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New Year Statement. 2012 has been the toughest year yet for the Santharian Dream due to a multitude of factors. For one we lost one of our most colourful and arguably coolest members, Tharoc Wargrider (aka Steven "Harleyrider Jackson"), who died on his birthday in July. Of course this left a hole in the Dream, but it was only one among many reasons why we struggled this year. Our dear Bard for example currently is on a well deserved prolonged break, a step we all fully support, as health always has to go first. Yet of course our output illustration-wise has suffered as it's basically Seeker alone who handles everything drawn on site now, which is not enough for a site of our calibre. Another factor was that we had neglected site promotion, in particular search engine optimization, for quite a while in order to keep up a high productivity level and ensure regular site updates. Finding a working site promotion strategy of course also is one of the most time consuming issues and needs constant attention. Furthermore certain projects, which aren't visible to the Santharians until their completion (like the Santhworld "Treasure Shoals" or the Santhworld Editor) also demand a massive amount of time which is spent off site by writers, artists and programmers.

All that said, these circumstances aren't easy to deal with. On the other hand the given reasons aren't enough to explain the dramatic decline in activity, be it regarding writing or commenting on entries, that took hold of Santharian development in the second half of the year. And this even though we still broke records in the first half (e.g. with no less than eight integrated pictures in one single update). However, the way the dire situation presents itself now regular site updates aren't possible anymore, and the three weeks update pace had to be changed to "on demand". We were also forced to cancel the traditional Santharian awards this time, and the question is what's next that will hamper the Santharian experience we've been used to for so long. As Santharian Webmaster who manages the whole affair I'd like to point out that my own activities generally directly correspond with site activity, so you have a strong ally in getting your stuff commented on and put on the site. But you need to do your part as well, and in 2012 only a handful of members really were ready to show their full dedication to the project. The Santharian Dream is a team project and it needs to work as such. It relies on member contributions and members helping other members out to make things better and let the project continue in the vein it had succeeded in the past 15 years. Activity is contagious, inactivity as well.  A dream is what you make of it. Up to you, dear Santharians! -  Artimidor, Santharian Webmaster

