Site Update of June 22nd 2008 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. New music, four illustrations, a detailed map, a new trivia quiz, major updates on outdated entries - this and more is in this week's update! The ultimate cuteness attack comes of course from Mannix's Lín'aeoél Mouse (illustrated by Bard Judith), but if you're looking more for monsters, check your knowledge with the new Santhworld monsters quiz (Alysse). Up north we have a major Places entry to offer, the Prominent Mountains (by Alysse and Tharoc), nicely illustrated with two pictures by Arbaon, while down to the south Smee delights us with an excellently realized, very detailed map of the Scattersand Shoals. The Eyelian Culture, Nomenclature and Music (Nsiki) were also thoroughly elaborated in the past weeks, as were the Rat Brownies (Rookie). Furthermore there were improvements  in the Weapons menu, and Judy once more shows her talents by finishing another drawing for the Sanryu Concept entry and singing a lullaby for us, "The Sleepy Mice"... - Still awake? Then check those and the other entries listed below out, there are several further additions as well to enjoy!

Coming Up. A very strange animal has been sighted recently on the Forum with the appearance of a rabbit, yet it has antlers and wings... - Sounds interesting? Then make sure not to miss the next update! The Themed'lon Forest is also in the works, as is the Yah'nork Goat, the notorious Gebl has been sighted once more (maybe he eventually makes it to an entry!) and Judy has not only rediscovered her paint brush, but also a suspenseful dwarven tale up her sleeve...

 Bestiary Updated entry on the Al'Syrr Sandbird, completely revising this fascinating desert bird (Smee)
Updated entry on the Ashmarian Wolf, completely revising this Northern Sarvonian "Ash Wolf" (Garret Arroway)
Added entry on the Lín'aoél Mouse, a mischievous, yet cute little critter fellow (Mannix, pic Bard Judith)
 Games Added another trivia quiz for Santhworld, this time dealing with Monsters of Caelereth. Check your knowledge in this 5 question quiz, access it by entering the Trivia modules by typing in START TRIVIA, then select BESTIARY, then choose the Monsters Quiz (Alysse the Likely, pics various artists, music Ralrok)
 Herbarium Added entry on the Bittersweet Tree, a tall, slender, rapidly growing fruit tree of the forest of Southern Sarvonia (Tharoc Wargrider)
Added entry on the Neeps Vegetables, a family of edible, bulbous, root vegetables grown widely throughout the whole of Caelereth, comprising Furneeps, Sweetneeps, Pa's Neeps and Redneeps (Tharoc Wargrider)
 History Updated history tables on the Serphelorian and Sophronian Humans, filling in many events that so far had only been sketched throughout entries. The tables are not yet complete, especially the earlier years will still have to be adjusted (Grunok)
 Library Added rhyme "A Days of the Week Fortunetelling Rhyme" to our "Counting Rhymes" collection as well as to our "Children Poems" page (Bard Judith)
 Misc Updated entry on the Sanryu Concept, adding illustration of Landaria Celene, one of the most famous mistresses of the formidable Red Sisters (pic Bard Judith)
Added entry on the T'lark War Buckler, a Kaaer'dár'shín shield made out of Tsor-Shotak hide (Azhira Styralias)
 Music Added new musical piece "The Sleepy Mice" to our "Lullabies of Caelereth" collection in the Music menu. The song was also added to the Santharian Lullabies page (song by Bard Judith)
 Places Added entry on the Prominent Mountains, an impressive mountain range in central Northern Sarvonia with the highest peak being the famous Samathagar. These mountains are also the home of various different races, be it dwarf, orc or elf (Alysse the Likely & Tharoc Wargrider, pics Arbaon)
Updated entry on the Scattersand Shoals, adding in detailed map of the Shoals made in the Manthrian map style and also using the exact scale to be able to eventually combine maps (map by Smee)
 Races &
Updated entry on the Rat Brownies, completely revising this special kind of Brownies (Rookie Brownbark)
Updated entry on the Eyelian Men, adding in extensive Culture and Nomenclature sections and expanding the Occupations section (Nsikigan Yourth)
entry on Eyelian Music, providing lots of details on this integratal parts of Eyelian way of life (Nsikigan Yourth)
 Website The Weapons menu as part of the Miscellaneous menu was reorganized a bit as far as our categorization of swords is concerned. It now features One-Handed, Two-Handed and Hand'n'Half sub-sections as well as the seperate overviews for these types of weapons (Nsikigan Yourth)

    Special Announcement of June 8th 2008 by Artimidor

Our new member!

