Announcement of September 28th 2008 by Artimidor

Our new members!

Hello and welcome to another membership inauguration - this week with a premiere! As today we are proud to have two candidates who receive the honour of official Santharian membership, for one Garret Arroway (Texas, USA) and Rookie Brownbark (United Kingdom)! Garret has made herself known as the local dog and wolf expert, but also worked on a story, some poetry and a Places entry, along with essential Brownie stuff. And Brownie stuff is also the focus of our second new member: Rookie has delivered works in conjunction with Brownies in practically every section we have on the site, so one can say that she really has fleshed out these little ones and we can be very thankful for that. Not very surprisingly her comprehensive masterwork deals with the Council Tree of the Llaoihirr Brownies, while Garret took on the task of elaborating the Kyranian Men (note that some parts of this huge entry still need to be finalized and added in the next days). Both masterworks show extraordinary dedication.

There's no doubt that two very talented contributers receive official membership these days, so let the party begin! The location was set at the Council Tree of the Vale Brownies, so make sure that a guide can lead you there, and show your invitation, otherwise you might be attacked by the Brownie flying militia for trespassing... Here's your direct link to the inauguration, congratulations and presents are very much welcome!

- Artimidor, Santharian Webmaster on behalf of the Santharian Development Team

    Site Update of September 14th 2008 by Artimidor

Update Statement. The Santharian petition for justice for Lucirina is now finished - thanks to everyone participating in it! In the meantime we've also completed a site update: Make sure to have a look in our Library section, where a field report on "Orcen Dueling" (Tharoc) awaits, some shocking lore in "The Beastlord's Rage" (Azhira), a historical account titled "The Last Days of Mynia" (Degas) and finally the Brownie fairy-tale "The Magic Wings" (Irid). Lots of commotion takes place in Herbarium and Bestiary, where Lionhorse has also delivered his very first entry, the Silverwood Bug. Congratulations on this first contribution! Garret on the other hand is on her final steps towards membership and delivers part one of a major tribe rework - the Kyranians! Part two will follow soon! A musical interlude awaits on the new music overview page dealing with "Mourning Songs, Dirges and Chants" (Macar, lyrics Decipher). In Nybelmar the Fire Cult of Mari was researched (Eléyr) and Nsiki got details on the Eyelian Creation myth, while the Heaths of Eph'denn (Azhira) represent another important Places entry up North.

Coming Up. Some interesting places are being worked on, among them the Eyelian village Kytta'erng, the Fields of Aurium, the Auturian Woods, the Citystate of Marmarra - one or two of these should make it up on site soon. The Kyranian entry of course is about to be finished (including subentries), a Kaaer'dár'shín update awaits, and, and, and... What else makes it on the site you will find out next update, so be there!

