2008 - The Year of the 10th Anniversary

Examples of this year's pictures

New Year Statement. In 2008, or 1668 a.S. as we Santharians use to say, the site's 10th Anniversary was celebrated! A feat that similar sites rarely accomplish, especially not with the kind of quality output we're used to in Santharia. And that the year was very productive can be seen clearly by taking just a short glance at the past year's contributions: Dozens of pictures made it to the site, mainly thanks to our versatile Bard Judith, musical stuff was also added this year on a regular basis with contributers like Gean, Macar, Judy, songs were also made by Alysse of course - realizing among other things the fascinating idea of orc songs - and we shouldn't forget about songbird Wren, who we are happy to welcome back to the site after several years! Four new members have received the honour of official membership in the past year - Azhira, Rookie and Garret, not to forget Grinch, the latter focusing solely on programming aspects of Santhworld. All of them delivered greatly by updating and reworking existing stuff and then getting lengthy masterworks done, which were focusing mainly on tribes, like the Brownies, the Kaaer'dár'shín half-orcs or the Kyranians. Another dwarven tribe was elaborated in detail in 2008, the Zirghurim around Ximax, completing a rock-solid year of Sarvonian-based tribal works. Sarvonia also saw a renaissance of Places contributions, raninging from the Kaaer Themedlon Forests, the Prominent Mountains, over the Brownie Council Tree to the Thaelon. Many of those entries inspired newcomers like Tharoc and Morden, so that a new creative Northern Sarvonian team is now developing. Several apprentices are already on the doorstep of becoming members early in 2009. On the other hand beasts and plants thrived in Nybelmar, and Decipher's series of People entries made the one or the other envious... Add to that a bunch of site improvements and quirky ideas, like menu updates, a Santharian Clue game, lists of Easter Eggs and Development Blunder, a collection of Bawdy Verses, and the fact that Santhworld got trivia options and eventually became a role playing game... I guess we can safely say that there was little to miss development-wise in the past year!

Let's hope that 2009 will continue along that line, so that we can enjoy new pictures, musics, entries and stories as much as we did in 2008 - and go a step beyond what we are used to in the one or the other aspect of the Dream. The return of Santharian legends like Wren, Faugar and Quellion, and the various extraordinary "newbies" we welcomed last year definitely contribute to these expectations that 2009 will be another good year for the Dream and its Dreamers!
- Artimidor, Santharian Webmaster

    Best of Member Contributions 2008
 Bestiary Updated entry on the Al'Syrr Sandbird, completely revising this fascinating desert bird (Smee)
Added entry on the Balyei ("Flying Sponge"), a rather bizarre creature of the Drifiting Woods of Nybelmar (Miraran)
Added entry on the Blue Myrmex ("Ice Myrmex"), a little insect capable of surviving in freezing tempertaturs (Tharoc Wargrider)
Added entry on the Caladrius Bird,
a snow white bird of northern Santharia known for ist exotic song and stunning beauty (Mannix)
Added entry on the Copper Lopstere, a large armoured sea beast which is eaten as a delicacy (Bard Judith)
Added entry on the Darkmist Ape, strange creatures of the North, warped by evil magics (Alysse the Likely)
Added entry on the Death Dance Butterfly, a majestic and elegant insect of the Thaelon often found feasting off and dancing near dead bodies (Val O'Neil)
Added entry on the Eanian Warg, the beautiful but rare white warg of the Icelands Peninsula (Tharoc Wargrider)

Added entry on the Fleshworm, small creatures that feed on already-decaying flesh (Lionhorse)
Added entry on the Glass Winged Butterfly, a beautiful insect with fluffy white fur (Val O'Neil)

Added entry on the Horned Wolf,
a wolf type featuring stunted antlers. The overview entry on Wolves of Caelereth was also updated accordingly (Garret Arroway)
Added entry on the Krumhorn Beast, a majestic armoured beast that nowadays serves as companion of the Susilgerim dwarves at the Heaths of Wilderon in Northern Sarvonia (Morden Peshirgolz)

