Site Update of March 3rd 2013 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. Another heavily graphic update awaits this time with no less than twelve new illustrations, thanks to resident Santharian artists and again three new contributors. A hearty welcome to the Dream goes to the following new external artists: Max (from Germany), who drew pictures which we've integrated in the Deepgorge Mine and the Kanapan Peninsula entries; Jordy (Belgium), whose works are featured in the Stormcloaks Guild and the Port of Ciosa; and the last new addition is BKiani (Iran) with pictures in the Druids and the Demonology Rituals entry. Other busy external artists were Morjer with the Grove of Embers pic (goes with the brand new great entry by returnee Eldor) and Reegen with two new illustrations in the Gondolwain Mainland Asen Gondol entry. And last but not least Seeker went for another epic picture, which now adorns the Port of Marduran entry - a wallpaper to this one will be forthcoming! Entrywise Coren sheds light on the Windrunner Spirits and Talia worked excessively on one of the most important Santharian kings to date - Santharan Lysarian the Great, complete with exact time tables. And once again we've got illustrations included - two to be exact, this time drawn by Linda Tso.

Coming Up. As you can see we're focusing currently on getting in a lot of new pics, and this will also be our primary focus at the next update. Brynjar also completed an entry on the Blue-tongue Ardol, and Coren has news from the Nybelmarian West, namely the Plains of Kaerath and knows something about merfolk sightings over there. Santhworld's "Treasure Shoals" by the way is now also heading into its final round... So expect another interesting and colourful update at any rate next time!

 Bestiary Added entry on the Windrunner Spirit, a spirit that rides the morning winds - benevolent or awful things, well, you be the judge of that... The entry was also added to the Apparitions, Magical Beasts and Sentient Beasts overviews (Coren FrozenZephyr)
 History Added history table to Santhran Lysarian the Great, and updated the Santharian Royal Timeline in this regard as well to match with the now uploaded entry. Also added: a history table recording the events related to the Fymbels Association (Talia Sturmwind)
 Magic Updated entry on the Demonology Rituals, adding illustration of a demonic portal. Note that this entry still has an outdated format, which needs updating (pic Bkiani)
 People Updated entry on the Druidic Orders, adding illustration of a White Druid (pic Bkiani)
Added entry on the Santhran Lysarian the Great, one of the most influential and popular regents of the Santharian Golden Age of Kings, responsible for standardisations and strenghtening of guilds (Talia Sturmwind, pics Linda Tso)
Updated entry on the Stormcloaks Guild, adding picture of one of the guild's ships, getting battered by the stormy sea (pic Jordy)
 Places Added entry on the Gondolwain Mainland Asen Gondol, moving parts of the main Gondolwenmith Men entry to this new entry focusing on the region itself. The Gondolwenmith entry now contains only basic information on Territory, Environment and Natural Resources pointing to this new sub-entry (Coren FrozenZephyr, pics Reegen)
Updated entry on Ciosa ("Port Cael"), adding illustration of the legendary millenia old stone face "Brooding Jepp" to the entry (pic Jordy)
Updated entry on the Deepgorge Mine, adding illustration of the Mh'ss Spider-Men race. The picture was also added to the Mh'Ss entry, which is need of serious revision (pic Max)
Added entry on the Grove of Embers, a lush, plant-filled area near Milkengrad, a tribute commemorating the fateful meeting between the Helcrani and the Milken (Eldor, pic Morjer)
Updated entry on the Kanapan Peninsula, adding illustration of a temple of the Kanapan deity Lorfurno, the Big Bull. The picture was also added to the Kanapan Men entry (pic Max)
Updated entry on the Manthrian Port City of Marduran, adding two illustration of the town, showing docks and the dramatic sight of the Temple of Grothar located on a cliff. The picture was also added to the Overview on Manthria (pics Seeker)
 Team Added another load of external artists, who support the Santharian cause with their pictures. A warm welcome to the Dream goes to Max (Max Hugo, Germany), Jordy (Jordy Lakiere, Belgium) and BKiani (Bardia, Kiani, Iran). The creativity and proficiency they show with their drawings will help to add lots of new illustrations to the material we have on site, so look forward to see their works integrated (Max, Jordy and BKiani)

