Site Update of November 23rd 2014 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. This time we have a couple of new illustrations for you like a portrait of Menemronn, the legendary wizard, or of Gaulivan, the famous Eophyrhim Hunter-Cleric. Plus there's the picture of the city of Salsair, complete with captions in its interactive form (all Seeker). The Dragonstorm also gets a new illustration (Max), and so does the Skydom of Qel'tra'loh entry (Seeker). In the Library a neat little horror tale awaits with "Shadows", dealing with a very unique Santharian kind of "monster", oh, and if you prefer it more humorous, then have a look at the first part of the "Magic and Stuff" story (both texts written by Artimidor). Finally there's also new information on the Orcish Tongue, or Kh'omchr'om. In his very first entry on site Seagazer explains to us the mysteries of the gestured phonology and all other important parts one should know in order to study the orcish talk. Congrats on your first contribution, Seagazer, we're hoping more will come!

Coming Up. In the next update we hope to see the story of "Magic and Stuff" continued, there might also be more on the Kh'omchr'om tongue, exorcism, and more pictures are waiting to be integrated. So be there as well next update time to check things out!

 Languages Added entry on the Kh'omchr'om Tongue ("Orcish"), explaining various basic principles this unique language is known for. The entry especially centers around spoken as well as gestured phonology and includes the various gestures in the subsequent sections covering pronouns, nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs and also expressions used for comparison and possession (Seagazer)
 Library Added Part I of a tale entitled "Magic and Stuff" to our "Funny Tales" collection (5 pages), a humorous cat-and-mouse err... cat-and-rat episode, served Ximaxian style (Artimidor, pic Quellion)
Added another horror story entitled "Shadows" to our "Lurking in the Mists" story collection (11 pages). In it a merchant who visits an old friend in his newly acquired manor learns that the past isn't done with him yet, and that an invaluable task needs to be fulfilled - by the visitor... (Artimidor, pic Quellion)
Updated the
poetical novella "The Ring", revising all three parts of the text for a second time fixing some passages, adding cross-references and in general further philosophical depth. As always all chapters are also available for downloading (Artimidor)
 History Updated entry on the Dragonstorm, adding another illustration of this cataclysmic event. The picture was also added to the poem "The Dragonstorm", found on our Miscellaneous Poems page (pic Max)
 People Updated entry on the Eophyrhim Hunter-Cleric Gaulivan, adding illustration of the Master Hunter, who also had a hand in creating the famous Arvins festival (pic Seeker)
entry on the legendary Nybelmarian wizard Menemronn, adding illustration (pic Seeker)
 Places Updated entry on the Flash MovieCity of Salsair ("City of Salsai"), adding illustration of the city located next to Lake Aelignos with the White Citadel and the Temple of Foiros. The enlarged version of the picture is also interactive, allowing the viewer to turn labels that mark the various places on and off. The picture was also added to the Vardınn Overview (pic Seeker)
entry on the Skydom of Qel'tra'loh, adding additional illustration of an airship arriving at the empire's capital, Corloth (pic Reegen)

    Site Update of September 21st 2014 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. It's been a while, but finally it's time for another Santharian site update, so take a look: A key Places entry finally made it to the site, the famous Skydom of Qel'tra'loh (Artimidor, pics by Reegen and Seeker), where magic reigns and islands, ships and buildings float as if it's the most common thing in the world... We've even got a muscial theme for Qel'tra'loh you shouldn't miss, thanks to Ralrok! More pics in the Places category by BKiani and Seeker were added to the entries on the Scattersand Shoals, the Salóh Coast and Deepgorge, and in the Bestiary the Moon Shark was updated, and in Miscellaneous we've more pics in the Delma Longship and the Rev'oq Dagger entry (all by Seeker). In the Herbarium Pataabi deli"The Ring"vers the very first contributions, namely Starstem Grass and Thorn Moss, so congrats on these first excellent works! And finally if you care for some literature of the different kind there's the lyrical avantgarde novella "The Ring" for you, which was expanded by two more lengthy chapters, dealing with a sailor's journeys into romance and dreams... (Artimidor). So have a look around and enjoy these latest additions - I'm sure you'll find some interesting stuff in this update for you to enjoy as well.

Coming Up. A couple of hints what's next: Rookie is working on a new Brownie tale about "Essllee and the Rampaging Vines" and on the Jumping Drum, an ingenious instrument of Brownie design. Seeker is still adjusting his City of Salsair pic, so expect that one to show up soon as well, and there might be another horror story coming up for a change written by your webmaster, mysteriously entitled "Shadows". Until next time then...