It's party time again, my dear Santharians, as another dedicated contributer finally makes it into the official membership ranks these days! I'm happy to congratulate Azhira Styralias (Cori Kalinski from Dayton, Ohio) for having finished her masterwork last week, the complete rework of the Kaaer'dár'shín tribe, who now turned into a unique half-orc people that will be a key tribe of the Northern Sarvonian Northwest. Azhira has joined the Dev Boards only at the beginning of this year and has shown her commitment by delivering a variety of works, among them such illustrious characters like the rat exterminator Erron Ratdweller or the demonologist Waudrin Ghortz, but she also made beasts like the City Rat or the Tsor-Shotak Lizard, handled  a complete rework of the Pendrow Plant-Beings, also wrote an entry on the Ghun'tlor Disease and a bunch of spells. And of course she doesn't sleep now either, but has a lot more in store on the board already related to her Northern Sarvonian focus. Just recently she has climbed another step in her steep Santharian career ladder by being designed to Northern Sarvonian Co-Mod along with Alysse, where she is already planning further stuff to delight us all.

As is the case with all members we invite everyone cordially to Azhira's Inauguration Party at the Santharian Development Board, in order to welcome our new member, get to meet some Santharians in character and fetch a few exclusive snacks from the buffet, this time taking place in the Kuglimz city of Li'Weilima! - Happy celebrating!

- Artimidor, Santharian Webmaster on behalf of the Santharian Development Team

    Site Update of June 2nd 2008 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. This update week seems to be Miscellaneous week, as we have seven very different entries in this section alone, be it the strange Veell Elixir (Mira), the Wains and Carts of Caelereth (Ganinon), the Rookie Game (Talia), the Remusian Warsword (Ruil) or the Names of the Bodily Digits (Bard Judith). Another entry of the Miscellaneous section is the Ghun'tlor Disease (Azhira), a part of her masterwork to gain full membership - and we are happy that Azhira also already completed this week the re-work of the Kaaer'dár'shín Half-Orcs, one of the main tribes of Northwestern Sarvonia. Watch out for her brand new team page soon and an official inauguration party! - What more have we got, you ask? - Another Places entry in Manthria, the Nightfog Cliffs (Arin, pic Ingeborg) and the very first contributions by our latest newcomer, Smee, who helped with creating the Tortua Scorpion and the Ai'le Bush - welcome on board! Several more Herbarium stuff rounds the update up, plus fascinating insights in the mystery of the fungus phenomenon can be found in Judy's guide called "101 Interesting Things to Do With Fungus".

Coming Up. Inspired by Azhira's rapid masterwork progress Rookie also has a lot of things going like an entry on the Rat Brownies or her masterwork entry on the Council Tree. Then we have Arin who investigates the inventor Gregory Firelance, Smee has stumbled upon SImsy, a small Manthrian settlement, and Alysse has started on the Prominent Mountains. Azhira herself has further Kaer'dar'shín related stuff in the pipeline plus the long awaited entry on the infamous Witchking's Night, to name just a few examples. - Sounds promising for the next updates? You bet!

 Bestiary Added entry on the Tortua Scorpion, a two-tailed scorpion living in the Ráhaz-Dáth (Smee)
 Herbarium Added entry on the Ai'le Bush, a bush producing a spectacular array of colours (Smee)
Added entry on the Dainbel Bush, a bush with varying colours of its berries and unusual flowers (Mannix)
Added entry on the Flysh Seaweed,
a sea plant with interesting culinary uses (Drúadan)
Added entry on the Ironwood Tree,
a slow-growing, deciduous hardwood tree (Tharoc Wargrider)
 Library Added a new book called "Culinary Adventures" in a new Library section called "Guidebooks". The book features the first chapter, providing an entertaining read on "101 Interesting Things to Do With Fungus" (Bard Judith)
 Misc Added entry on Body Parts and Muscles, beginning this page with details on the naming of the Bodily Digits in the various tribal lanuages (Bard Judith and others)
Added entry on the Carts of Caelereth, common two-wheeled transporting devices (Ganinon)
Added entry on the Ghun'tlor Disease,
or "Cursed Blood", affecting mainly orcs (Azhira)
Added entry on the Remusian Warsword,
a powerful Ice Tribes weapon (Ruil Mallister)
Added entry on the Rookie Guess Game,
a simple, yet enjoyable game for everyone (Talia)
Added entry on the Veell Elixir,
a dubious "Elixir of Insanity" produced by Daran gnomes (Miraran)
Added entry on the Wains of Caelereth, four-wheeled transporting devices (Ganinon)
 Music Added song "Theme of the Lorehold", an ambience piece for the great university of Lorehaven that you can also hear while playing Santhworld (Macar)
 Places Added entry on the Nightfog Cliffs, a series of small mountainous islands, situated in the Adanian Sea in eastern Santharia (Arin Woodwealth, pic Ingeborg)
 Races &
Updated entry on the Kaaer'dár'shín Half-Orcs, completely revising and expanding the entry. Little was left of the only half-baked original concept of this tribe, now orcen ancestry was added and the darker, more corrupt side of the tribe was stressed much more, givin the Kaaer'dár'shín a completely new character (Azhira)
 Website Updated the Introdction page for Santhworld by adding several pages on the Lorehold module, including a module description, a quests overview and a detailed maps page. The quests overview page now features all pages that award score to the player, and the quests "The Song of Armeros" and "The Cheesy Quest" were now added, along with a background music and a bunch of items and first sound effects (Artimidor & Alysse)

