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Update Statement. Welcome to another Santharian update! Yep, we get to those every now and then once in a millennium, so enjoy it while it's fresh... This time we'd like to celebrate another official addition to the Santharian Dream team, namely Val O'Neil (Valeri McConnell from Florida, US) joins our ranks with the completion of her masterwork on the Cyhalloi Archipelago. That not enough, our resident butterfly expert also contributes the Gulletcramp Butterfly and the Squelchbug in the insect department plus the Luneweep Stone. Seagazer got busy again lately as well and provides more details on Manthrian places like Barekmahr and Nathembly - and speaking about Manthria: Mount Evermourn and Shady Grove finally got their illustrations (both thanks to Reegen). Seeker in the meantime studied the Blackbeetle in more detail (see his sketch) while Altario tracked down the Sleeper in the Snow predator, oh, and the vile Malleus Mallefiz, a 9th century witchfinder, also finally gets his own entry (Seagazer once again)... In terms of literature we've got another illustration to go with "The Journey" (BKiani), then a traditional story about two competing mages, "The Duel", and if you like it more poetic and philosophical try Chapter IV of "The Ring" novella, entitled "The Storm" (both Artimidor). In conclusion, once again: Congratulations to Val for her dedication to the Dream, and to the rest of you reading these introductory lines: Merry Christmas and a happy - and hopefully productive - New Year 2016!

Coming Up. Our further update situation remains unclear, so don't expect anything soon, unless you roll up your sleeves and get cracking yourself! Now how about it? Anyway, in the works currently are entries on some further locations in the United Santharian Kingdom like the Manthrian town of Fang Julin and more is planned as well to be developed for the province of Vardýnn. Let's fill our detailed map with some more life entry-wise! Contributions to help us along with that endeavour are always welcome!

 Bestiary Updated entry on the Blackbeetle, adding sketch of the insect made for studying purposes (pic Seeker)
Added entry on the Gulletcramp Butterfly, a butterfly that brings a whole new literal meaning to someone saying "I've got the butterflies" (Val O'Neil)
Added entry on the Sleeper in the Snow, a predator found on the Icelands Coast. The entry was also added to the Land Monsters Overview (Altario)
entry on the Squelchbug, a fat bumbling butterfly found around the Rimmerins Ring. The new insect additions were also added to the Insects Overview (Val O'Neil)
 Library Updated the mystery story "The Journey", adding another illustration showing the ramshackle hut where the traveller finally arrives at (pic BKiani)
Added the story "The Duel" to our "Frethoni Book of Fables" dealing with an ancient rivalry between two wind mages that has to be resolved in a final showdown (Artimidor, pic Quellion)
Added "Chapter IV: The Storm" to the poetic, existential and philosophical novella "The Ring", dealing with man's ultimate challenge: his mortality and transitoriness. In the process of adding this latest part the novella was split into separate chapters. Additionally, both Chapters 1 and 2 have been revised once more (Artimidor, pics Seeker)
 Miscellaneous Added entry on the Luneweep Stone, a mineral used to forge the famous Kasumarii moonblades (Val O'Neil)
 People Added entry on the Malleus Mallefiz, a 9th century Manthrian witchfinder, writer and polemicist (Seagazer)
 Places Added entry on the town of Barekmahr, a seaside town in eastern Manthria, whose primary industry is processing the flotsam of the Mashdai River. The entry was also added to the Manthria Overview (Seagazer)
Added entry on the Cyhalloi Archipelago, a complete overview of the northernmost continent of Caelereth, serving as the essential foundation of future works up north. This entry represents Val's masterwork that makes her Santharian Dream team member (Val O'Neil)
Added entry on the village of Nathembly, a 400 souls village of the Santharian province of Manthrai. The entry was also added to the Manthrian Overview (Seagazer)
entry on Mount Evermourn, adding illustration of this giantic mountain harbouring the crystal city of Ciosastran, the final resting place of the Avennorian founder Ciosa. The picture was also added to the Manthrian Overview (pic Reegen)
entry on the Shady Grove, adding an illustration of the seemingly idyllic forest, yet beware: bandits are lurking! The picture was also added to the Manthrian Overview (pic Reegen)
 Team Added membership info on Val O'Neil (Valeri McConnell from Florida, US), who officially joins the Santharian ranks as a member after contributing no less than eight years to the Dream. Val is our resident butterfly expert, also likes frogs and bugs and focused on the continent of Cyhalloi for her masterwork (Val O'Neil)

