2009 - The Year of the Newbie Invasion

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New Year Statement. Looking back at 2009 it is remarkable to notice how many newcomers have consistently contributed to the site in the last year, be it as story or entry writers, artists, commenters etc. The amount alone isn't the most important thing, but we can call ourselves lucky that we got so many quality contributers this year and that they covered so many different fields of expertise - we've got Seeker, our all-around artist, Shabakuk whose second name must be "Imagination", Seth is brilliant in telling myths and writing fascinating Bestiary entry, Jenna more and more develops to our hobbit expert, Deklitch covers a wide on entries and - with a strange poet named Sordok in tow - brings humour and originality with him, and Valan is also all over the place, with a wide range of interest, be it beast, spell, place or story. And these are just a few extraordinary newcomers. Without these brand new and fresh ideas, the many illustrations and enjoyable stories we'd lack a good deal of what makes the Santharian Dream so captivating, as the longer a project continues, the more important it is to have fresh blood with enough fantasy reviving daily world creation routine. We've got a lot of that in the last year, and I guess we can be very thankful that things have turned out this way and hopefully will continue along that line.

2010 will require for us to do some more homework nevertheless, as important historical tables sketched in 2006 are still not on site, essential mythological timelines have only just made into the project, but are still incomplete, and key differences between dominating religions finally have to be made explicit - to name just a few things. Many of those issues drown in the daily work or are discussed to death, so that they can hardly be revived later on. We need to approach a few selected topics with a much clearer focus to make at least some progress on which we then can build in a much more accurate and consistent way. It is also important not to get lost in technicalities in that process, but to keep a free spirit and an approach that is worth for a fantasy site like ours. In that sense I guess we can learn a lot from newcomers, their enthusiasm and imagination on how to approach their works. - So let's do our best in 2010 to lay some more groundworks, but without forgetting to keep things fresh and fascinating for everyone, veterans and newcomers alike.
- Artimidor, Santharian Webmaster

    Best of Member Contributions 2009
 Bestiary Added entry on the Gossiper Bird ("Tell-tale", "Babbler"), a forest bird known especially for its peculiar way in which it constructs its mating song (Shabakuk Zeborius Anfang)
Added entry on the Gigglepebble, a strange kind of a beetle-like insect that can leap and giggle... (Shabakuk)
Added entry on the Hiveling Creature, a mythical being that most commonly is described as “a man made of bees”, while in fact they take many forms, using many kinds of insect as a host (Seth Ghibta)
Updated entry on the Kyrattin Cattle, adding illustration of a typical Kyrattin longhorn bull. The Cows Overview entry was also updated with a picture of the Kyrattin bull (pic Seeker)
Updated entry on the Netherbeast Monster, completely revising the entry (Azhira)
Added entry on the Packox ("Oxen Pack Mount"), a heavy, bulky, large and slow member of the bovine family that makes its home in the icy north of the Sarvonian mainland (Deklitch Hardin, pic Jonael Tomeskrift)
Added entry on the Thiefling Monkey ("Llaioo"), a small kind of monkey living in the Dark Hiills next to the Vale of Brownies (Irid alMenie)
Added entry on the Ugling Water Creature, an ugly water creature that is said to wreak feverish daydreams that confuse seafarers’ minds (Shabakuk)
Added entry on Winterdrake Dracoid, a flying, bird-like creature, possibly related to drakes, living in the upper reaches of the mountains in southern Sarvonia (Valan, pic Sheil)
 Cosmology &
Added entry on the Evil Ear Superstition, the ability to wreak malicious magic from the words a guileless speaker addresses to them (Shabakuk)
Added entry on the Hunter and the Red King, a Kyranian myth, explaining why bulls so hate the colour read (Seth Ghbita, pic Seeker)
Added entry on the Kanarma Tree Myth, recounting the tale on how how sheep came to live happily on the harsh Nybelmarian plainslands (Seth Ghibta)
Added entry on Naule and the Ancestors' Song, a mullog myth that concerns the silverwood bug hivelings which occasionally occur in the Silvermarshes (Seth Ghibta)