    Site Update of May 12th 2008 by Artimidor & Fox

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. What have we got this time for you? Garret for example has no less than three beasts for you, the Horned Wolf, the Voldon Dog and last not least the unusual Skyter Dracoid (illustrated by Sheil). Tharoc makes his very first contributions for the site, both Herbarium entries - the Tangleweed and the Truphull Fungus, welcome! Other interesting stuff include Mira's Sinkel Traveling Merchants, Rookie's Brownie Ethnic Groupings rework, Santharian Skipping Rhymes, a certificate for Bard Judith and Eléyr has a description of Leifloff Sjungnarr for us, a famous Santharian butterfly researcher (illustrated by Faugar). Not to forget Drúadan's triumphant return with the Needle's Eye Reef entry (picture by Linda Tso) and Irid's Chapter III of her "Murder in Bardavos" story. - We also heartily welcome Grinch from Vienna (Austria) into official associated membership! He has earned great merits by working on improving the Santhworld program along with Artimidor. Speaking of Santhworld - a detailed Introduction page is now available dealing with the program, and Grinch's technical additions like music and sound effects support, improved scrollbar, full keyboard navigation, and many more things can now be experienced already.

Coming Up. Nsikigan is currently working on all kinds of stuff related to Eyelian culture, so first results might show up soon on the site. Arin has been sighted again, attempting to finish off the Nightfog Cliffs in eastern Manthria, and Mannix and Artimidor do the rewrite of the Thaelon entry, so some nice Places entries should be available soon as well.

 Bestiary Added entry on the Horned Wolf, a wolf type featuring stunted antlers. The overview entry on Wolves of Caelereth was also updated accordingly (Garret Arroway)
Added entry on the Skyter Dracoid, also called "Brownie Drake", a furry miniature version of a drake that can also be ridden by Brownies (Garret Arroway)
Added entry on the Tsor-Shotak Lizard,
completely revising the entry (Azhira Styralias)
Added entry on the Voldon Dog, a breed of watchdog originating in the Santharian town of Voldar (Garret Arroway)
 Herbarium Added entry on the Tangleweed, a dark green flat growing ground plant (Tharoc Wargrider)
Added entry on the Truphull Fungus, a small, ugly, pungent fungus, which is one of the most expensive foodstuffs of Santharia (Tharoc Wargrider & Bard Judith)
 Library Added the next part of our Santharian detective story "Murder in Bardavos, Chapter III: A Welcome Arrival", where the place of crime is investigated and an unpleasant message has to be delivered... (Irid alMenie)
Added page on Santharian Skipping Rhymes, starting off with two rhymes (Alysse the Likely & Bard Judith)
 Magic Added Level 3 Earth Spell - Deadened Senses to our spells collection (Fox)
Added Level 4 Fire Spell - Firebolt to our spells collection (Fox)
 People Added entry on Leifloff Sjungnarr, a famous Santharian contemporary butterfly researcher (Eléyr Fásamár, pic Faugar)
Updated entry on Masterbard Judith of Bardavos,
adding certificate illustration (pic Artimidor, based on pics by Quellion, text Alysse)
Added entry on Sinkel Merchants, a loosely connected group of traveling merchants that are known throughout most of Santharia (Miraran)
 Places Added entry on the Needle's Eye, a small reef on the Mithral Coast in Eastern Manthria, providing a good sailing testing ground for the local youth (Drúadan & Talia, pic Linda Tso)
 Races &
Updated entry on Brownie Ethnic Groupings, completely revising the entry, ironing out problems and added lots more details (Rookie Brownbark)
 Team Added membership details on Grinch (Alexander Wedl from Vienna, Austria), programming companion of Artimidor, who is mainly responsible for the speedy progress with Santhworld development. Grinch so far has been the main factor on the Santhworld script engine, items management, sound system and many more things to make Santhworld a unique experience. Welcome to the Dream! (Grinch)
 Website Updated Santhworld with lots of program improvements, including full sound support, see the Nepris test module, where you can hear background music and sound effects. An improved scroller was also realized, complete keyboard navigation is now possible also regarding the scrollbar (use the Page Up/Down keys), full dialogue questions are now integrated and many more things to make Santhworld come alive. A lot more content was also added to the Nepris area like several new characters and dialogues, a larger forest and a graveyard (program Grinch, content Artimidor, pics Arbaon and Faugar)
Also added was a comprehensive Santhworld Introduction page explaining the Santhworld concept, navigation, in-game and system commands (Artimidor)