    Site Update of March 1st 2015 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. The first update in 2015 brings you the completion of our comedic excursion into the Netherworlds in "Magic and Stuff" (Artimidor) by providing the Chapters II and III. Furthermore a whole lot of language stuff awaits in the Languages section, where you'll find everything you ever wanted to know about Ghwdaq'ach (or didn't even know it even existed!) Well, that strange language is Volkek-Oshra tongue, and it's all here - or most of it. If you're more into herbs and plants, check out the Cylian Poppy (Ankhi) or Dracoroot (Rakvél), both written by our latest newcomers - congratulations on your very first entries! Ankhi also wrote the entry on the Demon Lord Faerhorál and added further details to our the Avennorians, while Rakvél dealt with the Fire Fish. We've also got a couple of illustrations of course, e.g. at the Gryphon (Sandara), at the Druidic Magic and the Butterfly Rovers entry (Morjer), the Rat Brownies (Max) and the Delirium spell (Reegen). We're pretty sure, there's something for you in there as well to enjoy!

Coming Up. In the works is an entry on a larger monster, the Folihydra to go with Reegen's pic, another entry will be about the Calacas apparition, and the Santharian Underworld is also receiving renewed attention. Be assured that we'll also dig up some more pics for you, and readers who like it a bit more complex, poetic and existential are about to receive another instalment of Churán's "The Ring" with "Chapter IV: The Storm".

 Bestiary Added entry on the Fire Fish ("Phyllu-eck-Fyrthara"), whose fat is used for candles by the Ice Tribes. The entry was also added to the Fish Overview (Rakvél Tennur)
Updated entry on the Gryphon, adding illustration of a baby gryphon (pic Sandara)
 Languages Added various entries about Ghwdaq'ach, the Volkek-Oshra language spoken by Ximaxian orcs. The entries include an Introduction to Ghwdaq'ach, details on Spelling and Pronunciation, Verbs, Nouns, Other Word Classes. Also added were the vocabulary pages on Ghwdaq'ach-Tharian and Tharian-Ghwdaq'ach (Mina)
 Library Added Part II and III of the comedic tale entitled "Magic and Stuff" to our "Funny Tales" collection (15 pages), where the misadventures of a Ximaxian rat and cat come to a spectacular conclusion... (Artimidor, pic Quellion)
 Herbarium Added entry on the Cylian Poppy, a flowering plant, mainly used for its thick, milky sap, which is a highly addictive narcotic. The entry was also updated at the Poisonous Herbs Overview (Ankhi Doomhand)
Added entry on the Dracoroot, a warmth and light absorbing plant, used as delicious spice and igredient of healing potions. The entry was also added to the Spices and Flavourings Overview and to the Cultivated Plants Overview (Rakvél Tennur)
 Magic Updated entry on Druidic Magic, adding illustration of a druid's grave that still shows the effects of a person's spirit connected with nature (pic Morjer)
Updated entry on the Earth Spell, Level III: Delirium, adding illustration of the shocking results the spell is capable of causing (pic Reegen)
 People Updated entry on the Black Butterfly Rovers, adding illustration of a fortune teller, a common profession among the Rovers (pic Morjer)
 Races/Tribes Updated entry on the Avennnorian Men ("Arrived People"), updating a couple of sections with new info, specifically the Diet, Occupations and Government sections (Ankhi Doomhand)
Updated entry on the Rat Brownies, adding another picture of a Rat Brownie riding a sewer rat in a swamp (pic Max)
 Religion Added entry on Faerhorál, Demon Lord of Fire, one of the six demonic masterminds of the Dark Lord, Coór. The entry was also added to the Demon Lords Overview (Ankhi Doomhand)

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