Site Update of September 19th 2010 by Artimidor and Seeker

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. Seems our artists have outdone themselves yet again - this week's update again is chock-full with new pictures from no less than four different artists! For the new images check out entries like the Dark Styrke Shark, the Crimson Rose, the Order of the Fallen (Seeker pics), the entry on the Night-Stalker (Tikki), Azhira's complete Kaaer Beliefs rework (pic Arbaon) or the Boomerang entry (Jonael). That not enough - the next in our list of overview installments brings us the Flying Animals Overview where we have no less than 14 pictures in it (compiled by Seeker). Other remarkable contributions in this update include the Kaaer Dagger, the Rev'oq (Valan), the Sapphire Anemone (Tikki), the mullog myth about Mian of the Long Shadow (Seth), as well as the entries on the Arcanist Khaius Onderfaust and on the mysterious Wyrmrot Spire hidden in the Mists of Osthemangar (both Azhira).

Coming Up. What's ahead? Well, we've got a plethora of beasts and plants in the works, and even a new crossbow. Jonael is working on a quite fascinating topic: the Shamanic Death Rites of the Troll Race - expect details soon! Judy on the other hand is interpreting "The Journey" mystery story by Artimidor with a new thought-provoking illustration while the story itself will also get an update within the next months. Oh, and the Caelerethian Moon discussion is in full swing, so we hope to finally be able to provide answers on various questions in this regard by putting it all in an entry!

 Bestiary Updated entry on the Dark Stryke Shark, a deadly and mysterious beast, source of fear and myth on the northern seas for many years (pic Seeker)
Updated entry on the Night-Stalker, a carnivorous sloth of the Scattersand Shoals (pic Tikanni Corazon)
Added the Flying Animals Overview, collecting all we have on smaller flying creatures and adding various pictures where we have them already (Seeker)
Added entry on the Silkyback Newt ("Folsin"),  a little known, largely unregarded inhabitant living in the mountain forests of the Crimson Isles (Seth Ghibta)
 Herbarium Updated entry on the Crimson Rose, adding illustration of the famous "Assassin's Rose" (pic Seeker)
Added entry on the Sapphire Anemone, a strange looking water plant of the Scattersand Shoals (Tikanni)
 Magic Updated entry on the Level II Fire Spell - Searing, revising the spell (Drasil Razorfang)
 Misc. Updated entry on the Boomerang, adding illustration to this simple, exotic weapon. The picture was also added to the Throwing Weapons Overview (pic Jonael)
Added entry on the Rev'oq ("Kaaer'dár'shín Dagger"), the traditional weapon of the Kaaer'dár'shín half-orcs of Northern Sarvonia (pic Valan Nonesuch)
 Myths Added entry on Mian of the Long Shadow, a mythical mullog figure sharing roots with the halfling trickster-hero Mian Longfellow (Seth Ghibta)
 People Added entry on the Arcanist Khaius Onderfaust, one of Thalambath's most important figures of ancient magi culture (Azhira)
Updated entry on the Order of the Fallen, one of the most famous Santharian Order of Knights, known for their fight during the Sarvonian Dawn. The picture was also added to the entry on the Helcrani Shortsword. The picture was also added to the One-Handed Swords Overview (pic Seeker)
 Places Added entry on the Wyrmrot Spire, the tower of shadow in the Mists of Osthemangar which supposedly once was a temple to the Chaos God (Azhira, pic Seeker)
 Religion Added entry on the Kaaer'dár'shín Belief ("To'ava'Yarna"), a complete revision of the already existing entry (Azhira, new pic Arbaon)
 Website The process of adjusting Earthen measurements to our Santharian standards is now done, except for a handful of cases where other ways of Santharian expressions need to be found. These few cases will be fixed within the next weeks (Sparkle & Artimidor)

    Site Update of August 29th 2010 by Artimidor and Seeker

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. This update we invite you to a banquet, full with half a dozen pictures of delectable food and drinks, ranging from fresh Loibl Bread over Dainbel Pie and Roast Taenish to Twilight's Heart Wine and Aohu'o Spiced Mead (all done by Seeker). Getting hungry already? While you're eating and wondering what else we've got: If you're looking for fascinating new beasts we can recommend taking a look at Tikanni's latest projects, the Aquanix (along with a picture she drew) and the Night-stalker, a carnivorous sloth. Sparkle has also discovered a furry snake up North, the Snynx, and Eldor even found a fish mount for rogue Brownies, the Dominoore... We also have some interesting people described this week, like the Avennorian Pirate Rekj Snivild (Athviaro) or the popular hobbit hero Mian Longfellow (Valan). And finally a new invention makes life in the halls of the Santharian Compendium easier - the Swivelstool (written by Jonael, illustration  included). Add to that a lot more of organizational work on various overviews and you've got yourself a decent update!