Added entry on the Nohopuku Hiveling Myth, lore from the 'Vikh people in Nybelmar, explaining strange apparitions that supposedly is a hiveling composed of dangerous needleflies (Seth Ghibta)
Added entry on the Sundering of Mar'malog the Sea Dragon, a myth about Anilya Everbright's confrontation with a seemingly overpowering beast (Azhira Styralias)
 Downloads Added second page of Santharian Wallpapers, adding seven new ones to choose from, depicting various motives like races, places, beasts and flowers. Further sizes might be added later (composition Talis Sturmwind, pics by Talia, Faugar and Seeker)
 Herbarium Updated entry on the Bone Tree, adding illustration of these mysterious apparition found in the Venlaken Enclave (pic Seeker)
Added entry on the Daoles Fungus, a mushroom found in the Mists of Osthemangar, producing an eerie glow that proves to be deadly for certain insects (Exmortis)
Added entry on the Forget-Me-Nut, a putrid plant from the southern borders of the Mists of Osthemangar. It's subterranean seed, the Nak-Nut. contains the power to befuddle the memory (Tharoc Wargrider)
Added entry on the Ice Tree, a frozen enigma in the form of a tree, found in the Forest of Contamar (Miés'Efér Lytherá, pic Bard Judith)
Added entry on the Never-Sit-Still, a moonsilver-coloured mushroom that has been recorded only in the Goltherlon Forest (Shabakuk)
Added entry on the Savage Mushroom, a small, hardy fungus found only within the Mists of Osthemangar (Rookie Brownbark)
Added entry on the Truthelon Tree, a strange tree in a strange place, this "Oilbeard Tree" is a also fairly common sight in the underground chasms of Trumatyreon (
Darbul Runestained)
 History Added the years 0 until 100 a.S. to our Santharian Kingdom Timeline, comprising the years of Santhros' and his son Laenthris reign and dealing with the ensuing succession difficulties. The Santharian Royal Line was also updated in this context, as are all associated entries (Artimidor, based on contributions by Talia, Gean, Thuja, Faugar and Artimidor)
 Languages Added entry on Serphelorian Language ("Sertharian"), containing all important details related to the Tharian dialect of this tribe (Grunok)
 Library Added new essay to the book of "Caelerethian Philosopy", this time dealing with a rather unusual subject, namley the "Philosophie of the Mollukse Race". Also added was an Authors page in the Library page for Seth Ghibta (Seth Ghibta)
the historical account on "Orcen Dueling", adding illustration of the legendary Choan of Orc (pic Bard Judith)
Added new ghost story titled "Fiddles on the Falls" to our collection of supernatural tales "Lurking in the Mists" where we make acquaintance with an unusual musician. Also added now was Valan's Author page in the Library menu (Valan Nonesuch)
Added mystery tale "The Gift" to the book "Lurking in the Mists", a mysterious 13 pages tale that recounts the dramatic occurences in a probably haunted mansion (Artimidor Federkiel)
Added tale "How the Hob-Hound Came to Be" to the book "Santhalan Bedtime Stories", a 6 pages story which is a common halfling tale about the origins of a popular hobbit dog (Jenna Silverbich)
Added two more poems to our Poems of Nybelmar collection, the Tiquaitan poem "The Foreseer's Dilemma" and the Faen poem "The Hollowtrunk Remains" (Decipher Ziron)
Added new book "A Seagull's Cry", a Krean novel, which we start off with the first chapter titled "Adumbration". First chapters of "A Seagull's Cry" were already on the site, but they are now being revised one after the other and are presented in the new Library format (Coren FrozenZephyr)
Added another fairy-tale to "Master Tribell's Miraculous Narrations", a short tale called "Conversing with Dragons", a story about a dragon's greed and the reason behind the sparkling of the sea (Garret Arroway)
Added song "Rover Nancy" to our "Drinking Songs" collection, recounting about a member of teh Black Butterlfy Rovers, who used to know a lot of men... (Deklitch Hardin)
Added new poem "Song to the Wind" to our "Love Poems" collection (Gean Firefeet)
Updated entry on the Tear Frost Flower, adding illustration of this beautiful flower producing a "fruit", which is a tiny crystalline bulb that resembles a tear. The text was also updated in order to fit better to the new picture (Azhira, pic Seeker)
Added new book titled "The Adventures of Otapii", a collection of Tarshiinite tales, starting it off with the first adventure called "Otapii and the Cave" (Decipher Ziron)
Added the fairy-tale "The Bee's Gift" to "Santhalan Bedtime Stories" collection, an fascinating 9 page long tale that explores the hiveling myth. Also added was Shabakuk's authors page for the Library (Shabakuk)
