Site Update of September 25th 2011 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. This week we've got the long awaited entry on the Magic Art of Witchcraft (Shabakuk) ready for you, leaving no questions unanswered on this strange practice which many simnply use to call "Black Magic". The entry is illustrated with pics by Eratin and Seeker. Seeker also provided illustrations for the Blood Eye Cult and the Isle of Kalta'Goor. Also included in this update are Rayne's Paélrhem Elves, the "Cloud Elves" of Nybelmar, and the mystical Ferlawyng creature which has its home over there as well. More plants are found in the Herbarium thanks to Eldor, who contributed the Salt Reed and made a major update on the Wild Rose. Last but not least Grinch was busy with putting together Part II of the "Mysteries of Nepris Walkthrough", explaining in detail how you can manage to escape the underground prison you find yourself trapped in. Be it alchemy receipts, Tower of Death maps or detailed advice on battle strategy - it's all there and it should get you through the most difficult parts of the game in one piece!

Coming Up. Coming up is some Santharian fan fiction written by Rayne, more Witchcraft stuff, the entry on the City of Ximax will make it eventually on site (probably in parts), oh and someone has promised to finish the Olantani River entry soon - so let's see about that. Well, and there's also the Windsong plant, a new vulture, a new species of fish and more details on the Thergerim language. What else? Check out the next update!

 Bestiary Added entry on the Ferlawyng Creature, a strange mystical, yet shy creature of the densly grown forests in Nybelmar with magical capabilities (Rayne)
Updated entry on the Undead Lich Creature, adding additional details (Artimidor)
 Herbarium Added entry on the Salt Reed, a salt filtering plant found in Northern Sarvonia, especially at the Liben river (Eldor Delrossa)
Updated entry on the Wild Rose, a black rose which contains deadly poison. The entry was completely revised and adjusted to our common entry format (Eldor Delrossa)
 Languages Updated Styrásh-Tharian and Tharian-Styrásh vocabulary with several new additions (Artimidor)
 Library Converted the first three chapters of "The Lady of Chrynna Dabney", to our new Library format. The texts are also available for downloading, and an own author page for the Library was added for Rayne in the process as well (Rayne Avalotus)
 Magic Added entry on the Magic Art of Witchcraft ("Black Magic"), a comprehensive description of the witches' unique worldview, their practices and the origins of their often misunderstood art (Shabakuk, pics Seeker and Eratin)
 People Updated entry on the Blood Eye Cult, adding illustration of one such member of the cult, who fell victim of the Aramyrian disease (pic Seeker)
 Places Updated entry on Isle Kalta'Goor, adding illustration of this snow covered island (pic Seeker)
 Santhworld Added "The Mysteries of Nepris" Walkthrough, Part II, providing detailed step by step instructions for this huge Flash MovieSanthworld module, dealing with the area below the mage Fizzlefist's main laboratory. Feel free to download the Word document if you're stuck! (Grinch)
 Races & Tribes Added entry on the Paélrhem Elves ("Wind Elves"), a unique Nybelmarian tribe which can assume cloud forms, through which they can descend to the sea or ascend into their floating homes (Rayne)

    Site Update of September 4th 2011 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. More than half a dozen new overviews in the Bestiary, Herbarium and Miscellaneous menus were added this week, making sure that there's furtherprogress on the organizational front. Aside from that we've got an entry on the most notorious undead creature, the Lich (Artimidor, illustrated by Faugar), another new fighting style, Somcari Wrestling (Aslan) a new song by Deklitch. Congrats by the way is in order to Aslan for his very first approved entry! Finally Grinch was busy with improving a few things for Santhworld, resulting mainly in all around better performance, plus you can now access important links directly from the login screen. Grinch's work is rewarded with a special picture Seeker drew for his Santharian alter ego, which you can now see on his team page.

Coming Up. A picture on the Blood Eye Cult has been spotted recently, requiring only minor changes to be ready to go. In the Herbarium the Salt Reed and the Wild Rose are being finished, while in the Magic Forum it's witchcraft time. Also in the works is part II of the walkthrough for the Mysteries of Nepris role playing game, covering the trials and tribulations the player has to go through down there in Fizzlefist's Deeper Labs...

