Site Update of June 27th 2010 by Artimidor, Altario and Seeker

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. Well, well, well - what have we got here for you this time? Good stuff e.g. in the Bestiary, like the weirdly fascinating Dreamlouse (Seth), a completely revised entry on the Téi'Hái Demon (Agran) and an illustration of the Lingra wild cat (Seeker). To the Herbarium some northern stuff was added like the Azigoor Tree of the Sipping Bush (both Altario), and in the People section we've got a rat researcher, Yerun (M'ruk) and an illustration of the patron of magic, Anilya (Seeker). Also the legendary Horn of the Heaven was sighted, at least through the eye of an artist (Seeker). And if you're looking for a wonderful little bedtime story, we can wholeheartedly recommend "Sconder the Bean Thief" (Seth), where someone's love for beans is so enormous that he could even die for in order to lay his hands on those. But read for yourself to find out!

Coming Up. Valan has a hobbit tale in store for us about a fearless halfling confronting a dragon, while Deci will provide an account of a famous historical duel over there in Nybelmar. Thiefling Monkeys have been sighted recently, so maybe an artist can capture them without getting his brush stolen... More overview entries will follow as well, and other works in progress include a mysterious island, the small hamlet of Kreeswind and Santharia's very own zoo.

 Bestiary Added entry on the Dreamlouse, a common and widely detested inhabitant of bedrooms and inns throughout Santharia, which are said to be able to induce intoxicating dreams in their victims (Seth Ghbita)
Updated entry on the Lingra Wild Cat, adding illustration of one of the most beautiful and dangerous wild cats of Caelereth. The picture was also added to the Wild Cats Overview (pic Seeker)
Updated Rats Overview, adding three more pictures to illustrate the various types of rats (pics Bard Judith & Seeker)
Updated entry on the Téi'Hái Demon, comprehensively revising the entry, especially adding the horrifying twist that the demon can now occupy a corpse... (Agran Velion)
 Herbarium Added entry on Azigoor Tree, a short bushy tree that grows across the northern areas of the Sarvonian continent (Altario)
Added entry on Erissa's Tears Flower, completely updating and revising the entry (Gwai'ayia Quillouf)
Added entry on the Sipping Bush, a  thin, stalky plant, which  grows in a very unusual way (Altario)
 Library Added song "Daerdhum's Lament (Song of the Antislar)" to our Ballads of Caelereth collection (Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin)
Added tale of "Sconder the Bean Thief" to our Santhalan Bedtime story collection. It is a 6 page long halfling folktale about... hmm, let's say greed, spirits and bread-babies, but better check it out yourself... (Seth Ghibta)
 Misc. Updated entry on the Horn of the Heavens, adding illustration of one of the most sought after instruments in all of musical history. The picture was also added to the Overview on Artifacts and Relics (pic Seeker)
Added entry on the Tethinrhim Shortsword, a secondary weapon, commonly by the elves of the Auturian Woods. The sword was also added to the One-Handed Swords Overview (Athviaro Shyu-eck-Silfayr)
Added entry on the Touch of Death Fist Weapon, an assassin's weapon consisting of an elbow-length glove with a cleverly concealed blade hidden inside (Valan Nonesuch)
Added entry on the Tri-Bones Game, a game of the Antislar providing entertainment while developing strategic thinking (Altario)
Added entry on the Vaiá Iú Queím Game, a favourite past-time of elven children (Tha'eli)
 People Updated entry on the Anilya the Everbright, adding illustration of this patron of magic (pic Seeker)
Added entry on Yerun the Ereshian, a famous Ximaxian researcher, who spent most of his time with rats and wrote many essays on this subject (M'ruk Loshashzuck)

    Site Update of June 6th 2010 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. This update brings two masterworks with it, for one Shabakuk's Fymbels Association, and secondly Valan's Ruins of Cort'Mangar - expect their inauguration and member pages soon! As far as illustrations are concerned, Seeker brings us the Hob-Bow (plus Aelirel Bird) and the Hiveling, while Arbaon provides a great atmospheric scenery for Azhira's Caaehl Mountains - and not to forget Tikanni's first contribution, the Dragonbird, which goes with Smee's entry. Congrats on your very first Santharian work, Tikky! Other important contributions include an update on Orcish Vocabulary (M'ruk), several new overviews in the Miscellaneous menu to get things better organized (Seeker). And we've got new stuff from the re-appearing Petros, who also provided music to go with his entries, so check out the Horn of the Heavens entry or the Miscellaneous Songs overview. Finally, should you be hungry, just have a look at the Wanderer's Hot Meal, served by Agran!

