Site Update of March 30th 2008 by Artimidor & Fox

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. The Easter vacations helped to get another big update done, so let's see what we have for you: Four musical pieces, something for every taste I can assure you... We have Judy's Choorga Song and the Santharian Ale tavern song, then we've go Alysse's Kuglimz song "Where Do the Children Go?" and finally Macar's first installment of his Gods cycle, starting with the Theme of Jeyriall. Also note the Music menu changes that are now in progress! - Then we've got several illustrations as well, like Quellion's Mace, the Noarian Caves or the Arthyrón Elf pics, and two new creative entries featuring images were also uploaded - the Brownie Bead Industry (Rookie) and an entry on the Starwell Phaert (Mira, illustrated with two pictures by Sheil). Finally important Santharian history stuff was added, Twen is back with the Marenór Lotus, Azhira has a closer look at an interesting gnomish demonologist, Waudrin Ghortz, and Grunok clarifies all yet unanswered questions regarding Serphelorian Nomenclature. Oh, and one more trivia was added to Santhworld dealing with birds thanks to Alysse. Plus Grinch and Artimidor have made the Santhworld Flash program now script-compatible and tremendously enhanced the editor used for creating rooms and characters, so that you will soon have the chance to run around with items in the Lorehold and solve more quests. Stay tuned for further updates!

Coming Up. Traveling Merchants have been spotted, an entry on the Erpheronian Queen Caralla the Farseeing is in the works, more music from Judy will come, and Santharian tribe commissions will eventually be picked up by Quellion, Faugar and Eratin. The Lorehold module in Santhworld will have more scripts, pics and quests added, so that the game gets more and more realistic and complex - we're another huge step closer to a full role playing environment, which lies completely in Santharian hands, independent from any other developers. And more Santharian history will follow as well, rest assured!

 Bestiary Added entry on the Kodael Dog, one of the most popular hounds of Caelereth, which also lends this canine fellow its nickname "Cael Hound" (Garret Arroway)
Added entry on the Starwell Phaert,
a dangerous creature of the Drifting Woods living in large sinking holes, the so-called starwells (Miraran, pics Sheil)
 Herbarium Added entry on the Bell Fruit Tree, a broadleaf tree found in the tropics (Hylphán)
Added entry on the Marenór Lotus, a beautiful flower found in the Gaeldorioth Forests, the Crystalwoods, of Nybelmar (Twen)
 History Updated history tables, adding various events of the first pre-Santharian century, available e.g. on the Tharanian and Santharian History Overview and the Tharanian Royal Line. Further centuries are to come in the next updates (Artimidor)
 Magic Updated Level 1 Fire Spell - Flame Control, revising the entry (Fox)
Level 1 Fire Spell - Rise Flame, revising the entry (Fox)
Level 1 Wind Spell - Vanish, revising the entry (Azhira Styralias)
Level 2 Fire Spell - Light, revising the entry (Fox)
 Misc. Updated entry on the Blunt Weapons of Caelereth, adding additional illustration, showing a flanged mace (pic Quellion)
Added entry on the Brownie Beads Industry, a special industry Vale and Milken Brownies practice in perfection
(Rookie Brownbark, pic Linda Tso)
 Music Added new musical piece "The Choorga Song" to our "Children Songs" collection. The song was also added to the Children Poems page (song by Bard Judith)
Added new song "Santharian Ale" to our "Tavern Songs" collection. The song was also added to the Drinking Songs page (song by Bard Judith)
Added new song "Theme of Jeyriall" to our "Songs of Santharian Gods" collection. The song was also added to the Jeyriall page (song by Macar)
Added new Kuglimz song "Where Do the Children Go?" to our "Songs of the Kuglimz" collection. The song was also added to the Songs of the Kuglimz page in the Library menu (lyrics & song by Alysse)
The Music menu is currently being switched to a new design that fits to the Library changes started a while ago. Several new overview pages have been started by now, like the Bestiary Musics, the People Themes, the Ballads of Santharia etc. Also the new artists overview pages were added now, e.g. on Vladeptus or Bard Judith to name just examples. The menu is still in transition, so things will be completed within the next week (Artimidor)
 People Added entry on Waudrin Ghortz, a self-declared gnomish demonologist (Azhira Styralias)
 Places Updated entry on the Noarian Caves, adding caves illustration (pic Quellion)
 Races &
Updated entry on the Arthyrón Elves, adding tribe illustration (pic Quellion)
Added entry on Serphelorian Nomenclature,
providing all necessary details you need to knwo about construction Serphelorian names (Grunok)
entry on the Serphelorian Humans, adding Nomenclature section (Grunok)
 Website Added another 5 questions Trivia Quiz on Birds to the Santhworld project, where you can test your knowledge about some more Santharian beasts. To access the Trivia quizzes, enter via GOTO TRIVIA, then select the Birds quiz from the Bestiary section (Alysse, pics by various artists)
Santhworld to Version 2.0, featuring support of scripts and conditions that allow much more realistic playing environment. Levers can be operated, doors opened, character can recognize you if you talk to them again. The switch to the new version results in constant updates in the Lorehold module now in order to implement the new possibilities (Artimidor & Grinch)
    Site Update of March 2nd 2008 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. A whole load of quality stuff in lots of different categories awaits this update! First there is a marvelous song by Bard Judith called "Sailing to Zandiria" you definitely have to check out. If you are frightened easily you are advised better not to click the link that leads you to "The Eye of Skanris Keep" (written by Artimidor), a creepy 23 page ghost story about a curse in an old castle that will make your hair stand on end and can cause nightmares... In the Magic section we present you the entry on Blood Magic (Decipher), and several new trivias have been added to the Trivia Module in the Santhworld project (thanks to Bard Judith. Alysse and Decipher). Very creative work also comes from Rookie with her Ahrhillica Pine Tree, and with Azhira's first entries, among them a People entry on Master Erron Ratdweller and on the City Rat - welcome officially to the Dream, Azhira! Oh, and we should not forget Grunok's first pictures for the site, the Gnarco Toad and Yarg, a pyromanic halfling fellow, who you'll encounter in the Lorehold module of Santhworld... And there are even more key entries included this week, like Trelstahl's Erpheronian King Thaelmar the Explorer or Grun's Order of Seyella! Just check it all out, you won't be disappointed!