Coming Up. We still need a place for the entire banquet picture Seeker made, as we've used only parts so far. Also in the works are pictures by Jonael showing us a boomerang or the margh grumph fist weapon, plus Seeker works on an illustration of a Knight of the Fallen. Seth has another Mullog myth in store, and several Places entries are about to get finished, among them Eight Winds Bay (Dek), the Wyrmrot Spire of Osthemangar (Azhira) and the Zhunite City of Cyras (Deci). So there's also quite a lot on the menu for next time, rest assured!

 Bestiary Added entry on the Aquanix ("Sea-Pony"), a placid creature that is best described as a gentle giant of the sea (text & pic Tikanni Corazon)
Added entry on the Dominoore Fish, known to be a mount of a group of rogue Brownies and even possessing mild telepathy (Eldor Delrossa)
Added entry on the Night-stalker, a ferocious, carnivorous sloth, the silent terror of the Scattersand Shoals (Tikanni Corazon)
Added entry on the Snynx Snake, a furred snake found in the Forest of Contamar (Sparkle)
Updated entry on the Taenish Bird, adding illustration of a roasted bird (pic Seeker)
 Herbarium Updated entry on the Doch Nut, adding a second picture to this entry (pic Seeker)
Updated entry on the Hearth Bush, adding illustration of some hearth berries and the popular Cavthan drink "Twilights Hearth" (pic Seeker)
Updated entry on the Kail Vegetable, adding picture of served kaleflowers (pic Seeker)
 Library Added poem "They'll Hear From You No More" to our Miscellaneous Poems collection, dealing with the superstition known as the "Evil Ear" (Seth Ghibta)
 Misc. Updated entry on the Aohu'o Sweet Spiced Mead, adding picture of this famous Brownie drink (pic Seeker)
Updated entry on the Dainbel Pie, adding picture of this delicious dainbel berries pie. The picture was also added to the entry on the Dainbel Bush (pic Seeker)
Updated entry on the Loibl Bread, adding picture of a basket full of bread (pic Seeker)
Added entry on Pain Remedies, Blood-Loss Management and Infection Cures, another contribution for our Medicine section (Kelancey & Seeker, pics Faugar & Koldar)
Updated overviews on Snacks, Drinks, Food, Desserts and Meat, updating these pages to the new design and/or adding representative pictures, to name just the most important ones that were changed. More coming! (Seeker & Artimidor)
Added entry on the Swivelstool, an ingenious, yet simple design of a seat that rotates around its own axis (text & pic Jonael Tomeskrift)
 People Added entry on the Avennorian Pirate Rekj Snivild, who made a vow never to kill and is therefore known for using a hrkje whip instead of a cutlass (Athviaro Shyu-eck-Silfayr)
Added entry on Mian Longfellow, a hobbit folk hero, popular in stories for young and old alike for his wit and cunning (Valan Nonesuch)
 Team Updated our Odes to the Team page, added three more poems/songs, one for our resident orc Tharoc, and one for Valan and Shabakuk (Bard Judith & Deklitch Hardin)
Updated membership page of Finnael, replacing it with new information (Finnael)
 Website Updated a first portion of several pages throughout the site, adjusting Earthen measurements to our Santharian standards. More will be fixed as we go along (Sparkle & Artimidor)

    Site Update of August 8th 2010 by Artimidor and Seeker

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. We've got lots of new stuff to report this time, pretty much in all departments! Among them important entries in Places like up-to-date information on Northern Sarvonia (Azhira) and Manthrian entries on Mount Evermourn (Eldor) or the Village of Myrth (Drasil). In the People section the Remusian Warrior Patron  Ko'roch makes it finally on site (Altario) and the Eyashenes get a thorough revision (Azhira). In the Herbarium a beautiful and peaceful tree awaits, Eyasha's Grace (Tikanni, also illustrated by her) plus we've just got in a picture of the famous Never-Sit-Still Mushroom (Seeker). The Dragon revision progresses in the Bestiary with the Drake Overview (Kalina) and the Illoryn Waterbird got its entry, which is the very first of newbie contributer Sparkle - so once again welcome to the Dream! Also more magic stuff was done by Drasil, various food overviews, and the Eyelian tribe entry now features a Beast Master picture, and the entry on the R'unorian Commoners Dagger is also not without illustration anymore (both Seeker).