    Best of Member Contributions 2012
 Bestiary Updated entry on the Bogsnapper, adding illustration of this riding beast of the mullogs (pic Seeker)
Added entry on the Carserrian Gopag, a massive sea-dwelling form of gopag that lives in the sea around the north-eastern R’unorian Isles. The entry was also added to the Amphibians Overview (Valan Nonesuch, pic Bard Judith)
Updated entry on the Copper Lopstere ("Cobster"), adding illustration of this unusual shiny crustacean (pic Bard Judith)
Added entry on the Cradlejelly, a distant relative of the R’unorian gaspan, with considerably more sting in its tentacles... The entry was also added to the Molluscs Overview (Seth Ghibta)
Updated entry on the Kanapan Terror Bat, adding another illustration of adventurers stumbling in a cave full of nasty surprises (pic Faugar)
Updated/added the Legendary Drakes Overview, the Dragons Overview, the Drakes Overview and the Netherdrakes Overview. These overview entries and the menus in the Bestiary were still not consistent, either by content or design, so this overhaul fixed all of these problems (Artimidor)
Updated entry on the Malkut King Fish, a massive and intelligent Sarvonian fish, thus often referred to simply as the "King Fish". The entry was also added to the Fish Overview (Tagaloa)
Added entry on the Rainspirit, said to be a benevolent presence that blesses people with the gift of silence. The entry was also added to the Apparitions, the Mythical Creatures, the Sentient Beasts and the Magical Beasts Overviews (Coren FrozenZephyr, additions by Altario)
Added entry on the Wyspfly ("Visk'ko"), a beautiful insect inhabitant of the Forest of Souls in R'unor (Val O'Neil)
 Herbarium Added entry on the Carabery Tree, an immense tropical tree growing in Nybelmarian swamps, supposedly holding the memory of those who fell victim to the hazards of the forest. The tree was also added to the Tropical Trees Overview (Perabium Pelatorium, pic Seeker)
Added entry on the Death Shroom, a mid-Sarvonian mushroom that takes any decomposing material as its home. The entry was also added to the Fungi Overview (Rayne Avalotus)
Updated entry on the Forget-Me-Nut, adding illustration of this famous plant which contains the power to befuddle the memory. The picture was also added to the Bushes Overview (pic Seeker)
Added entry on the Pale Frogstool, a mushroom growing at the streams of mid-Sarvonia. The entry was also added to the Fungi Overview (Rayne Avalotus)
Added entry on the Undertoe Herb, a Santharian plant with a minty scent, which is often used in dyes. The entry was also added to the Flowers and the Medicinal Plants Overviews (Rayne Avalotus)
 History Updated Santharian History, adding further events to the early centuries after Santhros's ascension to the throne. Newly added were also tables on the Santhrans Dagolth Hammersfeld, Calron and Lysarian. The Santharian Royal Line was also updated. More to follow! (Talia Sturmwind)
Added entry on the Hammersfeld Parchments, key documents of the Santharian kingdom representing proof that the famous Salazath line of Santhros the Wise didn't die out. The letters were also added to the Books and Tomes Overview (Talia Sturmwind)
Added entry on the Storm of Three Nights, the famous harsh storm that battered the Manthrian East Coast back in 1025 a.S. (Jasper, pics Seeker and Faugar)
 Languages Updated entry on Styrásh Nouns and Articles, adding section about compound words (Mina)
Added entry on Styrásh Sentences, dealing with how to write Styrásh sentences, how to do causative ones, negations, conjunctions or relative clauses (Mina)
Added entry on the Trollish Tongue ("TrulTrul"), a primitive, animalistic tongue that is defined by harsh, brutal and extremely loud sounds and now was researched in great detail (Ishmaelion)
 Library Added a new book to our library, the "Art of Healing", intended to comprise everything related to Santharian medicine. The first addition to the book is "Kelancey's Almanac of Afflictions", a collection of illnesses and health conditions. Its writer Kelancey also got his own authors page in the Library (Kelancey the Green)
Added another folk tale entitled "Avá's Tear" to the "Words by the Water" book, telling the story about how one of the brightest stars of the night sky came to be. The story is also available for downloading (Irid al'Menie)
Added new novel, entitled "Child of Spring". It is the story of Winter, a Krean monk, who is one of the Gifted, those rare individuals born with natural magical ability. He's about to make the long journey to the Academy of Nybelmarasa, where the magic of the Ancient Krean still lives... We start off with the first four chapters of the tale: "Chapter I: The Songs of Wind", "Chapter II: Meditating on the Breath", "Chapter III: Song of the Family" and "Chapter IV: War and Peace". The story of course is also available for download (Coren FrozenZephyr)
Added poem "Great Nehtor, Dance" to our Religious Poems collection (Deklitch Hardin, pic Bard Judith)
Added folk tale "Klas and the King of Winter" to the "Book of Blessedtales", another tale about the adventures of halfling folk hero Klas and his companion Mian Longfellow (Valan Nonesuch)
Added another 7 page long mystery tale titled "Ripples in the Dream Pool" to the "Tales of Monsonius" book, a tale about dreams dedicated to our Sage of the Year 2011, Rayne (Artimidor)
 Magic Added entry on the Level I, Wind Spell - Floating Thoughts to our collection of spells (Aos, pics Quellion & Eshóh)
Added entry on the Level II, Warble Coven spell "Ear Storm" to our Witchery spells collection (Shabakuk)
Added entry on the Antislar Magic, describing the way how the Antislar ice tribe people harness the essence of nature (Altario)
Added another witchcraft spell of the warble coven, the Finding Charm (Level I Witchling) (Valan Nonesuch)
Added entry on the Witchling Spell of the Needle Coven "Faithful Coat", representing our very first Witchcraft spell on site (Shabakuk)
Added lecture on "The Fabric of the Dream", a lesson discussing the overlap of elven and Ximaxian philosophies and the implications thereof (Rayne)
