2011 - Nepris II, Facebook and Promising Projects

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New Year Statement. And once again a year has passed and we now write 1672 a.S. - welcome to another round of fantasy at its very best! In the past year a few things were handled differently in terms of site administration than in previous years, resulting e.g. in more development work of the webmaster (that would be me) and less focus on site promotion. Or a change in site promotion strategy to be precise, as Santharia has finally joined Facebook and has accumulated its first 130+ followers on the social network as well - more to come, but it's good to see things got started on this front as well. Personally I've invested a lot of time together with Grinch and Shabakuk to make major progress with Santhworld, Santharia's gaming platform, where we've delivered "Nepris II", an enormous textbased single-player RPG and also the largest Santharian team cooperation to date. It was soon followed by the "Hall of Fame" module, and Seeker's "Treasure Shoals" is currently in the works and about halfway finished already. At some point in the future the Santhworld editor will also be ready for downloading, allowing everyone interested in creating games on their own to accomplish just that.

Aside from this huge effort there were many other projects started this year, among them Altario's RPG Forum reorganization, which is now well underway. This also thanks to the great help of RPG Mods and players and site veterans like Rayne, who was in full swing in 2011 delighting us with her inventiveness and creativity. And there's lots more we've done: The language of Styrásh got a new injection through Mina sorting out various important issues, plus the design of the vocabulary pages was adjusted in that process, Shabakuk solved the long-time lingering definition problem of witchcraft, a major battle against spammers on the board was won and the Ximax entry was entirely rewritten by a whole bunch of members. We also have our first Santharian fan fiction on site, a comprehensive map tutorial and lots of new overviews sparkling with brand new pictures. A super detailed map of the Santharian province of Vardýnn has also been started recently, which will represent the final result of yet another team effort. This small list of course only scratches on the surface of what we've been up to this year - many new important Places entries were completed, and there's never a shortage on new stuff in the Bestiary, Herbarium, People or Miscellaneous sections. A big thanks of course also has to go at this point to our regularly contributing artists, the magnificent Bard Judith and the glorious Seeker! To sum it up: It's been a blast, and I'm looking forward to work together with all of you for another year, dear Santharians! -  Artimidor, Santharian Webmaster

    Best of Member Contributions 2011
 Bestiary Updated entry on the Baniop Frog, adding illustration of this colourful frog (pic Val O'Neil)
Added entry on the Butterfly Dragon, believed to be one of the smallest dragons of Caelereth, but also considered to be among the most powerful (Kalina Dalá'isyrás)
Updated entry on the Crystal Spider, adding illustration of this poisonous arachnid (pic Seeker)
Updated entry on the Dragonbird, adding illustration of a blue female bird to offer some company for our fire-red male version (pic Tikanni Corazon)
Added entry on the Ferlawyng Creature, a strange mystical, yet shy creature of the densly grown forests in Nybelmar with magical capabilities (Rayne)
Added entry on the Lich Creature, one of the most powerful of all undead beings, brought back to life through magical means, and often seeing commanding others of the undead kind. The Lich was also added to the Undead Overview (Artimidor, pics Faugar, Seeker and Quellion)
Updated entry on the Mad Dancing Faery, adding Diet section (Drasil Razorfang)
Added entry on the Monh-rum Amphibian, a dangerous predator of the Iceland Coast (Pikel)
Added entry on the Nysl Dragon ("Dwarf Dragon"), one of the smallest dragons in Caelereth, who are companions and mounts of the Vale Brownies (Kalina)