    Site Update of February 10th 2013 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. This time we focus pretty much solely on the integration of pictures, as we've got three new external artists to present, who support the Santharian cause: Sandara (Singapore), Morjer and Reegen (both Germany), all of them deliver exquisite artworks you'll be happy to see as part of the site! Check out Sandara's first integrated pictures in the Gryphon and the Baveras  entry and the one dealing with Brownie Riding Techniques, Morjer on the other hand has the Paelmerin Flower and the Snow Wolf in his repertoire and finally Reegen introduces us to the proud Thaehelvil River, the famous "Yellow Wanderer". Seeker was busy as well with no less than four pictures: the Flitter-Twitch, the Pale Frogstool, the Watersprogs and the finally Rivermaids. Another chapter of Coren's "Child of Spring" story and Brynjar's very first contribution to the site with his entry on Warlord Brynjar Grau-eck-Shanno round off our site update. Welcome to all our "newbie" artists and congratulations on your first entry, Brynjar - we hope we'll see more from you in the future to get our Ice Tribes up to date!

Coming Up. So what's next? Well, more pictures by our new artists are forthcoming, that's for sure. Besides we'll get some more details (pictures included!) on the famous Santhran Lysarian the Great, and an entry Santhran Sanaerrin the Magnificent is also already in the works (both Talia). Eldor has returned and will guide you to the historically important place of the Grove of Embers and then there's still Sparkle's weird eyestalk creature, which also might haunt you in some nightmares up ahead... Till then, dear Santharians!

 Bestiary Updated entry on the Flitter-Twitch Butterfly, adding illustration of this colourful, tiny insect. The picture was also added to the Insects Overview (pic Seeker)
Updated entry on the Gryphon ("Griffon"), adding illustration of one of Santharia's nobelest beasts, an eagle with the body of a lion (pic Sandara)
Updated entry on the Snow Wolf, adding illustration of this canine of the Iol Peninsula. The picture was also added to the Wolf Overview (pic Morjer)
 Herbarium Updated the Cultivated Plants Overview, the Magical Plants Overview and the Fruits and Berries Overview adding a couple of new illustrations (pics Bard Judith and Seeker)
Updated entry on the Paelmerin Flower, adding illustration of this magical flower. The picture was also added to the Miscellaneous/Others Overview (pic Morjer)
Updated entry on the Pale Frogstool, adding illustration of this mushroom which mostly grows around flowing rivers. The picture was also added to the Fungi Overview (pic Seeker)
 Library Added one more chapter to the Krean novel "Child of Spring", "Chapter XI: Nettle". The complete story is also available for download (Coren FrozenZephyr)
 People Added entry on the Brynjar Grau-eck-Shanno, a widely known warrior and eventually esteemed warlord of the Eanian ice tribe of Northern Sarvonia (Brynjar Grau-eck-Shanno)
 Places Updated entry on the Thaehelvil River, adding illustration of the "Yellow Wanderer", the longest rivers of the United Kingdom of Santharia (pic Reegen)
 Races/Tribes Updated entry on the Brownie Riding Techniques, adding illustration a Brownie riding a baby gryphon (pic Sandard)
Updated entry on the Maryns ("Watersprogs"), adding illustration of these elusive creatures (pic Seeker)
Updated entry on the Rivermaids, adding illustration of one example of this species, also known as "the little sisters of the mermaids" (pic Seeker)
 Religions Updated entry on Baveras, Goddess of the Sea, adding illustration of the Santharian Water Goddess. The picture was also added to the Deities of Santharia Overview (pic Sandara)
 Team Added a couple of brand new external artists, who support the Santharian cause with their pictures. A big welcome goes to Sandara (Sandara Tang, Singapore), Reegen (Frank Att, Germany) and Morjer (Jeremiah Morelli, Germany as well) - all of them have produced breathtaking creations in the fantasy vein, and we're happy to accommodate their artwork. More of their pictures will be integrated bit by bit in the coming updates! (Sandara, Morjer)
 Website Updated the Link Exchanges, adding Morjer's page Morjer's Art to the list (Artimidor)

