Site Update of December 18th 2010 by Artimidor and Seeker

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. A collision between a certain webmaster on a bike and a car caused a little delay for this week's update. Despite this slight inconvenience we now present you several more pictures, like the Sephet Demon or a Grotharian Temple (both Seeker), the Waterleaf along with the brand new entry about said subject (Talia), more Snacks, the Santharian God Nehtor, the Dancer, and the Eur'oak Tree, also as an addition to a new entry (all Bard Judith). A Jhehellhrim Crossbow was delivered in time by Agran, and the rest of the update consists of several overview entries and adjustments of older stuff to new templates (Artimidor).

Coming Up. Next on our plate: The traditional look back on the past year of development and the development awards for 2010. Under way are also entries the beliefs of the Ash'mari barbarians (Alexandre), the Hero's Pool myth (Azhira), and entry on Klinsor (Cruciform) or a picture on the Tri-Bones Game (Seeker) - to name just a few things. See you in 2011 then, hope you have some relaxing Christmas/New Year vacations and are full with energy next year to develop more fantastic things in the world of Caelereth. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year already in advance from here!

 Bestiary Updated entry on the Sephet Demon, adding ilustration of a Matar-Sephet, a fully-grown, dangerous crossing between man and serpent. The picture was also added to our Lesser Demons Overview (pic Seeker)
Added new overview entries to the Bestiary - the Magical Beasts Overview and the Mythical Beasts Overview (Artimidor)
 Herbarium Added entry on the Eur'Oak Tree, a majestic hardwood which can reach 30 or more peds (text & pic Bard Judith)
Added entry on the Waterleaf, a common waterplant of Southern Sarvonia which grows in shallow, streaming, fresh water. One of the pictures was also integrated in the Baveras entry (texts & pic Talia)
 Languages Updated entry on the Elven Tongue ("Styrásh"), adjusting tables according to our new template and putting up in-page links (Artimidor)
 MIscellaneous Added entry on the Jhehellrhim Crossbow, a sacred Crossbow of the Jhehellrhim Elves, a large wood elves tribe of the Istarin (Agran Velion)
Updated entry on the Snacks of Santharia, completing the illustrations of this overview by adding three more dishes: Crispies, JhelHee with Koekenchips and Timbers (pics Bard Judith)
 Races Added Famous Gnomes Overview and the Famous Dwarves Overview, collecting all groups and individuals of Santharia's most inventive and most stubborn race on one page that have made a name for themselves (Seeker)
 Religions Updated entry on the Santharian Weather God Grothar, adding illustration of a typical Grothar temple - a ring of eight columns, which form archways for the passage of Grothar's Auratic Winds, including a Grothar willow in the center. The latter picture was also used in the Willow entry (pic Seeker)
Updated entry on the Santharian God of Healing Nehtor, adding illustration of He, who is known as the Dancer, the God of Renewal and Rebirth (pic Bard Judith)
Updated the Deities of Santharia Overview, adjusting the page to our new overview template, adding two more pictures and changing the text to reflect the differences between elven belief and the human Twelvern faith (Artimidor)

    Site Update of November 21st 2010 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. While we don't have much to offer in terms of new entries this week, a few delightful poems and songs await and a couple of new pictures plus updated overviews! As for the library items:  Check out unique orcish stuff with "B'rrak! Mashz Ch'ron-P'thok" (Alysse) or "Etherus' Delight" and "The Dance on the High Bridge" (Shabakuk). R'unorian Currency (Valan) also was brought up to date, and the rest is pictures: the Erpheronian Thaelrin the Relentless found his way on the site this week, as did an illustration of the Shaded Forest (both Seeker). Talia made an illustration of the Baveras Shrine, and Judy finished a portrait of a fymbel floozy and additionally made sure that the Snacks of Santharia entry got loads of new tasty pictures to fill our overview - and our stomaches!

Coming Up. In the making for the next update are an illustration of the Santharian God Nehtor, the Eu'Oak and the Waterleaf (along with its entries). Maybe even the Spear of Evathón will finally make it or the Jhehellrhim Crossbow, or the Kalta'hnk Ice Giant. We'll see!