Added entry on the Lín'aoél Mouse,
a mischievous, yet cute little critter fellow (Mannix, pic Bard Judith)
Updated entry on the Mystran Spirit, completely revising the entry (Azhira)
Added entry on the Rast Warg, the most 'gentle' kind of wargs, which has made its home primarily in the ancient Kyranian territory (Garret Arroway)
Added entry on the Rimmerin Bear, a bear of south-central Santharia, living mainly in the Rimmerins Ring area, having a special importance for Eyelians (Nsikigan)
Added entry on the Rimmerins Blackhog, said to be one of the most adaptable and sociable kind of pigs (Seth Ghbita, pic Bard Judith)
Added entry on the Starwell Phaert,
a dangerous creature of the Drifting Woods living in large sinking holes, the so-called starwells (Miraran, pics Sheil)
Added entry on the Tsor-Shotak Lizard, completely revising the entry (Azhira Styralias)
Added entry on the Wisp ("Will'o'Wisp"), a mysterious apparition known to inhabit desolate swamps, moors or bogs (Azhira, song by Nsikigan Yourth)
Added entry on the Yepran Toad, a peculiar whistling creature of the Jungles of Shar (Decipher Ziron)
 Herbarium Added entry on Ahrhillicia Pine Tree, a tall coniferous tree of the Almatrar Forest famous for its rich, fatty pine nuts (Rookie Brownbark)
Added entry on the Ironwood Tree,
a slow-growing, deciduous hardwood tree (Tharoc Wargrider)
Added entry on the Le'matice Vine, a beautiful flowering vine, growing especially in Varcopas (Gwai'aiya Quillouf)

Added entry on the Neeps Vegetables,
a family of edible, bulbous, root vegetables grown widely throughout the whole of Caelereth, comprising Furneeps, Sweetneeps, Pa's Neeps and Redneeps (Tharoc Wargrider)
Updated entry on the Pendrowe Plant Being, completely revising the entry on these mysterious guardians and caretakers of the Caelerethian woods (Azhira Styralias, pic Arbaon)
Added entry on the Tangleweed of Venlaken, a large, man-eating plant of the Venlaken Enclave (Tharoc Wargrider)
Added entry on the Truphull Fungus, a small, ugly, pungent fungus, which is one of the most expensive foodstuffs of Santharia (Tharoc Wargrider & Bard Judith)
 History Added entry on the Battle of Alvang ("Witchking's Night"), one of the legendary battles of the Móh'rónn (Azhira)
Added history table on the Rogetyrim Dwarves and the Susilgerim Dwarves, and in the process updating history tables on the Imlith Mountains, the Shadow Elves, and others (Morden Peshirgolz)

Updated the Erpheronian Royal Line, adding two more ruler overviews
Added entry on the March of the Darkest Knight, a recent event and dark chapter in Santharian history related to the ramblings or a prophecy come true of a drunk man (Garret Arroway)
 Library Added a new book called "Culinary Adventures" in a new Library section called "Guidebooks". The book features the first chapter, providing an entertaining read on "101 Interesting Things to Do With Fungus" (Bard Judith)
Added new Library section called "Reports and Journals" and started it with the book  "Customs and Culture of the Northern Orcs", featuring the first text "Orcen Dueling", a 9 page long account of an observer investigating orcen culture of Northern Sarvonia (Tharoc Wargrider)
Added poem "Descending into Gold" to our Miscellaneous Poems collection (Decipher, pic Ingeborg)