Coming Up. An illustration of Hearthberries is in the making, as is one showing the Aquanix Sea-Pony. The latter entry is currently in the making and Aos' very first magical spell should get approval as well pretty soon. Sparkle has sighted a Furred Snake somewhere up north and maybe the Kaaer'dár'shín Dagger will also eventually manage it into the Weapons section.

 Bestiary Updated entry on the Cuncu Sheep, completely revising the entry. Also updated with the new information was the Goats and Sheep overview (Seth Ghibta, poem Altario)
Updated overview entry on the Drakes of Caelereth, completely revising the entry according to our new menu categorization concerning drakes. Two more pictures were also added to this overview (Kalina Dalá'isyrás)
Updated entry on the Feathered Wyvern, adding illustration the drake (pic Sheil)
Added entry on the Illoryn Waterbird, a beautiful bird with spectacular long tail feathers, found mainly in middle Santharia. The lullaby "See the Sleepy Illoryn" was also added to our Lullabies page (Sparkle, poem by Bard Judith)
 Herbarium Added entry on Eyasha's Grace ("Harmony Tree"), an extremely rare, unique and magnificent tree, surrounded by the soothing perfume (text and pics Tikanni Corazon)
Updated entry on the Never-Sit-Still Mushroom, adding illustration of the mushroom used for instantaneous long-distance communication. The picture was also added to the Golgnome entry (pic Seeker)
 Library Added poem "Beauty too in Storm" to our Poems of Nybelmar collection, a poem of Krean origin (Coren FrozenZephyr)
Added poem "Call of the Wind" to our Miscellaneous Poems collection (Eldor Delrossa)
 Magic Added entry on the Level II Earth Spell - Impede to our spells collection (Drasil Razorfang)
Added entry on the Level III Earth Spell - Wizard's Chain to our spells collection (Eldor Delrossa)
Updated entry on the Level IV Earth Spell - Sculpt Earth with minor changes (Drasil Razorfang)
Updated entry on the Level VII Earth Spell - Solidify, revising the spell (Drasil Razorfang)
Added entry on the Magical Art of Enchantments, providing an independent scholar's view on the subject (Rayne Avalotus)
 Misc. Updated entry on the R'unorian Commoner's Dagger, adding illustration of the weapon. The picture was also added to the Daggers and Knives Overview (pic Seeker)
Added three new overview entries on Desserts, Sweets and Confections, Meats (Game, Fish and Poultry) and on Soups and Stews. All these entries also link to the respective receipt in Madame Sausade's Cookery Book where available. Also updated was the Drinks Overview by adding more stuff - note however that the format of this entry is still in need of updating (Seeker & Artimidor, Altario)
 People Updated entry on the Eyashene Healers ("Mindsoothers"), updating and completely revising the entry according to our now regular entry scheme (Azhira)
Added entry on the Warrior Patron Kor'och, a hero, patron and God of the Remusian Ice Tribe of Northern Sarvonia (Altario)
 Places Added entry on Mount Evermourn, the tallest of the Manthrian Caeytharin Mountains, said to mourn the death of the first Avennorian, Troi Ciosa (Eldor Delrossa)
Updated entry on Northern Sarvonia, completely revising the entry with up-to-date information (Azhira)
Added entry on the Village of Myrth, a small Manthrian settlement that has seen better time and which now lies underneath a cloud of poverty and disrepair (Drasil Razorfang)
 Races & Tribes Updated entry on the Eyelian Men ("Tamers"), adding illustration of an Eyelian Beast Master (pic Seeker)

    Site Update of July 25th 2010 by Artimidor

Mysteries of Nepris

This week we have a very special site update for you: Allow us to present a first glimpse on the upcoming Santhworld module addition to the Mysteries of Nepris role playing experience! While you can already play the first chapter "The Apprentice", the second part titled "Dark Secrets" is currently in the works and should be finished within this year. Lots more features await, among them a companion to accompany you on your travels, a first shop, improved monster intelligence, long range weapons, much more animations and a suspenseful story thrice the size of part one and lots of tricky puzzles... To shorten the time until the module's arrival on site we've decided to show you at least a bit of what's coming with this Mysteries of Nepris Teaser (movie opens up in a new tab/window) - hope you enjoy! (Movie by Artimidor, module done with the help of Grinch, Seeker, Faugar, Quellion, Bard Judith, Talia, Ralrok, Vladeptus, Macar)

    Announcement of July 19th 2010 by Artimidor

Our new members!