 Bestiary Updated entry on the Moon Shark, adding illustration the famous phantom shark, terror of the Scattersand Shoals (pic Seeker)
 Herbarium Added entry on the Starstem Grass, an ubiquitous grass of the Hylach Grasslands, highly desired by horse breeders. The entry was also added to the Grasses Overview (Pataabi)
Added entry on the Thorn Moss, a fibrous mass of dark tangles and poisonous thorns of the Hovel Frond forest. The entry was also added to the Mosses Overview (Pataabi)
 Languages Updated Styrásh-Tharian and Tharian-Styrásh vocabulary with several new additions (Artimidor)
 Library Added the second part of the famous poetical novella "The Ring", a section named "Encounter", comprising 6 more pages, this time dealing with the romantic side of things from multiple perspectives. In the process of adding this new chapter the first part was also revised once more. As always all chapters are also available for downloading (Artimidor, pic Enayla)
already added was the third part of "The Ring" (see above), entitled "The Stranger", comprising 11 more pages, dealing with a most unusual meeting which leads to the a bi-directional dream with mysterious outcome... The text is also available for downloading (Artimidor, pics Quellion, Seeker and Artimidor)
Added the story "Sorceress' Peak" from the "Tales from the Brownie Tribes", adding an illustration. The picture was also added in the overview of the book (pic Reegen)
 Miscellaneous Updated entry on the Delma Longship, adding illustration of the ship's helm (pic Seeker)
entry on the Rev'oq ("Kaaer'dár'shín Dagger"), adding illustration of this half-orc weapon of Northern Sarvonia. The picture was also added to the Daggers and Knives Overview (pic Seeker)
 Music Added "Theme of Qel'tra'loh" to our Santharian Places Themes Overview. In the process Ralrok's artist's page was also added (music by Ralrok)
 Places Updated entry on the Deepgorge Mine, adding additional illustration of one of the mine's entrances (pic Seeker)
entry on the Skydom of Qel'tra'loh, the legendary magical island kingdom founded solely on means of magic, complete with floating buildings and airships, however all of these unique features are bound to the territory. Aside from a couple of pics we also have a musical theme to go with this most wondrous realm (Artimidor, pics Reegen and Seeker, musical theme by Ralrok)
entry on the Salóh Coast, adding illustration of a wailwoman, a phenomenon which is often observed near the Woecape area and the adjacent Mist Marshes (pic BKiani)
entry on the Scattersand Shoals, adding illustration of the sandy beaches of Istia (pic Seeker)

    Site Update of March 23rd 2014 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. With a new map of the Santharian province of Vardınn at hand our developers have set out to do some serious work on Places in the region. The results are now on the site, so feel free to pay a visit to Salsair at the Aelignós Lake (Altario), Port Sparrowclaw or Heathen's Reef (both by Myralden). Myralden also contributed the Mulbargrass by the way, which is already his third entry in one single update, even though he's only a newcomer to the site! At any rate: Congratulations on these brilliant first works! Another first time contributer is Iovas with his Delma Longship entry - welcome on board to Iovas as well, quite literally in his case... What else have we got? Altario's introduces you to the Antislar People, another Watersprog illustration was added by Sandara, Judy's "The Journey" picture was eventually uploaded after quite a bit of delay, and various of the Bard's moss pictures finally also made it into the respective entries after they've been only available as of yet in the Mosses Overview. The latter has also been updated once more in the process.

Coming Up. In the works is among other things Talia's entry on the Darian Men, the now extinct ancestors of the Shendar. More on the weapon front is also being worked on and a couple of revisions. Also worth noticing is - if you haven't seen it yet - Rominet's comprehensive Santharian game on Story Nexus, entitled "Shadows over Santharia" - see screenshots on our Facebook album dedicated to this game. The first part of the game is now ready for playtesting - lots more graphics and details are still being added, but you can already check it out.