 Miscellaneous Added entry on the Consumption Disease ("Feyronn's Revenge"), a slow decay of health, the person is 'consumed' by the withering of the body (Kelancey the Green)
Added entry on the Galcardel Metal ("Erenmir's Gift"), known for its ability to thwart magical manipulation (Rayne Avalotus)
Updated entry on Krath Chocolate, adding two illustrations of the delicious contents of a chocolate shop (pics Bard Judith)
Added entry on the Malefic Grip ("Heart Failure"), a dangerous condition of the body when the divine sway loses its grip over the heart (Kelancey the Green)
Added entry on Necropsy, the examination after death, traditionally performed by the White Nehtorians in the Santharian kingdom (Kelancey the Green)
Updated entry on the Ring of Jamliso ("Nehtor's Eye"), completely revising and expanding the so far only very basic entry. Also an illustration of the artifact was now added. The picture was also added to the Artifacts and Relics Overview (Azhira, pic Seeker)
 Music Added melancholic piano piece to the folk tale "Kelder and Bryella", a story where two children get lost in the woods and meet Dula the witch (Coren FrozenZephyr)
 Myth/Lore Added entry on How the Gaspan Came to Be, a R’unorian myth explaining the origin of the gaspan, an extraordinary floating sort of jellyfish. The Cosmology & Lore menu was now also expanded with the entry on R'unorian Lore (Seth Ghibta)
Added entry on Ulfet Glandor'en, the Wolf of Glandor, an ancient Glandorian mythabout the events which took place at the climatic end of the First Kanapan-Glandor War (Athviaro, pic Bard Judith)
 People Added entry on the Nerthers Waste Collectors, a Santharian guild which specialises in collecting waste and food scraps, sorts it and rots it down for fertiliser (Seth Ghibta, pic by Seth and Bard Judith)
 Places Updated entry on the Academy of Ximax, adding illustration of the turbulent Wind Tower Lobby, with its impressive chandelier made entirely of lightning (pic Seeker)
Updated entry on the Auturian Woods, adding illustration of this beautiful vast forest in the midst of Santharia. The picture was also added to the
Flash MovieOverview of the Province of Manthria (pic Seeker)
Updated entry on the City of Milkengrad, adding epic illustration of the complete town including among other things the Efirhal Hill, the Curonesta palace and the Damorchan Assembly building (pic Seeker)
Added entry Dourin's Grove, a forest nestled against the Sentinel mountains in Manthria, famous for the legend of the ancient, powerful druid. The entry was also added to the Manthrian Overview, and a history table was added as well (Drasil Razorfang)
Added entry on the Glistening Well of Goltherlon, a small ancient well in the Goltherlon Forest, supposedly possessing a strange magical power... (Mirmec & Azhira)
Added entry on the Kharim River, a wide and fast moving river of the Cartash region, a n important and bountiful waterway teeming with life (Azhira Styralias)
Updated entry on the Magical Academy of Ximax, adding illustration of the lobby of the Academy's Water Tower with its blue-veined black marble walls and an immense ornamental fountai
n. The picture was also added to the Ximax entry (pic Seeker)
Added entry on
Flash MovieNolan's Farm, adding zoomable map illustration of the famous svaq brewery compound (pic Seeker)
Updated entry on the Orcenroth Pit, adding illustration of this famous mythical graveyard site (pic Seeker)
Added entry on the Shatterspine Mountains, the largest range of mountains in R'unor, a maze of brutal limestone daggers, filled with unusual flora and fauna (Valan Nonesuch, pic Faugar)
 & Tribes
Updated entry on the Doimo Nomads, adding another illustration, this time showing one of the entrances of the holy Doimo caves (pic Faugar)
Updated entry on the Gorba Semi-Giants, substituting our current illustration with a coloured version (pic Faugar)
Updated entry on the Ice Tribes, adding another illustration, this time showing a Tarkyn warrior with his icemuts (pic Bard Judith)
Added entry on Kloighut Trolls ("Mountain Tribe"), a tribe of gigantic and dangerous trolls living in the Troll Mountains of Northern Santharia. The tribe was also added to the Trolls Overview page (Vesk Lyricahl, pic Seeker)
Updated entry on the R'unorian Guild of Librarians, completely revising the entry (Valan Nonesuch)
 Team Added membership page of Tharoc Wargrider (Steve Jackson, UK), even though our dear orcish friend has passed away this July. Tharoc has contributed many an entry or story to the Dream and therefore deserves to be officially part of the Dream team, which is also the reason why we furthermore posthumously award him with the Lifetime Achievement Award for Dedication and Perseverance. Thanks for all your work, Steve! (Artimidor, pic Seeker)
Updated team page of Viresse, adding the Lifetime Achievement Award for Productivity and Heart to her profile. With it we honour her skills in composing entries, drawing pictures, writing stories and laying down concepts for several elven tribes, which made her one of the key members of the Santharian Dream for several years (Council of Sages, laudation by Artimidor)
Updated team page of Wren, adding the Lifetime Achievement Award for Productivity and Heart to her profile. One of our favourite elfy developers, Wren was mainly responsible for several tribe, places and people entries of this race, and on top of that brought the first studio-recorded songs to the Dream, thus well deserving her award for her dedication to the project (Council of Sages, laudation by Artimidor)
 Treasures &
Added poem "The Dream That Our Sage Had" to our Parodies songs collection (Deklitch)
 Website Replaced the site's top banner graphic with a spring version, which will from now on be part of our seasonal rotation (Seeker)
 Workshop Updated lesson "X: Working with Textures", replacing the Map Elements file you find on this page, now featuring lots more map elements, textures and mountains (Artimidor)

