as of yet to the book system. This temporary will be emptied out further bit by bit and integrated in the now final menu sections in the Library. (Artimidor)
Added page Rules for Library Texts to complement the Library menu rework (Artimidor, pics various artists)
Adjusted the outdated Site Tour Page 4 - Role Playing, changing texts and pictures to reflect recent developments. The only active Santharian game project aside from the RPG Board is now officially the Santhworld Experience, which is also made explicit now in the Games menu (Artimidor)
    Site Update of December 16th 2007 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. This week's update deals solely with an entirely new experience that is added now officially to the Santharian Dream site. It is an interactive textbased environment realized in Flash, called Santhworld (usually accessible in the Website menu). It allows you to walk through rooms in good old text-adventure style, to examine things and study books, investigate secrets and to lead extensive discussions with people you encounter. The latter may actually give you a quest or two to persue as well. If you play Santhworld for the first time it is recommended to read up on the instructions given to you by Melór once you start the program, otherwise jump right into the first module, called "The Lorehold" by typing GO TO LOREHOLD. No less than 67 rooms, 17 characters and 110 pictures await there for you to be discovered...

Note that Santhworld was programmed to support dynamic additions to the existing material, which means that players can actually concept their own rooms, add dialogues with characters or even design whole modules to help enrich the experience for everyone else. If you have ideas or even questions how to solve a quest, please use this Dev Forum thread - contributions are most welcome!

Main contributers for this very first Lorehold module are: Alysse, Bard Judith, Gean, Arceon, Miraran and Artimidor. A thanks goes of course as well to all artists who helped by providing pictures, among them Faugar, Bard Judith, Eratin and Arbaon. Thanks go especially to Quellion, who was responsible for the spiffy look of the interface design. - Hope you enjoy this first module!

Coming Up. The already accessible Lorehold module will be expanded further in the future, but there are also other modules in development, among them the fishing village of Nepris. Additionally new features will be integrated in the main program itself, like support of music, an inventory, allow permanent room changes, perhaps even role playing elements like attributes, battle system etc. Some of these things are quite a long way down the road, but with the publishing of the main program we can get your input and prepare further steps to take Santhworld in new directions where no elf has gone before...

    Special Announcement of Dec. 1st 2007 by Artimidor

Our new member!

And once more it is time to celebrate another addition to the Santharian Dream team! This time we congratulate Irid al'Menie (Judit Coppens from Belgium) for receiving official Santharian membership status. Having joined Santharia already back in 2001 with her first role playing character, Irid discovered the development side of the project not before 2004, and since then contributes to both parts of the project. As you can see it took a while until Irid became official member, but nevertheless she's practically part of the Santharian inventory by now anyway, well known to RPG people with her various characters and to Dev people via her stories, weapons, people and animal entries. With "Chapter II - A Scream in the Night" of her supenseful "Murder in Bardavos" series Irid finally was declared official member by the current members. So after no less than 6 years we can say that even Irid eventually made it and got her own membership page - it took a while, but now Irid has completed apprenticeship as well!

As is the case with all members we invite everyone cordially to Irid's Inauguration Party at the Santharian Development Board, in order to welcome our new member, get to meet some Santharians in character and fetch a few exclusive snacks from the buffet! - Happy celebrating!

- Artimidor, Santharian Webmaster on behalf of the Santharian Development Team

    Site Update of November 25th 2007 by Artimidor

Update Statement. Real life work in the Santharian HQ settles down now, and thus after some delay we can finally get some more stuff up! So here's what awaits you today: We've added a brand new tribe for western Nybelmar, the Ter'ei'Vikh Men (written pretty thoroughly by Miraran), the fascinating Frozen Tombs of Gourdynn (Altario) can be discovered up north and in Santharian territory be careful when crossing the Witchking's Waters, as the cursed Enclave of Alvang (Garret) awaits... If you're in the story-reading mood, don't miss our next installment of Murder in Bardavos (Irid) and see how the investigation commences! Also we have no less than three new contributers this week: Rookie Brownbark introduces you to a Brownie invention of the flying kind, namely the Brownie Wings! Gervase picked some flowers for you, Nehtor's Tears - and Garret's occupation aside from Alvang was to persue Blood Bears and have a closer look on Wargs. Not bad for a start - we can use fearless guys... - To all newcomers a hearty welcome!

Coming Up. To be expected soon is a story by Garret dealing with the "Lessons of Leon the Long", Places entries like on the Ghun'gob Mines in central Sarvonia, also on Serekeye, a pottery village, and Miarzan, a cattle farming settlement, both located in Nybelmar. Waybread is produced as well, so that you don't get hungry next update, and Santharian Development Awards are also something new that you can expect to happen around Yearturn. See you next update then!