    Site Update of April 18th 2008 by Artimidor & Fox

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. Ever heard an original orcish song? No? Then listen to Alysse's "Z'rovka H'rok" included in this week's update! If you like it more conventional, then try the "Kuglimz Love Song" (Judy & Alysse). Aside from music we have a little Arbaon special this week, as three pictures he made were integrated, among them the Pendrowe (along with a revision of the entry by Azhira) and the Wailwoman, but also Sheil contributed a Warg illustration for the update. Aside from these things Mannix delivers his first Santharian entry, the Caladrius Bird (congratulations!), Rookie strikes again with her Vale Brownie Mounts and Riding Techniques and Garret has another addition to our canine family, the Cattrel Dog. Finally Santhworld now supports item handling, which marks another step towards perfection. Once further important technical additions are completed we'll get back to the content side of the modules. - By the way: A big thanks goes to Fox for assisting with preparing the magic entries for the update!

Coming Up. Well informed sources tell me that chapter III of the "Murder in Bardavos" story will show up soon on the site... I've also literally heard that Santhworld will offer you background musics and sound effects in MP3 quality - plus some dragon trivia. Also Elen got a fairy-tale for you, an entry on Wagons and Carts is in the making, the first Santharian skipping rhymes are being discussed - and on top of that you get a chocolate snack entry. Interested? Then don't miss the next update!

 Bestiary Added entry on the Caladrius Bird, a snow white bird of northern Santharia known for ist exotic song and stunning beauty (Mannix)
Added entry on the Sarvonian Carriage Horse,
a light draught animal of Sarvonia (Alysse)
Added entry on the Cattrel Dog,
a herding dog of Mid-Southern Sarvonia (Garret Arroway)
entry on the Wailwoman, adding illustration (pic Arbaon)
the Wolves Overview entry, adding illustration of the wargs. The wargs picture was also added at the Warg entry itself (pic Sheil)
 Herbarium Added entry on the Trinity Herb, a sacred herb of Eyasha, the Goddess of Peace (Eléyr Fásamár)
Added entry on the Parpalm Tree,
a tropical palm with a nubby trunk that is symbol of the Viaquis people of  Nybelmar (Bard Judith)
Updated entry on the Pendrowe Plant Being,
completely revising the entry on these mysterious guardians and caretakers of the Caelerethian woods (Azhira Styralias, pic Arbaon)
 Library Added poem "The Dragonstorm" to our "MIscellaneous Poems" collection (Degas Zummatra)
 Magic Updated Level 2 Fire Spell - Boiling Blood, revising the entry (Azhira Styralias)
Level 7 Fire Spell - Rays of Heat, revising the entry (Fox)
Level 3 Earth Spell - Harden, revising the entry (Helvil Ypherén)
 Music Added new musical piece "Kuglimz Love Song" to our "Love Songs" collection (song composed and performed by Bard Judith, lyrics by Alysse)
Added new musical piece "Z'rovkya H'rok" to our "Orcish Songs" collection. This the very first piece of original orcish music on the site, so we started a new page harbouring orcish muscial stuff (music & lyrics Alysse the Likely)
 People Updated entry on the White Nehtorians, adding illustration (pic Arbaon)
 Races &
Added entry on the LLaoihrr Mounts and Riding Techniques, telling us more about the needed equipment, training, the riding and history of this Brownie-specific subject (Rookie Brownbark)
 Treasures &
Added poem "Where have all our newbies gone?" to a new page in Treasures & Oddities, which was named "Poems about This and That" dealing with miscellaneous site-related stuff that didn't fit into any other category (Grunok)
 Website Added item support for Santhworld, allowing you to carry around items, take, drop, examine and hand them over to other characters and take stock of your possessions via the INVENTORY command. Games now have to be started via START or the START [module name] commands. You can also display your score by typing SCORE. At the moment the technical side to realize these things is of importance, so give us some time with adding content that is available to the public (Grinch & Artimidor)
Further progress has been made regarding the conversion of the Music menu (e.g. a Santharian Places Themes page has been created). However, the menu is still further in transition (Artimidor)


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