Finally it's time to officially welcome two more certified members to the Santharian Dream team with all rights and privileges membership entails! A round of applause first, guys, and please welcome the industrious Valan Nonesuch aka Dan Renwick from Canada and the imaginative Shabakuk Zeborius Anfang, with real-life name Peter, hailing from Germany. Valan has a long Santharian history already and finally - thanks to his dedicated work - managed to become member with his masterwork entry on the Ruins of Cort'mangar. That not enough he went for Miscellaneous Mod as well! While his focus lies on weapons he also made a bunch of Places entries, wrote two delightful stories (the last one was just posted freshly on the site) and also several beasts he can be really proud of! Shab also doesn't really need to be introduced to anyone reading site updates - he is the creator of such illustrious entries like the Fymbels Association (his often lauded masterwork), but you probably have also heard of his other famous entries, among them the ones about the Gigglepebbles, the Gobbleswap or the Evil Ear. Wherever a weird idea calls, Shabakuk is there to investigate! Shab has also become moderator on the People Forum recently, so official membership was long overdue. Congratulations to both of our new members!

The traditional Forum feast celebrating the inaugurations of our most recent members takes place in this thread on a Injerá dominated day in the castle courtyard in New-Santhala, just a mouse-click away.. As always: Free virtual drinks and cookies are included! So just join the fun and congratulate Valan and Shab if you have a minute to spare. See you there!

- Artimidor, Santharian Webmaster on behalf of the Santharian Development Team

    Site Update of July 18th 2010 by Artimidor and Seeker

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. This update brings mainly some necesary organizational changes. Two menus were expanded considerably - Cosmology and Myth and the Food and Drinks section in the Miscellaneous menu received a major update with several sub-sections, along with a first overview (Artimidor, Azhira and Seeker). Also added were temperature details in our Measurements and Weights entry (Bard Judith), and not only that, the entry was brought in shape by replacing the old table design with our new style you see also in the various history tables. On the illustration side we have the Thiefling Monkey and the legendary Book of Knowledge for you (Seeker), and if you enjoy a good read, have a look at "Mian and the Green Dragon" (Valan) or "The Right of Champions" by Deci, who also provided a photo update this week on his member page.

Coming Up. Already next week in this theater we'll have a "Santhworld - Mysteries of Nepris, Part II" teaser movie to check out. While it will still last a while until we can offer you the game to play, you'll at least get a good glimpse of what's awaiting deep down under a seemingly quiet fishing village... Also in the works is an Eyelian Beastmaster picture, Drasil's return brings attention to the Manthrian town of Myrth, while Eldor is on expedition on Mount Evermourn. Maybe we'll also get an update on the Mindsmoothers or an entry on the pirate Rekj Snivild, we'll see.

 Bestiary Added entry on the Nirakaa Fish, a fish of the Western Bay of Nybelmar with the ability to emit a shocking pulse with an effect reminsicent of lightning (Decipher)
entry on the Thiefling Monkey, adding illustration of a bunch of these monkeys enjoying themselves (pic Seeker)
 Library Added a new hobbit folk-tales book titled "The Book of Blessedtales" and the first story "Mian and the Green Dragon" dealing with a heroic halfling outwitting a full-grown dragon... (Valan Nonesuch)
Added another historical narration titled "The Right of Champions: A Duel between Rivals" to the book "Nybelmar: A Collection of Chronicled Happenings" (Decipher)
 Misc. Updated entry on the Book of Knowledge, adding illustration of one of the most intriguing artifacts of Caelereth. The picture was also added to the Books and Tomes Overview and to the Artifacts and Relics Overview (pic Seeker)
Added a Food Overview, comprising a categorization of everything eatable, ranging from plants, animals to prepared foods. This overview links to various sub-entries where they've already been made, other such entries will follow at a later time (Seeker, pics by various artists)
Updated entry on Measurements and Weights, substituting the old tables with newly formatted ones and adding a whole new section with several further tables on Measurement, Calibration and Units of Temperature (Bard Judith)
 Team Updated Team page of Decipher, substituting photo with a new version (Decipher)
 Website Updated Cosmology and Myth menu adding several new sections and entries, which so far could only be found in the Library menu (Azhira)
Updated Miscellaneous menu, expanding the Food & Drinks section by adding several sub-categories to complement the main Food Overview we've just added. Expect further additions in this area! (Seeker)

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