Updated entry on the Red Diamond Butterfly, adding illustration of this small bug with its beautiful wings (pic Seeker)
Updated entry on the Slimer, adding illustration of the nor'sidian species, the most dangerous of them all (pic Bard Judith & Seeker)
Updated entry on the Snobyrr ("Snowbird"), adding illustration of this beautiful large bird of the Prominent Mountains in Northern Sarvonia (pic Bard Judith)
Added entry on the Stromfly, which is actually a kind of fish or spiny worm drifting on the wind at the Eight WInds Bay (Seth Ghibta)
Added entry on the Violet Sky-Dancer, one of the largest and most beautiful butterflies known in the region of the Krean metropolis Sihitara (Dieren)
 Downloads Added wallpaper to our Santharian Wallpapers Collection, Part II, showing the beautiful Aerelian Lakes. The wallpaper is available in three sizes, 1024x768, 1680x1050 and 1920x1200 (pic Seeker)
 Herbarium Added entry on the Ahoy Air Tree, a strange, tough little plant, capable of growing on rocky, soilless slopes that no other plant can survive on. The entry was also added to the Deciduous Trees Overview (Rookie Brownbark)
Added entry on the Bloodbloom Flower, is a rich karikrimson flower that grows exclusively in and around the Greyrock Maw in the Tandala Highlands (Jonael Tomeskrift)
Added entry on the Hematia Weed, a nasty, thorny, quickly spreading plant common in large parts of Northern Sarvonia (Vergos Exitalis)
Added entry on the Mallowdrop Plant, a beautiful flower, which also has medicinal uses and can be used to make healthy candy (Ganinon)
Added entry on the Salt Reed, a salt filtering plant found in Northern Sarvonia, especially at the Liben river (Eldor Delrossa)
Added entry on the Windsong Grass, a fascinating giant reed that is naturally perforated with multiple small holes. The grass was also added to the Grasses Overview (Valan Nonesuch, pic Seeker)
 History Updated entry on the Battle of Alvang, adding illustration of the Helcrani commander Corvas (pic Arbaon)
Updated various Santharian History tables, especially the Santharian Kingdom Timeline and the Santharian Royal Line Timeline (and related entries), focusing on additions between the years 100 and 200 a.S. Some events around the founding of the kingdom also received more details (Artimidor & Talia)
 Languages Added entry on Styrásh Pronunciation, an entry covering the sounds of vowels and consonants and explaining how the are stressed (Mina)
Updated the Thergerim vocabulary: Tharian-Thergerim, Thergerim-Tharian, bringing up our word count to 730 (Artimidor & Bard Judith)
Updated Styrásh-Tharian and Tharian-Styrásh, bringing up our word count to 734 (Artimidor)
Added entry on Styrásh Adjectives, covering the construction of words that modify nouns (Mina)
Added entry on Styrásh Verbs, an entry sheding light on all the word forms of Styrásh: indicative, imperative, participle and infinitive (Mina)
 Library Added the "Ballad of the Headless Hiveling", a Nybelmarian traveller's story about a most unusual encounter in the desert wasteland known as the "Bucket" (Seth Ghibta)
Added another 10 page long mystery tale titled "Beyond the Rift" to the "Tales of Monsonius" book, a parable about the differences between the races who are confronted with a problem that challenges their beliefs and convictions... (Artimidor, pic Bard Judith)
Added parody song "For the Last time, Dek, I'm Volkek-Oshran" to our Santharian Parodies collection page (Deklitch Hardin)
Added poem "Iron and Battle" to our Battle Songs collection (Valan Nonesuch)
Added fairy-tale "Kelder and Bryella" to the Book "Master Tribell's Miraculous Narrations", a story about two children getting lost in the woods to meet with a Santharian witch... (Irid alMenie)
Added story "Klas and the Bear", to the halfling folk-tales collection, the "Book of Blessedtales", dealing with the hobbit folk-hero Gaffer Klas (Valan Nonesuch)
Added a new book titled "The Hiveling Storybook", where we collect all hiveling related texts. We start off with a few first entries in this book, which are Shabakuk's "The Bee's Gift" and Seth's "Naule and the Ancestors' Song", "The Nohopuku" and "Dronomin and the Losthane". All texts are of course also available in downloadable format (Seth Ghibta)
