Site Update of August 25th 2013 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. This week's update among other things brings a closer look at the famous Heath of Jernais, with an excellently written entry by Amabella complete with a bunch of pics by BKiani and Bard Judith. Places-wise we also have the Moredein Kaerath ("Plains of Kaerath") by Coren and Miraran to offer over there on the other part of the world, in Nybelmar, illustrated with pictures by Morjer and Reegen, plus there is the Glistening Well of Goltherlon, where Seeker drew an image to go with the entry. Seeker also struck again with the Tsor-Shotak Lizard, the Bavereye Beetle and Judy added another picture to the Orcen Larder culinary adventure page. We also got some more stuff on Giants (Azhira), Coren contributed the next chapter of his "Child of Spring" story, No. 12 to be exact, entiteled "Acorn and Riverstone", and finally another tale was added to the "Frethoni Book of Fables", the so-called "Woodcutter Conundrum" (Artimidor).

Coming Up. In the works among other things is the next super detailed monstrously large map la Manthria showing the province of Vardnn - might take a while though to see this one finished and up on site. Meanwhile Coren writes more chapters for his story and dabbles with magic, flowmancy and otherwise, and we hope to get more news from the Raevalem colony as well at some point.

 Bestiary Updated entry on the Flash Movie Bavereye Beetle, adding animation of the beetle's nightly activities as seen on the Scattersand island of Honduraia (pic Seeker, movie Artimidor)
Updated entry on the Tsor-Shotak Lizard, adding illustration of this heavy, slow moving giant mountain lizard. The picture was also added to the Kaaer'dr'shn Half-Orcs and to the Lizards and Land Monsters Overview (pic Seeker)
 Library Added another chapter to the Krean novel "Child of Spring", entiteled "Chapter XII: Acorn and Riverstone". As usual the story is also available for download (Coren FrozenZephyr)
Added another fable to the Krean novel "Frethoni Book of Fables", entiteled "The Woodcutter Conundrum" dealing with two youths who used to shun each other. The story is also available for download (Artimidor)
Updated account on the
"Orcen Larder", adding one more illustration to the entry, this time showing an orcen chef preparing a meaty dish (pic Bard Judith)
 Places Added entry on the Heath of Jernais, a beautifully unique place in the heart of the Santharian province of Vardnn, a large composite of heath, moor, and farmland, best known for its numerous flowers (Amabella Catston, pics by BKiani and Bard Judith)
Updated entry on the Glistening Well of Goltherlon, adding illustration of the structure said to have mysterious magical abilities (pic Seeker)
entry on the Moredein Kaerath ("Plains of Kaerath"), the fertile lands in the north-western-most corner of Nybelmar (Coren ForzenZephyr and Miraran, pics Morjer and Reegen)
 Races & Tribes Added entry on the Giants of Caelereth, a basic overview of the largest race that exists on the disk (Azhira Styralias)
Updated Overview on the Giant Races of Caelereth, including the Giants and adding the gorba pic and adjusting it to the new format. Also adjusted were the Main Races Overview, the Small Races Overview, and the Mythical Races Overview, where the Mh'ss picture was also added (Artimidor)
 Website Updated the Races/Tribes menu, adding a new branch for Giants (Artimidor)

    Site Update of July 1st 2013 by Artimidor

Update Statement. It took quite a while, but finally it's finished and ready to be played: the next Santhworld module, Seeker's "Treasure Shoals", a multiple-choice adventure tale of the sea in eight chapters with you in the lead! Set in the tropical Scattersand Shoals at the southern tip of the Sarvonian continent, we invite you to have a look around first at the ship you've inherited recently, but be prepared for mysterious events, puzzles, twists and turns heading your way pretty soon, and it's not going to be pleasant all the way through... On the other hand there's the prospect of treasure, loads of it, and who'd want to miss that?

"Treasure Shoals" was conceived, written and illustrated by Seeker and animated by Artimidor, based on the Santhworld engine coded by Grinch. Lots of pictures were used in this project, among the artists contributing to the project are Bard Judith, Faugar, Arbaon, Quellion, Tikanni, Hylphan, Enayla and Linda Tso. Music used was provided by Vladeptus, Macar, Ralrok, Gean Firefeet, Bard Judith and the T2X Musicians. Playtesting by Shabakuk, Grinch and a couple of members of Seeker's Van Camp clan - London, Chloe and JoJo.

To start the game simply enter Santhworld and type START SHOALS or have a look first at the game description page here. The game will be auto-saved at the end of each chapter, so that you can start again at that point should you meet an untimely death. If you're stuck or need a hint, feel free to post at the Dev Board. And now: Have fun at the Shoals!

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