 Bestiary Added entry on the Lich Creature, one of the most powerful of all undead beings, brought back to life through magical means, and often seeing commanding others of the undead kind. The Lich was also added to the Undead Overview (Artimidor, pics Faugar)
Added the Amphibians Overview and the Fish Overview to our overviews collection in the Bestiary (Artimidor)
 Herbarium Added the Fungi Overview, the Moss Overview, the Evergreen Trees Overview and the Tropical Trees Overview to our overviews collection in the Herbarium. With the latter additions our Trees sections are finally complete (Artimidor)
 Library Added song "We are Gilden" to our "Songs for Travelling" collection, this time seen from the other way around, as it's a partiotic song for the Xaramon Duchy, Gilden (Deklitch)
 Miscellaneous Added the Games Overview to our overviews collection in the MIscellaneous menu (Artimidor)
Added entry on Somcari Wrestling, a Kassite wrestling style, used both as a sport and a combat technique (Aslan Singh Tau)
 Santhworld Further Santhworld program changes have been implemented over the past few weeks, mainly to improve performance. Server communication was improved to circumvent server spike issues, so expect less lagging when the server load is high. Also new is the preloading of sound effects before a battle starts, which ensures that the sound plays straight away when needed. Finally the login screen was also expanded, offering links to Facebook and Online Help, so that you can bookmark them before you start and receive instructions or notifications of newly released modules when they're availabe (Grinch)
 Team Updated team page of Grinch, adding illustration of this strange orc and Santhworld developer (pic Seeker)

    Site Update of August 14th 2011 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. Despite the summer months where activity corresponds with the hot temperatures, we've squeezed out another refreshing update! This time with Part I of the "Mysteries of Nepris Walkthrough" (Grinch), a couple of polearm pictures, like on the Bladestaff or the Herlemin (Jonael), one to ilustrate a story by Gean (Faugar) and one for the Black Birch Baton (Seeker). Dieren got her very first entry up, the Violet Sky-Dancer Butterfly, as did Vergos Exitalis with his nasty Hematia Weed - congrats on that, looking forward to further contributions! And finally: Five new overviews in Bestiary and Herbarium complete this week's update.

Coming Up. In the works are more polearm illustrations by Jonael, the Northern Horned Hare already has a picture and hopefully an accompanying entry soon and we've got some Kassite wrestling for you plus plants like the Blister Petal, the Windsong or the Dark Moon Blossom. Stay tuned!

 Bestiary Added the Aquatic Mammals Overview and the Land Monsters Overview to our overviews collection in the Bestiary (Artimidor)
Added entry on the Violet Sky-Dancer, one of the largest and most beautiful butterflies known in the region of the Krean metropolis Sihitara (Dieren)
 Herbarium Added entry on the Hematia Weed, a nasty, thorny, quickly spreading plant common in large parts of Northern Sarvonia (Vergos Exitalis)
Added the Grasses Overview, the Magical Plants Overview and the Succulent Plants Overview to our overviews collection in the Herbarium (Artimidor)
 Library Updated tale on "The Legend of Keep's Heart", adding illustration of the dungeons beneath Thalambath (pic Faugar)
 Miscellaneous Updated entry on the Black Birch Baton, adding illustration of the instrument. The picture was also added to the entry on the Black Birch itself (pic Seeker)
Updated entry on the Blade Staff ("Scál'tár"), adding illustration (pic Jonael Tomeskrift)
Updated entry on the Herlemin ("Double-Ended Hatchet"), adding illustration of two types of this weapon (pic Jonael Tomeskrift)
Updated the Polearms Weapons Overview, adding the two new weapons there as well (pic Jonael Tomeskrift)
 Santhworld Added "The Mysteries of Nepris" Walkthrough, Part I, providing detailed step by step instructions for this Flash MovieSanthworld module dealing with the first part of the game, including maps, special hints, battle strategies and various pictures of the game. The walkthrough is also available in a downloadable Word format. If you're stuck, this is your way out. Further parts will be added in the course of time (Grinch)
    Site Update of July 25th 2011 by Artimidor