Coming Up. Judy is going to delight us with further songs in the next weeks, so watch out for those... In the finishing stages is also the next installment of Grun's work on the Serphelorian tribe - the Serpherlorian Nomenclature. Also in the works: Brownie Bead Industry (Rookie), the Dwarven Singspeakers (Judy), the Whistle Toad (Decipher) and a bunch of dogs are in the making as well (Garret).

 Bestiary Added entry on the City Rat, one of the larger and dangerous types of rats, found in city sewers (Azhira Styralias)
Added entry on the Clawfish, also known as "Lobster" - a costly kind of fish, usually eaten by higher class people
Updated entry
on the Gnarco Toad, adding illustration of the frog (pic Grunok)
Added entry on the Iceland Icemut Dog, large strong canines of Northern Sarvonia, used as scouts and rescue dogs by the Ice Tribes
(Alysse the Likely)
entry on the Wolves of Caelereth, completely revising this overview entry and adding a lot more of additional information (Garret Arroway)
 Herbarium Added entry on Ahrhillicia Pine Tree, a tall coniferous tree of the Almatrar Forest famous for its rich, fatty pine nuts (Rookie Brownbark)
 Library Added tale "The Eye of Skanris Keep" to the ghost stories book "Lurking in the Mists". "The Eye" is a 23 pages long blood-curdling story about a merchant who is confronted with a curse at the keep he is visiting to do business... (Artimidor, pic Sheil)
 Magic Added entry on Blood Magic, an arcane art of magic that involves the manipulation of Sanryu, a force found in the blood of creatures (Decipher Ziron)
 Misc. Added entry on Caelerethian Writing Implements, summarizing everything we know about utensils used for writing in the world of Caelereth (Ganinon)
 Music Added song "Sailing to Zandiria" to our "Songs for Travelling" collection, the lyrics plus the fantastical musical realization! The song was also added as an additional theme to the Places entry of the Scattersand Shoals (text & music Bard Judith)
 People Added entry on Master Erron Ratdweller, a part time rat exterminator and amateur researcher of Nyermersys (Azhira Styralias)
Added entry on King Thaelmar the Explorer, an Erpheronian king, known for his many political and structural advancements he introduced (Thaelmar)
Added entry on the Order of Seyella, one of the Santhran's Orders consisting of Serphelorians or those who adhere Serphelorian principles (Grunok)
 Website Added 3 more trivias to the Trivia Module in the Santhworld project, which allows you to take quizzes testing your Santharian knowledge: The Orcs of Caelereth (5 questions dealing with, well, the orcs of course), Gaulimaufrey's Quiz (5 questions in the miscellaneous category), a Zhunite Quiz (Decipher) and Insects of Caelereth (5 questions about bugs, spiders, beetles and the like). The trivia module is accessible directly through the command GO TO TRIVIA where you now find further options (trivia by Alysse, Bard Judith and Decipher)
    Site Update of January 27th 2008 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. First update in 2008, guys - woohoo! This one has a lot of stuff in it, be it the first official Santharian Trivias that were realized via Santhworld (quizzes by Artimidor & Alysse), or major tribe entries like on the Serphelorians (Grunok) or the Ghereghut Trolls (Vesk). Like music? Then check out Alysse's lullaby or her Kuglimz song "Beloved". Important entries were also added to the Magic section, e.g. details on Druidic Magic (Pikel) and the last of the Ximaxian Elemental Schools on Earth Magic (Drasil). A hearty offical welcome also goes to our first time contributers Tobac and Eléyr, who got the entries about the Moongrass and the Dove  on the site. - If you want to check that all out, then I guess you will be pretty busy for a while...