Added two "Love Poems to Ithsje"" to our Love Poems collection (Athviaro, pic Bard Judith)
Added poem "The Black Knight", to our "Ballads of Caelereth" collection dealing with a fabled and feared, gruesome and grisly black knight - and his destiny... (Artimidor)
Added song "We are Gilden" to our "Songs for Travelling" collection, this time seen from the other way around, as it's a partiotic song for the Xaramon Duchy, Gilden (Deklitch)
 Magic Updated entry on Krean Arcane Arts, completely revising the entry, reorganizing it, adding more explanations and details (Coren FrozenZephyr)
Updated entry on the Level IV Wind Spell - Shape Smoke, adding illustration of the spell's effect (pic Faugar)
Added entry on the Magic Art of Witchcraft ("Black Magic"), a comprehensive description of the witches' unique worldview, their practices and the origins of their often misunderstood art (Shabakuk, pics Seeker and Eratin)
Added lesson "Ounía and Expression of Elemental Properties" to our "Understanding Ximaxian Magic" series of lectures (Coren FrozenZephyr)
 Misc. Added entry on the Bead Mill, a Brownie Wood Soothing Tool (Drasil Razorfang)
Updated entry on the Coronal of Thromgolin, adding illustration of this famous artifact. The picture was also added to the Kyranian Men entry and to Kyranian and Southern Sarvonian History Tables (pic Seeker)
Added entry on the Glowstone Crystal, a R'unorian oddity growing on the leatherhide tree and producing, as the name implies, light (Valan Nonesuch)
Added entry on the Longstriding Condition, an eccentricity and spiritual Affliction as some say, which occurs frequently at members of the halfling race (Valan Nonsuch)
Added entry on the Moonblade, a softly aglow blade of the Kasumarri which is slightly curved, slim, and exceedingly sharp (Val O'Neil)
Added entry on the Remusian Bow, the notorious weapon of this famous Ice Tribe (Altario)
Added entry on the Seven Bright Days Festivals, the great gathering of races and tribe in the north-eastern Zhunite plains of Naezshan Zhunite in Nybelmar (Seth Ghibta)
Added entry on Somcari Wrestling, a Kassite wrestling style, used both as a sport and a combat technique (Aslan Singh Tau)
Added entry on the Spear of Evathón, prized objects in the possession of the Cyhallrhim Elves. The spear was also added to the Polearms Overview (Ridgen Sú'ufanán)
Added entry on Stonetack, the so-called "Immortal Bread" - lacking taste, but fresh for a lengthy period of time (Agran Velion, receipt by Bard Judith)
Added entry on the Striker Club, a lethal R'unorian close combat warclub (Valan Nonesuch, pic Seeker)
Updated entry on the Zarathian Dagger, adding illustration of this ornate dagger originating from the Zarathian tribe of Aeruillin. The Daggers and Knives Overview was also updated with the new picture (pic Seeker)
 Music Added musical piece for "The Journey", an eerie yet beautiful work which accompanies the mysterious journey Monsonius has written perfectly (music Vladeptus)
 Myth/Lore Added entry on the Hiveling Storybook, an overview entry on the Library book, which is still to be added (Seth Ghibta)
 People Added entry on the Brownie Scholar Gratcha Swath, known for her studies of Santharia's Rat Brownie tribes (Drasil Razorfang)
Added entry on the Explorer Troi Ciosa, the famous Glandorian founder of the town of Ciosa, and first of the Avennorian men (Athviaro Shyu-eck-Silfayr)
Added entry on Gaffer Klas ("Klas Whitebear"), a prominent hobbit folk figure, particularly important to the practice of gift-giving among halflings (Valan Nonesuch)
Added entry on the Mollusc Researcher Friddriv Aliv, who dedicated his whole life to his love of aquatic gastropods (Seth Ghibta)
Added entry on the orcish Scholar Vekarn Kha'mal, a researcher mostly known for his studies on the Mists of Osthemangar (Drasil Razorfang)
Added entry on the Witch Dula, a famous mythical witch known throughout Santharia, supposedly travelling through the world in a hut walking on spider legs... (Shabakuk, pics Sheil, Bard Judith and Seeker)