two poems to our Ghost and Horror Poems collection, the "Lay of the Lady" and "Fair Lady in White". Both poems were partly added to the White Lady entry as well (Gean Firefeet)
Added poem "Krean Dancer" to our Love Poems collection (Alysse the Likely)
Added new book "Lore of the North" to our Library section, focusing on tales and legends from the Northlands. The first added text is the 5 pages long story "The Beastlord's Rage" where a fight between Kaaer'dár'shin half-orcs and Osther-Ocs takes an unexpected turn... (Azhira Styralias)
Added new page called "Lymerycks of Santharia", a collection of short vulgar, yet amusing rhymes quite popular among the merchant and lower classes of Santharia (various contributers, among them Tharoc, Bard Judith, Alysse the Likely, Irid, Miraran, Druadan, Nsikigan and Gean Firefeet)
Added sonnet "Oh Ravenport, Thou Surely Art" to our Miscellanous Poems collection (Gean Firefeet)
Added new Library page called "Septimus Smallpiece's Book of Bawdy Verse", an book full of bawdy songs, poems and lymericks collected from all across Santharia (with contributions from Tharoc Wargrider, Alysse the Likely, Bard Judith, Druadán and others)
Added poem "The Dragonstorm" to our "MIscellaneous Poems" collection (Degas Zummatra)
Added tale "The Eye of Skanris Keep" to the ghost stories book "Lurking in the Mists"
. "The Eye" is a 23 pages long blood-curdling story about a merchant who is confronted with a curse at the keep he is visiting to do business... (Artimidor, pic Sheil)
Added page on Santharian Skipping Rhymes, starting off with two rhymes (Alysse the Likely & Bard Judith)
Added new book called "Thergerim Tales" to our Library, and started it off with the first tale, provided by Judy and called "The Midnight Marjual". This entertaining 11 page long folk tale about the dwarfling Bruk allows interesting insights in the procedures and minds of the Thergerim (Bard Judith)
Added fairy-tale "The Magic Wings" to our book "Master Tribell's Miraculous Narrations", a two page story about a Brownie's miraculous adventure (Irid al'Menie)
 Magic Added entry on Blood Magic, an arcane art of magic that involves the manipulation of Sanryu, a force found in the blood of creatures (Decipher Ziron)
Updated Level 2 Fire Spell - Boiling Blood, revising the entry (Azhira Styralias)
Added entry on Level 3 Wind Spell - Amnesia to our spells collection (Eléyr Fásamár)
Added entry on Level 5 Fire Spell - Fiery Feet to our spells collection (Gean Firefeet)

Added entry on the Ximaxian School of Earth Magic, thus completing
the definition of the four elemental schools of Ximaxian Magic (Drasil Razorfang)
 Misc. Added entry on the Aellenrhim Harp, one of the native instruments of the Aellenrhim elves (Petros Greenvale)
Added entry on the Brownie Beads Industry, a special industry Vale and Milken Brownies practice in perfection
(Rookie Brownbark, pics Linda Tso & Bard Judith)
Added entry on the Dainbel Pie, a delectable pie having originated in the Elverground shire dwellers. The entry also includes a receipt (Mannix)
Added entry on the Element of Wind/Air, finally completing our series of entries on the four elements of Caelereth (Gwai'ayia Quillouf, pics Faugar and Quellion)
Added entry on the Ghun'tlor Disease, or "Cursed Blood", affecting mainly orcs (Azhira)
Added entry on the Tabula Peryodiq, representing those substances of matter in solid, gaseous, or liquid form as they are known to the sentient beings of the Kingdom (Bard Judith)