    Site Update of January 20th 2013 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. The first regular site update this year brings a comprehensive entry on Witches in Santharia (Shabakuk), complete with a load of illustrations by Sheil, Seeker, Eratin and Faugar. More pictures await at the Vubuaz Insect and the Tear of Blood Necklace entry (both Seeker), and at the City of Strata (Shayan). In the Library we've got two more chapters of Coren's "Child of Spring" novel, and also a larger tale in the mystery/horror vein, entitled "Touch of Eternity", which leads two adventurers deep into Aeshwyn's Mire to uncover hidden mysteries (Artimidor). The Bard herself says hello with "The Meed of the Bard" (Bard Judith), and Rayne continues with her flower developing frenzy by contributing three more. Last but not least the Link Exchanges section was revamped and now also features Seth's three webpages focusing on her self-developed comics, which were also added to her team page. Check them out and have fun!

Coming Up. Sparkle has spotted some strange creatures on the beaches of R'unor, while Rayne got more flowers in store for us. Grunok's return lets us hope that the entry on the town of Chrondra finally gets completed, and furthermore she's working on a picture of Crazy Woman Pass, while Talia digs into Santharian history. Oh, and speaking about artists: We're always looking for more and will contact a bunch these days to help contributing to the Dream. Stay tuned!

 Bestiary Updated entry on the Vubuaz Insect, adding illustration of the insect's nest in the Mantle Woods. The picture was also added to the Insects Overview (pic Seeker)
 Herbarium Added entry on Cerubell Squash, a food item, which is enjoyed particular by humans and hobbits. The entry was also added to the Vegetables Overview (Rayne Avalotus)
Added entry on Durblud Flower, a poisonous, bitte tasting plant, often used for nefarious potions. The entry was also added to the Flowers and the Poisonous Herbs Overview (Rayne Avalotus)
Added entry on the Harlot's Hood, an entrancing, seductively beautiful flower which blooms in a brilliant crimson corolla. The entry was also added to the Flowers Overview (Rayne Avalotus)
 Library Added another 19 page long mystery story titled "Touch of Eternity" to the "Lurking in the Mists" horror tales book, following an unlikely adventure of two treasure hunters who enter the notorious Aeshwyn's Mire searching for treasure, fame and glory, but what they get is much more than they could ever hope for... (Artimidor)
Added two more chapters to the Krean novel "Child of Spring", to be specific "Chapter IX: Ebb and Flow" and "Chapter X: Stand Like a Tree". The complete story is also available for download (Coren FrozenZephyr)
Added poem "The Meed of the Bard" to our "Idealistic Poems" collection (Bard Judith)
 Miscellaneous Updated entry on the Tear of Blood Necklace, adding illustration of the artifact. The picture was also added to the Artifacts and Relics Overview (pic Seeker)
 People Added entry on Witches of Santharia, a group of skilled craftspeople and magic practitioners who live in lose-knit networks, enshrouded in a lot of mystery, rumours and suspicion. Also updated in this context was the entry on the Terqun Robe, adding details about a Spindle Witch explanation in the Myth/Lore section (Shabakuk, new pics by Faugar, Sheil, reused pics by Seeker and Eratin)
 Places Updated entry on the City of Strata, adding illustration Drafas Tristin (pic Shayan Ashkani)
 Team Updated member page of Seth Ghibta, adding banners and links to her three comic themed websites: Elsewhere, Patchwork People and the Letty Draws Blog (Seth)
 Website Updated the Link Exchanges, World Wide Web Gems and Webring pages, clearing it from sites that are offline by now, fixing links, and adding Seth's Elsewhere, Patchwork People and the Letty Draws Blog to the list (Artimidor)

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