 Bestiary Updated entry on the Blood Bear, completely revising the entry about this bear that is supposed by some to be the "spawn of demons" (Garret Arroway)
Added entry on the Flitter-Twitch Butterfly, a spastic, obnoxious little thing that has a tendency to flitter and twitch, thus flying around clumsily and hit you in the face...
(Val O'Neil)
Added entry on the Grey Bloodmoth, a common pest of Nybelmar's Moredein Kaerath (Miraran Tehuriden)
Added entry on the Silverwood Bug, a wood-eating parasite feeding on trees and sometimes entire forests (Lionhorse)
 Herbarium Added entry on the Bladeleaf Fern, a very useful plant of Southern Sarvonia, important for cosmetic an medical applications (Nsikigan Yourth)
Added entry on the Kazai Rose, a low-growing flower, resembling a creeping vine (Miraran Tehuriden)
Added entry on the Tangleweed Venlaken, a large, man-eating plant of the Venlaken Enclave (Tharoc Wargrider)
 Library Added new Library section called "Reports and Journals" and started it with the book  "Customs and Culture of the Northern Orcs", featuring the first text "Orcen Dueling", a 9 page long account of an observer investigating orcen culture of Northern Sarvonia (Tharoc Wargrider)
new book "Lore of the North" to our Library section, focusing on tales and legends from the Northlands. The first added text is the 5 pages long story "The Beastlord's Rage" where a fight between Kaaer'dár'shin half-orcs and Osther-Ocs takes an unexpected turn... (Azhira Styralias)
new book "Days Gone By" to our Library section, dealing with historical texts. A first text was added for now bearing the title "The Last Days of Mynia" (Degas Zummatra)
Added fairy-tale "The Magic Wings" to our book "Master Tribell's Miraculous Narrations", a two page story about a Brownie's miraculous adventure (Irid al'Menie)
 Magic Added entry on Level 2 Wind Spell - Nightshade Cloud to our spells collection (Azhira Styralias)
 Misc. Added entry on the Green Fever Disease, an illness of the Moredin Kaerath, caused by the bloodmoth (Miraran)
entry on the Sunblood Condition, a not very healthy form of "Baked Brownies" - literally... (Rookie Brownbark)
 Music Added new Music Overview page titled "Mourning Songs, Dirges and Chants" to harbour songs that represent sadness and the like. As a first piece Macar's musical version of Decipher's Marmarran elegy "In Memory of Vivyne Salame" was added, which you also find the the Library  (Macar Irandir, lyrics Decipher Ziron)
 Places Added entry on the Heaths of Eph'denn, a wide region of grasslands north of the Temed'lon Forests in southeaster Caeel'heroth (Azhira Styralias)
Updated entry on the Isle of Kalta'Goor, adding historical details of the island
(Azhira Styralias)
 Races & Tribes Updated entry on the Kyranian Men ("Simple-Folk"), completely revising the entry. This update we upload only Part I of this major revision, which represents Garret's masterwork to be rewarded with official Santharian membership. Updated sections include Overview, Appearance, Coat of Arms, Territory, People, Diet, Housing, Clothing, Weapons, Production/Trade, Natural Resources and Holidays, Festivals and Observances as well as Nomenclature. Other sections will still be added after further detailed checks or they will be revised, like the History section (Garret Arroway)
 Religion Added entry on the Mari Cult of Fire, a popular sect following the Murmillion Goddess of Dreams (Eléyr Fásamár)
entry on the Yourth'Dibaj - The Eyelian Creation Myth, comrpising background and tale of how the Eyelians landed on Sarvonian lands as told by E'algor Yourth (Nsikigan Yourth)

    Important Annoucement of August 30th 2008


A Petition for Justice. Every now and then real life interferes in Santharian matters, as is the case unfortunately these days: Four years ago one of our members, Lucirina (Ana-Maria Salinas), was brutally murdered by her husband with 34 stabs, who she had married only two months before the tragedy. In the subsequent trial that eventually ended in June 2008 J.P. Mailhot was declared guilty of non-premidated murder and automatically received life imprisonment. However, a few days later he was released on bail as a result of a shocking appeal decision and can now walk the streets of Montreal again as a free man.

Organisations like the AFPAD/MMPFA (Murdered or Missing Persons' Families' Association) and the Chilean Community of Montreal urge the Canadian Minsters of Public Security and Justice to take immediate action and reverse the decision of the appeal court, made by Judge Yves-Marie Morissette. The Santharians will send a petition to the minsters as well. Inform yourself and sign the petition here.

    Site Update of August 24th 2008 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. Despite the fact that several real life issues got in the way of this week's update and some things had to be postponed therefore, some really cool stuff made it on site this week. Pretty cool of course is the Isle of Kalta'Goor up north (Azhira, pic Sheil), and quite fascinating the complete overhaul of the Thaelon Forest, which was done by Mannix and Artimidor (pic Arbaon). Eerie ghost stuff comes from Irid with the White Lady, assisted by Gean with two poems you can find on the Ghost and Horror Poems page. Take a snack then with the Prezzers and Petitioners entry (Ganinon) and then continue on with the Brownie Dragonriders of Aohu'o (Garret) or make acquaintance with the Flying Sponge (Mira). And don't forget to check out Val's very first contribution, the Death Dance Butterfly - welcome on the Dev side, Val! We're looking forward for further works!

Coming Up.
We've got some stories for you next time, which couldn't be uploaded this week due to serious time constraints of the dear webmaster. So look forward to a Brownie story titled "The Magic Wings" (Irid), learn more about the "Last Days of Mynia" (Degas) or about the "Beastlord's Rage" (Azhira). Further updates await for the Kaáer'dár'shín half-orcs, more plants are very likely to get up as well, and more Eyelian stuff of course - and perhaps even Garret's complete rework of the Kyranian tribe. Stay tuned!