 Bestiary Added/updated the following overviews: Sentient Beasts, the Undead, the Flying Monsters and the Water Monsters (Artimidor)
 Herbarium Updated entry on the Maple Tree, adding illustration of this very common tree around Caelreth (pic Seeker)
 Library Added song "B'rrak! Mashz Ch'ron-P'thok" to our Orcish Songs collection, a Losh'Oc war song that declare war to the unworthy non-orcen foe (Alysse the Likely)
Added poem "Etherus' Delight" to our Miscellaneous Poems collection, a facinating receipt or incantation found recently on a parchment in an old book in the Lorehold (Shabakuk)
Added song "The Dance on the High Bridge", a song popular among the street urchins and poorer folk of the Manthrian capital Marcogg (Shabakuk)
 MIscellaneous Updated entry on the Snacks of Santharia, adding various new illustrations to the food overview, ranging from popped grain over sulch shrooms, drake's eyren to roast yams and Thyslan spice cakes (pics Bard Judith)
Updated entry on the R'unorian Currency, revising the entry (Valan Nonesuch)
 People Updated entry on Thaelrin the Relentless, adding illustration of the Erpheronian king, who established the colony of Raevalem on the Peninsula of Aden. The picture was also added to our history tables, see e.g. the Erpheronian Royal Line (pic Seeker)
Updated entry on the Fymbels Association, adding illustration of a fymbel floozy (a wandering apprentice) preparing for rest after a long day's walk. A crop of the picture of the floozy fymble was also used as an additional image at the Amantry Industry entry (pic Bard Judith)
 Places Updated entry on the Baveras Shrine, adding illustration of the Baveras shrine floor, this time as a drawing rather than a sketch (pic Talia)
Updated entry on the Shaded Forest, adding illustration of one of the largest forests found on the southern part of Northern Sarvonia. The picture was also used in Agran's story "Bandits", contained in the collection "Santharian Life: The Big and the Small Tales" (pic Seeker)

    Site Update of October 31st 2010 by Artimidor and Seeker

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. Once again we have an update which is laden with pictures by Judy and Seeker - this time we have additions in practically all major categories! Let's see: The Glass Winged Butterfly for the Bestiary, the Mithato and the Hrugchuck Grass for the Herbarium, demonologist Waudrin Ghortz for People, the Imlith Mountain Range for Places and finally we also have the T'lark War Buckler and the illustration of the brand new Ish'kroí Game (by Valan) for our Miscellaneous section. That not enough, Seeker even provides insights in how he draws his pictures in the tutorial Seekerets on Digital Painting, see the Workshop section for this! Furthermore we officially welcome Cruciform Kaleidoscope's first contributions: the Brownie Owl-ship and a rewrite on the Ulgaroth. Welcome to the Dream team, Cruci! Further overviews, Seth's Scoffle and some Gibbering Madness by Valan complete this packed full update!

Coming Up. The Fimble Floozy has been sighted in the vicinity of the Compendium, so she might end up getting drawn by one of our artists. The Santharian God of Healing, Nehtor, might meet the same fate, wherever someone manages to meet him... Up North an Ice Giant is being researched, as well as the ceremonial Spear of Evathón, and Shabakuk's muse kissed him at least twice, so expect some poems written by him. All that's waiting for you next time in this theatre - until then!

 Bestiary Added Apparitions Overview, collecting all kinds of apparitions that are currently known in Caelereth (Seeker)
Updated entry on the Glass Winged Butterfly, adding illustration of this beautiful insect (pic Seeker)
Added entry on the Scoffle Bird, a common nuisance all over Sarvonia, often dubbed the "farmer's foe". The bird was also added to the Flying Animals Overview (Seth Ghibta)
Updated entry on the Ulgaroth, revising and expanding the details on this enormous riding beast of Northern Sarvonia (Cruciform)
 Herbarium Updated entry on the Hrugchuck Grass, adding illustration of this pale blue coloured kind of grass growing mainly on the Ice Coast of Northern Sarvonia (pic Seeker)
Updated entry on the Mithril Tomato, adding illustration of a plate of sliced mithatoes and some mithato vines (pics Bard Judith)
 Miscellaneous Added entry on the Brownie Owl-ship, a unique Brownie invention that allows several members of this small race to travel with the help of owls (Cruciform Kaleidoscope)
Added entry on the Gibbering Madness, an affliction caused by the Mists of Osthemangar that rends the very mind of the sufferer (Valan Nonesuch)
Added entry on the Ish'krói Game ("Game of War"), a complex strategy game of elven origin, now common throughout the whole of Santharia (Valan Nonesuch, pic Bard Judith)
Updated entry on the T'lark War Buckler, adding illustration of the typical shield carried by every Kaaer'dár'shín warrior. The picture was also added in the Weapons section of the Kaaer'dár'shin tribe entry (pic Seeker)
 People Updated entry on Waudrin Ghortz, adding illustration of the the Gnorian gnome, the self-declared specialist in demonology (pic Bard Judith)
 Places Updated entry on the Mists of Osthemangar, adjusting various sections to bring the entry up to date (Azhira Styralias)
 Races &
Added Famous Brownies Overview, collecting all groups and individuals of Santharia's tiniest race on one page that have made a name for themselves (Seeker)
Updated entry on the Susilgerim Dwarves, adding illustration of the vast Imlith Mountain range. The picture was also added to the Northern Sarvonia entry (pic Seeker)
 Website Updated the Cosmology and Myths menu, adding further entries and a new sub-section "Others" under People accomodating all other mythical characters that doesn't have a place anywhere else (Azhira)
 Workshop Added tutorial Seekerets on Digital Painting, explaining Seeker's approach on Lighting and Shade as well as on how to handle Layers (Seeker)