Coming Up. Anilya the Everbright is preparing for her appearance on site, and researchers have dug up the fabled Book of Knowlegde... Also several new weapons are currently in the works and entries oon a bunch of famous persons also make sure that our new People Mod Shab doesn't get bored... Hope you'll enjoy the next update as much as you do this one!

 Bestiary Updated entry on the Aelirel Bird, adding illustration of this singing bird (pic Seeker)
Added entry on the Dragonbird, a rare and beautiful bird of the jungle territories of the Scattersand Shoals south of Sarvonia (Smee & Tikanni Corazon, pic Tikanni)
Updated entry on the Hiveling Creature, adding illustration of the famous "man made of bees". The picture was also added to the Nohopuku Hiveling Myth entry in the Lore section (pic Seeker)
 Languages Updated vocabulary pages Kh'omchr'om-Tharian and Tharian-Kh'omchr'on, adding a plethora of new words, bringing the total count to 165 words (various team members, collected by M'ruk Loshashzuck)
 Misc. Updated entry on the Flash MovieAntislar Fire Blade, adding sound to the animated sword (Grinch)
Updated entry on the Hob-Bow, adding illustration of this halfling weapon. The picture was also added to the Missile Weapons Overview (pic Seeker)
Added entry on the Fleet-Wheat Meal, a concoction of sun dried wheat straws, powdered stock and various dried pulses, herbs and seasonings (Petros Greenvale)
Added entry on the Horn of the Heavens, a fabeled instrument, said to have been crafted by the Twelvern Gods themselves (Petros Greenvale)
Added entry on the Odomon Sword, a Remusian hand-and-a-half Remusian sword of great Reputation. The sword was also added to the Hand-and-a-Half Swords Overview (Valan Nonesuch)
Added Overview on Artifacts and Relics, following the examples on overview entries we've started with the Weapons Overviews (Seeker)
Added Overview on Weapons Artifacts, completing the Artifacts and Relics overview (Seeker)
Added Overview on Books and Tomes of Caelereth, another page in our overview series (Seeker)
Added entry on the Quill, a common writing utensil of Caelereth (Ganinon, pic Seeker)
Added entry on the Wanderer's Hot Meal, aan old tradition created by the friendly halflings of Helmondsshire (Agran Velion)
 Music Added musical pieces "Fanfare of the Horn of the Heavens" and "My Santharian Dream" to the new Miscellaneous Songs overview. The Fanfare piece can also be found in the Horn of the Heavens entry directly. Also added was an artist's page for Petros in the Music menu (music Petros Greenvale)
 People Added entry on the Fymbels Association, an association of artisan guilds, whose members work throughout the kingdom of Santharia, also known as the "Shufflishers" or "Fuzzle Lovers". This massive entry represents Shab's masterwork, so expect his official team page to be added soon! (Shabakuk, reused pics by Bard Judith and Drucilla Sablewolffe)
 Places Added entry on the Caaehl Mountains, a Northern Sarvonian mountain range, rumoured to harbour the ruins of an ancient civilization amongst the peaks and crevasses (Azhira, pic Arbaon)
Added entry on the Ruins of Cort'Mangar, a once great city populated with dark elves and orcs, sitting in the north of the peninsula of Caaehl'heroth. This entry marks Valan's masterwork to welcome him in the ranks of the Santharian members (Valan Nonesuch)

    Site Update of May 16th 2010 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. Judy, Faugar and Seeker once again add a good deal to the visual side of Santharia with five more pictures, showing the Compendium writer Talia Sturmwind, a Gondolwenmith youth, a statue of Annils Norgerinth, the Hogling Pig and finally the Flash MovieAntislar Fire Blade, which even got its own animation! More reorganization happened in the Weapons menu, where the Blunt Weapons got categorized even better, and more entries were added as well in this section, like the Hrkje Whip (Athviaro) and the Seatooth Dart (M'ruk). In the Bestiary the Contrariwise Salamander awaits (Seth) and Brownie Life Magic was expanded extensively (Rookie). Also Brownie Nod and companions try their luck to counter a spell in their third chapter (Tharoc), and in another story "Bandits" get in the way of a Compendiumist (Agran).