Added entry on the T'lark War Buckler, a Kaaer'dár'shín shield made out of Tsor-Shotak hide (Azhira Styralias)
 Music Added song "Beloved" to our "Songs of the Kuglimz" collection, which was also sung and recorded and added to the song lyrics by Alysse (lyrics & music Alysse)
Added two versions of the song "Dusk is Here" to our Lullaby overview. The first instrumental version by Gean and Judy was already on the site, yet not in the new overview. Now we also have a sung version done by Wren. Wren's artist page in the Music menu was also started, her old songs still need to be transferred however (Wren, Gean & Bard Judith)
Added new musical piece "Evening at the Broken Wing" to our "Places Songs" collection in the Music menu, introducing us to Shneerin tavern music. The song was also added to  entry on Shneerin as a musical theme (song by Gean Firefeet)
Added new musical piece "Fizzlefist's Laboratory" to our "Places Themes" collection in the Music menu. You will also soon find the song will integrated in the Nepris module of Santhworld (song by Macar)
Added new musical piece "Herool's Prowl" to our "Ballads of Santharia" collection in the Music menu. The song was also added to the Children Poems page (song by Gean Firefeet, based on a poem by Decipher Ziron)
Added new musical piece "Kuglimz Love Song" to our "Love Songs" collection (song composed and performed by Bard Judith, lyrics by Alysse)
Added new Music Overview page titled "Mourning Songs, Dirges and Chants" to harbour songs that represent sadness and the like. As a first piece Macar's musical version of Decipher's Marmarran elegy "In Memory of Vivyne Salame" was added, which you also find the the Library  (Macar Irandir, lyrics Decipher Ziron)
Added song "Sailing to Zandiria" to our "Songs for Travelling" collection, the lyrics plus the fantastical musical realization! The song was also added as an additional theme to the Places entry of the Scattersand Shoals (text & music Bard Judith)
Added song "Theme of the Lorehold", an ambience piece for the great university of Lorehaven that you can also hear while playing Santhworld (Macar)
Added new song "Theme of Jeyriall" to our "Songs of Santharian Gods" collection. The song was also added to the Jeyriall page (song by Macar)
Added new musical piece "The Sleepy Mice" to our "Lullabies of Caelereth" collection in the Music menu. The song was also added to the Santharian Lullabies page (song by Bard Judith)
Added new musical piece "Z'rovkya H'rok" to our "Orcish Songs" collection. This the very first piece of original orcish music on the site, so we started a new page harbouring orcish muscial stuff (music & lyrics Alysse the Likely)
 People Added entry on the Brownie Gebl the Unsated, an apocryphal tragic-comic figure of Brownie legend - larger than life, sardonic and lusty, crude yet witty and a pragmatic wanderer (Bard Judith)Added entry on the Dragonriders of Aohu'o, a group of daring Brownies of the Akdorian branch that rides on skyter dracoids (Garret Arroway, pic by Sheil)
Added entry on the Fourth Kogian Yian Tisare, often venerated as the greatest and most dedicated artist and musician in Marmarran history (Decipher Ziron, pic Sheil)
Added entry on the Fifth Kogian Mila Venraius, the so-called "Intellect of Marmarra" (Decipher Ziron, pic Bard Judith)