 Bestiary Added entry on the Balyei ("Flying Sponge"), a rather bizarre creature of the Drifiting Woods of Nybelmar (Miraran)
entry on the Death Dance Butterfly, a majestic and elegant insect of the Thaelon often found feasting off and dancing near dead bodies (Val O'Neil)
Added entry on the Rimmerin Bear, a bear of south-central Santharia, living mainly in the Rimmerins Ring area, having a special importance for Eyelians (Nsikigan)
Added entry on the White Lady, a mysterious ghost apparition observed all over the Sarvonian continent (Irid al'Menie, poems Gean Firefeet)
Updated entry on Cuuloo, the Al'syrr, the Varcosparrow, the Aelirel, the Sarvonian Gull, the Gynnia, the Wynd Racer and the Kingell, adding egg illustrations. Enlarge the eggs picture to view the full display case of Caelerethian bird eggs (pic Bard Judith)
 Library Added two poems to our Ghost and Horror Poems collection, the "Lay of the Lady" and "Fair Lady in White". Both poems were partly added to the White Lady entry as well (Gean Firefeet)
 Magic Added entry on Level 1 Water Spell - Splash to our spells collection (Mannix)
 Misc. Added entry on the Prezzers and Petitioners, a tasty snack common in Santharia as well as the Empire of Krath in Nybelmar (Ganinon)
 People Added entry on the Dragonriders of Aohu'o, a group of daring Brownies of the Akdorian branch that rides on skyter dracoids (Garret Arroway, pic by Sheil)
 Places Added entry on the Isle of Kalta'Goor, a Northern Sarvonian island in the Ice Sea that supposedly is the home of the rare Snow Drake (Azhira)
entry on the Thaelon Forest ("Sanctuary Wood"), completely revising and updating the entry of Santharia's largest and most mythical forest, thought to contain the cradle of life in Caelereth by the elves (Artimidor & Mannix, additional pic Arbaon)
 Team Added another poem for our Odes to the Team, welcoming Aurora Damall back to the Dream (Bard Judith)

    Site Update of August 4th 2008 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. Thanks to another load of great contributions in the past weeks, we have quite a bit to put up today! Have a look at the gigantic Bahimut Monster for example (Mira), or the Wisp (Azhira) in the Bestiary, where you can also enjoy pictures of the Dalór and the White Spiral Butterfly (both Bard Judith). In the Library awaits something entirely new and unusual, namely "Septimus Smallpiece's Book of Bawdy Verse" (Tharoc and company) - but make sure to read the warning first you find on that page. Food and drinks are served by Mannix with the Dainbel Pie and a major update on our Drinks of Santharia list. Also splendid entries await with the Fencing Instructor Varyn Quickblade (Nsiki, illustration by Judy), the Themed'lon Forests (Azhira) and Kaeér'dár'shín Beliefs (Azhira once again, pic Ingeborg), and Alysse even provides you with a taste of orcish lyrics. Some more brand new illustrations can be found in the Santharian Currency or the Diorye'oleal Elves entry - once more Bard Judith strikes again! Santhworld also gets larger and larger, and slowly but surely we're nearing the integration of the long awaited battle system...

Coming Up. I bet that some more illustrations by Bard Judith will get on site soon, Tharoc has more lymericks of questionable content in store, the Dragonriders of Aohu'o might show up and the full revision of the Thaelon entry could eventually make it. Ganinon's long delayed prezzers will make a good snack during reading next update, not so much Baked Brownies, even though they might get on site next time... Want to know why that is so? Well, then be there next time!