Coming Up. To be expected next time: A hiveling illustration by Seeker, Shabakuk's masterwork dealing with the so-called Fymbles, a Santharian association of artisan guilds, and K'oroch, the Remusian Patron of Warriors might come by for a visit. We should also finally get a proper orcish vocabulary list on site if everything works out well!

 Bestiary Added entry on the Hogling ("Shire Shoat"), a short, hairy and rather round kind of hog, a beautiful animal in general which is used frequently by hobbits (Mannix, revision by Shabakuk, pic Bard Judith)
Added entry on the Contrariwise Salamander, a large amphibian living solely in the underground caverns and pools of the Zsharkanian peaks (Seth Ghibta)
 Library Added short story titled "Bandits", to our short stories collection called "Santharian Life - The Big and the Small Tales", dealing with a Compendiumist's unusual challenges. An author page was also added for Agran (Agran Velion)
Added Chapter III - "They All Change (Again!)", to the "Nod and the Hydragon's Tooth" children story, where the Brownies Nod and Blinkum along with their friends make another attempt to get out of their mess (Tharoc Wargrider)
 Magic Updated entry on the Art of Brownie Life Magic, completely revising the entry, elaborating underlying concepts that had only been sketched so far in greater detail (Rookie Brownbark & Irid al'Menie)
 Misc. Updated entry on the Flash MovieAntislar Fire Blade, adding illustration and animation of this very special sword that is created from so-called doom steel. The picture was also added to the Hand-and-a-Half-Swords Overview (pic Seeker, movie Artimidor)
Added entry on the Hrkje Whip, a Manthrian weapons, also known as the "Double Whip" (Athviaro Shyu-eck-Silfayr)
Added entry on the Scholar's Table Drinking Game, originating in Ximax and involving drinks and the ability to keep one's mind sharp (Agran Velion)
Added entry on the Seatooth Dart, a blowpipe fired R'unorian short range dart, the outside lined with backward facing blades (M'ruk Loashashzuk)
Split our Blunt Weapons overview in three overview entries: Bunt Weapons: Clubs, Bunt Weapons: Hammers and Bunt Weapons: Maces, also updated was the main Weapons Overview itself, branching off to the three sub-entries. The changes are also now reflected in the Weapons section of the Miscellaneous menu (Seeker & Artimidor)
 People Updated entry on the Hero Annils Norgerinth, adding illustration of a statue of the Avennorian fisherman who defended Crazy Woman pass from the orcish invasion during SW III (pic Seeker)
Updated entry on the Compendiumist Talia Sturmwind, adding illustration of our famous Shendar contributer to Santharian encyclopedia (pic Faugar)
 Races/Tribes Updated entry on the Gondolwenmith Men, adding illustration of a typical so-called Practical Krean as these people are seen (pic Faugar)

    Site Update of April 25th 2010 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. We've been busy in the last weeks, so let's see the results: Lots of new pictures await for example, among them Drafas Tristin, another Diorye'oleal illustration (both Shayan), we've got the Giant Rat (Judy), the eerie elven Empress Kásh'áv'taylá (Eratin) which illustrates a great brand new entry by Azhira. And then of course there's a magnificent representation of the Tethinrhim Ria Building and even a Flash version of the Crystal Dagger, allowing you to switch between different views (Seeker). Add to that an update on Grothar's temples (Athviaro), new weapons like the Hob-bow and the R'unorian Commoners Dagger (Valan), plus the Great Maul (M'ruk) and a story like "An Inconvenient Nephew" (Decipher) and the children's tale "Nod and the Hydragon's Tooth" (Tharoc). We've also got another Manthrian entry, the Village of Sunth (Smee), to name just a few things. Congrats especially to M'ruk, Athviaro and Shayan on their very first contributions on site!

Coming Up. Next time we plan to let the Hoglings finally go online, a statue of the hero Norgerinth is in the works as well and Talia has been portrayed at the stairs of the Great Library in New-Santhala. Tharoc already works on part three of his children's tale and there's a handful of beasts and plants to be integrated as well. But enough reading update statements for now - check out this week's update!

