Site Update of August 5th 2012 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. In this week's short but sweet update we focus primarily on history and medicine. History is represented in the Hammersfeld Parchments (Talia), where we get the final proof that the famous Salazath line of Santharia's original regent still endures today - all this is also reflected in the various additions we uploaded to the Santharian History Tables and the linked royal timelines (also Talia). Kelancey on the other hand teaches you to heed such terms as Feyronn's Revenge, Malefic Grip or Necropsy, all entries which enrich our and the Santharian healers' knowledge about the body and its conditions. Another important entry is the one about the Kloighut Trolls ("Mountain Tribe"), those gigantic fellows of the notorious Troll Mountains, now researched to the best of our abilities (Vesk).

Coming Up. A new story by Coren is in progress, so expect a bunch of chapters from there to show up soon. Grinch and Artimidor are now also seriously starting on adding features to the Santhworld Editor, which will allow everyone interested in putting his/her own little or larger game together to do just that - Flash knowledge not required, also the editor will be work entirely offline. It will take a while until the editor will finally be ready for downloading, but feel free to collect ideas what you'd like to try to realize yourself with a tool like this.

 Bestiary Added overviews on Wild Goats and Sheep, Wild Pigs and Boars and Wild Horses to our collection of overviews in the Bestiary (Artimidor)
 History Updated Santharian History, adding further events to the early centuries after Santhros's ascension to the throne. Newly added were also tables on the Santhrans Dagolth Hammersfeld, Calron and Lysarian. The Santharian Royal Line was also updated. More to follow! (Talia Sturmwind)
Added entry on the Hammersfeld Parchments, key documents of the Santharian kingdom representing proof that the famous Salazath line of Santhros the Wise didn't die out. The letters were also added to the Books and Tomes Overview (Talia Sturmwind)
 Miscellaneous Added entry on the Consumption Disease ("Feyronn's Revenge"), a slow decay of health, the person is 'consumed' by the withering of the body (Kelancey the Green)
Added entry on the Malefic Grip ("Heart Failure"), a dangerous condition of the body when the divine sway loses its grip over the heart (Kelancey the Green)
Added entry on Necropsy, the examination after death, traditionally performed by the White Nehtorians in the Santharian kingdom (Kelancey the Green)
 Races & Tribes Added entry on Kloighut Trolls ("Mountain Tribe"), a tribe of gigantic and dangerous trolls living in the Troll Mountains of Northern Santharia. The tribe was also added to the Trolls Overview page (Vesk Lyricahl, pic Seeker)

    Santharian News of July 26th 2012 by Artimidor

Tharoc Wargrider (1964-2012)

Important News. With great sadness we have to inform the Santharian community that one of our most unique members, Steve "Harleyrider" Jackson from Manchester, England, better known on the boards as the legendary orc Tharoc Wargrider, has passed away on July 25th. Tharoc left this world peacefully on his 48th birthday, surrounded by family and friends, after having spent weeks in the Intensive Care unit treated for a severe case of pneumonia. Tharoc will forever be remembered as the guy who pionieered as one of the first Santharian orcs to join the efforts of the Compendium, he invented Santharian bawdy verse, introduced us into the outlandish adventures of Nod the Brownie, gave us a glimpse into the Orcen Larder, and his character even had a guest starring role in Santhworld's "The Enemy Stirreth". But most of all, he was a hell of a guy! Always available for some fun, and despite his orcish appearance he was a helpful, kind, true gentleman on the Development Forum, someone who puts his heart into everything he does, someone you rarely find these days.

While Tharoc was also the creator of the famous "Forget-Me-Nut" he nevertheless will forever remain unforgotten as a part of the Santharian Dream. We are fortunate that you accompanied us on our journey, Steve, may you still ride your warg wherever you are now! Thanks for everything, you will be sorely missed, but your memory lives on! -- Artimidor

    Site Update of July 15th 2012 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. The July update brings the Storm of Three Nights (Jasper, with pics by Seeker and Faugar), but also Places entries, one of Northern Sarvonia, the Kharim River (Azhira) and one of R'unor - here we have the Shatterspine Mountains to offer (Valan, pic Faugar). The Library also gets some new additions this time with the story of "Avá's Tear" (Irid) and a new guidebook was opened, with a first sub-entry of "Kelancey's Almanac of Afflictions" (Kelancey) - a must-read for adventurers intent on becoming healers. Trolls have been sighted in the Caeehl Mountains (pic Seeker), and there's a very peculiar kind of jellyfish waiting with the Cradlejelly entry (Seth)... Finally we have another Lifetime Achievement Award to celebrate - this one goes to a great man with a brush in his hand, the one and only Quellion the Magnificent, master of super-detailed illustrations! Congratulations on this well-earned achievement!

Coming Up. In the works is more Santharian history, to be precise: the Golden Age of Kings, and as it fits to this age - a revision of the Santharian Currency entry. More on Santharian diseases is also in the making, like the Gálnos'danár disease, Twin Fever, but also details on Necropsy, and more that deals with medicine. Maybe the time will also finally be ripe for the continent of Cyhalloi to make it on site, we'll see...

 Bestiary Added entry on the Cradlejelly, a distant relative of the R’unorian gaspan, with considerably more sting in its tentacles... The entry was also added to the Molluscs Overview (Seth Ghibta)
 History Updated History of Santharia, adjusting further important details before the creation of the kingdom and in the first hundred years (Talia Sturmwind)
Added entry on the Storm of Three Nights, the famous harsh storm that battered the Manthrian East Coast back in 1025 a.S. (Jasper, pics Seeker and Faugar)
 Library Added another folk tale entitled "Avá's Tear" to the "Words by the Water" book, telling the story about how one of the brightest stars of the night sky came to be. The story is also available for downloading (Irid al'Menie)
Added a new book to our library, the "Art of Healing", intended to comprise everything related to Santharian medicine. The first addition to the book is "Kelancey's Almanac of Afflictions", a collection of illnesses and health conditions. Its writer Kelancey also got his own authors page in the Library (Kelancey the Green)
 Miscellaneous Updated entry on Pain Remedies, Blood-Loss Management and Infection Cures, adding lots of new details on Blood-Loss Management, especially the sections on Internal Bleedding and Exsanguation (Kelancey)
 Places Updated entry on the Caaehl Mountains, adding illustration of the Kloighut trolls living in the mountains' underground (pic Seeker)
Added entry on the Kharim River, a wide and fast moving river of the Cartash region, a n important and bountiful waterway teeming with life (Azhira Styralias)
Added entry on the Shatterspine Mountains, the largest range of mountains in R'unor, a maze of brutal limestone daggers, filled with unusual flora and fauna (Valan Nonesuch, pic Faugar)
 Team Updated team page of Quellion, adding the Lifetime Achievement Award for Craftsmanship and Skill to his profile. Like Faugar Quellion was an artist from the first hour and still is mainly responsible for the look of our site. He drew super-detailed races and tribes pictures, providing the graphics for the Santhworld interface, and, and, and... The incredible workload he has done definitely earns him this award (Council of Sages, laudation by Artimidor)

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