Added new game/song "The Santhalan Ball" to collection of children's games (Alysse the Likely)
Started a new book in the Library called "Words by the Waters", a collection of fairy-tales and folk tales put together by the hobbit Gerontius Bywater and his son. We start the brand new book with a folk tale from Nyemersys, the "City of Death", a 6 pages long story called "The City of Masks" (Elendilwyn)
 Magic Added entry on the Krean Arcane Arts, a comprehensive overview on the powerful ancient kind of magic found in Nybelmar, which rests on the principle of non-linear time (Coren FrozenZephyr)
Added entry on the Level I, Water Spell - First Pulse to our collection of spells (Fox)
Added entry on the Level III, Earth Spell - Delirium to our collection of spells (Valan Nonsuch)
Updated entry of the Level IV Bone Crafting spell, completely revising the entry (Drasil Razorfang)
Updated entry of the Level V, Earth Spell - Wind Walking, revising the entry (Eldor Delrossa)
Added entry on
Level VI Fire Spell - Flame Ring to our spells collection (Thorgas Ironforge)
Started a new section in the Magic menu  titled "Lectures on Magic", which we start off with a series of lectures dealing with "Understanding Ximaxian Magic Through the Cár'áll" (Coren FrozenZephyr)
 Misc. Added entry on the All-Year Pie, a staple meal of any extensive hobbit family’s diet (Jenna Silverbirch)
Added entry on the Butterball Delight, delicious sweet balls of foridite and butter - a famous halfling sweet (Tčlamorí V'uorién)
Added entry on the Four Flowers Game, a strategy game that is a favourite of the Milken Brownies of Milkengrad (Rookie Brownbark, pic Rookie & Talia)
Added entry on the Geode ("Earth Egg"), a small plain looking rock, which is filled inside with crystals of various size and colour (Sivartius)
Added entry on the Half-Moon Axe, a weapon of the dark dwarves with an unusual moon shape of its head part (Grendal Thornfist, pic Seeker)
Added entry on Kiiahk Lake/Whitewater Craft, a paddle-drawn boat, invented by the primitive Nybelmarian tribe of the Tsohamin (Decipher Ziron)
Added entry on the Llaoihrr Harvest Festival, an important cultural event in the lives of the Vale Brownies (Rookie Brownbark)
Added entry on the Mortalon Battle Axe ("Crescent"), a close range melee weapon and employs two heads rather than one. The weapon was also added to the heavy axes section in the Axes Overview
(Thodin Coldflame Lomin)
Added entry on the Sengren Axe, a double-bladed axe, pride of the former Kyranian kingdom (Deklitch Hardin, pic Seeker)
Updated all Weapons Overviews on site, adding further weapons that were still missing, yet were mentioned in entries already or were part of the main Weapons page. The Weapons page as such was now changed entirely, containing only descriptions of the various weapon types, from which you can now branch off into the overview lists of the types themselves. At each type overview you now also have a link on top which allows you to return to the main Weapons page. Further pictures will be added to the main Weapons overview as soon as three item pictures in each category are available (Grendal Thornfirst and Artimidor)
 Music Added new song called "Bring Me News of My Beloved One" to our collection of "Kuglimz Songs". The song was also added the the Kuglimz Songs Overview in the music menu and to Alysse's Artist page (song and lyrics by Alysse)
Added new musical piece "The Nightshade Carnival"
to our "Places Themes" collection in the Music menu, a theme accompanying the wondrous world of fascinating entertainment. The piece was also added to the actualy Nightshade Carnival entry (song by Gean Firefeet)
Added new musical piece, the "Theme of the Eyelians" to our collection of human tribe themes, which we've started with this entry (Gean Firefeet)
 People Added entry on Queen Caralla the Farseeing, the Erpheronian regent responsible for securing the Eastern and Northern marks (Trelstahl & Talia Sturmwind)
Added entry on Drakus the Long-Lived, a Marmarran S
anrier, an everlasting example to the most misunderstood danger of Blood Magic. The entry contains a bunch of easter eggs as well, so watch out... (Decipher, pic Seeker)
Updated entry on Gouran, the Bane of the North
, adding illustration of the transformed Injerín elf, representing reincarnated evil. The picture also features some orcish companions along with the not yet described rhom warg (pic Seeker)
entry on Judith of Bardavos, adding illustration of the famous Masterbard (pic Faugar)
Added entry on the Mindmeddlers, rogue Eyashenes who use their rare gift for their own selfish reasons (Eldor Delrossa)