    Site Statistics Overview 2012
Compendium Entries
Bestiary (+17) 506        People (+/-0) 216
Cosmology & Myths (+6) 197 Places (+4) 199
Herbarium (+21) 277 Races & Tribes (+1) 190
Library Pages (+16) 228 Religions (+/-0) 71
Magic (+7) 215 Treasures & Oddities (+/-0) 68
Miscellaneous (+5) 340 Movies (+/-0) 15
Musics (+1) 61 Original Artwork (+39) 832
Languages (+5) 32 Complete Compendium (+/-71) 1959
Workshop (+/-0) 21 Santhworld (+/-0) 16

Team Members
Forum Members Dev 992        Forum Members RPG (*) 2763
Administrators Dev 1 Administrators RPG 2
Webmasters 1 Musicians 6
Mascots 2 Compendium Writers 46
Artists (exclusive) 18 Other Contributers Lots!
Programmers 2    

Site & Forum Visitors (January 2013 Snapshot)
Site since 9/2006 686.538        Site daily average 90
Site highest day (5/2007) 952 Approx. site pages (indexed) 4.300
Dev Forum views s. 6/2006 18.118.645 RPG Forum views s. 1/2007 11.803.734
Dev Forum daily average 7635 RPG daily average 5239
Dev Forum posts 142.273 RPG Forum posts 211.524
Dev total topics 10.798 RPG total topics 7.854
Dev Forum daily post av. 31 RPG daily post average 50


Comparative numbers. Note that certain comparative numbers cannot be provided due to the fact that they way we compute these numbers was changed. The new numbers now represent the amount of entries listed in the menus, while the previous ones counted actual files in certain folders. As this number was inaccurate due to deactivated entries, this was corrected now.

Visitor Counters. Due to the fact that the NedStat counter (the one we mainly used so far in our statistics) turned commercial in 2009 and dared to display ads on the Santharian frontpage without asking, their days had been counted. We therefore had to give the eXtremE counters priority, which however only started counting in May 2006. Thus the site hits numbers only reflect this period.

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