Site Update of March 21st 2010 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. This time another Seeker special with several new drawings from our diligent artist awaits: We can offer the Double Kilij Blade, a Remusian Guard in the Ice Tribes entry, the Norong'Sorno Volcano at the Thalambath entry -and last but not least Tharoc Wargrider himself hiding in the Thar'oc Weed entry. Aside from that the Vubuaz Insect and the related tale of Ewyn'ine and Aek'ash (both by Seth) provide an enjoyable read. Unless you like it naughty, then another look in Septimus Smallpiece's Book of Bawdy Verses is recommended (updated by Tharoc, Bard Judith and a bunch of no less raunchy guys), where you will also find a new piece of music done by Gean. Finally we also have some more Kyranian stuff, be it the Disks game or details on Housing or Occupations, and of course the enormous entry on the Ghostling Brownies shouldn't go unmentioned (Azhira). Finally a bunch of work has been done in the Dragons re-categorization, which so far reflects only in the site menu (Kalina) - more rearrangements in this respect will follow later!

Coming Up. A basic version of Seeker's interactive Santhworld story "The Enemy Stirreth" is already close to the finishing line. While some more additions might be still made before it will be released, progress is pretty good! Another Santharian portrait done by Faugar, this time of Talia, will make it on the site soon, as will the Mithril Tomato and the legendary elven Empress Ksh'v'tayl, ruler of ancient F'v'cl'r. Oh, and there's hope that some masterworks will be finished more sooner than later as well!

 Bestiary Added entry on the Vubuaz Insect, a dangerous, yet fascinating insect, exclusive to the great forests of Northern Sarvonia (Seth Ghibta)
 Herbarium Updated entry on the Thar'oc Weed, adding illustration of Tharoc, the aspiring orcen scholar at the Compendium and regular consumer of this weed with peculiar side-effects (pic Seeker)
 Library Added the song "We Heard What She Said (But We Knew What She Meant)" to Septimus Smallpiece's Book of Bawdy Verses, another suggestive piece of double entendres... (Tharoc, with additional contributions by Bard Judith, Miraran, Altario, Deklitch and a certain Sordoc)
Added a second song "Was it You?" to Septimus Smallpiece's Book of Bawdy Verses (Tharoc & Bard Judith)
 Misc. Added entry on the Blackbeetle Paint, a vivid blue dye made by the Vale Brownies (Aaron Silverleaf)
Added entry on the Disks Game, a Kyranian game, invented by off duty guards and soldiers (Deklitch)
Updated entry on the Double Kilij Blade, adding illustration of the Shendar sword. The picture was also added to Weapons section in the Shendar entry and to the One-handed Swords Overview (pic Seeker)
Added entry on Ewyn'ine and the Aek'ash, a vubuaz legend traded from Kuglimz lands (Seth Ghibta)
Updated entry on the Mir'bals Game, adding illustration of orc Tharoc as the guy with the balls (pic Seeker)
 Music Added the song "We Heard What She Said (But We Knew What She Meant)" to our "Tavern Songs" collection in order to complement Tharoc's most recent bawdy contribution in the Library (music Gean Firefeet)
 Places Updated entry on the Truban Capital Talambath, adding illustration of the Norong'Sorno Volcano. The picture was also added to the Rhaz-Dth entry (pic Seeker)
 Races/Tribes Added entry on the Ghostling Brownies, a savage and very primitive Rat Brownie tribe that makes their home in the Osthemangar region of Northern Sarvonia (Azhira)
Added entry on Kyranian Housing, giving insights on how Kyranians used to live (Garret Arroway)
Added entry on Kyranian Occupations, listing all common types of trade or tasks which the Kyranians used to practice (Garret Arroway)
Updated entry on the Ice Tribes, adding illustration of a Remusian Guard representing the most developed  of the Ice Tribes. Also added to the entry was a more detailed description of the Remusians taken from the Remusian entry itself (pic Seeker)
 Website Reorganized the Dragons section of the Bestiary menu in order to get a better structure into the categorization. The menu now has the sections Legendary Dragons, Dragons (Great Drakes and Wyrms), Drakes (Wyverns and Worms), Dracoids and Netherdrakes. The descriptions in the Dragons entry were adjusted - more necessary adjustments will be made later (Kalina)
Fixed various errors, misspellings and logical problems at a bunch of entries, here and there menu issues have been fixed as well (Artimidor)

    Site Update of February 28th 2010 by Artimidor and Miraran

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. We've got one major thing this update, which is the complete overhaul of the Cosmology and Myths menu. It now has categories and also features lore that one could only find in the Library so far - go check it out! Also finally on site is a highly detailed illustration of the "Bug-People" from Nybelmar (Quellion) and we also got a brand new picture of the Imp Creature (Seeker). The entry on Fanghenge (Azhira) leads us to a dark chapter in pre-Santharian history, Mittotis Tyrattis (Deklitch) is a famous cattle researcher who gets his entry, while a detailed overview of Alchemical Tools (Lionhorse) ensures that our gnomes get everything at hand they need when doing their experiments. The Bestiary also has the Snow Falcon (Altario) to offer, and the Alth'tiert was updated in the Herbarium (Agran).

Coming Up. Decipher has two chapters of a new tale in story, the infamous Sordoc has been sighted, and there's research being done in the Aerelian Lakes area - to name just a few things. A bunch of projects have also been started for Santhworld recently, so expect another adventure or two in a while to entertain you!