Updated entry on the Santharian poet Monsonius, also adding portrait of this famous Avennorian (Artimidor, pic Bard Judith)
Added entry on the Nightshade Carnival
, a travelling group of weirdling entertainers drawn from all over the Santharian kingdom and from many races (Bard Judith & Alysse the Likely, pics Bard Judith, Val O'Neil, music Gean Firefeet)
Updated entry on the Patron of Magic Anilya the Everbright, adjusting and updating details, as well as adding in a prayer to Anilya (Azhira, prayer by Rayne Avalotus)
Added entry on Soros the Stranger Alchemist, a mysterious youth, yet famous discoverer of the alchemical element of Sodium, also known as Loman among the gnomes (Lionhorse)
Added entry on the Tehuriden Ter'ei'Vikh Clan, a clan cast out from their homelands for their impure blood by their birthtribe, living on the outskirts of the Drifting Woods (Miraran Tehuriden)
Updated entry on the Windsingers, adding illustration of an elf singing with the winds, understanding untouched nature (pic Eratin)
 Places Updated entry on Elving ("The White City"), adding illustration of the City Hall, the impressive center of Quaelhoirhim cultural and city life. This picture represents Seeker's masterwork in order to achieve official Santharian membership (pic Seeker)
entry on the Forest of Contamar, the legendary "Frozen Forest" located at the Peninsula of Iol in Northern Sarvonia, featuring monstrous trees that stand in crystal-like magnificence (Miés'efér Lytherá, pic Bard Judith)
entry on the Manthrian Village of Simsy, which is seated at the base of the twin Sentinels, two giant spires of granite and is well known for its cattle, beef and stone goods (Smee)
Updated entry on the Mists of Osthemanga
r, an area in Northern Sarvonia, full of vaporous mist, thick and foreboding, that engulfs a large portion of the peninsula of Caaehl'heroth. Also added to the entry was an illustration of a spin wyrm, and the Osthemangar history table was added to the History section (Azhira, pics Bard Judith & Seeker)
Added entry on the Salóh Coast, a wet, dangerous and unpleasant piece of land located south of New-Santhala and includes the shroudy Mist Marcha and the treacherous Woecape
Updated entry on the Tombs of Gourdynn, adding illustration the eerie burial ground of the Eanians, one of the Ice Tribes of Northern Sarvonia (pic Seeker)
Updated entry on the Truban Capital Thalambath, completely revising the entry of one of the major cities of Santharia, located along the western edge of the Ráhaz’Dáth Desert (Fox)
Added entry on the Yanth River, a dark, cold river in the Santharian province of Manthria known for its fish and its frigidity (Valan)
 & Tribes
Added entry on the Darkling Brownies, a very special tribe of Brownies that has survived for thousands of generations deep in a selection of caves and caverns underneath the Western Bay in the north of Nybelmar (Rookie Brownbark)
Added entry on the Gondolwenmith Men, a Nybelmarian tribe that are lovers of order, logic and discipline; stern and pragmatic, the Gondolwenmith became known as “the Practical Krean”. The entry is being uploaded in parts, so expect more to come! (Coren FrozenZephyr, map Koldar)
Updated entry of the Remusian Men, completely revising the entry (Altario)
Updated entry on the Rhom-Oc Orc, adding illustration this tribe (pic Faugar)
Added entry on the Sarvonian Aohu'o Brownies - survivalists to the core and children at heart, these little people can be found throughout the Sarvonian continent in groups called 'clans' that can be nomadic, semi-nomadic, or completely settled depending on the history of the clan (Garret Arroway)
entry on the Serphelorian Humans ("Wardens"), adding illustration of a typical female Warden (pic Quellion)
Added entry on the Shadespell Gorge, a massive gorge running hundreds of strals along the Caaehl'heroth peninsula, supposed to be a portal into the Netherworlds (Azhira)
Added entry on the Tiquaitan Men, an often-esoteric tribe that intellectually dominated Nybelmar’s Western coast for centuries (Decipher Ziron)
 Religion Added entry on "Mullog Belief", representing a system that basically is vitalistic combination of animism and ancestor worship (Seth Ghibta)
Added  entry on the Mullog Origin Myth ("Kotairitenga"), recounting the he oldest and most central story in the rich oral culture of the race, dealing with the first recorded leader of the mullogs, Naulé, who is said to have met an Earth giant (Seth Ghibta, pics Bard Judith and Arbaon)
 Team Adjusted various member pages to a new design, which resembles the history table definitions and the in-page linking scheme which we are used to from regular Compendium entries (Artimidor & Fox)