Added entry on Hubert Greengrove, the halfling cook of the Lorehold
. Note: Integration of various parts of the picture in the Santhworld Lorehold module will follow soon! (Mannix, pic Quellion)
Added entry on King Thaelmar the Explorer, an Erpheronian king, known for his many political and structural advancements he introduced
Added entry on Kijuur Destius, one of the Kogian Five, the instrumental individuals in the establishment of the Citystate of Marmarra in Western Nybelmar (Decipher Ziron, reused pic by Sheil)
Added entry on Leifloff Sjungnarr, a famous Santharian contemporary butterfly researcher (Eléyr Fásamár, pic Faugar)
Added entry on Master Erron Ratdweller, a part time rat exterminator and amateur researcher of Nyermersys
(Azhira Styralias)
Added entry on the Third Kogian Lyrias Meurtian, one more of the most instrumental individuals in the establishment of the Marmarran Citystate (Decipher Ziron, pic Bard Judith)
Added entry on Varyn Quickblade, one of Santharia's most famous fencing instructors (Nsikigan, pic Bard Judith)
Added entry on Waudrin Ghortz, a self-declared gnomish demonologist (Azhira Styralias)
Added entry on the Witch Queen Eluda'shi Lashmara, who formed the Nybelmarian farming town of Marmarra into the colossal, feared and powerful institution it is today (Decipher Ziron, pic Sheil)
 Places Added entry on the Brownie Council Tree, a large, magically enhanced cinnabark pine, home to lots of Vale Brownies, the biggest settlement on the Sarvonian continent (Rookie Brownbark, pic Bard Judith)
Added entry on the Citystate of Marmarra, the infamous "City of Witches", ruled by Witch Queens, manipulative sorcery and unnatural magical creations
(Decipher Ziron, pics Sheil)
Added entry on the Fields of Aurium, a fertile field of great renown located in the Manthrian province, where supposedly "Jeyriall descended on the earth" (Gean Firefeet)
Added entry on the Isle of Kalta'Goor, a Northern Sarvonian island in the Ice Sea that supposedly is the home of the rare Snow Drake (Azhira)
Added entry on the Needle's Eye,
a small reef on the Mithral Coast in Eastern Manthria, providing a good sailing testing ground for the local youth (Drúadan & Talia, pic Linda Tso)
Added entry on the Nightfog Cliffs,
a series of small mountainous islands, situated in the Adanian Sea in eastern Santharia (Arin Woodwealth, pic Ingeborg)
Added entry on the Prominent Mountains,
an impressive mountain range in central Northern Sarvonia with the highest peak being the famous Samathagar. These mountains are also the home of various different races, be it dwarf, orc or elf (Alysse the Likely & Tharoc Wargrider, pics Arbaon)
Updated entry on the Scattersand Shoals, adding in detailed map of the Shoals made in the Manthrian map style and also using the exact scale to be able to eventually combine maps (map by Smee)
Updated entry on the Stone Field of Peat, adding illustration of a stone troll (pic Val O'Neil & Bard Judith)
Updated entry on the Thaelon Forest ("Sanctuary Wood"), completely revising and updating the entry of Santharia's largest and most mythical forest, thought to contain the cradle of life in Caelereth by the elves (Artimidor & Mannix, additional pic Arbaon)
Added entry on the Themed'lon Forests ("Fortified Woods"), home of the Kaaer'dár'sh´n half-orcs, rich in fauna and flora and steeped in ancient myth (Azhira Styralias)
 & Tribes
Updated entry on Brownie Ethnic Groupings, completely revising the entry, ironing out problems and added lots more details (Rookie Brownbark)
Added entry on the
Ghereghut Trrolls ("Cave Trolls"), the horrifying looking trolls inhabitating the Tandala Highlands (Vesk)
Updated entry on the Kaaer'dár'shín Half-Orcs, completely revising and expanding the entry. Little was left of the only half-baked original concept of this tribe, now orcen ancestry was added and the darker, more corrupt side of the tribe was stressed much more, givin the Kaaer'dár'shín a completely new character (Azhira)
Updated entry on the Kyranian Men ("Simple-Folk"), completely revising the entry. This update we upload only Part I of this major revision, which represents Garret's masterwork to be rewarded with official Santharian membership. Updated sections include Overview, Appearance, Coat of Arms, Territory, People, Diet, Housing, Clothing, Weapons, Production/Trade, Natural Resources and Holidays, Festivals and Observances as well as Nomenclature. Other sections will still be added after further detailed checks or they will be revised, like the History section (Garret Arroway)
Added entry on the LLaoihrr Mounts and Riding Techniques, telling us more about the needed equipment, training, the riding and history of this Brownie-specific subject (Rookie Brownbark)
Updated entry on the Rat Brownies, completely revising this special kind of Brownies (Rookie Brownbark)
Added entry on the
Serphelorian Humans ("Wardens"), the descendants of the Sophronian tribe which is especially well known for its "beautiful, but fierce and warlike" women... The Overview on the Southern Sarvonian Men was also updated accordingly (Grunok)
Added entry on Serphelorian Nomenclature, providing all necessary details you need to know about construction of Serphelorian names (Grunok)
Added entry on the Zirghurim Dwarves ("Bright Heights Clan"), the long awaited Thergerim of the Zirkumire Mountains of Ximax, mainly renowned for having been the primary builders of the magical city of Ximax, and for their famously-spectacular "lava cities" (Bard Judith)
 Religion Added entry on Kaaer'dár'shín Beliefs: The Hunt of the Beastlord, dealing with the hunt, the stealth and the swift kil-, the basic tenants of the half-orc tribe's beliefs (Azhira Styralias)
entry on the Mari Cult of Fire, a popular sect following the Murmillion Goddess of Dreams (Eléyr Fásamár)
entry on the Yourth'Dibaj - The Eyelian Creation Myth, comrpising background and tale of how the Eyelians landed on Sarvonian lands as told by E'algor Yourth (Nsikigan Yourth)

