Site Update of December 16th 2011 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. What have we got this time for you? How about a nice excursion to the Aerelian Lakes, now illustrated beautifully by Seeker? If this seems too far for you, maybe download the picture as a wallpaper for your desktop? Or do you prefer something tasty? Try the roasted slyggs (pic by Bard Judith) in the Orcen Larder entry... Not a good option? Well, how about some Stonetack then (by Agran), maybe with the Thergerim version? - At any rate: Bon appetit! Aside from that we once again have more on the Styrįsh tongue (Mina). a complete revision of the Krean Arcane Arts (Coren) plus the final chapters of Rayne's Santharian fan fiction - and should you feel creative: The Santharian Map Making Tutorial now got three key chapters added dealing with Layers, Textures and Map Elements to help you make your very own creations. Included is the source of a detailed example map and a basic collection of map elements. If you're into map making you definitely shouldn't miss out on this tutorial!

Coming Up. More map elements and another chapter on adding texts to maps will be added to our tutorial in one of the next updates. Seeker is also working on a Milkengard picture, while development on Vardżnn progresses. The end of the year of course also brings with it the traditional "Best of" update and the Santharian Developer Awards. Make sure to be around when it comes to voting!

 Downloads Added wallpaper to our Santharian Wallpapers Collection, Part II, showing the beautiful Aerelian Lakes. The wallpaper is available in three sizes, 1024x768, 1680x1050 and 1920x1200 (pic Seeker)
 Herbarium Updated entry on the Cerubell Flower, adding illustration of the flower. The picture was also added to our Flowers Overview (pic Seeker)
 Languages Added entry on Styrįsh Adjectives, covering the construction of words that modify nouns (Mina)
Added entry on Styrįsh Verbs, an entry sheding light on all the word forms of Styrįsh: indicative, imperative, participle and infinitive (Mina)
 Library Updated the "The Orcen Larder", the culinary report on orcen culture, now also featuring a picture of roasted slyggs as they are commonly eaten by this race... The picture was also added to the Meats Overview (pic Bard Judith)
Added the two final chapters to our Santharian fanction "Adventure of the Northern Shadow", featuring various Santharian developers. New are  "Chapter VI" and "Chapter VII", all in all 18 pages. The texts are also available for downloading (Rayne Avalotus)
 Magic Updated entry on Krean Arcane Arts, completely revising the entry, reorganizing it, adding more explanations and details (Coren FrozenZephyr)
 Miscellaneous Added entry on Stonetack, the so-called "Immortal Bread" - lacking taste, but fresh for a lengthy period of time (Agran Velion, receipt by Bard Judith)
 Places Updated entry on the Aerelian Lakes, adding illustration of a beautiful view on the lakes, one of the major attractions of the Santharian province of Vardżnn (pic Seeker)
 Workshop Added the lessons "IX: Layers, Once again", "X: Working with Textures" and "XI: Map Elements" to the Santharian Map Tutorial for Photoshop, started already way back, now featuring all the advanced techniques. Included in this tutorial is also a detailed example map illustrating how to do it yourself, and a valuable map elements file with textures, buildings, trees and everything you need to get started to make your very own map. Look out for updates on map elements, which will be coming soon! (Artimidor)

    Site Update of November 27th 2011 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. The Isle of Churican in western Vardżnn (Rayne) made it to the site this weekend, lots of new Thergerim vocabulary (Judy), some new overviews, more on Styrįsh Pronunciation (Mina), and we've got an eerie ballad about the "Black Knight" (Artimidor). All that and a bunch of pictures, like the one of the Crystal Spider (Seeker), the Helcrani commander Corvas from the Battle of Alvang (Arbaon) and the Heath of Jernais with its xazure herons (Judy). Elron also has a review of the Santhworld Nepris module for you, and Rayne continues her fan fiction story with two more chapters.

Coming Up. In the works is a lot of conceptual stuff dealing with the Santharian province of Vardżnn, which includes a brand new super-detailed map as we have it already in Manthria - but don't expect that one to be finished anytime soon. More on Styrįsh grammer is also to come, as is a new kind of moss - and of course the final chapters of our Santharian fan fiction story.

 Bestiary Updated entry on the Crystal Spider, adding illustration of this poisonous arachnid (pic Seeker)
Added the Arachnids Overview and the Snakes and Worms Overview to our collection of overviews (Artimidor)
 History Updated entry on the Battle of Alvang, adding illustration of the Helcrani commander Corvas (pic Arbaon)
 Languages Added entry on Styrįsh Pronunciation, an entry covering the sounds of vowels and consonants and explaining how the are stressed (Mina)
Updated the Thergerim vocabulary: Tharian-Thergerim, Thergerim-Tharian, bringing up our word count to 730 (Artimidor & Bard Judith)
 Library Added poem "The Black Knight", to our "Ballads of Caelereth" collection dealing with a fabled and feared, gruesome and grisly black knight - and his destiny... (Artimidor)
Converted the last two chapters of "The Lady of Chrynna Dabney" to our new Library format: "Chapter X - Death in the Castle", "Chapter XI - The Secret of Chrystine", including the Epilogue. The texts are also available for downloading (Rayne Avalotus)
 Places Added entry on the Isle of Churican, a vast, peaceful and tranquil island in the Santharian province of Vardżnn (Rayne Avalotus)
Updated entry on the City of Jernais, adding illustration of the Heath of Jernais and its surroundings, inlcuding the famous xazure herons (pic Bard Judith)
 Santhworld Added another "Mysteries of Nepris" Review to our Reviews page, this time from Elron Sylver, another of our players who made it through to the very end of our RPG adventure - verdict: 9.7/10. With other words: Go, play it, if you haven't already! (Elron Syvler)
 Team Updated membership info on Rayne Avalotus, replacing biography and other details (Rayne Avalotus)
 &  Oddities
Added two more chapters to our Santharian fanction "Adventure of the Northern Shadow", featuring various Santharian developers. New are  "Chapter IV" and "Chapter V", all in all 20 pages. The texts are also available for downloading (Rayne Avalotus)