 Bestiary Added entry on the Bahimut Monster, a humongous beast of the northern Germon Doith in Nybelmar (Miraran)
Added entry on the Copper Lopstere,
a large armoured sea beast which is eaten as a delicacy (Bard Judith)
Updated entry on Dalór ("Sparker"), adding illustration of these insects (pic Bard Judith)
Updated entry on Garthook Ground Bird, the Snobyrr, the Psitta Bird and the Injoh adding egg illustrations. Enlarge the eggs picture to view the full display case of Caelerethian bird eggs (pic Bard Judith)
Added entry on the Jun'era Fish,
a common Sarvonian coastal fish often seen in a poor sailor's diet (Drúadan)
entry on the White Spiral Butterfly, adding illustration of a hobbit child enjoying some butterflies. The picture was also added to the Dogodon Halflings entry (pic Bard Judith)
Added entry on the Wisp ("Will'o'Wisp"), a mysterious apparition known to inhabit desolate swamps, moors or bogs (Azhira, song by Nsikigan Yourth)
 Library Added new Library page called "Septimus Smallpiece's Book of Bawdy Verse", an book full of bawdy songs, poems and lymericks collected from all across Santharia (with contributions from Tharoc Wargrider, Alysse the Likely, Bard Judith, Druadán and others)
Added poem "For Her I Will Not Fail" to our "Orcish Songs" collection, the very first orcish love song that was trasnlated from Kh'omchr'om to Tharian
(Alysse the Likely)
Added poem "Let's Hinder History" to our "Miscellaneous" collection
(Garret Arroway)
Added poem "The Herald of Dawn" to our "Religious Poems" collection
(Degas Zummatra, pic Losmios)
 Magic Added entry on Level 5 Wind Spell - Precarious Plummet to our spells collection (Eléyr Fásamár)
 Misc. Added entry on the Dainbel Pie, a delectable pie having originated in the Elverground shire dwellers. The entry also includes a receipt (Mannix)
Updated entry on the Drinks of Santharia,
adding in several more descriptions of mainly gnomish drinks (Mannix & Tharoc)
Updated entry on Santharian Currency, adding two more coin illustrations, the Od and the Nune (pics Bard Judith)
 People Added entry on Varyn Quickblade, one of Santharia's most famous fencing instructors (Nsikigan, pic Bard Judith)
 Places Added entry on the Themed'lon Forests ("Fortified Woods"), home of the Kaaer'dár'sh´n half-orcs, rich in fauna and flora and steeped in ancient myth (Azhira Styralias)
 Tribes Updated entry on the Diorye'oleal ("Hidden Wind") Elves, adding illustration of a tribe member (pic Bard Judith)
 Religion Added entry on Kaaer'dár'shín Beliefs: The Hunt of the Beastlord, dealing with the hunt, the stealth and the swift kil-, the basic tenants of the half-orc tribe's beliefs (Azhira Styralias)
 Website Updated the Bestiary menu, adding another sub-section for Water Creatures dealing with Mammals (Artimidor)
Expanded the Lorehold moldule in
Santhworld further (to enter the module type START LOREHOLD). Added were illustrations of Hubert Greenvale, the chef, courtyard pictures, more rooms in the wine cellar and the greenhouse, plus characters like Miraran Tehuriden and Irid al'Menie, as a first part to prepare a quest or two in that section of the game. We also have a new alternating musical theme now in the Lorehold. The map details in the Santhworld Experience page were also updated (pics Quellion and Bard Judith, texts Miraran and Artimidor, music Gean)

    Site Update of July 13th 2008 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. It's summer and people are enjoying their holidays - or aren't they? Hey, can it be that Santharian developers enjoy their holidays with... developing? How else is it explainable that we got another massive update for you this time! Especially Bard Judith - having re-discovered her digital brushes - has her hands in no less than 8 (!) entries this time, turning this week's update into a very special Judy special! - So what have we got? A little hobbit invasion with Wotho in the Cha'ah entry (pic Bard Judith) and an entry on the Lorehold chef Hubert (Mannix, pic Quellion), followed by a plethora of dwarven stuff, like the Singspeakers entry (Judy), a Thergerim story called "The Midnight Marjual" (Judy) and a magnifcient tribe entry on the long awaited Zirghurim Clan located on the Ximax peninsula (J... well, you know who). Other absolute highlights include no less than three musical pieces! Gean offers "Herool's Prowl" and an "Evening at the Broken Wing", a tavern in Shneerin, and Alysse delights us once more with a Kuglimz long song called "My Heart for You". We also shouldn't forget other key entries like the one on the Colony of Eph'denn (Azhira), Ll'eh Spiritfriend (Rookie) and the unsated Gebl (Judy of course). If you spot a Red Herring somewhere, take it for real (Mira), and if you're looking for even more illustrations, you might want to check out the Capou-Capou entry, the White Bear and the Empire of Krath entry, where a Viaquis mage honours us with his presence (now who could have done all those pictures, hmmm...).