Added membership page of Azhira Styralias (Cori Kalinski from Dayton, Ohio) for having finished her masterwork, the complete rework of the Kaaer'dár'shín tribe - welcome on board (Azhira Styralias)
Added membership page of Garret Arroway (Jordan Fuselier, Texas, USA), our dog, wolf and warg expert, who reached membership status after delivering her masterwork on the Kyranian Men
(Garret Arroway)

Added membership details on
Grinch (Alexander Wedl from Vienna, Austria), programming companion of Artimidor, who is mainly responsible for the speedy progress with Santhworld development. Grinch so far has been the main factor on the Santhworld script engine, items management, sound system and many more things to make Santhworld a unique experience. Welcome to the Dream! (Grinch)
Added membership page of Rookie Brownbark (Ella Corbin, United Kingdom), our declared Brownie expert, who just finished her Council Tree masterwork. Let's hope for many more entries to come!
(Rookie Brownbark)

 Treasures &
Added page on Compendium Clue, a Santharian version of Cluedo which you can print out and enjoy with your friends (Bard Judith, pics various artists)
Added page on Development Blunder featuring the funniest lapses and goof-ups in Forum history of the past years
(Artimidor, contributions by various team members - voluntarily or not...)
Added photo page on the Prague Adventures with Irid and Rookie, reporting from another encounter of Santharian members off-site
(Irid alMenie and Rookie Browniebark)
Added page Santharian Easter Eggs, an insightful guide to all kinds of Santharian references hidden in entries, pictures etc. that you might have missed
(Artimidor, contributions by various team members)
 Website Updated Santhworld to version 2.0, featuring revolutionary engine improvements to previous versions of this interactive tool - now fully supporting role playing in modules including player attributes, battles, improved intelligent parser system, and much more. The new version of Santhworld is introduced with a fully elaborated role playing mission in the "Mysteries of Nepris" module: "Chapter I: The Fizzlefist Laboratory", which you start by typing START NEPRIS. The area was restricted, so that you can just follow this mission properly. Further details about game engine improvements, new commands, handling and maps and further specifications regarding the Nepris module can be found at the provided Santhworld Experience link (story and game design Artimidor, programming by Grinch, pics by Bard Judith, Quellion, Faugar, Mitra Rodi and Arbaon, musics by Macar and Gean Firefeet, additional texts by Alysse)
Adjusted the Website menu, so that it now consists of various sections which are expandable like most other Santharian menus. Parts of the Treasures and Oddities menu have now been moved to the new Website menu, new is also a Game menu, where all kinds of games in the Santharian context are easily accessible. The main site frame was also optimized for browsers like Safari (Artimidor)
Added Customize Website page to the Site Tools section in the Website menu. This allows especially developers to bookmark different versions of the site's main frame in order to have all menus right at hand (Artimidor)
The Weapons menu as part of the Miscellaneous menu was reorganized a bit as far as our categorization of swords is concerned. It now features One-Handed, Two-Handed and Hand'n'Half sub-sections as well as the seperate overviews for these types of weapons (Nsikigan Yourth)

    Site Statistics Overview 2008

Compendium Entries

Bestiary (+43) 419        People (+16) 186
Cosmology & Myth (+2) 47 Places (+9) 174
Herbarium (+22) 218 Races & Tribes (+9) 170
Library Pages, rev. (+20) 247 Religions (+2) 69
Magic (+19) 185 Treasures & Odd. (+8) 56
Misc. (+22) 258 Movies (+/-0) 10
Musics (+20) 53 Original Artwork (+52) 700
Languages (+/-0) 23 Complete Compendium (+249) 1608
Workshop (+/-0) 17

Team Members

Forum Members Dev 4.266        Forum Members RPG 25.348
Administrators Dev 1 Administrators RPG 5
Webmasters 1 Musicians 6
Mascots 2 Compendium Writers 41
Artists (exclusive) 17 Other Contributers Lots!

Site & Forum Visitors (January 2009 Snapshot)

Site since 11/1999 882.655        Site daily average 464
Site highest day 2008 549 Approx. site pages (indexed) 4026
Dev Forum views s. 6/2006 4.380.762 RPG Forum views s. 1/2007 4.559.292
Dev Forum highest day 2008 14.575 RPG Forum highest day 2008 12.881
Dev Forum daily average 4.726 RPG daily average 5.650
Dev Forum posts 110.944 RPG Forum posts 167.171
Dev total topics 8.836 RPG total topics 6.008
Dev Forum daily post av. 44 RPG daily post average 84
Dev posts highest day 157 RPG posts highest day 202

(~) ... Note that certain comparative numbers cannot be provided due to the fact that they way we compute these numbers was changed. The new numbers now represent the amount of entries listed in the menus, while the previous ones counted actual files in certain folders. As this number was inaccurate due to deactivated entries, this was corrected now.

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