Update Statement. Today we're bringing you another Santhworld update in form of a separate module - the "Santhworld Hall of Fame" (realized by Grinch and Artimidor). As the name already implies it deals with the achievements of players in the various modules that are available as of yet, but also celebrates the faces behind these modules and allows glances at pictures and scenes in the games, which serve as teasers. You can walk through the Hall just like you navigate through every other module - or use the Book of Fame found in your inventory upon entering to teleport quickly to a module of your choice. For more information on that ask the imp at the entrance.

At the more straight forward games we have just basic statistics (who completed the game, who's still on the way, an overall table for "Trivia"), at "Nepris" we can show more facts, like details on battle experience, a list on the best balanced fighters, who managed to bag in the most artifacts etc. Well, just have a look around and see for yourself where you stand. The "Hall of Fame" is accessible by typing START FAME in the Santhworld Module selection. Hope you enjoy and rank way up on top on most evaluation tables!

    Site Update of July 17th 2011 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. This time we've got a bunch of weapons for you, like three varieties of the Haelberd Polearm (entry and pics by Jonael) and a whole selection of R'unorian Swordclubs (pics Seeker). The Karthmor Ruins entry features a new important artifact (Seeker), and a still life was added to the entry on the Kitrauhre (Bard Judith). Also: Santhworld veterans now can check if they've missed something in Nepris II by checking the Easter Eggs and References page we've put together, plus we've got another Review on the Nepris game by Talia. Aside from all that there's the fascinating Ahoy Air Tree (Rookie), the Tuffchafer Beetle (Seth), the monkey-like Vashkoon Creature and the Glowstone (Valan), so there should be something for everyone in this week's update!

Coming Up. The Santhworld "Hall of Fame" will be available soon - a small additional module allowing you to check player statistics since Nepris II went public. Also in the works: Places entries on the Forest of Souls in R'unor, Dourin's Grove in the Manthrian province of Santharia and the Mines of Ghun'Gob are being reworked.

 Bestiary Added entry on the Tuffchafer Beetle, a large resilient insect, making its home in the heated ash slopes of R’unorian volcanoes (Seth Ghibta)
Added entry on the Vashkoon Creature, a rust coloured, tree-climbing creature that dwells in the Forest of Souls on R'unor (Valan Nonesuch)
 Herbarium Added entry on the Ahoy Air Tree, a strange, tough little plant, capable of growing on rocky, soilless slopes that no other plant can survive on. The entry was also added to the Deciduous Trees Overview (Rookie Brownbark)
Updated entry on the Kitrauhre Tree, adding additional illustration of the fruit seen in a still life picture along with the snuffwort flower (pic Bard Judith, picture text Shabakuk)
 Miscellaneous Added entry on the Glowstone Crystal, a R'unorian oddity growing on the leatherhide tree and producing, as the name implies, light (Valan Nonesuch)
Added entry on the Haelberd Polearm, a lethal weapon common initially among goblins, nowadays used throughout Caelereth. The weapon was also added to the Polarms Overview entry (text and pics Jonael Tomeskrift)
Updated entry on the Striker Club, adding illustrations showing three different types of these R'unorian Swordclubs. The picture was also added to the Blunt Weapons: Clubs Overview (pic Seeker)
 Places Updated entry on the Flash MovieKarthmor Ruins, adding additional illustration to the entry showing the mythical Soulcatcher artifact of Ta Ivashi (pic Seeker)
 Santhworld Added another "Mysteries of Nepris" Review to our Reviews page, this time from Talia, who also made it to the end of the game (Talia Sturmwind)
Added a new page titled "Mysteries of Nepris" - Easter Eggs, References and Things You Might Have Missed to our collection of pages dedicated to the game. It is strongly advised to only check the page out once you've already completed the game and thus don't spoil the surprises that await you there (Artimidor & Shabakuk)

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