 Places Updated entry on the Aerelian Lakes, adding illustration of a beautiful view on the lakes, one of the major attractions of the Santharian province of Vardýnn (pic Seeker)
Added entry on the Boyzinna Fellowship Hall, housing the orphaned, abandoned and otherwise forgotten boys of the magic city (Deklitch Hardin)
Updated entry on the City of Jernais, adding illustration of the Heath of Jernais and its surroundings, inlcuding the famous xazure herons (pic Bard Judith)
Added entry on the Eight Winds Bay, a gigantic Northern Sarvonian place in the center of many myths and legends dating back until the War of the Chosen. This entry constitutes Dek's masterwork and thus makes him official Santharian member (Deklitch Hardin, song Shabakuk)
Added entry on the Forest of Souls, the largest wooded area in the Islands of R'unor, inhabited by dangerous fauna (Valan Nonesuch)
Added entry on the Isle of Churican, a vast, peaceful and tranquil island in the Santharian province of Vardýnn (Rayne Avalotus)
Updated entry on Isle Kalta'Goor, adding illustration of this snow covered island (pic Seeker)
Updated entry on the Shrine of Baveras in Nepris, adding illustration of the shrine (pic Talia Sturmwind)
Updated entry on Ximax, the City of Magic, completely overhauling and expanding the entry thanks to the contributions of various team members. Some further updates at specific sections or added maps might still follow in later updates (Rayne Avalotus, Deklitch, Eldor, Azhira, Mina, Talia, Bard Judith, Altario)
Added entry on the Zohologica Gardens, boasting an extravagant selection of wildlife from all over the Sarvonian continent, gathered in one place south of New-Santhala (Jonael Tomeskrift)
 & Tribes
Updated entry on the Gondolwenmith Men, adding two more illustrations, covering the female Gondolwenmiths, for one adding a girl at the beach, and secondly a pair of twins picking kitrauhre at an orchard (pics Faugar)
Updated entry on the Kaaer'dár'shín Half-Orcs, once again completely revising the entry considerably, splitting the tribe in three distinct clans in order to account for the complex tribal structure (Azhira Styralias)
Updated entry on the Kyranian Men, adding the Occupations and Housing sections and linking these to the appropriate sub-entries, which are already on site (Garret Arroway)
Added entry on the Paélrhem Elves ("Wind Elves"), a unique Nybelmarian tribe which can assume cloud forms, through which they can descend to the sea or ascend into their floating homes (Rayne)
Updated entry on the Swamphags, adding illustration of a merry gathering of ugly and possibly evil creatures, found out there in Santharian moors... (pic Bard Judith)
Added entry on the Vertan Men, a blue skinned people and member of the Ice Tribes living in the far recesses of Northern Sarvonia (Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin)
 Religion Added entry on the Ciosan Cult, a group of Avennorian traditionalists worshipping ancient Glandorian Gods, who also consider founder Ciosa as a demigod himself (Athviaro Shyu-eck-Silfayr)
Added entry on the Death Rites of the Troll Shamans, sheding light on the circumstances on how troll shamans depart from this world. The entry was also added in the Misc./Cultures and Race/Tribes menus (Jonael Tomeskrift)
 Santhworld Lo and behold, dear Santharians! What took more than one and a half years to realize is finally here: The major extension to Santhworld's already most comprehensive module, now at least thrice the size of the first part - so get ready for "Mysteries of Nepris, Part II: Dark Secrets"! Discover sites and artifacts long thought forgotten, battle cunning foes and meet quirky, funny or even terrifying Santharian characters in person... (Artimidor, Shabakuk, Grinch, Bard Judith, Seeker, Talia, Eshoh, Grunok, Tharoc, Macar, Ralrok, Gean, Vladeptus and the T2X musicians)
Added "The Mysteries of Nepris" Walkthrough, Part II, providing detailed step by step instructions for this huge