 Bestiary Updated entry on the Giant Rat, adding illustration to this monstrous critter (pic Bard Judith)
 Languages Updated Styrásh-Tharian and Tharian-Styrásh vocabulary with several new additions (Artimidor)
 Library Added a new narration titled "An Inconvenient Nephew", charting the journey of one relative of the Compendiumist Decihper, his nephew Aristo Ziron to be precise, over Western Nybelmar and eventually to Sarvonia, encountering a number of trials and tribulations along the way. Available right now are Chapter I: An Uncomfortable Return and Chapter II: Secrets and Arrows (Decipher Ziron)
Added a new bedtime story titled "Nod and the Hydragon's Tooth", recounting the adventures of a Laoihrr Brownie who lives in a small forest settlement at the foot of Sorceresses' Peak, getting into trouble with magic... The first instalments are included in this update: Chapter I: Woodland Strolls and Wizard's Scrolls and Chapter II: The Tooth Will Out! (Tharoc Wargrider)
 Misc. Updated entry on the Flash MovieCrystal Dagger, adding illustration of this small, yet fascinating blade, along with a detailed blueprint version - you can switch the views on these pictures via a simple mouseclick. The picture was also added to the Daggers and Knives Overview (pic Seeker, movie Artimidor)
Added entry on the Hob-Bow, a long range weapon used primarily be smallfolk, like hobbit, dwarves or even gnomes. Also updated was the Missile Weapons Overview, which now has also separate sections for weapons and ammunition (Valan Nonesuch)
Added entry on the, Great Maul, a blunt weapon with devastating powers, able to cause grievous harm without even breaking the armour (M'ruk Loshashzuk & Aylix Goth)
Revised and updated several Weapons Overviews, among them the main Weapons of Caelereth entry itself, adding two new pics there. Also updated with weapons mentioned on the site were the entries on Blunt Weapons, Daggers and Knives, Axes, Polearms, Throwing Weapons, Missile Weapons, Hand-and-Half Swords, One-Handed Swords, Two-Handed Swords and Miscellaneous Weapons (Seeker)
Added entry on the R'unorian Commoner's Dagger, the most commonly found weapon amongst all the various tribes of R'unor (Valan Nonesuch)
 People Updated entry on the Founder Drafas Tristin, adding illustration of the Erpheronian who founded the southernmost settlement of today's Santharia  (pic Shayan Ashkani)
Added entry on Kásh'áv'taylá ("Daughter of Avá"), the crazed Empress of the legendary elven realm of Fá'av'cál'âr, said to still haunt the place today... (Azhira Styralias, Styrásh by Artimidor, pic Eratin)
 Places Added entry on the Manthrian Village Sunth, where crime has become prevalent, with a large variety of thugs and thieves preying on drunk sailors... The History of Sunth was also added to the History menu (Smee)
Updated entry on the Tethinrhim Ria Building, adding three illustrations of the multiple levels of this rather unique construction (pic Seeker)
 Races/Tribes Updated entry on the Diorye'oleal Elves, adding another illustration, this time showing a priest of the dark elves (pic Shayan Ashkani)
 Religions Updated entry on Grothar, the Santharian Weathergod, filling in the so far still missing section on Temple Design (Athviaro Shyu-eck-Silfayr)

    Site Update of April 11th 2010 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. While more Santhworld stuff for the Nepris module is currently in the making, there's also a brand new game to be enjoyed this week: "The Enemy Stirreth" is here! Conceived, written and illustrated by Seeker this interactive tale puts you in the shoes of no other than Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin, whose mission is to return the legendary Forsaken Blade to his Remusian brethren. In the style of good old role playing books where you flip to another page once you've made a decision, the module does the flipping by itself and lets you focus on your mission. Various recognizable characters await in this tale, several new pictures done by Seeker, all accompanied by music and sound effects - a real treat! Contributers for this module are also: Bard Judith, Faugar, Quellion, Eshoh (pics), Gean, Ralrok and Macar (music), additional work by Artimidor, playtested by London Van Camp, Art and Grinch. Aside from the module also an overview on the new addition was added to the menu, which you find here, including further details and screenshots of stuff you find on your adventures.

And now off with you to save the North by clicking on the Santhworld link above and type START ENEMY! - I hope you'll have as much fun as we had creating this module for you!

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