    Site Update of November 6th 2011 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. This week the key entry on the Magical City of Ximax received a complete overhaul - thanks to a co-operation of many team members. While there will still be further additions to the entry like myths, maps and historical events, the bulk of the changes is now on site, providing a great background for further development or role playing in the area. All vocabulary dictionaries were also converted to the new table format in this week's changes (Artimidor) and Mina opens a major Styrįsh language revision with a first detailed page covering Styrįsh Nouns and Articles - more to come! A new story waits in the Library, "Beyond the Rift" (Artimidor, pic Bard Judith), and then we've also got Rayne's Shenora Spider, Valan's Windsong Grass (pic Seeker) and last but not least another illustration at the Kanapan Terror Bats entry (Seeker), fitting right into the Halloween theme of last week.

Coming Up. In the works is more Styrįsh language stuff, hopefully a first schematic map on the boroughs layout of Ximax and more Santharian fanfiction and maybe a princess with a white tiger may also make an appearance...

 Bestiary Updated entry on the Kanapan Terror Bats, adding illustration of this large kind of flitter mice circling a dead black oak tree. The picture was also added to the Oak Tree entry (pic Seeker)
Added entry on the Shenora Spider, a petite little spider found throughout Santharia (Rayne Avalotus)
 Herbarium Added entry on the Windsong Grass, a fascinating giant reed that is naturally perforated with multiple small holes. The grass was also added to the Grasses Overview (Valan Nonesuch, pic Seeker)
 Languages Updated all the main vocabulary dictionaries according to our recent table template. Updated were all the following dictionary parts: Tharian-Styrįsh, Styrįsh-Tharian, Tharian-Thergerim, Thergerim-Tharian, Tharian-Kuglimz Seitre, Kuglimz Seitre-Tharian and Tharian-Kh'omchr'om, Kh'omchr'om-Tharian (Artimidor)
Added page on Styrįsh Nouns and Articles, covering all aspects of the Styrįsh tongue which have to do with cases, endings and declensions (Mina)
 Library Added another 10 page long mystery tale titled "Beyond the Rift" to the "Tales of Monsonius" book, a parable about the differences between the races who are confronted with a problem that challenges their beliefs and convictions... (Artimidor, pic Bard Judith)
Converted three more chapters of "The Lady of Chrynna Dabney", to our new Library format: "Chapter VII - The Castle Alight", "Chapter VIII - The Pit and the Poison" and "Chapter IX - Edmond's Confession". The texts are also available for downloading (Rayne Avalotus)
 Places Updated entry on Ximax, the City of Magic, completely overhauling and expanding the entry thanks to the contributions of various team members. Some further updates at specific sections or added maps might still follow in later updates (Rayne Avalotus, Deklitch, Eldor, Azhira, Mina, Talia, Bard Judith, Altario)

    Site Update of October 16th 2011 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. We've some pictures for you this time, which illustrate existing entries, like one for the Malise, a Black Slimer has crept into the Slimer entry, and finally another picture found its way into the Lich entry (all done by Seeker, with background drawn by Bard Judith). Furthermore the main work of this update went into updating the Thergerim principles page, where we've moved most of Judy's rough outlines of the language finally to the site and converted all existing information into our new table format. Added to that were several new words to the Thergerim vocabulary, though various more are still to come, so that everything you can find on said Principles page also finds its way into these word lists. What else have we got? Well, Valan delivered his R'unorian Forest of Souls and Rayne's first three chapters of her Santharian Fanfiction titled "Adventure of the Northern Shadow", starring lots of Santharian developers, are also now available. Hope you like!

Coming Up. To be added soon are the entry on the Isle of Churican in western Santharia, the Shenora Spider, a new kind of vulture - which literally stinks -, the Icesea Silvertail fish - and more chapters of Rayne's Santharian fanfiction are also coming!

 Bestiary Updated entry on the Lich, adding illustration of a human showing signs of zombification, or - as the sages put it - a dislocation of the self (pic Seeker)
Updated entry on the Malise, adding illustration of the Santharian version of the honeybee (pic Bard Judith & Seeker)
Updated entry on the Slimer, adding illustration of the nor'sidian species, the most dangerous of them all (pic Bard Judith & Seeker)
 Languages Updated entry on Thergerim Taal, completely revising the entry - for one we've structured it better, brought the already existing tables up to do date and finally we've added lots of new material in the form of own sections, dealing with Tenses and Conjugation, Connectors, Dimensional Directions, Numbers, People Words, Formation of Sentences and so on (Bard Judith)
Updated Thergerim-Tharian and Tharian-Thergerim vocabulary with several new additions (Artimidor)
 Library Converted three more chapters of "The Lady of Chrynna Dabney", to our new Library format: "Chapter IV - The Walk Through the Gardens", "Chapter V - Late Autumn Sunlight" and "Chapter VI - The West Wing". The texts are also available for downloading (Rayne Avalotus)
 Places Added entry on the Forest of Souls, the largest wooded area in the Islands of R'unor, inhabited by dangerous fauna (Valan Nonesuch)
 Treasures &
Added a new section in "Treasures and Oddities", containing Santharian Fanfiction, where members of the Development Board star in a tale set in the world of Caelereth. Our first story was written by Rayne is titled "Adventure of the Northern Shadow" and so far comprises 31 pages of Chapter I, II and III where five powerful archmages set out for the north in search of the dark force stealing their students into a deep sleep... (Rayne Avalotus)

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