 Bestiary Updated entry on the Balyei Sponge, adding illustration of this weird creature (pic Quellion)
Updated entry on the Imp Creature, adding illustration of this magically created being (pic Seeker)
Added entry on the Snow Falcon, a small raptor that lives in Northern Sarvonia (Altario)
Updated entry on the Yepran Toad, adding illustration of this rather intelligent toad (pic Quellion)
 Herbarium Updated entry on the Alth'tiert Plant, completely revising the entry (Agran Velion)
Added entry on the Flaming Star Vine, a tropical, completely edible plant growing mainly in warm regions near coastal areas (Gwai'ayia Quillouf)
 Misc. Added entry on the Alchemical Tools, description all important tools and vessels an alchemist needs for everyday business (Lionhorse, pics Seeker, Eshoh)
 People Added entry on Mittotis Tyrattis, a cattle trader and researcher of ancient Kyranian times, nowadays considered an authority on the subject of kyrattins (Deklitch Hardin)
 Places Added entry on the Fanghenge Ruins, a place in the Manthrian province of Santharia with a fascinating, yet horrific history (Azhira)
Updated entry on the Mists of Osthemangar, adding the new Taintings section and adjusting various details which required some updates (Azhira)
 Races/Tribes Updated entry on the Ter'ei'vikh Men, adding illustration of the reclusive "Bug People", who made their home exclusively in the Drifting Woods of northwestern Nybelmar (pic Quellion)
 Team Added another song to our "Odes to the Team", this time honouring our Remusian from the Ice Coast, Altario (Deklitch)
 Website Completely reworked the Cosmology and Myths menu, getting it in the structured format we're used from most other menus on the site now, featuring various categories and sub-categories which you can open and close, an alphabetical index and of course a complete categories view. Also new in this menu is that we have included lore pages from the Library, which are also specially marked with a page icon in order to distinguish them from regular site entries (Azhira, Talia & Artimidor)

    Site Update of January 24th 2010 by Artimidor and Miraran

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. While voting on the Santharian Awards 2009 is still in progress, we get on with another site update of things that have accumulated over the Christmas holidays. Among them a new kind of dragon, the Lightning Drake (Rayne, pic Seeker), more on the Milken Brownie Guilds (Eldor), a major nation entry on the Scepteres of Tarshiin (Decipher) and a detailed description of the Magical Academy of Ximax (a collaboration work of Rayne, Fox, Talia, Azhira, Deklitch, Mina and Rookie). Further pictures await at the the Sungem Artifact entry (Bard Judith) and also at the Elemene Tabulata tome (Seeker). Also on site: The first entry by Agran Velion, the Centoraurian Cavalry Sabre - welcome on board! And if you're in the mood for a very unusual tale, then check out Monsonius' "The Journey" (edited by Artimidor), where the reader follows the invitation of an unknown person into what seems to be an enchanted forest and dives into a world full of mysteries, oddities, images and visions. Add to that a Santhworld quiz testing your knowledge on the Vale Brownies (by Rookie and Aaron), and you should be busy for a while...

Coming Up. Great work is done at the moment by Koldar with his online Coat of Arms generator, which will turn out to be a great resource for Santharians in its finished form. Further works that are in progress include an update on the City of Ximax, on the location of Fanghenge in Manthria, the categorization of drakes and dragons is currently being revised, as is the Mythology and Cosmology menu.

 Bestiary Updated overview entry on the Dracoids, adjusting various details (Kalina Merenwen)
Added entry on the Drakelet ("Featherdrake"), small, drake-like creatures approximately the size of a cat or small fox (Rayne Avalotus)
Added entry on the Lightning Drake, a rare kind of lesser drakes that is known for its ability to produce lightning currents. The picture was also added to the Lesser Drakes Overview (Rayne Avalotus, pic Seeker)
Updated entry on the Netherbeast Monster, adding various further details (Azhira)
Added entry on the Wopse Fly, often maligned for its ability to deliver a painful sting, but also responsible for a delicacy known as "Birchegg" (Seth Ghibta)
 Herbarium Added entry on the Daylong Flower, used often as a remedy for sleep-ill (Valan Nonsuch)
Added entry on the Merloea Tree, a special tree whose fruit has healing properties and also magical effects (Rayne Avalotus)
 Library Added a new book titled "The Tales of Monsonius" which will comprise the famous Manthrian poet's works. It features a first story called "The Journey", a 26 page long mystery tale, which invites you into a seemingly enchanted forest to meet an unknown person, who left a strange message... To accomodate stories like this a new "Mystery Tales" category was also added now to the Library menu (Artimidor Federkiel, pic Bard Judith)
 Misc. Added entry on the Centoraurian Cavalry Sabre, a formidable weapon created by the tribe of the Aurora Plains who specialized in combat on horseback (Agran Velion)
Updated entry on the Elemene Tabulata, adding illustration of this legendary gnomish book comprising all alchemical knowledge to date (pic Seeker)
Updated entry on the Sungem Artifact, adding illustration of these ancient mythical jewels, said to be a gift of the Sun God Foiros to Urtengor, the God of the Forge (pic Bard Judith)
 People Added entry on the Milken Brownie Guilds, which specialize on trades that are, for the most part, to the benefit of the Helcrani and the Milkens as a whole. The History details were also added to the History menu (Eldor Delrossa)
 Places Added entry on the Scepteres of Tarshiin, one of the most prosperous nations on the continent of Nybelmar, located at the Western Bay (Decipher Ziron)
Updated entry on the Magical Academy of  Ximax, completely revising the entry, especially providing detailed descriptions for the various parts of the Academy (Rayne, Fox, Talia, Azhira, Deklitch, Mina and Rookie)
 Team Added another poem on the Odes to the Team page, this time welcoming elfling Rayne back to the Dream (Talia Sturmwind)
 Website Added another Trivia Quiz dealing with the Vale Brownies to Santhworld, allowing you to check your knowledge about the most well-known Santharian tribe, you find it in the Trivia module in the Tribes category (Rookie Brownbark & Aaron Silverleaf, music Gean Firefeet)

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