    Site Update of October 10th 2010 by Artimidor and Seeker

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. And again lots of stuff, er... staffs... are waiting for you this update! To be precise: Six of the famous Flash MovieEleven Staffs of Ximax were drawn these weeks by Seeker and made into a Flash movie where you can check them out one by one (Artimidor). Hopefully to be continued! Seeker also drew the Ruins of Tak'dinal, a Watcher is included and Judy made us a whole Taenish family. Hiveling myths await with Dronomin and the Losthane (Seth) and the Myth on the Founding of Ciosa (Athviaro). Furthermore we've got a Moon Shark (Tikki), the Skeetoh Insect (Seth) and the tiny but nevertheless thoroughly researched Mithato (Judy) to check out. And if you're looking for something on how to teach your children about the animals of Caelereth, we can offer you the Brini... Brinitarsin... erm... *copies and pastes* "Brinitarisanear" song (Dek). I bet there's something in there for everyone!

Coming Up. The quirky gnomish demonologist Waudrin Ghortz has been sighted strolling around at the Forum posing for a picture to be made of him. Tikki also drew the Moon Shark, which should appear soon on site as well! We might also learn some secrets on how to draw from Seeker, so expect some updates in the Workshop section. Maybe we also get details on the Erpheronian colony of Raevalem, or the Nybelmarian Forest of Ronoth. And a new invention awaits for the Brownies to be used - the Brownie Owl-Ship!

 Bestiary Added entry on the Moon Shark, one of the most numerous predators found around the Scattersand Shoals (Tikanni Corazon)
Added entry on the Skeetoh Insect, an infuriating fly which is a perpetual bane of anyone travelling or working in areas where still water is abundant (Seth Ghibta)
Updated entry on the Taenish Ground Bird, adding another illustration, this time the real living thing, not a dish made out of it... The picture was also added to the Flying Animals Overview (pic Bard Judith)
Updated entry on the Watcher Phantasm, adding another illustration of the phenomenon (pic Seeker)
 Herbarium Added the Flowers Overview, collecting all kinds of flower we currently have on site on one single page (Seeker)
Added entry on the Mithril Tomato ("Mithato"), a common wild vegetable which seems to be related to the lyth'bel (Bard Judith)
 Library Added poem "The Brinitarisanear", a poem created to teach children about the different animals of Caelereth (Deklitch Hardin)
Added song "Song of Sadness" to our "Mourning Songs" collection, representing a song of a half-elf dealing with the orcish raid on the Cyrathrhim (Agran Velion)
 Magic Updated entry on the Flash MovieEleven Staffs of Ximax, providing illustrations for six staffs. A representative picture of the staffs was also added to the Weapons Artifacts Overview (pics Seeker, movie Artimidor)
 Myth/Lore Added new myth on The Dronomin and the Losthane, a hiveling myth that goes back to the fight between the Titans, the warlike children of the Gods Jeyriall and Armeros (Seth Ghbita)
Added new myth on the Founding of Ciosa, another hiveling myth on the arrival of the Glandorian expedition at Gebl's Nose Cape, which eventually led to the founding of the town of Ciosa (Athviaro)
 Places Updated entry on the Chosen Keep of Tak'Dinal, adding illustration of the former fortress of the Chosen, Eckra the Cruel, now forsaken and shunned (pic Seeker)
 Religion Updated entry on Etherus, the Santharian God of Excess, adding illustration of a rich banquet as it is commonly found at Etherian orgies (pic Seeker)

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