 Herbarium Updated entry on the Blackmoss, adding illustration of this so-called "Browniemoss" (pic Bard Judith)
Updated Mosses Overview, fixing a couple of smaller mistakes (Artimidor)
Added entry on the Mulbargrass, a resilient, fast growing grass known especially around Paragonj. The entry was also added to our Grasses Overview (pic Myralden Tomesmith)
Updated entry on the Slyrking Moss ("Walking Moss"), adding illustration of this mysterious cross between plant and animal (pic Bard Judith)
Updated entry on the Sou'cald Moss, adding illustration of this bristly moss growing in dark, aged places (pic Bard Judith)
Updated entry on the Squrim Moss, adding illustration of this Northern Sarvonian plant, also known as "Stone Moss" (pic Bard Judith)
Updated entry on the Tol Kurr Moss, adding illustration of the moss that is also known as "Dwarven Wheat" (pic Bard Judith)
 Library Updated the tale of "The Journey", adding a unique illustration interpreting the story by the Masterbard Judith of Bardavos (pic Bard Judith)
 Miscellaneous Added entry on the Delma Longship, one of the signature ships of the Kasumarii navy, the Black Wave Pirates - the Tscoiarans (Iovas)
entry on the Soap, adding illustration of this Aellenrhim invention (pic Seeker)
 Places Added entry on Heathen's Reef, a natural, arcing formation of jagged rocks forming a barrier across the entryway into the Vardınn province by sea. The entry was also added to the Vardınn Overview (Myralden Tomesmith)
Added entry on Port Sparrowclaw, an important port-of-call and trade hub for the duchy of Graeyerwınn in Vardınn. The entry was also added to the Vardınn Overview and its history table to the History section (Myralden Tomesmith)
Added entry on Salsair ("City of Salsai"), a key city of the Vardınn Duchy of Aurora near Aelignós Lake, a major hub for both fishing and agriculture and trading. The entry was also added to the Vardınn Overview and its history table to the History section (Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin)
 Races & Tribes Added first part of the People of Antislar ("Icefolk") entry, one of the earliest races of men in the north, who persevered and survived the extreme environments of the north. The entry was also added to the Humans of Northern Sarvonia Overview (Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin)
Updated entry on the Maryóns ("Watersprogs"), adding another illustration of these delicate, fragile creatures related to the merfolk (pic Sandara)

    Site Update of January 26th 2014 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. After a longer break we get back into business with lots of new stuff mainly on the graphical front - like the finally finished extra-detailed map of the Santharian Province of Vardınn (Artimidor) in various forms: for one in a zoomable Flash version in the brand new Vardınn overview, then also as addition to the Maps of the Sarvonian Provinces where you can download the labelled map, an unlabelled version and also the Duchies overview. Furthermore a couple of new pictures were added to entries like Caeltakkar Keep, the Yanth River (both by Reegen), the Giants of Caelereth (Bard Judith) and two images also made it into the Ghostpirate Lyeael'k entry, depicting said pirate and his ship (Seeker). That not enough - story-wise something peculiarly interesting and never attempted before awaits with the first chapter of a poetical novella entiteled "The Ring", and there's another Frethoni Fable that teaches people who are dabbling with magic a lesson, so be sure to check out "The Magic Shoppe" (both stories by Artimidor). Finally some more details on the merfolk of Nybelmar round off this update (Coren).

Coming Up. No promises on when exactly the next update will occur - it's all up to you folks to get your entries, pictures, poems, songs and whatever finished and help others along with theirs. If you have some creativity left somewhere, go ahead and make good use for it the Santharian way. And with the recently finished new map inspiration might lurk just around the corner...

 Library Added another 5 page tale entiteled "The Magic Shoppe", to our collection of "Frethoni Fables", dealing with a shopkeeper who doesn't follow selling his magical wares according to book... The text is also available for downloading (Artimidor)
Added the first part of the famous poetical novella "The Ring", a section named "Return", comprising 3 pages. This is a first contribution to the "Tales of Chyrán", an anthology of another mystery story writer, whose work has been edited by Artimidor in order to publish it here in the Compendium. The text is also available for downloading (Artimidor, pics Quellion and Jordy)
 People Updated entry on Lyeael'k the Crimson Berserker, adding illustration of the undead pirate himself and of his legendary ghosthip "The Tempest" (pics Seeker)
 Places Updated entry on the Caeltakkar Keep, replacing picture with a brand new one. Note: This entry is still presented in the old format and needs updating (pic Reegen)
Flash MovieProvince of Vardınn Overview, complete with the now finished extremely detailed map of the province (3358x2305 pixels), which is also zoomable. Also available: the Duchies map to go with the main map, and of course a list with short introductions to all Vardınn entries currently already on the site (map Artimidor)
entry on the Maps of the Santharian Provinces, adding Map of Vardınn here as well, with the option to open the map in an own window and download it from there, completely labelled, without labels, or see just the Duchies map. In addition some problems with the display of details in the Manthrian map view were also fixed now (Artimidor)
entry on the Yanth River, adding illustration of Manthria's "Old Icewine" river. The picture was also added to the Province of Manthria Overview (pic Reegen)
 Races & Tribes Updated entry on the Giants of Caelereth, adding illustration of a Fire Giant (pic Bard Judith)
entry on the Human Tribes of Southern Sarvonia, adding illustration of a the Serphelorian Men, the "Wardens" (pic Quellion)
entry on the Merfolk Tribes, collecting all kinds of merfolk we have as of yet in an overview and adding new information on four new Nybelmarian types in the process. Overview pictures were added as well. The regular kind of merfolk was renamed to Sarvonian merfolk (Coren and Miraran)

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