Added membership page of Seth Ghibta (Letty Wilson), a Scot from Suffolk England, and our latest official member. With her newest entry dealing with the Hiveling Creature she finally earned membership status and thus her team page, which we already put up this week. Membership inauguration is soon to follow! (Seth Ghibta)
Time for fresh blood, guys! Two contributers have finally made it to the official members list: For one we've got that funny Canadian guy with the unpronounceable Santharian name Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin, and we've got Seeker from the US (Bradly Van Camp, hope I got that name right this time...), who obviously found what he was seeking with Santharia! Anyway, while Altario has been making Dev and RPG boards unsafe since two years, Seeker is with us only since March, yet has delivered several fantastic illustrations so far. (Seeker & Altario)
 Treasures &
Added a new page to the site called "Santharian Parodies", where we plan to all kinds of stuff that looks at Earthen things from the Santharian point of view, or the other way round in a humorous way. We start the site off with Alysse's song "North Sarvonia Girls", available in lyrical form and in the sung version. Also added was an older song "What are the Flowers". A page for Musical Parodies was also set up in the Music section containing Alysse's song (Alysse the Likely & Bard Judith)
 Website Added new module for Santhworld, titled "Uninvited", an interactive short story, something you could call a suspenseful mystery, horror, ghost thingy. It has a unique plot, is fully illustrated, features lots of music and sound effects and a hopefully convincing atmosphere - well, have a look yourself by entering Santhworld and typing START UNINVITED, preferably with the lights turned down first and the volume up... (Artimidor, Grinch, Seeker, Bard Judith, Vladeptus, T2X Audio Team)
Added toolbar menu for
Santhworld, allowing players now to easily access basic game functions like displaying the inventory or the score, saving or restoring a game state etc. via a simple mouseclick. Furthermore the Santhworld interface was updated considerably in terms of graphic quality, and parts of the interface were completely redrawn to harbour the improved menu system (pics Quellion, coding Grinch & Artimidor)
Added another Trivia Quiz dealing with Hobbits to
Santhworld, allowing you to check your knowledge about the halfling race (Aaron Silverleaf, music Gean Firefeet)
Added a 10 questions Trivia Quiz titled
"Loremistress Hildula Hauntwell's Exceedingly Eerie Quiz of Spooks and Myths" to the Santhworld project, where you can test your knowledge about Santharian lore, especially regarding treacherous monsters. To access the Trivia quizzes, enter via GOTO TRIVIA, then select the Hildula's quiz from the newly added Myths section (questions and answers Shabakuk, new pics by Sheil and Quellion, music by Vladeptus)

    Site Statistics Overview 2009
Compendium Entries
Bestiary (+26) 445        People (+11) 197
Cosmology & Myth (+7) 54 Places (+7) 181
Herbarium (+12) 230 Races & Tribes (+8) 178
Library Pages (rev.) 174 Religions (+2) 71
Magic (+15) 200 Treasures & Odd. (+/- 1) 57
Misc. (+23) 281 Movies (+/-1) 11
Musics (+5) 58 Original Artwork (+67) 767
Languages (+/- 0) 23 Complete Compendium (rev.) 1.586
Workshop (+/- 0) 17    

Team Members
Forum Members Dev 5.081        Forum Members RPG 28.631
Administrators Dev 1 Administrators RPG 4
Webmasters 1 Musicians 6
Mascots 2 Compendium Writers 43
Artists (exclusive) 18 Other Contributers Lots!

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Site since 9/2006 510.750        Site daily average 416
Site highest day (5/2007) 952 Approx. site pages (indexed) 4.363
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Dev Forum highest day 2009 18.430 RPG Forum highest day 2009 21.028
Dev Forum daily average 5.440 RPG daily average 5.511
Dev Forum posts 124.049 RPG Forum posts 189.597
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Dev Forum daily post av. 43 RPG daily post average 78
Dev posts highest day 160 RPG posts highest day 225


Comparative numbers. Note that certain comparative numbers cannot be provided due to the fact that they way we compute these numbers was changed. The new numbers now represent the amount of entries listed in the menus, while the previous ones counted actual files in certain folders. As this number was inaccurate due to deactivated entries, this was corrected now.

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