 Bestiary Added entry on the Arim Cat, an adorable wild cat of the Peninsula of Shar (Decipher Ziron)
Added entry on the
Blood Bear, a giant, dangerous beast of the Shaded Forest (Garret Arroway)
entry on the Dogodan Pygmy Goat, an important domesticated goat for the halflings of the Alianian Hills (Aurora Damall)
Updated entry on the Warg, completely revising the entry (Garret Arroway)
 Herbarium Added entry on Bandit's Leaf, a parasitic weed causing problems for many a farmer (Arceon)
Added entry on
Nehtor's Tears, flowers with a sweet intoxicating aroma, said to be associated with the God of Healing Himself (Gervase Bertrand)
 Library Added  "Murder in Bardavos, Chapter II: A Scream in the Night", part two of our Santharian detective story. The murder is discovered and first investigations are begun... (Irid alMenie)
Added song
"The Hunter's Lament" to our "Drinking Songs" collection (Altario)
 Magic Added entry on Level 2 Fire Spell - Burning Wind to our spells collection (Helvil Ypherén)
Added entry on Level 6 Water Spell - Treacherous Embrace to our spells collection (Fox)
Updated entry on Level 4 Earth Spell - Guise of Bones, revising the entry (Drasil)
 Misc. Added entry on the Artificial Brownie Wings, a fantastic and popular invention among Brownies that allows people of this little folk to glide for a short distance (Rookie Brownbark)
Added entry on the Remusian War Chariot, an ingenious Ice Tribe vehicle (Altario)
 Places Added entry on the Fortress and Enclave of Alvang, a cursed place, once home of the notorious dark elven Lord, the Móh'rónn Saban Blackcloak (Garret Arroway)
Added entry on the
Frozen Tombs of Gourdynn, a famous heroes burial ground of the Eanians, one of the Ice Tribes of Northern Sarvonia (Altario)
 Tribes Added entry on the Ter'ei'vikh Men ("Vikh, "Bug-People"), a reculsive tribe of humans, living in the Drifting Woods area of northwestern Nybelmar (Miraran Tehuriden)

    Site Update of October 28th 2007 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. Despite some turmoil on the Santharian "home front" due to the fact that the webmaster is moving to a new flat, we could quench in a site update this week with a bunch of highlights, including the following: A detailed entry on the Santharian Princess Shiana (written by Artheós, illustrated by Sir Kayrûun Khim), another thorough entry on the Erpheronian King Thaelrin the Relentless (Trelstahl) - and to round up our Santharian history lessons - lots of more stuff was added to our Erpheronian Royal Line (also by Trelstahl). Furthermore we have a lovely illustration of the Iceland Wison (Drucilla), some Fedaerkaese for the hungry ones (Theras), a brand new Horse Festival in Salsair (Altario) and another Places entry for Nybelmar, the Katkara Mining Station (by Arceon). Weapons reorganization was also taken a step further, thanks to Ruil Malister.

Coming Up. The update situation will stay unclear for a few more weeks, so don't count on another update to happen too soon. Interesting stuff is in the process of being finished though, like the entry on the Enclave of Alvang. Altario's bardic abilities have been discovered only recently, more on magical categorization is being made, some finished entries on the Ice Tribes are to be expected - and a story or two is in the works as well. We'll try our best to get to another site update as soon as possible. - Until then!

 Bestiary Updated entry on the Iceland Wison, adding illustration of this magnificent beast (pic Drucilla)
Added entry on the
Lisdra "Witch" Snake, a luxury pet for the "despicable witches of Marmarra", a creature of both elegance and brutality (Decipher Ziron)
Added entry on the White Santhalian Hart, a graceful deer, a close cousin to the black hart, living in the Zeiphyrian Forest (Gaffin)
 Herbarium Added entry on the Lashardia ("Corpse Plant"), a carnivorous plant, growing over the graves of freshly killed victims left over by preying animals (Anci'helvíl'yón)
 History Updated the Erpheronian Royal Line, adding several summaries of various kings and queens from the 1700 b.S. until King Thaelrin the Relentless around 900 b.S. Some pictures were added to the royal line as well (Trelstahl)
 Misc. Updated entry on the Cheeses of Caelereth, adding an illustration of the exquisite Fedaerkaese (pic Theras)
Added entry on the
Festival of the Horse in Salsair, one of the greatest festivals in Santharia, attracting many people of different backgrounds and races (Altario)
 People Added entry on the Erpheronian King Thaelrin the Relentless, known primarily for establishing the colony of Raevalem on the Peninsula of Aden (Trelstahl)
Added entry on the Santharian Princess Shiana, once destined to be heiress to the thronw, but nowadays priestess of Seyella and Voice for the entire clerical hierarchy (Artheós, pic by Sir Kayrûun Khim)
 Places Added entry on the Katkara Mining Station, a small Nybelmarian mining village, famous for its massive exports of gold, iron ore and various other minerals (Arceon)
 Team Added another poem to the Odes to the Team page, in honour of one of our most recent members, Decipher Ziron (Talia Sturmwind)
 Treasures Added one more receipt to Madame Sausade's Cookery Book: "Lobrire's Delight" (Aurora Damall)
 Website Several overviews on specific weapon categories were added in order to make it easier to find all weapons of a certain type rather easily. They can be found on top of the appropriate weapon section in the Miscellaneous menu, but of course also in the alphabetical indexes. Added were overviews on Polearms, Throwing Weapons, Fist Weapons, Daggers and Knives, Twohanded Swords, Missile Weapons and Miscellaneous Weapons. A few more overviews are still to come (Ruil Malister & Artimidor)

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