Coming Up. Next time we've got pie (hooray!), some language stuff and hopefully more pics, as whenever Judy is in a drawing frenzy one shouldn't try to stop her... We'll see what we can put where. Fitting to the pie we might also have prezzers for you if Ganinon manages to finish the entry instead of munching them for research purposes. And hopefully we get some gnomish drinks to wash it all down! Oh, and we got a fencing instructor in the making, and more on Eyelian culture. So drop in anytime to see what's new!

 Bestiary Updated entry on the Capou-Capou Flying Ape, adding illustration of the monkey (pic Bard Judith)
Added entry on the Foilfish, Nybelmar's rather unique "Red Herring" (Miraran Tehuriden)
Added entry on the Yah'nork Goat, a fascinating kind of goat living in the Tandala Highlands (Gaffin)
Added entry on the Yepran Toad, a peculiar whistling creature of the Jungles of Shar (Decipher Ziron)
entry on the White Bear, adding illustration to this Cyhalloian beast (pic Bard Judith)
 Cosmology Updated entry on the Injèrá (the Sun), fixing a few incorrectly stated details (Talia & Artimidor)
Updated entry on the Cha'ah Tea Herb, adding illustration of the famous hobbit merchant Wotho Kin Overborroughs (pic Bard Judith)
 Herbarium Updated entry on the Candlebush, completely revising the entry (Mannix)
 History Added entry on the Battle of Alvang ("Witchking's Night"), one of the legendary battles of the Móh'rónn (Azhira)
 Library Added new book called "Thergerim Tales" to our Library, and started it off with the first tale, provided by Judy and called "The Midnight Marjual". This entertaining 11 page long folk tale about the dwarfling Bruk allows interesting insights in the procedures and minds of the Thergerim (Bard Judith)
 Misc Added entry on the Aellenrhim Harp, one of the native instruments of the Aellenrhim elves (Petros Greenvale)
Added entry on the Morjualerons ("Dwarven Singspeakers"), providing insights in the Thergerim ways of communication via the usage of cave bats (Bard Judith)
 Music Added new musical piece "Evening at the Broken Wing" to our "Places Songs" collection in the Music menu, introducing us to Shneerin tavern music. The song was also added to  entry on Shneerin as a musical theme (song by Gean Firefeet)
Added new musical piece "Herool's Prowl" to our "Ballads of Santharia" collection in the Music menu. The song was also added to the Children Poems page (song by Gean Firefeet, based on a poem by Decipher Ziron)
Added new musical piece "My Heart for You"
to our "Kuglimz Songs" collection in the Music menu. The song was also added to the Songs of the Kuglimz page (song by Alysse)
 People Added entry on the Brownie Gebl the Unsated, an apocryphal tragic-comic figure of Brownie legend - larger than life, sardonic and lusty, crude yet witty and a pragmatic wanderer (Bard Judith)
Added entry on Hubert Greengrove, the halfling cook of the Lorehold
. Note: Integration of various parts of the picture in the Santhworld Lorehold module will follow soon! (Mannix, pic Quellion)
Added entry on Ll'eh Spiritfriend, a writing Brownie of the Praiser Clan
(Rookie Brownbark)
 Places Added entry on the Colony of Eph'denn, a large half-orc settlement of the Kaaer'dár'shín (Azhira)
Updated entry on the Empire of Krath, adding another illustration to the entry, the Viaquis mage Viltir, accompanied by a bunch of capou-capou apes
(pic Bard Judith)
 Races &
Added entry on the Zirghurim Dwarves ("Bright Heights Clan"), the long awaited Thergerim of the Zirkumire Mountains of Ximax, mainly renowned for having been the primary builders of the magical city of Ximax, and for their famously-spectacular "lava cities" (Bard Judith)
 Team Updated membership page of Decipher Ziron, substituting photo (Decipher)

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