Flash MovieSanthworld module, dealing with the area below the mage Fizzlefist's main laboratory. Feel free to download the Word document if you're stuck! (Grinch)
Added a new Santhworld module - the "Santhworld Hall of Fame". As the name already implies it deals with the achievements of players in the various modules that are available as of yet, but also celebrates the faces behind these modules and allows glances at pictures and scenes in the games, which serve as teasers. (Artimidor & Grinch)
Added three  "Mysteries of Nepris" Reviews to our Reviews page (Talia Sturmwind, An Chor, Elron Sylver)
Added a new page titled "Mysteries of Nepris" - Easter Eggs, References and Things You Might Have Missed to our collection of pages dedicated to the game. It is strongly advised to only check the page out once you've already completed the game and thus don't spoil the surprises that await you there (Artimidor & Shabakuk)
 Team Added membership page of our new team member Deklitch Hardin (R.J.K. Watt from Brisbane, Australia), who just completed his masterwork, the entry on the Eight Winds Bays, after having worked on it for a mere one and a half years... We're happy to welcome Dek, writer of stories, cattle entries, songs and poems of merriment, creator of Sordoc the Great, People Mod and RPG Admin, officially as a Santharian member. Let there be many more contributions in the future! (Deklitch Hardin)
Updated the Odes to the Team page, adding three poems to celebrate Dek at his inauguration party (Athviaro)
 Treasures &
Added a new section in "Treasures and Oddities", containing Santharian Fanfiction, where members of the Development Board star in a tale set in the world of Caelereth. Our first story was written by Rayne is titled "Adventure of the Northern Shadow" and comprises 64 pages where five powerful archmages set out for the north in search of the dark force stealing their students into a deep sleep... (Rayne Avalotus)
 Website Okeydokey, guys and gals, fans and friends of the Santharian endeavour! It's time to officially announce Santharia's long overdue presence on the dominating social network site, which would be: Facebook! Yep, that's right, we've set up our very own page over there, and in case you're using Facebook this is your chance to show your support and tell us that you literally "like" Santharia. So what are you waiting for? - You find a "Like" button for your convenience below. - Interested? Want to see more? Maybe have a look first by just checking out said Santharian Facebook page! (Artimidor)
 Workshop Added the lessons "IX: Layers, Once again", "X: Working with Textures" and "XI: Map Elements" to the Santharian Map Tutorial for Photoshop, started already way back, now featuring all the advanced techniques. Included in this tutorial is also a detailed example map illustrating how to do it yourself, and a valuable map elements file with textures, buildings, trees and everything you need to get started to make your very own map. Look out for updates on map elements, which will be coming soon! (Artimidor)

    Site Statistics Overview 2011
Compendium Entries
Bestiary (+17) 489        People (+8) 215
Cosmology & Myths (+8) 191 Places (+6) 195
Herbarium (+14) 256 Races & Tribes (+3) 189
Library Pages (+26) 212 Religions (+1) 71
Magic (+2) 206 Treasures & Oddities (+11) 68
Miscellaneous (+17) 335 Movies (+/-0) 15
Musics (+/-0) 60 Original Artwork (+44) 893
Languages (+4) 27 Complete Compendium (+195) 1888
Workshop (+3) 21 Santhworld (n.a.)   16

Team Members
Forum Members Dev (*) 990        Forum Members RPG (*) 2.682
Administrators Dev 1 Administrators RPG 2
Webmasters 1 Musicians 6
Mascots 2 Compendium Writers 46
Artists (exclusive) 18 Other Contributers Lots!
Programmers 2    

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Dev Forum highest day 2010 24.953 RPG Forum highest day 2010 10.693
Dev Forum daily average 6971 RPG daily average 5004
Dev Forum posts 139.419 RPG Forum posts 205.836
Dev total topics 10.547 RPG total topics 7.540
Dev Forum daily post av. 35 RPG daily post average 57
Dev posts highest day 114 RPG posts highest day 130


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