Coming Up. To be expected at the next special site update are the results of the polls on the Developers Awards 2007 plus the regular look back at the past year on a special Web History page. In the works are also further trivia quizzes and an additional introduction page for Santhworld to explain the most important things you need to know before you start in comprised form. More details on the Serphelorian tribe is also coming up, the Zirghurim dwarves might say hello anytime soon as well and the Blood Magic system will be introduced, and maybe we get a glimpse on the Nightfog's Cliffs or the a legendary place like Ciosa's Rest...- See you already pretty soon next 2007 special!

 Bestiary Added entry on Dove ("Coa-Coa"), a common bird of Caelereth (Eléyr Fásamár)
 Herbarium Added entry on Moongrass ("Assassin Weed"), a semi-rare, purple-tinted dark grass, that can be used to poison people (Tobac Indalen)
 History Updated the Erpheronian Royal Line, adding two more ruler overviews (Trelstahl)
 Magic Added entry on Druidic Magic, explaining the concept and theory behind this fascinating kind of magic (Pikel Thunderstone)
Added entry on the Ximaxian School of Earth Magic, thus completing
the definition of the four elemental schools of Ximaxian Magic (Drasil Razorfang)
 Music Added song "Beloved" to our "Songs of the Kuglimz" collection, which was also sung and recorded and added to the song lyrics by Alysse (lyrics & music Alysse)
Updated song "Kuglimz Lullaby" in our Lullabies collection, adding recording by Alysse (lyrics & music Alysse)
 Places Updated the Manthrian Map with 5 more mini-descriptions (Grunok)
Added entry on Serekeye ("Clay Village"), a pottery village of south-western Nybelmar (Arceon)
 Religion Added entry on Serphelorian Belief, specifying this tribe's own interpretation of the general Santharian religion of worhshipping the twelve Aviaria (Grunok)
 Team Updated team page of Vesk Lyricahl, substituting picture (Vesk)
 Treasures Added one more receipt to Madame Sausade's Cookery Book: "Roasted Wison" (Aurora Damall)
 Tribes Added entry on the Ghereghut Trrolls ("Cave Trolls"), the horrifying looking trolls inhabitating the Tandala Highlands (Vesk)
Added entry on the
Serphelorian Humans ("Wardens"), the descendants of the Sophronian tribe which is especially well known for its "beautiful, but fierce and warlike" women... The Overview on the Southern Sarvonian Men was also updated accordingly (Grunok)
 Website Added the new Trivia Module to the Santhworld project, which allows you to take quizzes testing your Santharian knowledge. The module is accessible directly through the command GO TO TRIVIA. For starters we've got a 5 question Bestiary trivia and a 10 question trivia about the Northlands. Any ideas on further quizzes of whatever Santharian related subject are welcome - please post in the Trivia Project thread on the Dev Board (programming Artimidor, quizzes Artimidor and Alysse)
Also added to
Santhworld was the possibility to save and restore your progress via the SAVE and RESTORE command and personalized and random "I don't know" texts are now possible per person (Artimidor)

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